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VitaClay Non-Toxic Slow Cooker

Up until recently, I was hesitant to commit to a slow cooker. My kitchen space is very limited, and I wasn’t sure that I could find a machine that didn’t contain lead or other heavy metals that might leach into my food.

And then I heard about the VitaClay Chef.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 8.56.38 AM

The VitaClay features an unglazed clay pot that is free of aluminum, lead, and non-stick coatings, so no chemicals will come into contact with your food. Clay has traditionally been used in cooking because the it imparts a specific flavor to food that can’t be reproduced in a traditional crock or metal pot. It’s known for bringing out great flavors and preserving nutrients for healthier meals.

A unique feature of the VitaClay is its double-lid design that creates micro pressure cooking, which results in 60% more cooking efficiency. This saves up to 50% more energy, when compared to traditional slow cookers. It also means your meal will be ready faster! (This is extra convenient if you’re juggling work, or a baby, and forget to start dinner early in the day…) If you don’t want your meal ready for a few more hours, there’s an easy delay function that will automatically start the cooking process whenever you please.

I chose the 8-cup model for my home, which is capable of creating:

  • Stews & Soups
  • Tender meats
  • Steamed vegetables
  • White rice, brown rice and sticky rice (plus a reheating feature)
  • Yogurt

So far, I’ve used mine to prepare my Curried Butternut Bisque, which was so quick and easy!


I simply threw all of the ingredients into the clay pot (except for the almond milk, which I added at the end) and allowed it to cook for 2 hours– which is the equivalent of cooking for 4 hours in a conventional slow cooker. When time was up, the vegetables were perfectly cooked and ready to be pureed with an immersion blender. So easy! The Vitaclay will automatically switch to “warm” mode when the cooking time is up, so your food will remain at the perfect serving temperature until you’re ready to eat.

I’ve also used it to make fresh coconut yogurt!


I blended up the meat and water from a few young Thai coconuts, along with the contents of a few probiotic capsules, then let the machine do all the work! (The VitaClay comes with instructions for making other types of yogurt, as well as numerous other recipes!)

Overall, I’m very pleased with the VitaClay, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone else looking for a non-toxic multi-cooker. It’s made my busy life just a little easier!

Disclaimer: Thanks to your Facebook recommendations, I contacted the VitaClay company and received the above machine as a complimentary sample to review. As always, I am under no obligation to write a positive review, and will only share products on this blog that I’d be happy to use in my own home.

17 comments to VitaClay Non-Toxic Slow Cooker

  • sara

    Hi Megan:

    funny….decided last night I wanted to make coconut yogurt……how do you do it w/out a slow cooker or yogurt machine (I could borrow my mothers if need be).


    • laura

      Blend the coconut meat and water with probiotics in your vitamix and let sit on counter for 4-6 hrs depending on your indoor air temp. Place a lid loosely over the container while sitting in the counter. Then secure lid and place in fridge. I would add soaked almonds and make a coconut almond yogurt. There is no need to cook the yogurt.

    • April

      I heard with these that the flavor of what you cook stays in the clay even after washing. Some say that makes your food taste better over time of using the machine. However, I don’t think (knowing that) that I would want to use the same machine to make yogurt AND do normal cooking in. I have a Hamilton Beach slow cooker that I use all the time. When I researched buying mine they were one of the only brands that said the pot would not leach chemicals into the food. It is a coated pot. I prefer this because I have made yogurt in mine and if I forget to do a deep cleaning of my unit prior to making yogurt, my yogurt will taste like whatever I made in it last. With a non-coated pot I imagine there would be no avoiding that. Curried yogurt doesn’t appeal to me. I would love to hear if this proves not to be an issue with this machine. However, I would likely stick with my Hamilton beach slow-cooker when you compare features, safety AND price. Mine has wonderful features and is safe to use but didn’t cost much at all.

      • Megan

        So far, that hasn’t been my experience. I made coconut yogurt after making the curried soup, and my yogurt didn’t have any flavor from the previously cooked dish.

  • Laura

    How is it to clean up since it’s unglazed? Does it eventually get darker over time like a pizza stone would?

  • hez

    i just got one of these last month. i like it but wish that it was more of a slow slowcooker mostly for my bone broth. (it only does 4 hour increments). it’s easy to clean as the terracotta is smooth.

  • Suzie

    Thanks for the info Megan, I’m in the market for one of these!! Is it large enough to cook a whole chicken in? I like to cook chickens and make broth in my slow cooker.

  • shawna

    Great post. I have wondered about this particular cooker. Is there any way you can provide measurement and ratios of coconut meat to probiotic powder?

    Many thanks for a great site!

  • Bea

    I have a question about slow cooking…when for example you prepared your curried butternut bisque, did you add the onions and the garlic to the vitaclay after browning them in a skillet?

    Thank you!

    • Megan

      I feel like the perk of using a slow cooker is that you don’t have to do any extra work– so I just throw it all in the slow cooker at once and let it cook! I’m sure browning the onions first might make it have a more complex flavor, but it was still delicious without taking that extra step.

  • Bea

    Makes sense! Let us know what else you are experimenting in it! Do you think the vitaclay could be used as a tagine? I have always wanted to cook a stew in a tagine and was wondering if the clay pot in the vitaclay would make the food taste the same as a tagine.

  • Kelly

    Hi. I love your site. I was about to purchase this and then read the negative reviews on Amazon and now I’m not so sure. Can you comment on some of the recurring themes among the negative reviews and if you’ve seen the same problems? I’m looking for a rice cooker as well as a sorta-slow cooker and something to cook oatmeal/breakfast, etc. (I have a regular 6qt crockpot for larger things.) Trying to figure out if this is worth $105 or something else would be better. Thanks!

  • Jessica

    I received the VitaClay for Christmas! I can’t wait to make healthy, delicious meals with it.

  • Kathleen Schell

    I bought the 8qt Vita Clay Slow Cooker after reading Megan’s review. I love it and have used it many times over the past couple of month’s. Amazon just forwarded a question to answer from a person considering purchasing the slow cooker. She questioned the top being made of aluminum and the possibility of the steam entering the clay pot through the holes in the lid?? I thought I would ask as I have no idea how to respond. Thanks

  • jeane


    I was so eager to use mine when it arrived, so I was a bit disheartened to see that it appeared to either be a used return or a floor model – which I was willing to overlook.

    Much to my frustration though, when I tried it for the first time, following the rather confusing instructions to set up delayed cooking (as that was the main reason I bought it – so I could set it up to cook quinoa porridge in the mornings) no matter what I did the delay feature would not work.

    Before I lug this thing back to UPS, I am hoping that you can provide clear instructions on how to use the delay feature, so I can give it one more try.

    Thanks in advance for your help!!

  • Bostonmom


    Have you use the Vitaclay for long hours of cooking? I work 8 hours a day plus the commute will be 10 hours. Can the vitaclay be use for that long time?

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