Aquasana Water Filter Giveaway

Our bodies are composed of more than 70% water, so the water we drink, shower and cook with can have a significant impact on our overall health. This is why simply adding a water filter to your home can make a big difference!


You may recall that I recently had the opportunity to try Aquasana’s Countertop water filter, which is a great solution for those of us in rentals or for those not ready to commit to a pricier under-the-counter unit.

Aquasana’s drinking water filters are NSF certified to remove over 97% of chlorine, over 99% of lead, herbicides, pesticides, cysts, asbestos, volatile organic chemicals in addition to chloramines, pharmaceuticals and over 50 additional water contaminants. While their filter technology provides maximum reduction in water contaminates, it also leaves behind the beneficial minerals found in water such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Here are a few more facts on the contaminants found in our nation’s tap water, provided by the EWG:

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 9.28.00 PM

Not only will a water filter reduce these contaminants, it will also improve the taste of your water! (Especially if you live in a place like Los Angeles, where the tap water tastes terrible.)

31eEMZVACyL._SX385_Even better, Aquasana has generously offered to send one of their Countertop drinking water filters (in the color of your choice) to ONE lucky reader!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment below, letting me know how you make sure to drink enough water daily.

For extra entries:

  • “Like” both the DetoxinistaandAquasana Facebook pages, and return here to leave a comment letting me know you have done so.
  • Tweet the following: “Win an @Aquasana water filter from the @Detoxinista!” and return here to leave a comment letting me know you have done so. (Each comment counts as one entry!)

*Note: This contest is open to US residents only, and the entry period will close on Tuesday, June 17th at 11:59pm PST.


The winner is…

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 10.34.00 AMCongratulations, Courtney! You will be contacted via email to claim your prize.

Good luck!

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary Countertop drinking water filter from Aquasana, but as always, I am under no obligation to post a positive review or to host this giveaway.

Meet Megan Gilmore

Hi, I’m Megan. A former fast food junkie turned certified nutritionist consultant, trying to make healthy living as easy as possible. I believe in eating delicious whole foods on a regular basis to help naturally support the body’s detox organsβ€” no juice fasting required. (Unless you want to!) If you make one of my healthy recipes, tag @detoxinista on Instagram or Facebook so I can see!

453 thoughts on “Aquasana Water Filter Giveaway

  1. Amanda

    Hi Megan! I’m a water drinking fanatic, currently without a filter:(. I dabbled in brutal for awhile, but became annoyed with the fill-er-up process. I make sure that I drink enough water everyday by:
    – putting 6oz of water in my morning smoothies
    – drinking green tea every mid-morning
    – I pack my nalgene for work everyday with about 20 oz of water and I have worked water breaks into my daily work routine(I teach preschool, so nap time=drink water!:) )
    – I usually drink water before meals– it’s really all about timing:)

  2. Amanda

    *by ‘brutal’, I meant ‘Brita’ (…autocorrect:(). And I also liked your page!:)

  3. Rebecca

    What a great giveaway! I try to drink enough water by breaking my day into sections-by lunch I’ve drank this size bottle-by 4 I’ve drank another of this size bottle, etc. I also get it through my morning smoothie and of course by downing a ton after a workout πŸ™‚

  4. Shay Brazeal

    My “rule” is I don’t get to drink any other type of beverage until I’ve had at least 8 cups of water. I also always drink 1 cup the instant I wake up.

  5. Kristina

    Hi Megan!I try to drink good water 6-10 cups every day.
    1-3 cups in the morning after waking up.
    2-3 cups one hour before each meal.
    And I liked Detoxinista and Aquasana on Facebook.:-)
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Heather D

    I keep a bottle of water on my desk at all times and sip on it throughout the day. Before you know it, I’ve had 32oz! I’m following a Candida diet so I only drink water and certain teas. I need something to take the chlorine out of the water and this filter would be great!

  7. Hila

    This is a great giveaway. I couldn’t find any information on Aquasana’s website about whether it filters out the fluoride, though. Do you know? Thaks.

    I drink H2O with apple cider vinegar first thing when I wake up every morning. Then I have a big bottle on my desk at work and drink water all day while working. I have been purchasing spring waters to avoid fluoride. I also drink lots of teas and use water in my protein shakes.

    1. Angelene

      I, too, buy Spring water in gallon jugs to avoid Fluoride. We go through 1 & 3/4 gallon per day (almost 2 gallons!!!). I drink about 3/4 to 1 gallon per day in regular glasses, hot green tea & a smoothie. Unfortunately I couldn’t find info about it filtering fluoride either but I am assuming it doesn’t since this is usually only accomplished through reverse osmosis. I would love to find a simpler filter that attaches more easily but it just doesn’t seem feasible with all that has to be done to rid tap water of fluoride. Bummer!!!

  8. Cami

    I ALWAYS have a water bottle with me and fill it up every time I pass the sink to make sure I keep drinking and never run out!

    This really is a great giveaway, it’s shocking to see how many harmful things are in the water we drink!

  9. Wendy

    I keep a 50 oz water bottle at my desk at work and try to get through two in the course of the work day

  10. Larissa

    This is such a great giveaway! I live in San Diego so I with you on the terrible tasting tap water my husband and I actually started giving our puppy filtered water! We have a Brita but it never seems to taste right. I have a 64oz nalgene that I keep/ fill work and make sure I finish every day, that helps me know how much water I’ve really had.

  11. Ashley

    I dont have a facebook or twitter so hopefully this one entry will be enough!

    I have never been able to stomach drinking tap water. Not in a snobby way but I have educated myself on the contaminants in tap water so I just can’t do it.
    Therefore, the only way I have found that I get enough water in is to buy a 2.5 gallon jug of water and fill up my 32oz mason jar about 3x a day. I don’t like drinking from plastic so I dont necessarily LOVE that I get the 2.5 gallon plastic jugs BUT if that’s what it takes for me to get it in at this point, then so be it! But with this water filter, I’d definitely be chugging water sans plastic jug!

    Oh and I have to have a straw too πŸ˜‰

  12. Heather

    I have two water bottles with me at all times: one at work on my desk, and another on my bedside table at home.

  13. Bobbi Kenow

    My water bottle is my little sidekick each day so that I make sure and drink enough water!

  14. Sara

    I never leave home without my water bottle. I also stop by the sink frequently to just drink a glass when I’m home.

  15. Megan

    I keep my stainless water bottle on my desk at work and cold water in the fridge at home!

  16. sabijo

    Hi Megan,

    Wow, there are so many great habits to learn from posted above…

    After I married I learned 2 good habits from my husband b/c he always kept a glass of water by the bed: drink water first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night. Its his go-to remedy if he feels like he is coming down with something (that, and sleep). I like to add freshly squeezed lemon juice in the morning for the enzymes and vitamins!

    Now that I am in my last 3 weeks of pregnancy (!!!), I am drinking enough water by fillng a nalgene bottle with water and ice before every outing. I get heartburn at night but instead of turning to extra sweets, I like a tall glass of iced water. We are so blessed to have access to this commodity, not everyone in the world can say the same. πŸ™

    HOWEVER, I do notice a difference between my Brita-filtered water and regular tap water. I definitely taste the chemicals in the latter. We are up to our ears in house projects so I have not bought a filter to install in the kitchen. The pitcher we have has a very bad design–when you overfill it even the tinsiest bit, the water flows into the handle and drips out of the base, making everything wet. I am a little fed up with it, and would love filtration at the source!!!

    Thanks for the fun (and very useful!) giveaway opportunity,

  17. Mallory Lawrence

    Tweeted the giveaway! I would love to have a new filter. Our filter in our refridgerator went out so we have been buying water. Awesome giveaway!

  18. Allison

    I drink water ALL day long! My 3 kids have always chose water as their drink of choice! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this! I love all of your recipies. The coconut macroons were a big hit with my husband and kids! I have liked your page and I just liked the aquasana page! We carry water bottles everywhere so we are always drinking our water! THANK YOU!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  19. Andrea S

    I fill a gallon jug everyday, and I use it to refill my cup or bottle until it’s gone. Also, I find that if I drink out of a cup with a straw I drink more water. Great giveaway!

  20. Angela

    I carry a water bottle with me wherever I go–I usually refill it 2-3 times a day, which translates to about 5-6 fl oz intake in addition to the fruits/veggies/smoothies I usually eat/drink. a water filter would help SO much! this looks like an awesome product!!

  21. Linda

    I liked the Aquasana page, as I liked yours long ago and which I could click “love” for your page. I am in the middle of Dr. Alejandro Junger’s “Clean” program and your page is so helpful. Thank you so much.

  22. Cricket Gray

    My family and I actually only drink water and milk. We each have our own Camel Back drunk cups. We take them with us everywhere we go. They are filled up multiple times throughout the day.

  23. Tiffany

    I make sure to get half my body weight in oz of water a day by carrying around a 2.2L water bottle everywhere I go! (also doubles as an arm exercise lol)

  24. Laura Blake

    Neat giveaway! Liked both pages, and looking forward to the possibility of winning.

  25. Kayla

    I have a water bottle with me at all times. I have three different stainless steel models so I always have the right fit for any occasion.

  26. Adelle

    I purchased two 22oz glass water bottles to lug to work or take when I am out and about. I use a brita water filter currently just to filter and then pour into the glass bottles. I currently drink only water and add a pinch of sea salt and some lemon.

  27. Jakaira

    I’ve gone ahead and liked your page on Facebook and tweeted your contest on twitter. I always try to incorporate water in my daily life by drinking bottled water or filtered water.

  28. Suman

    I always drink half my weight in ounces of water every day!! (let’s just say, that’s WAAAY more than the recommended 8 glasses of water each day!). I always start my day with a huge glass of water and I have a 64 oz bottle at work and sip throughout the day. I consider the multiple runs to the restroom as extra exercise throughout the day πŸ™‚

    I tweeted, liked your page, and liked the Aquasana page on Facebook!

  29. Joan

    I make sure I drink one or two things of water in the am before I can drink my coffee. I have the “grande” size water cup with lid.

  30. Tara

    I make sure to bring a big water bottle with me to work out and eat lots of fruits and veggies!

  31. Caroline

    I bought one of those big 64 ouncers from Parkers convience store & fill it up with water to carry around with me all day. I started it whne I was training for a half marathon & it made me feel so much more energized during the days! I would love to have a REAL water filter!

  32. Denise Jennings

    I drink water for 90% of my regular beverage and try to keep it around at all times.

  33. Lisa R.

    I tend to not drink enough water running around after my toddler, but now keep a gallon container out. I force myself to do it to model behavior for my child. I do like both Facebook pages.

  34. Kristy E.

    I carry around a travel water bottle everywhere I go. That includes all rooms in my house to make sure I remember to drink water!

  35. Renee S.

    We started a health wellness group at work to get more people thinking about their health. We are running some contests within our workplace throughout the summer. One of the contests is a water challenge. We did charts and are having people fill in every 8 oz. they drink. We are encouraging 64 oz. of JUST water throughout the day. This has helped me to challenge myself to drink 64 oz. per day. It is hard for me to drink that much water, but I am surprised how I am aware of my water intake now that I am coloring it in a chart. I was not drinking near enough water in a day – it is much better now. I still need to improve.

  36. Elise

    I make sure I drink enough water every day by carrying a reusable water bottle with me at all times. I always fill it up when I am at my yoga studio, school, and work so that It’s always full!

    I like both Facebook pages!

  37. Trezlen

    I keep a bottle of water near my bed and on my desk. Other than an occasional tea and a breakfast smoothie, there are no other options to quench my thirst.

  38. Tasha L.

    I’ve noticed I need to drink more water if I eat any processed foods, but when I focus my diet on lots of high-water content fruits & veggies, my need for extra water goes down.

    To get enough water I like to fill up 4 mason jars each morning with: water, herbal tea, fresh carrot juice, and a green juice or green smoothie. I get plenty of liquid by doing this.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a water filter!

  39. Mary

    I drink a tall glass of water any time I have the munchies. Many times hunger tinges are dehydration. If the water doesn’t relieve the hunger, then I eat my snack. I love to snacking, so I get plenty of water during the day with this method.

  40. Connie

    I have one of those CamelBak water bottles with a straw — I cannot get enough water and I take it with me everywhere!

  41. Lynn

    I break my daily water intake into 20 ounce increments. I have a beautiful glass water bottle that holds exactly 20 ounces. I drink on a schedule, so that I am always sure to drink enough. I drink one bottle when I first wake up, one at 11:00 AM, one at 2:00 PM and one at 5:00 PM.

  42. Beck

    I dont have a FB or twitter, so im hoping this one entry can count! I try to get in 8-10 cups day.. My water bottle has becone my best friend.. Cant leave home without it!! We buy a case of plastic water bottles at least every week! Would love to be able to just refill a glass bottles with filtered water:)
    Im amazed and horrified at how many harmful things are in tap water!
    Thanks for being so generous with this wonderful gift

  43. Kristi D.

    I have a 32oz bottle I use at work and refill at least 3 times. Then at home everything is just bonus. Drinking water has always been an easy thing for me!

  44. Sybil

    I recently started making water infusions. I have always had a hard time drinking water because it is so bland to me. However lately I have been making water infusions using fruits, veggies and herbs. I make a giant pitcher and drink it throughout the day. So much better than those fake flavored waters. My favorites: strawberry and lime; cucumber and lemon; lemon and lime; oranges and pink grapefruit slices; celery; and mango. I just slice up the fruits or veggies, and put them in a pitcher, fill the pitcher with water and chill. So yummy. I liked Detoxinista a while ago and I liked Aquasana today πŸ™‚

  45. Sarah

    Hi Megan. Thanks for a great giveaway! Water is the only thing I drink, besides our homemade smoothies and juices. Since I started juicing it’s even easier to get in enough water; plus, I am drinking constantly all day – I have a glass or bottle with me whether I am in the house or the car. And if I don’t, my husband is sure to remind me thank goodness – a built-in water consumption monitor. πŸ™‚ After reading some of these comments, though, I think it would be even easier if I purchased a good on-the-go bottle ie a nalgene or a camelbak. Thanks again!

  46. Denise

    Hi! I make sure I drink plenty of water throughout the day by using a bpa-free refillable bottle that has a dial with numbers on it to keep count of how many times you’ve refilled it throughout the day!

  47. Jen

    I mostly only drink water (occasionally tea, or something else for a treat), so whenever I am thirsty…that’s what I have! I try to always keep some in a glass bottle with me.

  48. chelsea

    I have a 20oz glass jar that I fill at least 4 times a day, but usually 5-6 (because I’m an avid runner, I tend to take in extra water) and i often throw 2-4c filtered water in my vitamix with ice, some mint leaves, lavandar, lemon, and a few drops of stevia to make a really refreshing lemonade. (living in the south it’s really relaxing and enjoyable to sip while making dinner on these humid summer nights.)

  49. Susan

    I fill up a big water bottle at night and put it on my nightstand, so drinking it is the first thing I do when I wake up. Then I fill up another to drink throughout the day.

  50. Christina

    I use to have the hardest time getting even 20 ounces inside this body. After making other necessary health changes water was a crucial hurdle. Realizing I am a competitive person (even with myself) I bought a special water bottle, and challenged myself to increase the number of times I was able to finish that bottle of water. Now I only drink water, with the occasional herbal tea and morning coffee. But, I still challenge myself. I take my bottle everywhere I go. It’s my trusty companion. If you see me out, you’ll see my bottle by my side.

  51. Sam S

    Oh my! What a fantastic giveaway!!

    I chug water right when I get up so I start the day off right with tons of water, and then eat lots of water containing food and juices throughout the day so lots of structured water enter my body.
    Now that it’s hot out, I love keeping the gallon mason jars in my fridge full of tasty things like fresh mint, lemon slices, basil, cucumber slices… So refreshing!

  52. Amanda

    Hi Megan!! I only drink water (besides green juice πŸ˜‰ ). I start off drinking two to four cups in the morning and then I keep a large water bottle with me to sip throughout the day.

  53. chelsey

    Awesome giveaway! I actually have to use an app on my iphone to make sure I’m drinking enough.

  54. Philana G

    Water is the only beverage I drink these days… an occasional tea but, that’s more once in a blue moon. Water, water, water all the time so I’ve found myself trying to make it more interesting with lime, lemon, spearmint, cucumber…. whatever I can get to enhance the flavor so it doesn’t get boring. I have a huge glass jar I use that’s always by my side… I twist the lid and take it with me when I leave the house. It helps me stay fully hydrated which curbs the urge of “other” beverages elsewhere. πŸ™‚

  55. ~Megan~

    Love the name! πŸ˜‰

    – I drink out of large mason jars and aim for 6-8 of them a day. To be sure I get enough water, I aim to drink 1/2 my bodyweight in ounces (I’m pretty active too, so sometimes I need more).

    – I start out the morning with warm lemon water, and then I like to have at least one jar, but preferably two of water before having breakfast (this is over a one or two hour period of time, and there’s usually a workout somewhere in there πŸ˜‰

    – If we leave ANYWHERE (outside, to the store, a walk, a friend’s house, an event, whatever!), my jar and extra water bottle are always there with me! My family loves this b/c someone’s always running to me saying “I need water!” (We have three small kiddos + dad, guess who’s getting their very own glass water bottle for Father’s Day! πŸ˜‰

    A water filter would be a welcomed and lovely addition to this home!!

    **Like Detoxonista on FB πŸ˜€ FB name: Jimmy N Megan Sully
    **Liked Aquasana on FB! πŸ˜€


  56. Emilie

    Hey Megan !

    I drink about 80 oz of water a day and drink some roiboos tea as well as coconut water every day. I would love to have a great water purifier πŸ™‚

    Thanks for putting together such a great contest,

  57. Emilie

    Hi Megan, me again πŸ™‚

    Just wanted to let you know I liked both Aquasana’s and your page on FB!


  58. Jenna

    I looove lemons, so it’s not hard for me to drink lots of water once I put a lemon in mine!

  59. Megan Lane

    We have purified water at work so I am constantly filling up. Still should be drinking more though, would like to start drinking it first thing in the morning.

  60. Lauren

    I have a water bottle that tracks how much water I drink a day and I always try to drink at LEAST 100 ounces a day!

  61. JULIE

    I always have water beside me at my desk at work and when I am home I have a glass of water on the kitchen counter!!

  62. Iulia

    I always put slices of lime or lemon, so that it’s easier for me to drink water. And I take the bottle with me everywhere πŸ™‚

  63. Ashley

    I love water…that is all our family drinks (besides an occasional paleo lemonade or so). We don’t have a hard time drinking water just wish it was filtered! Thank you for the giveaway!

  64. Diane

    I keep track of how much I drink by how many times I refill my glass waterbottle at work and home. I don’t feel quite “right” unless I’ve had my daily water!!

  65. Jacquie qood

    Well…honestly…I don’t drink enough water. I have a britta water filter and it bugs me that it is made from plastic. I am going to look into this.

  66. Monica

    Water is the only thing, besides tea that I drink I gave up all sugary drinks a year ago. πŸ™‚

    I liked both your page and Aquasana’s on Facebook. I also tweeted about the giveaway @tallirish.

    Thank you!

  67. Laura

    I like to add lemon or lime to my water, and sometimes a little stevia (thai basil too!) for a nifty drink that makes me want to drink more water! But sometimes, you just gotta chug it!

  68. Alex

    I make sure to drink enough water by putting a couple cups into my morning smoothies, and always carrying a reusable water bottle with me!

  69. Rella

    I bought a brita water bottle that has a filter built in so I make sure I drink water at work (the drinking fountain water is all we have!)

  70. Beth

    I keep glasses of water in every room of my house so that its always nearby. And I always bring two glasses of water with me to bed every night

  71. michelle a.

    I have a BPA free water bottle that I fill up at work and make sure I drink at least 90 oz a day if not more!

  72. Elizabeth

    I bought a glass container to carry my water around. I calculated I must drink 6-8 containers a day to get my daily water allowance. Thanks for your wonderful webpage!

  73. Katie B

    To get me to drink enough water, I always have a glass of water near by and am constantly drinking it and refilling throughout the day. I also like to drink herbal teas during the day. Having water nearby keeps me away from sugary drinks that have no health benefits.

  74. Debbie

    I do my best to get my family to drink plenty of water especially taking vitamin supplements so that they will be better absorbed. We know water is important for hydration especially during those hot days. My son has a lot of food allergies even to citrus so water is our best solution for him. I hope the water filter may be the solution for our gut healing as well.
    I “Like” detoxinista a while ago and just liked the Aquasana on Facebook. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  75. Katie Lee

    My boyfriend and I were just talking about this!! We are sick and tired of wasting plastic water bottles and have been wanting to try a water purification system for our apartment! Being in Arizona, we drink a lot of water. We fill up our water bottles at work where we both have purification systems; however, when at home we do not have that convenience! We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try this!

  76. Katie B

    I just tweeted as well. I would love to have one of these. I have been searching for a better way to filter our water other than the fridge filter. I have been learning so much about whats in the water and am concerned with my young son’s safety. Thanks for all you do.

  77. Danielle

    I drink at least 2 liters/day! I just found your website yesterday while searching things to do with cashew butter… Thank you for your recipes…honestly, they are just what I was looking for! I hate all the weird ingredients in gluten free cooking and everything you have is so simple. I tried the blondies yesterday with cashew butter and honestly, I think they are better than the real version…by far. THANK YOU!

  78. Carol

    Grew up with excellent tap water. San Diego water, not so much. Live in a rental so would love this product!!!!
    BTW, love your website – especially anything with coconut water/milk/oil!

  79. Jessica Presley

    I am a water bottle collector and keep loads of them filled in my car, home, and everywhere we go so we are never without. Even my dog has a travel water container in the car!

  80. Alissa

    I make sure to fill three bottles with water before I leave the house in the morning for work. I drink a LOT of tea during the winter and make sure to drink the bottles of water between my meals.

  81. Jennifer

    I make sure I drink a 16oz cup of water right after I wake up and drink at least 8 cups or more throughout the day.

  82. Lisa

    I keep my water bottle with me all day and by my bedside. I make sure I drink 3 bottles full a day

  83. mary gardikas

    Every day we fill a large acrylic to go cup with ice, water, cucumber slices, and fresh lemon to take in the car, bike, bedside or on the desk. Refill and enjoy all day long. Easy, refreshing, repeat and enjoy.
    Truly amazing how much more water we drink daily.

  84. Jessica Summer

    I always keep a clean water bottle on hand and try to fill it up a few times a day

  85. Kristina

    I always make sure to bring my stainless steel water bottle with me to work. Also, as soon as I wake up in the morning I always drink a big glass of water before doing anything else. Love this giveaway!

  86. Sabrina

    I liked both FB pages! I would LOVE to win this. It is so hard to find a filter that gets out more than just chlorine. It’s just plain hard to get good clean water anywhere anymore.

  87. Kristina

    I already “liked” your page on Facebook but also “liked” Aquasana’s as well. πŸ™‚

  88. Sabrina

    I try to drink more water by filling up a huge mason jar and drinking a few of them a day. Having the bigger cup seems to help me drink more.

  89. Emily

    I have a 24oz Contigo water bottle I carry with me at all times! I try to refill it at least 5-6 times throughout the day!

  90. Heather

    but it doesn’t filter fluoride? πŸ™ that’s so important.
    what about hormones?

  91. Chrissy

    I would love to give this to my mom! She has a glass bottle from whole foods with a carrying handle that she calls her “accessory.” Other than coffee and tea, water is all I drink!

  92. Sonja

    I am new to eating better and I have learned much from your blog. Your blog was actually one of the first places I was introduced to creating healthier dishes and meal. I am here quite frequently. As being new to paying more attention to how much water I drink, I actually have learned with my weight, that I should be drinking just under a gallon of water. That was overwhelming at first, so I broke it down into quart bottles. I placed 4 bottles on the counter in the morning and filled them up and I try and get through all 4 bottles in a day. a quart before I leave for work, I take one with me then try to finish the rest when I get home. I drink plain ol’ tap water which I am finding out is full of sodium in my town. I hadn’t really even realized it needed to be filtered until recently, but I haven’t been able to figure out a best filter to use. I just recently have been adding a lemon first thing in the morning and that helps with swelling.I liked learning about this filter. Thanks for all the teaching…..and cheers!!

  93. Stella

    I drink water but sometimes I don’t drink enough. I do like to ‘flavor’ my water with cut up fruit or cucumber with mint. I hope to win an Aquasana and increase my water intake.

  94. Angie

    I add lemon to EVERY glass of water so it forces me to drink it and actually enjoy it πŸ™‚

  95. Sarah

    I fill and refill my Brita pitcher several times a day, and make sure to bring a glass mason jar or water bottle with me to work so I can refill it wherever I go!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  96. Ritchie

    I drink plenty of water, and I try not to think about the minerals I’m losing from the reverse-osmosis water at work and the contaminants my Brita can’t keep out at home. I’d love an Aquasana filter!

  97. Lisa

    First off, adore your site (follower on facebook). So many great tips and recipes!

    I am a water fanatic. My mom used to preach to me all of the time about proper water hydration and filtration (lost her a couple years ago). Anyway, I always carry at least 2 (glass) bottles of water with me everywhere which I frequently refill. I try to avoid as much plastic as possible. It is amazing how much better you stay hydrated and are satiated by proper. Every morning I start my day with warm lemon water, apple cider vinegar and cayenne. I have a Vitalizer (puts ions in water) that I inherited from my mom but unfortunately never have time to use. I am engaged and since moving in with my fiance, we now use a Britta filter however I can’t wait for the day to have a better home filter for not only drinking but watering plants and washing produce. Someday I hope to have a water filtration system for my entire house πŸ™‚

  98. Kelly

    I use a big wine carafe…I fill it up 3 times a day and pour water out of it into my regular cup. That way I can keep track of how m

  99. Megan

    I aim for 3L a day and keep a brita on my desk at work to make sure I get there. Would love a filter for home.

  100. lisa

    I always make sure I have a large bottle of water with me throughout the day. It helps to have water handy and I can keep track of how much water I’ve had!

  101. Barbara

    Hi! We only drink water in our house! A pint or two in the morning before the green smoothie (that also contains water!), plenty throughout the day… We fill up our brita gallon filter daily… But would love something that removed chlorine and flouride.

  102. Lauren

    I keep a recycled glass Lorina Geyer Freres lemonade bottle next to my computer. It’s so pretty that it makes we want to drink and drink. I refill it with water every time I get up, which is often given all of the bathroom visits. Ha! I think I am drinking 100+ ounces of water during the workday! Now when I occasionally don’t drink enough water on the weekends, I don’t feel like myself. The filter would be an excellent home reminder. Likes to you and Aquasana.

  103. Nicole

    I have a small 14 oz water bottle that I find easy to manage. If I fill it three times a day then I know I have had enough water. It is also easier to drink 14 oz of water in the morning than the 72 that is generally recommended.

  104. Britt

    I already “liked” Dextoxinista on FB and just “liked” Aquasana.

    I make sure I get enough water by keeping a water bottle with me all the time, especially at my desk at work. I always drink more if it is one with a straw so that I don’t have to unscrew the cap to take a drink as I work away.

  105. DeAnn Duke

    I am a mother of soon to be eight children πŸ™‚ I have to be very diligent and purpose driven to make sure I get enough water πŸ™‚ the best way I do it,is to not allow myself to eat until I drink 16 oz of water. That waybby the end of the day,I’ve at least had 6-8 , 8oz servings πŸ™‚ would be awesome to have the water filter.

  106. Nicole

    How exciting! I love water and keep my water bottle next to me all day! I used to keep a note on the calendar, like a check mark for every cup I’ve had to help me establish the habit and keep track of how much I really was drinking. Good luck to all!

  107. LibrarianWithUC

    I always have a glass of water beside my bed & I always make sure to fill my water bottle before leaving the house so I can sip on it during the day at work.
    Me & my roomies need a good water filter!!

  108. Lauren

    What a great giveaway! I have been wanting to start using filtered water from quite some time but it keeps falling onto the bottom of my to-do list.

  109. Jessica

    I keep my metal water bottle filled and make sure I finish at least 1 a day and if I’m busy, I try to drink 2.

    I already liked Detoxinista on FB and just liked Aquasana.

  110. Vicki

    I hate to admit it, but I drink bottled water. I always have a bottle with me. We have recently moved and have a water softener and I can’t bring myself to drink the water. This would solve that issue and allow me to be more green.

  111. Suzanne Mandeville

    Four times a dsy I refill my insulated, carry around, 16 ounce water cup. In goes the ice, a slice of lemon, and filtered or bottled water, depending on where I am. If I feel dehydrated, as with a recent virus, or am really exerting myself, I add a splash of gatorade. Just discovered your page from a “pin” on Pinterest and I have like both Detoxinista and Aquasana.

  112. Angie B.

    Water is pretty much all I drink other than a cup of green tea a day. Not sure that I do get all I should everyday, but assume if that’s all I’m drinking then I’m pretty close. I love squeezing lemon or lime in it as well.

  113. Amelia

    Hello Megan,
    I live in a town where the water tastes terrible. Drinking enough water is a tough thing for my house due to the fact that is is not a pleasant expirience for us. We have gotten a countertop filter, this has helped a lot. I chase a 2 1/2 year old around the house cleaning up her fingerprints and making sure she is happy and healthy. I often get so busy, she ends up with the fresh filtered water and I am wating for another batch to filter through. I am a health conscious mom, taking care to keep my body clear of toxins and preservatives. I have been making my own bread for as long as I can remember because I prefer to stay away from preservatives. The world we have been given is not an easy one. I know one cannot achienve every goal at once. I truely believe it takes one small change at a time. We need to keep our minds clear, happy, and healthy.

    I frequent Starbucks for a fresh cup of green tea, when I do, I ask for a cup of water as well. I know Starbucks puts their water through a triple filteration system before serving to the public. This has turned out to be the best way for me to have a pleasurable water drinking expirience.

    My one step today, cross my fingers and hope I am the most in need of healthy clean water. However, I know there are many out there who are less fortunate than I. I want whomever needs this filteration system the most to have thier name drawn from your hat.

    I love your blog, “liked” your page, “liked” Aquasana, and tweeted.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  114. Brittany Shook

    I start each day by drinking a few cups of hot water with lemon juice squeezed into it! The rest of the day, I drink water every time I think I am hungry…which is often. I am pretty sure I get adequate hydration by doing this. πŸ™‚

  115. [email protected]:DESIGN:CENTS

    I refil a liter water bottle throughout the day and make sure to drink a minimum of 3 of them.

  116. Crystal

    I like to drink 16oz of warm lemon water as soon as I wake up. I also make sure I drink another 16oz with each meal and some cucumber infused water between meals just to change it up a little.

  117. Kate Tobin

    I make sure to drink enough water daily by using an app on my phone. I enter in how much water I drink every time I have a glass or finish a water bottle. This way I can easily keep track of how much I have had and how much more I need to have that day!

  118. alain

    thanks for holding this wonderful giveaway! i find the best way for me to drink enough water is to fancy it up with slices of cucumber, basil, lemon and lime. it looks pretty and tastes wonderful.

  119. Petra

    Hi Megan,

    I drink quite a lot of water of at least I try. I like to get coconut water as well as it’s really hydrating. Unfortunately we don’t have proper water filter, only the basic Brita one which doesn’t do proper job. We live in Ireland where the water is really bad and fluoridated. I got to get proper filter because of our baby girl.

  120. Shannon

    I make my self drink my 8 glasses of water before I let myself have any other beverages for the day. I also us an app called water your body to keep track of how much I drink. I would love a filter because water straight from my tap tastes like chlorine. I usually put it in a pitcher and let the chlorine evaporate off before I drink it. A filter would be awesome!

  121. Emily

    I jazz up my water with lemons or limes and drink lots of herbal teas in addition to plain tap water to stay hydrated!

  122. Mandee

    I’m nursing a 3 month old so I keep giant glasses of water in the places I nurse most frequently, and in the diaper bag.

  123. Ashley

    I drink water all day long. I make sure to drink at least 8-12 ounces first thing in the morning and always have water nearby wherever I am.

  124. Kalena

    I make sure I have 1-2 glasses with each meal, and then am conscious to sip 1-2 glasses each morning and each afternoon. I find during the week (when working) it’s so much easier to remember! The weekends are when I tend to lack drinking the recommended 8 glasses.

  125. Rebecca

    I make sure I drink enough water by always bringing my reusable glass water bottle with me everywhere! It has a handle that makes it easy to carry and I can refill it anywhere. I try to drink filtered water whenever I can. πŸ™‚

  126. Brenna

    I put just a few drops of flavored Stevia into a glass of water whenever I get a little tired of plain water. It gives it a little twist so that I don’t mind drinking more.

  127. Jen

    I drink water whenever I’m in the kitchen, and I always bring a water bottle with me when I’m out. Hopefully I drink enough.

  128. p.jean

    I love to make cold drinks in my vitamix to make sure i get enough H2O. My favorite is a handful of frozen cranberries to 32 ounces of water and couple drops of stevia…yummy

  129. adriann

    I measure out my water every morning and always have a glass or water bottle with me where ever I go!

  130. Lindsay

    I keep a bottle at my desk and make sure to refill it at least 5 times throughout the day!

  131. Danielle Henderson

    Hey there! AWESOME giveaway! Just found your blog recently and LOVE it! The way I make sure to drink enough water is by my “Carbodroid” app on my smart phone! It notifies me and let’s me know when it’s time to hydrate. πŸ™‚ I tweeted and “liked”!

  132. Holly

    I liked your facebook page as well …. can’t wait to try some of your recipes! πŸ™‚

  133. Erin Bethea

    I have Celiac, my daughter has Celiac and my son is allergic to gluten, milk and eggs. Literally everything we put in our bodies must the the best we can find. My daughter and son mostly drink water. We need this terribly as water in Central Florida is hard to say the least. Please! Please! Love your website, refer people to it often!

  134. madelyn

    Hi Megan!
    I live in a duplex that was built in the early 1900’s. The water is awful and I try to refill a plastic jug from whole foods with there filtered water. It tastes so much better. A lot of the time though I just drink the tap. I would LOVE to be able to have filtered water! I always have my glass water bottle with me where ever I go and that way I never forget to drink water!! πŸ™‚ I liked your page on facebook (can’t believe I am just not liking it!) and Aquasana. Hope I am the lucky one.

  135. paul mizzi

    hello Megan I drink about 1 gallon of water liquids per day through bottled water or smoothies made from filtered refrigerator water it would be terrific to win this filter system it sounds great thank you for the opportunity

  136. paul mizzi

    Thank You Megan for second opportunity to win the water filter system I liked both Facebook sites have a good day

  137. Cassie Vaughn

    I keep a glass of cold water with me at all times. I do struggle on days when I’m out and about a lot, but for work days and days at home, I do really well.

  138. dana

    i wake up and have a glass before anything else. Then I put extra water in my smoothies and immediately fill up my camelbak with cold water. Then I sip steadily until lunch. I try to drink a whole bottle around lunchtime. Then I try to drink 1-2 more bottles over the rest of the day.

  139. Kayla

    I have my water bottle with me pretty much all the time so I can have water whenever I feel thirsty πŸ™‚

  140. Stella

    Hi Megan! I carry my 20 oz water bottle with me everywhere I go. To ensure I get plenty of H2O I try to refill more than once through out the day.

  141. Stella

    Hi again! I also like both FB pages. Thanks for the opportunity to try an Aquasana’s Countertop

  142. DonnaMarie

    To try to keep hydrated, I keep a bottle of water on my desk at work and a bottle with me around the house.

    Thanks for the chance to win a filter. =)

  143. Courtney

    I am nursing, therefore I’m so thirsty all day. It’s amazing how my body reminds me to do the right thing :).

  144. T.W.

    When I’m being disciplined about water consumption, I drink it out of a quarter jar usually. Drink and measure at the same time!

    Oh, I’d love something like this. After spending the majority of my life consuming amazing well water, I’m finding myself in the position of consuming much to much city water and wanting a cleaner alternative.

  145. Martha

    My first act of each morning is to hydrate with at least 4 ounces of filtered water when I take my morning thyroid hormone, then keep a 16-ounce cup of “cooler” filtered water on my desk to refill throughout the day. I’m a dedicated two-fisted drinker as well; whenever I have a morning (caffeinated) tea or a glass of wine in the evening, I sip on an equal amount of filtered water!

  146. Jen

    might be obsessive but after years of living in NYC, I boil all my water! Once you get in the habit, it honestly takes no effort at all!

    I keep a bpa free bottle with me all the time and try to drink about 7-8 refills!

  147. Ellen

    Water, water, water! About eleven years ago, I realized that if I carried my water bottle everywhere I went, I drank it all the time. I didn’t know then how important drinking water was, but figured that if I was drinking it, I must need it. I haven’t stopped since!

  148. Savannah

    I liked your page and love it. I reference Detoxinista almost everyday for new yummy recipes and have told a ton of my friends about it. In regards to drinking water I can’t get enough. We live in Tucson Arizona and I am breast feeding so I always have water close at hand and I never leave the house with out a full water bottle.

  149. Adele

    When I’m at home I keep a jar of water by my side at all times, even through the night. When I go out, I take a bottle with me.

  150. Trisha

    Hi There – I love this blog! I make sure to get enough water throughout the day by adding it to my morning and evening fruit and green smoothies. I also make sure to have a glass full of water with me at all times (work, car ride, extracurricular activities). I also drink a full glass of water when I go to bed every night and when I wake up in the morning. I am a recovering Mountain Dew addict, so it’s been a long journey but I am doing well so far. I haven’t had a soda of any kind since February! Thanks for all of your advice.

  151. Lisa H

    I carry a Tervis cup along with a metal drinking straw wherever I go!
    I never leave home without it!

  152. jenpowers

    I use my 30oz water bottle every day and make sure I drink 2-3 of them. Its a good way to keep track!

  153. Amy

    Fortunately I have always just LOVED water and I like having something to drink all day- especially when I’m working at my desk. Even when all of my other healthy habits are out of wack, drinking water sticks around. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!!

  154. Grace

    I drink water 24/7. It’s my life! πŸ˜›

    Also, I play tennis (a lot!) so I ALWAYS drink water when I play.. And A LOT of it too! πŸ™‚

    Love the filter!

    -Grace πŸ™‚

  155. Katey

    I’m a nanny – so whether I’m at home or at work, I leave a glass of water on the counter. I don’t refill it unless I’m going to drink. I love walking into the kitchen and seeing an empty glass – it means I’ve already started drinking water for the day and it’s time to fill up again.

  156. marlies

    I drink a big glass of water before breakfast and dinner (and another with), and I drink tea (love love love tea!) throughout the day!

  157. Betty

    I have liked both on Facebook. You inspire me!!!
    I love love love water. I have a lands end water bottle with my name on it and I take it everywhere I go. If I drink 3 bottles I have reached the required water for the day. I try to drink a bottle before noon, three and six. Some days I drink a lot more.

  158. Catherine

    I keep a tumbler on my kitchen counter at all times. I take a drink each time I walk past;)

  159. Jewd

    I drink close to 2 litres a day…I remember at home, but when I leave the house I have a yellow sticky note on
    my dashboard that says..’Got your water hun’…I used to forget my own filtered bottle if I was in a…”its all good.

  160. Kathleen Ann Quinlan


  161. Jen

    I have a 22-oz container in the kitchen that I refill at least 3x per day, and a 10-oz cup in the upstairs bathroom to help me drink enough water while running around after the kids all day.

  162. Multiple Strengths

    As soon as I wake up I start drinking water. My aim is to have 3 litres per day but sometimes this is a little tricky. It amazes me that sometimes I feel really hungry but am actually thirty instead.
    I love drinking water and would adore a wate filter. I currently buy my water from a big water vending machine.

  163. Suzi

    I bought a 32 oz Nalgene bottle that I fill up everyday, especially in the summer. It was almost 100 degrees today. I freeze it the night before with half a bottle of water and then add more water the next day to have cold refreshing water all day or as long as the ice lasts. This helps motivate me to make sure I am drinking enough water! Also I add lemon, lime or even a few stevia drops sometimes if water seems bland.

  164. Anja

    160z warm lemon water as i wake up
    raw juicy fruits and vegetable throughout the day
    i always sleep with a carafe on my nightstand
    ….o, and i just bought a new water bottle that i carry throughout the day!!

  165. Katie

    I drink water first think when I wake up and try to drink more through the day.
    I also try to eats lots of water containing foods. Great give away! πŸ™‚

  166. Deanna G.

    I keep a 32 ounce mug with a cover and a straw full of water and keep it with me all day. If I have a straw, I’ll keep on sipping all day long; if I just have a bottle or a glass, I don’t drink as much.

  167. Chris

    I tart my day with 16 oz of pure water and then I bring along a glass water bottle with me wherever I go. If I feel that I haven’t had enough water during the day, I put ice cubes into an evening shake.

  168. Charlene Regan

    Water is mostly what I drink. I probably drink 96 ounces a day. I drink it warm and a little Celtic Sea salt.

  169. Kim

    Thank you for this encouragement to drink high quality water!

    I drink 4 cups of lemon juice water in the morning upon waking. Always have water with me wherever I am. I drink nothing else besides an occasional glass of tea or kombucha.

    I’m a grad student (studying acupuncture and oriental medicine) with limited finances and no water filter at the moment. (I had one when living in Afghanistan for over a decade, but was unable to bring it back with me stateside). So I would welcome winning a water filter of this caliber would be so awesome and support me as I continue to work on my own health and get further training to help others.

    It’s inspiring to read all the ways that others try to ensure that they drink enough water!


    I had already liked your page months ago, but liked Aquasana just now.

  170. Amy

    I make sure i drink .75-1 gal of water a day by keeping a reusable water bottle with me at all times, or sometimes i just keep a gallon of water with me and know it has to be empty by the end of the day. Would love to have a countertop purifier!

  171. Natalie

    I measure out my water into a pitcher (1/2 my body weight + more for working out)
    then I fill up my water bottle and cups to finish the pitcher! I would love to have this bc I use the fridge to fill it up and it takes a while!

  172. debbie

    I always have my glass Camelbak with me. I even use it at home many times. I used to use a water drinking app on my phone, but I never kept up with it. I just always try to drink throughout the day & mostly in the a.m. to ensure I”m getting all my water intake necessary for the day.

  173. Anna

    I make sure I always have water with me to stay hydrated. I drink when I feel my body needs it. I would love to win!

  174. Jennifer

    I have liked the detoxinista for quite some time now but also went and liked the Aquasana page. I would love to win this filter as I am a stage 4 breast cancer survivor and drink between 2-3 liters of water a day for my health and good hydration since I live in south eastern Colorado where it’s extremely dry. Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  175. Betsy

    I love you and I love water!! I fill my klean kanteen up 4 times a day. Please gift me this filter!!!

  176. Johnna D.

    I know I need to drink more water but one thing I do is if I have something other than water….I make myself drink two glasses of water before getting to have a different type of beverage….so even though I may not get my full 8 glasses a day – I get more than I would have if I didn’t keep this simple rule πŸ™‚

  177. Julie

    I appreciate these tips. I forget to drink enough water… I have heard that if you wait until you’re thirsty, you waited too long to drink. I keep a water bottle on my desk, but as a teacher, it’s hard to find time to refill it when I finish it!

  178. Renata S

    I drink a big glass of water in the morning and at midday and at the evening too to make sure I surpass my daily quota!

  179. Julienne

    What a great giveaway!

    I bring a refillable metal water bottle with me everywhere I go. I try to avoid plastic water bottles (to avoid BPA exposure and it’s wasteful!)

    I know I often fall into the trap of eating when I’m actually thirsty, not hungry so I’m trying to drink a glass of water first!

  180. Carmen

    We’ve been renting an under counter Reverse Osmosis filter for the past two years and while it is good, I’d really like a filter that I own. Great contest! Hope you are feeling well with your pregnancy,too–not long to wait now πŸ™‚

  181. JR Jacobs

    I carry a half gallon water bottle (it has a handle) with a long piece of plastic tubing in it as a straw——getting lots of water in seems to go down solo much faster with a straw! With such a large water bottle there’s no counting—-second refill, I KNOW I’ve had a gallon!

  182. TeaJae

    I have a large water cooler style pitcher that I have near my home office desk where I’m at nearly all day. It holds 1 gallon of water and I drank that until it’s gone. I kicked soda and all carbonated drinks including sparkling water which I love it doesn’t love me back. I add a few slices of lemon and or lime to my glass of water that helps me keep myself hydrated all day long.

  183. JR Jacobs

    wow—–you have a TON of reader who want this—-but I want it the MOST! πŸ™‚

  184. Jaclyn

    I always bring my 40 oz Hydro Flask water bottle to work and try to fill it up twice per day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  185. Bryce

    so i dont get enough water daily i know this i always forget im not a very thirsty person until its too late. part of it is i hate the taste of baltimores tap water. i have an 18 month old and the more time passes the more freaked out i get. baltimore has really high lead levels in the soil/houses etc so its gotta be in the water and i just want nothing to do with that!

  186. marilyn

    Living in Las Vegas, constantly drinking water isnt a choice, its required. You just have to! I learned the hard way, after having two back to back kidney infections years ago. Now I constantly have my life factory glass bottles with me, and feel weird if I even leave the house without water. I have a Brita, but literally have to refill it daily, and have been looking for a different system, or delivery, but I rent, so this would be AWESOME. Would make it so much easier to share the filtered water with my furbabies too:)

  187. Jessica

    I keep a large glass water bottle on my desk and refill it constantly (unfortunately the only drinkable water here is stored in a plastic bottle…) Would love to be able to have filtered water that doesn’t come in contact with plastic!

  188. Cathy

    Well, WATER is the only thing I drink (besides my morning cawfee!)… I drink alot of it. I always have my water bottle close by, no matter where I go….I would love to try this Aquasana filter!

  189. Cristina Martinez

    Ahhh would be awesome to win!!! I have a Brita pitcher in my fridge that I am extremely eager to replace with something much better!!! I have bpa-free bottles at home that I store water in for work and any other activities as well as water bottles on our bicycles. My cats drink filtered water as well that I add ice cubes too in the summer time. Occasionally we purchase Alkaline water bottles to help keep our system balanced. In the summer, it is also nice to use glass mason jars and fill with water and fruit like lemons and strawberries.

  190. Nicole

    I keep a jug of water in my bedroom, as well as my kitchen. Anytime I think I’m hungry, I drink a glass or two of water. If I still feel hungry afterward, I know it’s real hunger instead of just dehydration. I also like to squeeze fresh lemon juice in my water to make it a little tastier.

  191. maria

    Our whole family (4 of us) each have water bottles that we fill throughout the day! Our poor water filter jug in the fridge just isn’t cutting it! lol
    This would be fantastic.

  192. Kristina

    I started keeping a reusable water bottle at my desk and making sure to take it with me to fill it up every time I got up to leave my office, whether it’s for a meeting, or to go to the bathroom, or anything at all. I drink more water now without even thinking about it. Thanks for the post about filtering your water. I had no idea about all those contaminants.

  193. Vanessa

    I ALWAYS carry my water bottle with me and make sure that I fill it up at least 3x/day! No excuses!!! πŸ™‚

  194. Kerry

    I always have a BPA free bottle with me so I can always refill with water and have it wherever I go. Would love to be able to have filtered water at home.

  195. Beverly Spurlin

    I’ve been putting some berries or other fruit and various herbs in a gallon cooler in my frig for 24 hours, then removing the fruit and herbs so the water has a yummy flavor and some extra vitamins. That’s probably the thing that’s worked best for me. Love your blog!

  196. Lauren

    I fill a big water bottle at night and chill it in the fridge. I’m a lot more likely to drink more water when it’s cold and ready for me. I don’t like any other beverage so I usually don’t have a problem drinking enough water!

  197. Rebecca R.

    I always drink a glass of water as soon as I wake up, before I do anything else. I also keep a glass of water near me wherever I am in the house and make sure to refill it the minute it gets empty. Most days I restrict myself to one not water or tea drink a day so I have to drink water πŸ™‚

  198. Susan H

    I have no problems drinking enough water each day! I think I was a camel in another life. πŸ™‚ I carry a cup of water around me with everywhere and cannot get in the car without them. We currently have a RO system for our well water.

  199. Ashley

    I drink a huge glass of water every morning before I make smoothies in the morning. I also drink out of big glass jars because we have sl many and it lets me know the ounces I am getting and hey, glass is good! Plus I have lids if we are going out. Haha. πŸ™‚

  200. Karibeth Soto

    I drink an 8 oz glass first thing in the morning. Then I carry a glass liter bottle of chilled water with me and refill it thru out the day. I add fresh lemon to the bottle about noon πŸ™‚

  201. Vicki

    I drink 96 oz a day (or try to) by carting around my 32 oz bottle wherever I go & refilling throughout the day. Thx for the giveaway!

  202. Pat

    I stopped drinking soda two years ago and started drinking water instead. I find myself craving water to almost any other drink now! I use it in all of my smoothies and juicing as well. I always carry a bottle of water with me. Posted to Twitter and liked both pages.

  203. Jenna

    This would be such a great alternative to a Brita since I’m constantly having to re-fill my pitcher from drinking so much water :]

  204. Kel

    I carry a bottle with me to work each day and fill it. I also have a huge bottle of water at lunch when I work out. thanks!

  205. Angela B.

    I drink about 2 cups of water with the juice of l1/2 a lemon every morning to start my day off right. Throughout the day I always have a glass of water near by & I always take a water bottle with me when I drive somewhere . I make a point of drinking it at stop lights and when exiting and entering the car.

  206. lnielson

    I fill up a quart jar with water and drink it throughout the morning finishing by lunch and refill it and drink it by dinner time.

  207. April

    I carry around a large water bottle and have designated times that I like to drink water. Thanks for the giveaway!

  208. Jennifer

    I typically struggle to get myself to drink enough water. But lately I drink a lot more because I have hot water with lemon and ginger in the mornings and cucumber infused water throughout the day.

  209. ali

    I calculate the amount of water I need per day as for my family by taking half my weight and converting it to ounces.
    For convenience, I use a tervis tumbler with a handle and straw. Both my husband and my kids have them. Each cup carries either 16-20 ounces of water. I usually fill mine up every hour. Because it is so easy to drink with the handle and straw, I also take in the car with me and bring a gallon of water in the car with me whenever I go out.
    Also, we TRULY need a water filter!! Our fridge does not have a filter system and neither does our sink. Every week we have to buy gallons of water for our family of 5. Often I am texting my husband on his way home from work to pick up water since we are out! The water filter would help our family out so much and make drinking water even more convenient!
    Thank you so much and love your blog!

  210. Kristy

    I drink lemon water when I first wake up in the morning. I also keep water with me at all times throughout the day and drink it frequently. When it gets closer to meal times, I cut back and pick up again a couple of hours after eating.

  211. Justin

    When I wake I drink a glass or two with a dash of lemon. Then in between each meal I will drink a couple warm (room temp) glasses to help with digestion. Before bed I will drink tea so that adds another glass or two. Also, I get a cup in with my green smoothie πŸ™‚ In sum I probably get about 6-7 glasses in a day. Also, I liked both on FB!

  212. Raymond

    I measure out 8 glasses daily in the morning and make sure I finish or go over that amount by bedtime. Thanks!

  213. Heidi M

    I try to drink enough water by always having a water bottle on my desk that I refill throughout the day.

  214. Lisa

    One trick we have is to squeeze lemon into our water with a shot of stevia…tastes like lemonade! No one can get enough!

  215. Nicole F

    I usually don’t drink anything else besides water, aside from coffee in the morning when I need it (I know, so bad for you!). I start off with a glass of water in the morning to rehydrate after sleeping. I have a large reusable glass water bottle that I take everywhere with me. During the week it is at my desk at work and I try to get through three refills of the bottle throughout the day. We have a water filtration station at work, although I am sure it’s not very good. I try to make a conscious effort to drink extra water when I stressed and busy running around all over the place. To spice it up, I will sometimes flavor my water with lemons or other fruit, like strawberries (add some mint and it’s so delicious).

  216. Sara

    I drink two glasses of warm water with lemon every morning before I allow myself anything else to drink. Then I keep my bottle filled all day and take a big gulp every time I walk by, or get in the car, or leave the car!

  217. Hollis

    I used to fill a 1/2 glass jug with water, so I could check on my progress throughout the day. Need to get back to doing that! I also
    take spring water with me in a stainless steel water bottle when I go

  218. Lafleche

    tap water with a 4 drop of lemon juice is one of my favorite way to drink water … but you i work outside all year long so i always have water with me …

  219. Susan

    Because I live in the desert I usually drink at least 15 8-oz glasses of water every day. If I’m out in the heat it’s a lot more. I wish I had a place to put this water filter, but we have to use our kitchen faucet to hook up our portable dishwasher. πŸ™

  220. Keandra Ewing

    I take a water bottle with me to work and fill it throughout the day. Sometimes, I add mint and lime to my water for a little flavor. So yummy!!!!!

  221. Lorri

    I fill up a 24 oz water bottle at 4-5 times a day to get my needed water.
    I usually drink 2 bottles by 10 every morning, then continue as the day goes on. I would love to have a water filter. We filter thru our refrig but I know that isn’t enough. Love your blog!

  222. Laura

    I add some cheribundi cherry juice to my water which disguises any not so pleasant taste plus it makes h2o taste so good I choose it over any other liquids.

  223. Nicholle

    I have created a routine whereby I arrive at work with my 0.5L bottle filled with water that I usually finish ~9am. I then take my morning break and refill this bottle along with my 1L bottle that I keep at my desk. For the afternoon I have both of these bottles filled and on my desk. With this routine I drink 1.5L by the end of the work day and many days I have to refill the 0.5L bottle again for the drive home. I then drink more water during and after my workout to bring my total to 2-3L!

  224. Natash

    I always start and end my day with a glass of water. I always have water on my desk at work, in my purse, in my car, I never leave the house without my water bottle. I sometimes think I over-hydrate because I have to go to the bathroom so often, but I never stop myself from an extra drink of water. I figure better over hydrate than not drink enough. I also make sure to drink water after I have coffee.

  225. Erin W.

    Every morning I make a big pitcher of some type of flavored water: lemon, mint, cucumber, fruit, or sometimes tea added to the water. This infusion of flavor makes me want to drink it! Plus I keep handy travel bottles and never leave home without my bottle of water. We use a Brita pitcher, but I’d love to have the Aquasana water filter!

  226. Laura

    “Liked” both pages on FB and tweeted also. Here’s hoping I soon own an Aquasana filter soon.

  227. Rachel

    Right when I wake up in the morning I always begin my day with a glass of water! Throughout the day I try and refill my water bottle every few hours because I know how important it is to stay hydrated! I love to add lemon, raspberries, and mint to my water, its so tasty! I’ve been looking into buying a filter but they are so expensive ): this looks amazing I would love to have it!!

  228. KellyB

    I haven’t been very good lately with getting lots of water in me. A new kitchen gadget always helps increase excitement for getting back into good habits.

  229. Heidi

    I always keep a glass of water to drink by my bed and drink a glass in the morning. I also make sure to have a big, long sip of water whenever I start to feel hungry, then I eat about 15 minutes later. It’s a great way to make sure I keep drinking and it helps with digestion to not drink during or after eating. πŸ™‚

  230. Heather Williams

    Hi!:) Thanks for the giveaway! I drink water with lemon all day, along with lots of herbal tea ( especially peppermint and decaf green tea), plus I consume two 48 ounce servings of green smoothies each day:)And of course, I eat tons of veggies!:)

  231. Kristina

    Great giveaway!!! I love my 20 ounce lifafactory glass water bottle. I make sure to fill it up at least 3-4 times during the day. I find it much less overwhelming and easier to monitor than 8 glasses.

  232. Misty

    I drink large bottles of water on my commute to and from work! I also liked detoxinista and aquasana on Facebook.

  233. Leah

    I’ve been on a healing journey for the last 14 years; I was instantly paralyzed in a skiing accident that left me with no movement from the shoulders down. The docs told me I would never walk, write or hug again. Today, I walk with a cane, teach spinning classes and live to inspire others to overcome their greatest obstacles. You can understand how happy I was to find another great source of inspiration with Megan and her Detoxinista website and blog.

    With that said my only missing link is an excellent water filter! It’s just been out of my budget with all my other expenses. However, I do know the importance of good, clean water. Today, Β I use a Brita pitcher not ideal, but it’s what I have and some alkalinizing drops.. The way I make sure I get in enough water is by having with me, at all times a stainless steel 1 liter water bottle. Once I’ve filled it up 3 times, I’ve had my daily dose! I enjoy mixing it up and adding flavors. Like lemon or orange slices on a hot day, or cucumber and berries when friends come to the house. In the mornings I add a splash of apple cider vinager. I actually love just having pure water, but on the days that my body just doesn’t seem to want it I add a sugar free Emergency C packet and my body responds with downing the water.

    The funniest thing about my water intake is people hate a road trip with me…stopping every hour makes for a long trip! A side note, I know where all the best bathrooms are in town!! However, I’m always hydrated, energized and feel great!

    I apologize about the long post, but I am passionate about water and would love a filter! I liked both Detoxinista and Aquasana on FB. Thanks Megan for all your wonderful inspiration!

  234. Georgiana S

    I drink water all day long as it’s my first beverage when I wake up and my last before I go to sleep! I know I go over 8 glasses by far as it is the only thing I do drink!

  235. Diana S

    Just liked both pages..Thank You for being such a great source of information. I changed my diet back at the end of March to a clean eating lifestyle when I started my first AdvoCare 24 day challenge. Thanks to the challenge and clean eating I have lost 25 lbs, and I have finally found the motivation to keep on going. Thank You for all of the helpful information!!!

  236. Jennifer

    I have a 27 ounce Klean Kanteen that I carry with me, plus my pregnancy tea (8 ounces daily). I stay well-hydrated!!

  237. Summer

    I wish I could say that I drink enough water, but I have a hard time with it! I’ve tried the brita plastic bottles with built-in filters, but I’m not sure I trust it. Having a filter on the counter in which I could fill up larger bottles, would be great!

  238. Summer

    I just liked both pages on Facebook! I should have liked your page a while ago… I’ve been visiting your site often and sometimes forget that I can get your blog updates on FB.

  239. nicki

    Water! love love! I can really feel how much energy we get from it.
    first thing in the morning I have 3 tall (12oz) glasses of warm lemon water with cayenne before anything else. I find that if I measure my glasses or bottles its easier to know how much I need to drink.
    once I have my 36oz in the am it’s really easy to drink another 30oz or more.
    And I feel great throughout the day having started it fully hydrated.
    I have been doing research on water filters and am a bit overwhelmed. Thanks for the aquasana advice.
    AND! Thanks for this great blog! and your FB page! never thought to look you up over there.
    I love how all your advice is approachable and fun to do!
    thanks over and over!

  240. felisha

    When I wake up, I drink 2 cups of water with apple cider vinegar and throughout the day I carry a water bottle that fits almost 9 cups of water and drink it throughout the day. At night, I normally drink dandelion tea. These habits help me to always stay hydrated πŸ™‚

  241. Tami

    I start with a liter in the morning after getting up then just keep filling my cup throughout the day. My son’s favorite drink happens to be water and he LOVES to serve, so I often get extra cups during the day πŸ™‚

  242. Karianne

    Great give away!!! We are renting too so major filter systems are out… This one looks promising. We only drink water (and a cup or two of coffee or tea in the morning) so we don’t really have a need to remember to drink enough water. When you eliminate the other options its really easy to exceed your daily requirement πŸ˜‰ unfortunately we currently drink bottled water because I don’t trust the britta filter to filter the LA tap water (hi neighbor). Winning this would allow us to kick the bottle habit and reduce the waste!! Thanks for the opportunity

  243. Lisa

    I try and make sure I always have a water bottle with me at all times to ensure I get enough water.

  244. Erica

    I have always had to really try to drink more water, but now that I’m breastfeeding, if I don’t have my water bottle with me, I freak out!!! I liked both pages on FB. Thanks so much for all the info, I love your blog!

  245. Chad Rickman

    I bring a liter of water everywhere I go also I only drink water and maybe a glass a tea a day. I drink anywhere from 4 to 7 liters a day depending on my activity level.

  246. Larissa

    I have a quart glass drinking jar and every time I drink I just drink the entire thing. That usually equals out to 4 or so per day. And I always take water with me when I leave the house. It’s Florida during the summer so I drink it up in no time

  247. Rebecca

    Hi Megan~ I make sure to carry a 1L bottle with me everyday. In the morning to get my caffeine fix, I mix in some DO Matcha tea and a packet of Stevia. My goal is to drink 2 full bottles by the end of the day.

  248. Rebecca

    I already had your page “liked” for quite some time because I LOVE IT and now I’ve “liked” Aquasana as well on FB

  249. Merle

    Every morning I fill up my stainless steel water bottle with room temp water and squeeze a lemon in it – by the end of the day I have to stop myself from drinking (so I don’t wake up in the middle of the night!!) but it’s so thirst quenching and tasty, it’s not a chore at all!!!

  250. Hali

    Hello! What a great giveaway. I bring my stainless steel water bottle with me to work and fill it up about 3 times during the day. I also drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning (add lemon if I have it!).

  251. Lori @

    I have always been a big water drinker. I love water plain or with lemon and fresh mint. I always carry my 32 oz. Camelbak water bottle with me to keep me hydrated at all times. A water filter would be awesome!

  252. Melinda Johnson

    After my morning black coffee, I carry my Tupperware insulated cup and refill it all day long. I don’t drink anything else but the water.

    I liked both sites on Facebook and then I tweeted. Thank you for the entries! Loving your website.

  253. Karen

    I strive to drink as much water as possible. I always carry a huge reusable stainless steel water bottle with me if I leave the house. Earth friendly and friendly reminder to drink water!

  254. Linda K

    I keep it simple: I keep a reusable tumbler with me all day long. Lots of ice and lots of refills!

  255. Sue

    I drink three glasses of water as soon as I wake up in the morning and then have water at my desk all day long. I really like your idea of orange /vanilla I fused water which would add a little flavor ! Thanks for all your ideas!

  256. Maria

    I fill a big bottle first thing in the morning and then refill it every time I pass the sink to make sure I keep drinking!
    Thank you for the giveaway and great ideas !

  257. ACMommy

    I keep a food journal with a space to mark how much water I’m getting in, plus I keep a glass full ready for sipping. πŸ™‚ And of course, if we’re leaving the house to run errands, reusable water bottles kept ready in the fridge come with us. πŸ™‚

  258. Jenny Martin

    I need to drink more water–I don’t like it out of the tap, and water bottles get expensive–this would be a good way to make sure we always have water available! I was thinking a good tip would be to drink a bottle of water every hour–

  259. Elena Vo

    I have several pictures of waterfalls around my house, and each time I see one I drink a glass πŸ™‚ Works like a charm, and looks pretty in my house! Better than post-it notes.

  260. Andrea

    I drink half my weight in ounces everyday…and it’s easy because I fill up my klean kanteen twice and I’m there! (Also liked both pages on facebook)

  261. Anne

    I drink my coffee in the morning and when I’m done I re-fill my cup with water all day. It’s a 12oz. cup, so I’m pretty sure I get enough. I live in Buffalo, NY, and the water here is the worst. With all the pollution around I and my family could use a good water filter. I love your website and have tried many new recipes. I don’t know if your giveaway is closed yet, but I posted a comment anyway. Thanks.

  262. Donna Kelly

    I work in a hospital so I fill up one of the patient water pitchers straight away and sip every time I sit to do paperwork.

    I already follow you on Facebook πŸ™‚

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