What I Ate: Monday 4/2


Green juice! Since watching Hungry For Change, I’ve been motivated to add fresh parsley to the mix. In this particular juice, was romaine, lacitnio kale (which I find easier to juice in the Breville than the curly variety), half a cucumber, parsley, carrots and lemon.


“Guacamole” Coleslaw. A 10-ounce bag of shredded cabbage, mixed with a whole mashed avocado and my new favorite lemon-lime dressing. I tossed it all together to marinate for an hour, then topped with sliced tomatoes.


Slippery Elm tea.


Large mixed green & arugula salad, topped with tomatoes, shredded sheep Romano cheese, and lemon-lime dressing.

Spaghetti squash noodles, tossed with homemade broccoli pesto (recipe coming up) and sheep Romano cheese. Oh my goodness, this is good.


A new dark chocolate bar! I’ve been leaning towards darker chocolate lately, and this one didn’t disappoint. (they rarely do)

6 comments to What I Ate: Monday 4/2

  • jeanne

    Everything looks delicious! I am going to start shredding my cheese instead of just throwing chunks on the salad, it looks so much better and I’d probably eat a little bit less :) That chocolate is the bomb!

    • When making that pesto I mentioned, I was amazed at how much more “volume” the shredded cheese had! I was using my food scale, so I was able to see the difference in just a one-ounce serving– it’s crazy. And I love how the flavor gets distributed so well over salads. :)

  • Kelly Norman

    Can you please tell me what is in your new favorite lemon-lime dressing? I’m always looking for new dressings to compliment my salad. I just found your website and can I say, thank you for giving me hope in a gluten free world. Your recipes look amazing! Love the ‘What I ate’ segment too!

  • Arlene

    Looking at your food intake for a day, are you able to maintain your weight on this amount of food, or are you still losing weight?

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