Bestowed Box Giveaway!

There seems to be a cascade of new “healthy” products showing up on store shelves, but if you’re like me, you may be unaware or even skeptical of trying them.

That’s why the concept behind Bestowed is pretty interesting.


Created by nutritionist Heather Bauer, Bestowed is a monthly delivery service where members receive a box filled with 5 or more items that have been carefully selected by a team of health and diet experts. Each product is selected based on its ingredients, nutrition, and how it fits into an overall eating regimen, as well as where it’s made and the packaging it comes in. Brands cannot pay to be featured in these boxes, so you can feel good knowing that all products must meet these standards to be included.

In other words, these experts take some of the guess-work out of shopping for convenience products, and allow you to try some generous samples before committing to a full-size purchase.

Typically, I tend to stay away from buying convenience snacks, but there will inevitably be certain moments where I may need to rely on a quick, packaged food. For those situations, it’s helpful to be aware of the healthier options available! Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised with the Bestowed box that arrived on my doorstep last month.


My monthly box included:

Not bad for one box, eh?

The best part is that one of my lucky readers will win a one-month Bestowed subscription of their own!


To enter:

Leave a comment below this post, letting me know one of your favorite healthy convenience snacks.

For additional entries:

Share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, and leave an additional comment to let me know you have done so. (The additional comment will count as your extra entry, so make sure you leave a separate comment for each one!)

Note: Bestowed can only ship to US residents at the moment, so this giveaway is open to US residents only. Contest will be open until Monday, May 27th at 11:59pm.

As an added bonus: Bestowed is offering all of my readers a $5 discount off your first box! Simply use coupon code 5OFFBESTOWED01 at checkout.

UPDATE: The winner has been selected and notified. Congratulations, Kristin E.!

*Disclosure: I received the complimentary box pictured above from Bestowed, but I am under no obligation to post a positive review or to host this giveaway.

Meet Megan Gilmore

Hi, Iโ€™m Megan. A former fast food junkie turned certified nutritionist consultant, trying to make healthy living as easy as possible. I believe in eating delicious whole foods on a regular basis to help naturally support the bodyโ€™s detox organsโ€” no juice fasting required. (Unless you want to!) If you make one of my healthy recipes, tag @detoxinista on Instagram or Facebook so I can see!

436 thoughts on “Bestowed Box Giveaway!

  1. Ashley

    I love avocados, precut! I can literally squeeze the sides and chunks are poppable into my mouth! Delicious and easy while driving to work!

  2. Sarah B

    Hi Megan! I found you a couple weeks ago, right around when I decided to clean up my diet and needed some green smoothie inspiration. I’ve been pouring through your recipes ever since (you even convinced me to give coconut oil a go, now I’m a convert). The single-serving raw fudge has been a lifesaver when I need something indulgent.

    As for pre-packaged snacking, I’m obsessed with the cherry pie and chocolate cherry torte Larabars at the moment.

  3. Amy

    Homemade snacks are hard to keep up with when you have two kids and a full schedule, so I am grateful for healthy convenient snacks. Although I try my hardest to make my own due to allergies, I have found that the Kind Gluten Free granola was great! Premade trail mixes are good. The kids love whole wheat pretzels from Trader Joe’s. Oh and Black and green chocolate bars are great desserts!

  4. Larissa

    I love making a big batch of energy balls (dates/raw almonds with some cinnamon and vanilla). Goes great if you sandwich it between apple slices.

  5. Rosary

    This sounds great! I’ve been looking for something similar to birchbox but with healthy food options! My favorite snacks are Thunderbird Energetica bars or Kind Bars.

  6. Priscilla Garduno

    My favorite to go snack would have to be the GO RAW Pizza flax chips, so good! Also make my own sunbutter bars for my boys and love them as well. I use hemp hearts for the bars and in your seed granola recipe.

  7. Jaclyn

    I’m a college student so I always carry snacks with me. One of my favorites are natural almonds. I can throw them in my bag without worrying about them getting squished!

  8. Debbie

    I love love love apples and cheese….! Also, I am on Weight Watchers so it is a great snack for only 1 point. Very filling!

  9. Anna

    I love me some homemade trailmix which consists of almonds, dates, goji berries, coco nibs and shredded coconut! Mmmm tasty snack indeed!

  10. Hannah

    My go to snacks are carrots, apples and bell pepper slices! Vega one bars are great too if you can find them!

  11. Rory

    My little guy and I love making kale chips with just a drizzle of olive oil. After my workouts, I enjoy a nice protein packed smoothie with coconut milk, Greek yogurt, ground flax, spinach or kale and whatever fruit I’m in the mood for. I am excited to try the key lime smoothie off your Facebook today! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Suman

    my “go to” snack is toasted nori (Seaweed). i have a huge “salt tooth” and these always seem to do the trick. they are super nutritious, full of vitamins and minerals, and come in some interesting flavors. my favorite recently is Wasabi ๐Ÿ™‚ plus, the packs are super cheap (usually 99cents-$1.490, so that is an added bonus! i even got my 8 year old daughter hooked!

  13. Jamie

    As a college student it’s quite a trek to get to a Whole Foods or really anywhere that isn’t the campus convenience store, which has FOUR isles of candy and chips and ONE stand of fruit. This would be such a treat, bringing health right to my door and making the worthwhile sacrifices of a healthy lifestyle seem almost non-existent!

  14. Acmommy

    I like the Lara bars that have just fruit & nuts, a baggie of almonds and dried apricots, or so easy clementines! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Loren

    I LOVE homemade kale chips, but they don’t travel so well, so I’ll take a Larabar when I’m on the go. I love that they contain only nuts and dried fruit!

  16. Sarah Carter

    Almonds and walnuts for me and for the kids organic crunchy granola bars. Great give away!

  17. Laura

    I love raw cashews& pecans also try to reach for an apple or another fruit when I need a snack to recharge.

  18. Anna

    If I’m on the go I love KIND bars. They have been gaining popularity so many convenience stores and gas stations have them now if you forget to plan ahead (I can almost always find them at a CVS)

  19. Alexandria

    I always have protein bars in my purse! They are so convenient, yummy, and give me the boost I need to continue my day! Luna bars are my favorite! Baby carrots are a good snack too!

  20. Lori

    I am new to your site and to eating a Type-O diet. Your posts are mostly compatible, byt then again I am just learning! Thanks for a great blog! My snack go-tos are changing, I’m betting it will be a pesto sauce and veggies!

  21. Kelly Chang

    I love apples with plain yogurt as some dip! Thank you for hosting the giveaway

  22. EmilyF

    I like carrying the individual Justins’ Maple Almond Butter packs as well , a green apple, and raisins for a great energy boost. I carry a ziplock back with raw almonds and dark chocolate chips. So good -like chocolate covered almonds only not processed great pick me up!

  23. Jillian Nicole

    I would lllooovvvee this box. I’m new at clean eating I am still learning though. I just started and would love to try these products!!!!

  24. Erin from Long Island

    I like to keep carrots and cucumbers handy at all times for snacking. It helps that we have a huge fridge at work!

  25. Cassi

    Very cool. Working on tweaking the way our family of 6 eats (cleaner/healthier) and your blog, by the way, has been a huge help in the matter!

  26. KellyB

    On the weekends I make batches of granola bars and muffins to store in the freezer for my kids and I to have quick allergy friendly snacks to throw in our bags every morning.

  27. Leslie

    That box looks awesome. Nuts and fruit are a great go to, but if I need something fast I love Two Raw Mom’s products.

  28. Grace

    A cup of avocado chocolate pudding would be my snack fix. Keeps me full and satisfies my chocolate craving.

  29. Aurial

    My new favorite convenience snack is Mama Chia Squeeze. It’s fruit and vegetable puree with chia seeds in a squeeze pouch so I can eat it in the car between work and school.

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