We ended up having quite a Labor Day weekend.

SONY DSCOur healthy little guy decided to arrive 3 weeks early, and we couldn’t be happier to meet him!

I plan on sharing my birth story in the future, and have a number of tasty recipes lined up for the next 6 weeks, but please excuse my absence while I go smother him with love…


  1. says

    Oh my goodness!!!! CONGRATS!!! That is so amazing!
    What a blessing to have him enter into your life, even if it was quite a surprise! Hope everything’s going smoothly so far:)

  2. Leslie says

    Congratulations! So happy for you and your family and so glad, by the sounds of it, that you and your new little guy are well.
    Blessings to you all!

  3. Sharon B. says

    Congratulations, Megan! Glad to hear about your happy surprise.

    Enjoy your time with your precious new son.

    All the best,
    Sharon B.

  4. says

    Congrats to you and your family! I was just thinking about you the other day wondering when you were due. Hope you are all getting settled in nicely!

  5. Natalie says

    Congratulations Megan and Austin! I know you literally felt your heart swell with love the first time you laid eyes on him. Counting your blessings takes on a whole new meaning when a new baby arrives. Happy smothering and ANOTHER hearty CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. Liz says

    So you LITERALLY had a Labor Day weekend, huh? :) Thanks for letting us know and Congratulations!!! He must’ve been in as just of a rush to meet you as you him if he decided to cut his “stay” 3 weeks short, WOW! SO SO happy for you. :)

  7. Rita says

    Congrats! Love your website and feel as though I know you so feeling extra happy to hear about your newborn. Enjoy and healh and happiness always.

  8. jodi says

    Congratulations on your new little one!!I’m new to the paleo diet and think the recipes you have posted are terrific-keep them coming!Thanks

  9. Abbi*tarian says

    Congratulations!!! Wow, your cleverness in planning & cooking all of those meals far ahead of time really paid off! As much as so many of us love your blog, I’m sure everybody will understand -> please take all of the time to smother as you need & want :0)!!

  10. Megan M. says

    Congratulations!! Enjoy smothering him with kisses, especially those toes!
    I hope he enjoys your delicious recipes as much as we all do. All the best to you!

  11. says

    Awwww, congrats and thanks for sharing!! Our first was 4 weeks early, they need a little extra love when they come out early I think….and she still needs a little extra at 6 years old! Babies are the best, enjoy your time with him!!

  12. says

    Dear Megan, i wish you plenty of wonderful time with your little boy. Thanks for your generosity on your blog, i’ve already learnt so much from you. Enjoy, it will be a pleasure again to read you soon. Lots of love.

  13. Cherie says

    Congratulations!!! Thank you so much for sharing your life and your recipes. Wishing you and your family excellent health and many many snuggly moments with the little guy:)

  14. Shari says

    CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy EVERY minute with him as they grow up way too fast! Thank you for such a wonderful and informative site.

  15. Pat says

    Dear Megan,

    I was surprised too to see these little feet this morning, I always check out your website every morning. Really enjoy your website and trying out the recipes!


  16. says

    Oh my goodness! Congratulations, Megan! I’m so excited for you. 😀
    Awwwww, look at those feet! <3 Baby hands and feet are so precious. Bah, who am I kidding? Babies are all over precious.

  17. Tami says

    Congratulations!! Enjoy the precious newborn snuggles. And take all he time in the world to be in these new baby moments.

  18. Fit n Fifty says

    Congratulations Megan. Your post gave me chills. Prayers in line for your beautiful family. PS – might be a great time to ask your readers to submit some healthy recipes you can share.

  19. Betsy says

    Congratulations Megan!! Wasn’t it just a couple of days ago when you said you were going to celebrate Labor Month? :) So happy to see that you and the little dude are doing great!

  20. Linda says

    Wow, it was a happy LABOR day! Congratulations!!! What a blessing!!! Wishing you and your family all the best! And loved the cute pic!

  21. Jeff G says

    Indeed – congratulations. I love your blog and website and give you so much credit in helping me really make positive changes to my nutrition and health. Take your time and enjoy your little baby!!

  22. Jen says

    So wonderful! Congrats!

    Enjoy, and take some time to be with your little guy (and to recover a bit).

    Blessings and good health to you and your family…

  23. Heather says

    Congratulations! I hope you’d had a chance to whip up some of those yummy freezer recipes you posted a few days ago. Enjoy every moment with your little bundle of joy! :)

  24. Janice says

    Congratulations! What an adorable photo. I love your website and feel like I’ve gotten to know you after the last few months of following your blog. So happy to hear about your new arrival! All the best to you and your family!

  25. Yoona says

    I wish you and your family all the best! Thank you for all the joy you have brought to my husband and I through your recipes!

  26. Patricia says

    Congratulations Megan!! So happy for you on your bundle of love!! Thinking of you. Time is going to fly by so fast, so enjoy every moment that you can. most of all take lots of pictures and journal everything. he will definitely appreciate that you did this for him. :) So very happy for you!!

  27. Denise says

    Congratulations! I love how you ended that post “smother with him with live.” That’s what I feel like everyday with mine and they are 1 and 2. I had my daughter 3 weeks early too.

  28. says

    Awe, congrats! It was fun having a virtual pregnancy buddy that was due so close to me… My little guy seems to be quite comfy so far where he is, I’m guessing he’ll come “late”. Can’t wait to hear your story, but enjoy your time bonding!

  29. Alexis says

    Wow! Congrats I started following you just a few weeks ago and I love it here! Thank you so much for all of the information and congrats on your sweet lil bundle of joy!

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