Baby Shower & Reveal

This past weekend, my aunt and sister-in-law generously hosted the most lovely baby shower for me! Since I had to travel home for the shower, we opted to have it early, before my doctor cuts me off from flying in the third trimester.

When they asked me about a theme a few months ago, I was clueless. Baby showers have themes?! Since I knew I didn’t want our shower to be boy- or girl-oriented, we decided to reveal the sex of our baby to our guests during the shower–> with cheerful yellow decor! (My favorite color.)

SONY DSCThey seriously out-did themselves!


As thank-you gifts for all the guests, my sister-in-law created these die-cut paper cribs that each held a pack of colorful hair-ties. (Did you know you can make these type of hair ties at home for much cheaper than they’re available at the stores? I’ll be making my own from now on!)


Aren’t they so cute?

What I loved about having a gender-neutral shower was all of the colorful gifts we received! I’ve never been a huge fan of blue or pink, so seeing the variety of greens, yellows, oranges and reds was fantastic. Our kid is going to have some cute and colorful stuff!


And of course, it was fun to finally reveal our big secret to everyone…

SONY DSC(The balloon idea is courtesy of Pinterest!)

We’ll be meeting our little boy, come September!

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20 thoughts on “Baby Shower & Reveal

  1. Laura

    Congratulations on your baby boy!!! And September is my most favorite month, as that is when my own baby boy was born. What is your due date?
    And cute shower pics.

  2. Brittany Shook

    I guessed you were having a boy! The reason is that so many of your cravings and aversions are exactly what mine are and I am also expecting a boy. Congratulations!!

  3. Paula

    Congratulations! Babies are such precious creatures that seriously melt your heart – I cannot get enough baby kisses! Those cribs are a work of art.


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