Skinny Coconut Oil Giveaway

If you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty crazy about coconut oil. Not only is this versatile oil amazing for cooking and baking, it also makes an effective cleanser, moisturizer and diaper rash cream!

I typically can’t taste a difference among the various brands of coconut oil I’ve tried, but that isn’t the case with this new brand: Skinny Coconut Oil.

It really tastes like raw coconut!


Skinny Coconut Oil is a small, family-run company that uses a unique process to extract 100% raw coconut meat from Vietnamese coconuts, never heating the oil above 75˚F. This cold-press process ensures the integrity of the medium-chain fatty acids and lauric acid that are attributed to boosting your metabolism! The proof is in the taste– it has a brighter, almost floral-like, coconut taste when compared to other coconut oils on the market.

Skinny Coconut Oil is 100% pure, all natural and the only coconut oil approved by dentists for oral medicinal use. Benefits associated with coconut oil include:

  • Boosts Your Metabolism – Studies in both animals and humans have shown that a diet high in unsaturated oils lowers the body’s metabolic rate, but coconut oil can actually raise the body’s metabolic rate, which helps with weight loss.
  • Helps fight infections – Coconut oil is the earth’s richest source of a special fat called lauric acid, which is also found in mother’s milk to prevent newborns from getting sick. This fat kills invaders that are harmful to the body, like viruses, bacteria, fungus and some parasites.
  • Improves Brain Health – Glucose is the main fuel source for the brain, but when cells become insulin resistant, as is often seen among those with cognitive decline, the glucose can’t get into the cells as easily and the brain’s main energy supply is impaired. Coconut oil can provide the body with an alternative fuel source, thanks to its medium-chain fatty acids which can be converted to a fuel called ketones. The brain’s ability to use this alternative fuel can result in an almost immediate improvement in the ability to process information and make decisions.
  • Reduces Risk of Heart Disease – The consumption of unsaturated vegetable oils, like soybean, canola, and corn oils, along with the trans fats found in processed foods are thought to be one of the biggest contributors to heart disease. These unsaturated fats are easily oxidized, which can cause a build-up of plaque on the walls of arteries. The saturated fat in coconut oil does not readily oxidize, making it a better choice for heart health.
  • Balances Blood Sugar – Coconut oil is a rich source of medium-chain fatty acids, a type of fat that is absorbed in the small intestine and immediately transported to the liver to be used as energy. Unlike sugar and starches, the body doesn’t require insulin to utilize this type of fat for energy, which is beneficial for both diabetics and those with insulin resistance. Coconut oil can also help stabilize weight, which can improve blood sugar levels.

It also happens to taste great! Since coconut oil is solid at room temperature, it makes an excellent addition to raw desserts, like my raw chocolate cheesecake and almond butter fudge, and works well as a vegan substitute for butter in most recipes.


‘Tis the season for giving, so the folks at Skinny Coconut Oil are offering to send TWO of my readers a free jar of their delicious, cold-pressed coconut oil!

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment below this post, sharing your favorite way to use coconut oil.
  • For a bonus entry, share this giveaway via social media (Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest) and leave a separate comment letting me know you have done so. Each comment counts as one entry.

This contest is open to US residents only through Sunday, December 8th at 11:59pm PST.

Good luck!

**Congratulations, Christina & Mae! I have sent you both an email with further instructions.

The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

Disclosure: Skinny Coconut Oil sent me a complimentary jar of coconut oil, but I am under no obligation to post a positive review or host this giveaway. As always, I will never feature a product on this website that I wouldn’t be happy to use in my own home!


  1. Jennifer says

    I have started using coconut oil a lot more now. When I roast sweet potatos and cook eggs I use coconut oil which is probably my favorite way. Someone suggested putting some in hot tea so I will be trying that soon as well.

  2. Sine says

    I am one of those people, who would rather just skip breakfast. But I know that I need some fuel to keep my body going till lunch, so I put a teaspoon of coconut oil in my morning tea. It helps keep my hunger at bay and keeps me energized.

  3. Sara says

    My favorite way to use coconut oil is to fry up my plantains. I basically just use it to cook, bake, and top all my food, though. I can’t get enough! I also use it to cleanse and moisturize my face, which had done wonders for my acne! Love it :)

  4. Julie says

    I love to use coconut oil to bake and roast veggies but also on my skin. It leaves a wonderful smell and your skin so soft.

  5. Rebecca says

    I use it in cooking all the time, but my absolute fave way to use it is as a face wash. I discovered this a few years ago when i was having some acne problems and nothing has every worked as well or as quickly! HUGE coconut oil fan here!

  6. Hila says

    I just used it this morning as deodorant (thanks to your coconut oil + baking soda idea) and rubbed it on my face as moisturizer. I have a separate jar for cooking and baking. I use it to roast veggies and in most of my baking. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Chris says

    I use coconut oil in the majority of my cooking, from sautéing to baking. It also makes a great moisturizer when used topically.

  8. Catherine says

    I am a long time hug fan of your blog Megan yet this is my first comment – I am a little shy :) But since this is about coconut oil I HAD to say something. I love coconut in every form and that is largely because of what I have learned from you (thank you!). I especially love using coconut oil in desserts. I add a tablespoon or so to cacao avocado pudding to make give it that extra delicious melt-in-your mouth creaminess. Coconut oil tastes great and I love, love, love its many health benefits and topical uses, to boot.

  9. Jen says

    I use coconut oil in almost everything I cook, but one of my favorites is to cook popcorn in the coconut oil. It comes out really crisp and tasty!

  10. Janelle Hajjar says

    I love using coconut oil to fry eggs and make veggie omelets! It really compliments the veggies when the omelet is fully loaded with them :)

  11. says

    Oh that Skinny Coconut Oil looks divine :) I use coconut oil for almost everything – cooking, baking, as a body lotion/moisturizer, and for my hair. It’s just so versatile!

  12. Denise says

    I use coconut oil as a deodorant (thanks to your post about that) and as a lotion in shower. In addition, I use it for any cooking and baking that I can!!! Big fan of CO!!!

  13. Brigid says

    Coconut oil helped me lose my baby weight and actually kept my weight gain to only 28 pounds during pregnancy. I use it on mine and my baby’s skin and I bake with it all the time! I also cook with it, I love it soooo much!

  14. says

    So far I’ve only used coconut oil for cooking but LOVE all these ideas on using it for healthcare purposes! Definitely going to try! Thank you for the giveaway :)

  15. Nik says

    I love making a raw sugar free chocolate shell on my smoothies! It makes them feel so much more decadent but it’s so healthy! I’ve seen this brand start to pop up but only online so I’m anxious to see what the buzz is about haha!

  16. Marie says

    I use it for cooking, love the flavor it adds to food. Today I am using it on my daughters dry flaky scalp, works great! I am excited to try this brand. Thanks

  17. says

    I love coconut oil in my coffee and I use it a lot as a face/hair mask too! Oh, and coconut oil chocolate… So basically I use it for everything 😀

  18. Nicole says

    So hard to list just one since I’m absolutely obsessed with anything coconut, but I do have a special love for your almond butter freezer fudge…so tasty!

  19. Maggie says

    I love to use coconut oil as a body lotion and also in all of my cooking. I especially LOVE the chocolate mousse recipe on your blog (the one with irish moss). Amazing!

  20. Katie says

    I love using it as a moisturizer for my skin and hair, but I also using it for baking. Very important this time of year!

  21. Jane says

    Hi Megan,

    I love your website. I have made several of your recipes…thanks!
    I use coconut oil for all my baking and some cooking. It’s a great hand lotion.

    Thanks again,

  22. Nicole says

    I used coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax to make a solid lotion bars that I gave as Christmas gifts last year! My friends and family are already looking forward to receiving them again this year.

  23. Jenne says

    The combination of coconut oil and almond butter is awesome on toasted sprouted English muffins! Also, I started to use it in herbal tea because of all the wonderful benefits. Coconut oil is the only oil I use for cooking and baking and I look forward to trying it for many more purposes.

  24. Jessica O. says

    My favorite way to use coconut oil is to melt it and mix cacao powder with a little sweetener in it then freeze it to make homemade chocolate chunks.

  25. arie says

    I use coconut for everything in my hse from cooking to,skin, hair, etc and the best of all I use the detoxinista recipes they r so good and healthy.

  26. Lisa says

    My daily and favorite use of coconut oil is on my face to remove make-up and moisten my skin. It’s also a must for my cabbage and carrots sauté.

  27. Alexandra says

    I add a few drops of vanilla or lime essential oil and use my hand blender to whip up a super luxurious body better!

  28. sara says

    I use coconut oil as a moisturizer and leave in conditioner, I also use coconut soap during the winter to help keep my skin from drying out. My favorite way to use it is making a protein butter out of it. I use About Time vanilla whey and mix the oil in and spread it on homemade protein pancakes or rice cakes. My other favorite is eating it out of the jar.

  29. Qiana Nicole says

    I so love Coconut Oil!! It has so many uses, but my favorite uses would be for my skin (daily), and gargling (oil pulling for a healthier mouth-weekly)

  30. Jeanine C says

    First let me say I love all the recipe ideas you have and have put several into practice with the hope of cooking/baking more. Thank you!

    Not only have I used coconut oil in cooking/baking but more recently in my hair as a deep conditioner during these cold dry months.

    Such a versatile product!

  31. Stacy says

    I have recently started using coconut oil as a face moisturizer, both before bed and after my morning shower. My skin is very dry, so come winter it’s a disaster. It’s only been about a week but I have already started seeing results. Can’t believe what I have been missing out on this whole time!

  32. says

    I love using coconut oil on baked sweet potatoes. I add a little cinnamon and voila- a lovely, healthy satisfying snack, side dish or add some nuts and sauteed kale(yes, in coconut oil) for a meal!

  33. Rosemary Erickson says

    This sounds great! I use coconut oil to blanche veggies, in baking, and to enjoy all by itself. It’s also a wonderful under the eye treatment;)

  34. Tia says

    I love coconut oil and use it for many things, but my current favorite is for popping organic popcorn with a little sea salt. Yum!

  35. Mandy says

    I started using coconut oil as a healthy alternative to most other oils/butter for baking (it is especially delicious when used in muffins/cupcakes) but then discovered the other amazing benefits! It has been a diaper cream for my son and when he struggled to gain weight we began adding coconut oil to his puree’s for extra healthy fat/calories.

  36. Emily B says

    I use coconut oil when cooking all the time. I even convinced my husband to switch to using it when he makes popcorn.

    I’ve used it for dry skin a few times as well and will definitely keep in my that it is good for fighting infections.

  37. Rachel S says

    I use coconut oil in almost all of my cooking!! It’s healthy for my family, but I’ve also noticed it seems to mitigate some of the behavioral issues in my 5 year old autistic kiddo! He has really improved since I made the switch to coconut oil!

  38. Alexa says

    I use coconut oil every morning! Ever since I watched an interview with Miranda Kerr recommending it.
    I usually put a teaspoon in my oatmeal, and it gives it a really nice, light, coconut flavor. If I’m not having oatmeal, I’ll put a little in my green tea. The healthy fats really keep my hunger at bay until lunch time.

  39. Alice says

    My favorite way to use coconut oil is as a moisterizer! Ever since my pregnancy I’ve had horrible stretch marks and coconut oil is the one thing that actually helps!

  40. Haley Baylis says

    I LOVE coconut oil. While I love using it in the kitchen, my favorite use of it is on my skin. I am allergic to everything and have eczema and skin allergies and it’s just amazing for my skin!

  41. Kelley says

    Thanks you for introducing me to coconut oil. I love making my own chocolate mixing cocoa & honey with it. My son is dairy-free so he loves when mom makes him chocolate goodies he can have.

  42. Lori says

    When I have a sweet craving I love to pinch a piece off of a dark chocolate bar (ChocoLove is my favorite) and smear some coconut oil on top. Taste like a mounds bar. My other favorite is popping pop corn. I use 1TBLS coconut oil and 1TBLS of olive to 2/3 cup of organic popcorn and pop until done then add a little sea salt and nutritional yeast and enjoy.

    Very good for moisturizing skin(hemroids)!

  43. Kristie says

    I am relatively new to it but now use coconut oil for everything! moisturizer, cooking and oil pulling, deodordant

  44. Jen says

    While I use coconut oil in lots of ways, my recent favorite was for my belly during pregnancy. I gave birth in September to a very healthy sized baby and not a single stretch mark to be found!

  45. says

    I love using coconut oil to roast brussel sprouts. I also use it as a weekly deep conditioning treatment for my hair. Would love to try this brand!

  46. says

    We are massage therapists but also raw coaches eating mostly low fat, but we absolutely love using coconut oil to give face or whole body massages. It’s light, penetrating and it’s smell gives a deeper relaxation that any other oil can give. Divine…

  47. Alicia says

    Love coconut oil for many reason but I love to use it as a leave in hair treatment. I just pull the oil through my hair at night and cover my pillow with a towel and sleep on it. The coconut oil washes out easily in the morning and leaves my hair healthy, strong and super shiney!

  48. Alicia says

    My daughter also uses coconut oil as a base for her foundation under her makeup. She says it helps her smooth out the foundation to keep it from leaving a pasty layer and as extra protection against black heads and breakouts.

  49. Anna says

    Coconut oil is great inside the home and out too! It is a great conditioner, detangler and shine product for my horses’ manes & tails.
    Mostly we use it for cooking, skin care. Can’t seem to have enough of it around.

  50. Erin says

    I use it in my child’s bath and to clear up his dry skin that breaks out in little pink bumps. It’s fantastic!!!

  51. says

    My favorite way to use coconut oil is in the cinnamon raisin bun recipe I discovered on your web page. The are so good, they make me feel filled AND satisfied to boot!

  52. Michelle says

    I LOVE to use coconut oil for practically anything/everything. I do my oil cleansing with coconut oil. I put it in my hair as a deep conditioning treatment and I use it to make my homemade chocolate…I could go on and on. Coconut oil is the best!

  53. Ginny says

    I use coconut oil primarily in baking and also as a lotion. My son has eczema really bad and coconut oil actually works really well if he has a bad outbreak.

  54. Megan Smith says

    I love using coconut oil in place of butter when I’m baking. I also use it to fry my eggs in the morning!

  55. Sarah says

    I have been a coconut oil zealot for the past five years. I use it in massive quantities for cooking and as body/face moisturizer. I love to use it in baked goods.

  56. Lori says

    I love cooking and baking with coconut oil but probably my greatest discovery was to use coconut oil to remove mascara!!! It even takes off the waterproof stuff easily! I keep a jar of coconut oil in the kitchen AND in the bathroom!

  57. Barbara Sorensen says

    I use it as a supplement, cleanser, moisturizer and so much more! Thank you for your blog, I learn something new everyday

  58. Kelli Collins says

    I use coconut oil in my deserts and just about everything that I cook. One of my favorites is the freezer almond fudge that you posted. I also love to use about a table spoon to fry up my butternut squash or sweet potatoes. The taste and smell are divine.

  59. Nikki says

    I wish they would make an exception and ship to Canada.

    I use coconut oil in cooking. I love frying chicken wings, potatoes or platains.

    I also mixed it in a container with wild oil of oregano and used it to treat ringworm.

  60. says

    I love coconut oil and use it in cooking on the stove for the
    higher temps. I also use it for a moisturizer on my face and hands as
    well as my hair. I also oil pull with it! It is something I use daily.

  61. julie bell says

    i use coconut oil in everything – my kids love coconut oil popped popcorn…i love my morning eggs/greens in coconut oil…and, of course, every time i scoot it out of the jar with a spoon, i wipe off the spoon with my dry hands!

  62. Christina says

    I love using coconut oil for your raw chocolate recipe! I also love to use it in some of the other recipes that I have found on your website. Thanks for all your amazing posts. I am going to try it today in your easy chocolate turtle recipes. Looking forward to it.

  63. says

    In cooking, my recent favorite use for coconut oil is to roast sweet potatoes in it, with curry spices.

    I keep a little jar in the bathroom for use as a moisturizer on my face.

  64. Anna says

    I have a casein intolerance so I use coconut oil in place of butter when baking. It gives everything such a rich and amazing flavor!

  65. Andria says

    I love cooking with coconut oil. I use it in all kinds of things and have recently started substituting any recipe that calls for butter or vegetable oil with coconut oil with great success!

  66. Mary says

    I like using it in my baking and cooking and on my hands when they’re dry. There are so many uses for coconut oil.

  67. Niki says

    My favorite way to use is definitely in pan fried dishes. I love the subtle hint of coconut and I feel good about using it!

  68. kelly says

    We love coconut oil. We use it for all sorts of things…including to tame my curls but recently have been eating a teaspoon full in the morning with my vitamins to help with vitamin and mineral absorption. This brand looks awesome….can’t wait to try it.

  69. KC says

    In my desire to kick the coffee habit, I have transitioned to a green tea latte in the mornings. A tablespoon of coconut oil, green tea, a pinch of salt and some cinnamon all blended in the blender. Makes a creamy, frothy VERY satisfying drink that has enabled me to stop drinking coffee!

  70. Linda says

    I love using coconut oil as a full body moisturizer for me and my daughter! It protects her sensitive skin and prevents diaper rashes.

  71. Michelle says

    I LOVE coconut oil! Love it for oiling my pans when baking and adds a great little extra flavor when sauteing savory dishes. Makes me feel good to include these healthy nutrients in my family’s diet.

  72. Kayt says

    We use coconut oil in everything! From cookies, to cakes, pancakes, and grilled cheese! Our favorite is deffienlty popcorn. Youu can have the same buttery, salty taste, without the bad fat from other oils or butters. I love coconut oil!

  73. says

    I used coconut oil all the time while baking, but my latest kick is to use it once a week as a hair mask. Sit back, have some coconut macaroons and get silky hair that lasts for days! Just rinse it out with warm water after.

  74. Ani says

    I use this all over my skin and it works wonders when my son (8 months) has an eczema flair up. I have been using this as the only baby moisturizer/lotion on him since he was born. I recently started oil pulling as well and prefer coconut oil over other oils.

  75. Karianne says

    Yum we love coconut oil an use it for everything, but I suppose homemade chocolate is my alltime favorite use :) we will have to check this brand out (and look into our trusty Trader Joes coconut oil to see if it’s cold pressed…)

  76. Annette says

    I just started using coconut oil a few months ago and I love it!
    Food: I love making breakfast cookies out of it.
    Non food: as a moisturizer.

  77. chelsea says

    I loveeee love love coconut oil! I use it for everything from baking to moisturizing my skin. It’s great! My absolute favorite way to use it though is probably to make raw chocolate bark during the holidays! Raw cacao butter is wonderful and all for chocolate making, but i just love the taste of raw coconut oil so i tend to use it when I’m making things for myself. :)

  78. Amanda says

    I use coconut oil for EVERYTHING! Favorite uses beside cooking are for diaper cream and personal lubrication! It’s amazing and versatile.

  79. Leila says

    Love coconut oil and I keep seeing this brand pop up on blogs – I’d love to try it! My favorite way to enjoy coconut oil is melted on top of sweet potatoes! YUM!

  80. Kym says

    I have been using coconut oil for oral oil pulling, I am just loving the way my mouth feels after doing this each morning. I also use the coconut oil when baking, my baked goods are so moist and delicious.

  81. Karen says

    I’ve just started using coconut oil this year. I love it in my oatmeal and also use it as a body moisturizer and it’s the only one I can stomach for use in oil pulling.

  82. Jess says

    I found it was extremely soothing to my dog’s skin when she was recovering from a flea infestation. Poor baby was yelping until we rubbed some into her irritated skin, she stopped almost immediately!

  83. Jan Lunsford says

    i’m a coconut oil convert! i love it, let me count the ways! i use it in frying & baking, in smoothies, & raw recipes. i use it for oil pulling, to cleanse & remove make-up, as a moisturiser (day & night) & as body lotion.

  84. Tricia B says

    I love coconut oil for everything! In baked goods, raw desserts, cooking, in smoothies, as a moisturizer. I don’t know if I can choose just one, but maybe raw cheescake.

  85. Teesha says

    Coconut oil is great in the summer for my skin and i am always looking for a high quality brand for cooking! I tvalue the opinion of megan from the detoxinista and cannot wait to try this coconut! :)

  86. says

    Hi, Megan! I left a comment when i shared your link on FB and now i’m trying again! So far my favorite way to use coconut oil is to replace butter in recipes and i am dying to try your chocolate bark recipe…haven’t had time yet! So enter me in the contest! Sharon

  87. Elizabeth says

    I love coconut oil! It is an amazingly healthy food, healing for inside and outside the body (great for skin), and may even improve dementia (google it!). My favorite way to use it is in the recipe I got off this website: EASY RAW FUDGE, which has become a staple at my house! For raw sweet recipes, I want coconut oil that tastes coco-nutty!

  88. Barbara says

    I love using Coconut oil for quick sautes on the stove, which is why I keep a big container on my counter. I also use it for baking, especially when a recipe calls for shortening (yuck!), but I have also used it as a moisturizer, especially after drybrushing my skin! Love, love, love Coconut oil!

  89. Lauren says

    My favorite way to use coconut oil is…well… Everywhere! I put it on after my shower, I use it for oil pulling, and as a leave in conditioner for my hair! I also love putting it in smoothies, and of course, it is now my go to cooking oil.

  90. Nora says

    First, thanks to you and the company for giving this away. I used to be afraid of using coconut oil because I didn’t think it was healthy. But, you did a FAQ about it, and so I’ve used it alot more. My favorite way to use it is in raw desserts, like raw chocolate or peanut butter cups with coconut oil and cocoa powder as the base.

  91. Monika E. Schnupp says

    My favorite ways to use coconut oil is to use it when cooking with high heat and as a hand/facial moisturizer!!

  92. Juliet says

    I have used coconut oil as moisturizer and face wash when I had acne and it worked wonderfully! I also make a vegan chocolate mousse with coconut oil, cashews, cocoa, and maple syrup…mmm! Simple is best. :)

  93. Allison says

    I just used coconut oil in some healthy, sugar-free apple-cinnamon muffins. I love using coconut oil in my baked goods. I even was able to trick my husband into eating them. He loved them!

  94. Caitlyn says

    I love to use coconut oil for so many reasons, but favorite (culinary use) is to use it in place of butter on my steamed vegetables.

  95. Kerri says

    I love using coconut oil instead of butter in baking, and for sauteeing veggies! I also use it is a body lotion, and my skin has never been smoother!

  96. Carrie says

    Little does my husband (who does not like the taste of coconut) know, but I use coconut oil in every daily meal I make and he LOOOOOOVES my cooking :)

  97. Cindy S. says

    I use coconut oil for sauteing & baking. My most recent use was in your green bean casserole – had it last night! So good! My husband said it was restaurant quality! Thanks Megan! Thinking the sauce might work as well on a piece of chicken or fish???

    Does this coconut oil work for all temps? We usually buy one for sauteing and one that goes to higher temps in oven. Still learning about that.

  98. danielle hudson says

    I use coconut oil to help balance my daughters blood sugar. That’s my favorite use and oil pulling will be next.

  99. danielle hudson says

    I have shared this on fb, and one more thing about coconut oil, it has helped my sons skin. He had bumps all over his arms and legs. After a week of coconut oil rub downs after showers his skin is almost smooth

  100. Theresa says

    I use coconut oil in a lot of smoothies. It gives the smoothies a slight coconut taste, which is really delicious in a peanut butter, banana, almond milk, and cinnamon smoothie!

  101. Jackie says

    I love to use coconut oil when baking. Whether I am making a sweet baking item, or just cooking chicken, I find the taste and texture that coconut oil gives makes it smell and taste delicious!

  102. Melissa says

    I love to use coconut oil in my morning tea as an energy booster as well as in my afternoon shakes! Raw coconut oil is so versatile and it makes me think of summer while its winter here in NY.

  103. ls says

    I LOVE coconut oil! I cook my eggs in it every morning, use it for my face and hair, and my BF puts it in his coffee along with butter every morning!

  104. Molly Auf der Maur says

    I use coconut oil as a butter replacement in baking, cooking, and eating! So excited to try this one. Hope I win :)

  105. madelyn says

    We LOVE coconut oil! I have never heard of the brand Skinny & Co. Love the bottle though, it is so cute. I use coconut oil on my skin and hair and love it. I also like to use it when I bake, love it in my oatmeal, in my smoothies, mixed with cacao powder and poured on top on banana ‘ice cream’, and so many more recipes. I would love to try this brand, especially because you said it tastes like raw coconuts. Thanks Megan!

  106. madelyn says

    Just pinned your post on Pinerest! My fingers are crossed!! I am curious, have you tried making coconut sun screen? I heard somewhere that coconut oil helps reflect the sun? It sounds to me like it would burn the skin, just curious!

    • Phil says

      Coconut oil has a natural SPF 10 rating and I use it all the time not only is it protecting you from the sun but it doesn’t have any of the bad things that most commercial non organic sun blocks have in them. Also comparing SPF 10 to say SPF 30 you would think that 30 is 3 times more powerful. Wrong SPF10 blocks 90% and SPF30 blocks 97%. We all need some sun so I go with coconut oil for sun protection now. The website below is where I found the above info.

  107. Carolina Nunes says

    I loveeeee coconut oil! It is so healthy and tasty, it is one of the biggest gifts nature gave to us. I use it on everything, from frying eggs to baking and smoothies. But my favorite way to use is as a body and hair moisturizer. Thank you!

  108. Jenna says

    I absolutely love the taste and health benefits of coconut oil. My favorite way to use coconut oil is with steamed Japanese yams.

  109. Alissa says

    I live it in muffins, especially those where it can lend a slight tropical flavor like banana. Like Julie, I also use it on my skin too.

  110. Stacy says

    I use iit for cooking, baking, body and face lotion, massage oil, carrier oil for essential oils. I also use it is my morning smoothies and take one spoonful plain everyday!

  111. Jeannine says

    I love using coconut oil when I’m baking. I just used it today when I tried a new recipe for lime bars. They turned out great!

  112. shelli says

    Love, love, love it! Use it everyday on my whole body as a moisturizer. And replace the oil in all my baking. Most recently pumpkin bread!

  113. Aubrey says

    LOVE coconut oil! Favorite current way to use it? For scrambled eggs. It adds this awesome little sweetness. I love pairing it with some diced peppers. Yum!

  114. Donna Allen says

    I love coconut oil for many things ! Making an egg, muffins, turtles,, my skin, diaper rash, on bread under peanut butter, and in smoothies!

  115. Zoe says

    I love Coconut Oil and while I haven’t used it in any crazy way, it is best for roasting my veggies or making one of your delicious desserts

  116. Kayla says

    I love to use Coconut oil in cookie recipes (specifically your coconut flour chocolate chip cookie recipe!) and for veggie stir-fry!

  117. Gloria says

    I use coconut oil as a moisturizer on my face and as a cuticle softener and body lotion! Oh yes, for cooking and baking too!

  118. Rebecca Huisman says

    I’m new to Coconut oil so I don’t have a lot of personal uses. I actually “barrowed” a small amount from my mom to play with. So far I have used it when I make homemade granola bars and I just found a homemade lotion recipe that uses it as well!

  119. Cassie says

    I love using coconut oil to lightly saute beet greens and eggs, make for a yummy Sunday breakfast! This website has turned me on to all the joys of making raw desserts with coconut oil too!

  120. Mae says

    My favorite ways to use coconut oil are for cooking sweet potato hash and making detox macaroons. My hubby and 4 kids even like the macaroons! Also I have found it works as a makeup remover. Lastly, I use it on my sore cracked hands (from all the washing at work as an RN at a hospital).

  121. says

    When I lived in Fiji the caretaker family collected the copra, smoked three days over husks and then took to the processing plant to make oil. They used the oil for everything. I have used it for everything since.

    My favorite was “night night milk” for my kids… which was coconut oil with milk (cow or nut) with chamomile tea warmed… the kids drank it every night… after a divorce custody battle I lost my kids and will have to fight in the coming years to get them back… he had more money and the jump on me… what can i say about the world today…

    I just started a cleanse after my first thanksgiving without my children… so right now peanut butter fudge with coconut oil, asparagus with coconut oil… and in my shake this morning…

    Juice cleanse starts in ten days… so getting ready now… thanks! Great site!

  122. says

    I use coconut oil in the bathroom and in the kitchen I sing its praises, I am surprize the people that still don’t know about it..I bake with it brush my teeth with it I love it…

  123. Keekee says

    I love coconut oil – my new fav is to mix coconut oil with fine salt and a few drops of essential oil to make a face/body scrub:-)

  124. Phil says

    I use it as a sun screen and my skin has never felt so good and after being in the for only 2 months 20 minutes at a time my skin has never been browner. Also use it for cooking. It is the only oil other than animal fats that handle heat. I am Paleo and the idea that you are looking for light or reduced fat coconut oil I think is not wise. Being Paleo means i eat organic foods, no grains, no dairy and no processed food. I have been able to loose weight on this diet and I have never eaten so much good fats and oils. google it there is a heap of info also this url talhs about SPF of coconut and the sales pitch that is just wrong

  125. Lisa says

    I keep hearing about this brand and would love to try it. I use coconut oil with everything but my favorite is raw cookie dough :)

  126. Karen Elizabeth says

    the real question is what do i NOT use coconut oil for?! I love frying eggs and sauteeing veggies in it on a cast-iron skillet. i use it for any and every recipe that calls for any other oil than olive oil. it is my favourite to use for baking detox-friendly, almond flour chocolate chip cookies… I have used it in homemade deodorant and just recently have begun using it as a moisturizer, with a little drop of lavender and tea tree essential oils added. would love to try this brand!

  127. says

    i love to rub coconut oil on my face and slather coconut oil all over my body after a bath or shower. also i use as hand moisterizer. I addinto my smoothies, salad dressings for healthy oil.

  128. Sabrina L. says

    My favorite way is as a moisturizer for the winter season! Also a great alternative to butter when baking or stir frying. :)

  129. Sarah says

    We love using coconut oil as a mouth wash by straining it through our teeth for 20 minutes. We also use it in our baking and as a skin moisturizer.

  130. Anna says

    I use coconut oil for so many things but my favorite is to use it right after my shower. I rub a pea size among on each leg to get rid of the winter scaliness. My legs soak it up and they look and feel like a babies bottom.

  131. Sami says

    I use coconut oil to wash my face every night. I also use it on my hair as a deep condition treatment. I use coconut oil instead of butter.

  132. Colleen says

    I use a small amount of coconut oil on my hair every morning to reduce frizz (leave in conditioner), but my favorite way to use it is on baked delicate squash….mmm dessert:)

  133. Missy says

    What can I say? I adore coconut oil. I use it all over my body, I use it to give my boyfriend massages, I use it for make up remover, and of course I use it to cook! This past thanksgiving I even made gluten free/dairy free pumpkin muffins, and of course I used coconut oil. I have now even tried it for oil pulling. I love the way it melts in your hands – it really is a super food. Recently I have been having a spoonful of bee pollen with a drizzle of coconut oil, that really gives you a boost when you get that “3 o’clock feeling.”

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity, I would love to get the “skinny” on skinny coconut oil.

  134. Kelli says

    I use coconut oil for moisturizing, cooking, and everything in between. Coconut oil is the best because not only does it make me feel like I am on a vacation in the tropics, it has all the benefits of a tropical vacation- its heals the body & mind, it’s so refreshing, and it keeps me healthy!!!!

  135. Theresa says

    I use it everyday as moisturizer. I love to eat it in any form but especially in oatmeal with coconut oil and raw cocoa nibs.

  136. Maria says

    I just discover your site, and I’m in love with it 😉 I’m trying to convince my husband to try alternative and healthier products, I would love to try the coconut oil with your recipes.

  137. Stacy Weaklend says

    Where and how do I not use coconut oil? My favorite way is on my hair and on my skin. I use it at least 3 times a week as a hair mask. I use it daily as a means to cleanse my face and then as a moisturizer. It feels amazing as an eye cream! I love coconut oil!

  138. Emma says

    I love using coconut oil when cooking in general. Tonight I made Tempeh for the first time and I cooked it in coconut oil with some tamari, kale, and red peppers! It was amazingly delicious!

  139. Tara says

    Coconut oil is my favourite oil to use for just about everything I cook and bake. But I particularly enjoy it in Thai stirfries.

  140. Jamie says

    I use it for absolutely everything. On my body as shaving cream,a moisturizer,my lips, my hair. I use it to cook all my food in. I use it instead of a sugar filled sweetener like syrup with warmed berries on gluten free pancakes. I would love to try a new brand!

  141. Hannah says

    I use coconut oil for everything :) oil pulling, baking, cooking, moisturising, make up remover. It’s amazing! Really hope I get to try this brand.

  142. sue says

    i use coconut oil for all my cooking and baking but i just discovered that it’s great as a moisturizer so that’s my new favorite coconut oil use!

  143. Jessica says

    My favorite use for coconut oil is as a substitute for butter on the bread of a big juicy grilled cheese sandwich. I also love it in all my baked goods, smoothies, and for oil pulling. You can’t go wrong with it :)

  144. Lauren Rodgers says

    I use it daily in the kitchen and in my skin care routine. Last year as my 6 year old wanted to make hot chocolate from scratch, he requested we add coconut oil and it really made the hot chocolate. It was SO good! Thanks for the give away. I would love to try this label for sure!

  145. Lauren says

    This sounds like an amazing brand! I use coconut oil for so many things. I’d have to say the use I’m most excited about currently, is your homemade deodorant using coconut oil and baking soda. Why haven’t I known this my whole life!! Best and most effective deodorant ever!

  146. Sarah says

    Wow! Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I use coconut oil in EVERYTHING! :) I use it instead of cooking oil to sauté vegetables, I smear it on muffins (delicious!)I use it instead of butter in a lot of recipes… I even use it as a moisturizer for my face (and super-dry elbows) And of course I use it in all of your delicious coconut oil recipes- your almond butter freezer fudge is AMAZING! I made it and ate the whole pan. all. by. my. self. (oops) :)
    So as you can tell, I kinda have this little obsession with coconut oil… but hey, it’s healthy! (and I tell myself this about dark chocolate too…) :)
    Thanks for the great giveaway and all your amazing recipes!
    P.S. If you haven’t tried coconut oil in blueberry smoothies you should!!!!! :)

  147. Laura says

    My favorite ways to use coconut oil??? As skin care I like to use it as a moisturizer and as deodorant. For baking, I LOVE your coconut flour chocolate chip cookies and brownies. :)

  148. Annette says

    I use coconut oil to make homemade lotion bars! Thanks to you I also use it in baking and making your homemade candy bars yuuuuum!

  149. Karen says

    I love to sear my pot roasts in it. Cooks well at high heat, and gives the slightest sweet/delicate flavor to the roast. :)

  150. Doruk says

    I am new to coconut oil/butter. How do you take a spoonful of coconut from the jar easily? It is so hard for me. I keep it in the fridge. If I keep it outside at room temperature, will its quality be affected? What should I do? Thanks to you all for all the great ideas.

    • Julie says

      Coconut oil can be stored at room temperature with no problems. It is antimicrobial (I believe that’s the correct term), so it doesn’t spoil or go rancid like other oils. That’s just another beautiful thing about it!

  151. Julie says

    I love using coconut oil to toast steel cut oatmeal before coking it and also in smoothies, it makes them nice and creamy!

  152. Kendra says

    I love coconut oil! I use it for everything, but one of my favorite ways to use it is as an eye make-up remover!

  153. Mia says

    I use coconut oil for everything. It is the only fat I cook with. I use it to bake, roast and saute. I love it and can’t wait to try this new brand.

  154. misa says

    I love coconut I use in your recipes like almond butter fudge or in coffee in nut milk on sweet potato, love it a lot.
    I have never win anything so will be glad to have perfect healthy gift for christmas

  155. Theresa says

    I’m a natural health consultant and I love cooking with coconut oil and also using it on my skin to prevent those fine lines. I also suggest it for people suffering from or prone to dementia. I would love to try this brand.
    Absolutely love your blog, btw!

  156. Amry says

    I use coconut oil to bake kabocha squash and sweet potatoes. Just top them with coconut oil, salt and pepper. It’s delicious!

  157. Autumn Hargrove says

    I love using coconut oil as a night time moisturizer on my face and in place of lotion on my body after getting out of the shower. Coconut oil is the best for shaving my legs as well:)

  158. Da'Naeva says

    What an amazing give-away.
    We are coconut oil-crazy in our house.
    My husband and I have two little ones (3 and 1).
    I started using it for cooking and baking and to fix raw sweet little treats for me and the kids. After a while I was so addicted to the smell that I started to use it as a “cream” everytime my kids took a bath. My kids have a very dry skin (excema at times) and we live in Colorado with a very dry climate.
    Then, I used it as a conditioner and to “wash my face”in the evening.
    Well, and now my little ones just eat it straight out of the jar..sometimes,my 3 year old sneaks into the bathroom to steal some coconut oil behind my back :)
    Couldn’t be any happier-lol.
    So,actually we use it for so many things.
    To cook,to bake,for treats,skin care,hair care,mouth care,diaper care,for massages,…

    When I’ve read your post I got curious on wether I would taste a difference between the one you had mentioned and mine or not.
    I would looove to try that brand and I am sure my kids,husband and I would be very happy to be a chosen as a winner.

    Thank you for your amazing blog.

  159. Kate says

    I use coconut oil to make your amazing fudge! I’ve managed to get my A1C down to 5.0…now I’m working on my neighbor! Thanks so much for the great recipes…and maybe more oil! :)

  160. Shannon says

    I use coconut oil in my green smoothies, as a facial and body moisturizer and sometimes for frying things like eggs. :)

  161. Lisa. T says

    I am pregnant with my 3rd child and i have always used coconut oil on my tummy to avoid stretch marks. People are always commenting on how good my skin looks and i know it’s because of my coconut oil!

  162. Alexandra Mingione says

    I put a teaspoon of coconut oil in my organic coffee every morning. I work as a personal trainer and I wake up super early (4AM!!), and I find that the medium chain fatty acids burn quickly giving me an extra energy boost and improves my brain function so me no talk so stupid first thing in the morning.

    P.S. I can’t get enough of Detoxinista!

  163. April says

    I love coconut oil in my cooking. And especially in my morning coffee, it gives a creamy taste and feel. I use as a skin softener too. it the best!

  164. Mapuana says

    I use VCO in all aspects of my life, cooking, baking & homemade body care. Love it! Would love to give this brand a try. Mahalo nui loa for this awesome Giveaway.

  165. Nancy A. says

    I love coconut oil, too and use it a lot myself. Would love to try this new brand! I love to use it at night as my moisturizer and I put it in my coffee in the mornings. But, oh, so many uses!

  166. says

    I use coconut oil for moisturizer for m every day. But I go through a gallon every couple months cause I use it for cooking, baking, and sometimes just at e a appetite suppressed and because it is so good for you. Would love to taste this brand.:)

  167. Kimberly says

    I love coconut oil! I use for cooking, as a hair and skin moisturizer, and even got my daughter to use to remove a wart that she’s had on her finger for years! It’s a miracle of nature for sure! I tell all my friends about it. They look at me funny sometimes but then they try it and see that it works! Thanks!

  168. Merry says

    Thanks for all the new ideas. I never thought of it for my hair. I love to use it on my skin and coconut oil chocolate is my favorite.

  169. Sharon says

    I like to use coconut oil to make desserts. It makes everything better. I also like roasting brussel sprouts in coconut oil.

  170. Terri says

    I have never used coconut oil, but after discovering your blog and reading about it, I have it added to my grocery list. The replies here have given me so many ideas that I absolutely cannot wait to try it in all the ways mentioned. :)

  171. Holly Ellerton says

    I use coconut oil in my baking. Gluten free breads often call for it and I used it in my pie crust as well. I love the way it tastes and bakes so well.

  172. Cecelia says

    I just got into it about a month ago as I started the paleo lifestle and now use it regularly. One easy way is to put a little in a frying pan and add kale. A few minutes later, you have a healthy base (instead of rice) to add a topper such as a fresh stir fry. The coconut smells wonderful as the kale cooks.

  173. Cynthia says

    I use it for baking, removing mascara or moisturizing my dry ends, but I predom use it my favorite whey protein shake after a tough workout….almond milk, choc whey protein, cacao powder, 1/4 cup cherries & tbsp coconut oil :-)) Delicious!!

  174. Shari says

    I, as most all if your other readers, use it for EVERYTHING, pretty much as they do. AND, I use it for making my own healthy toothpaste!

  175. says

    We use Coconut oil both topically and internally but I’d say my favorite way to use it is to give it to our 3 Ferrets who absolutely love it! It’s a healthy treat for them and we also put it on their fur. Ferrets tend to get itchy from dry skin and this helps to moisturize them. All 3 of them sit in their hammock with their little faces up waiting for their coconut oil treat; it’s adorable!

  176. Ed Rake says

    I’ve substituted coconut oil in my pie crust recipe. Eating pie often used to give me mild heartburn, but no more.

  177. Laurie says

    Among using it to cook everything I put a teaspoon in my coffee instead of sugar! My dogs get a bit over their food too!

  178. Amanda Woody says

    I love to use coconut oil for sauteing vegetables. It gives them such a good, rich flavor, and it tastes better than any other oil I’ve tried.

  179. julie says

    Coconut is the ONLY fat I get in my diet that is not through naturally occuring sources (eggs, vegetables, lean meats), I do not use any other oil for anything, and supplement sporadically with DHA and EPA essential Omega 3s if I am not eating that much oily fish. I would love to try this

  180. Laura says

    I use it for a skin moisturizer. It also seems to help my daughter’s acne. Also use it to make my own chocolate chips

  181. says

    The way I love coconut oil the most is in a pan of popcorn, but I also like using it for a “chocolate shell” by dipping frozen bananas into that and chopped nuts….YUM!

  182. Mersini says

    After I splash water on my face , that coconut oil goes to work…. Facial moisturizer, body moisturizer, on the kids sprouted bread, fry up the eggs in CO, a tablespoon in the dogs food in the morning etc., It’s the hardest working product in our home….

  183. says

    I use coconut oil in tons of ways but popping corn with it is one of my favorites. Like Bethany, I also love making the “magic shell” with it! Thanks for the opportunity to win a jar of the Skinny Coconut Oil!

  184. Noelle says

    I love, love, love coconut oil!!!! I have been eating it forever, but am looking forward to using in DIY cosmetics.

  185. Lynn says

    I use coconut oil for practically everything! I especially love how smooth and soft my legs are when I use it to shave my legs. :)

  186. Jenna says

    I use coconut oil for everything! In baking, sautéing, in raw desserts, as moisturizer, in my homemade diaper rash cream… you name it.

  187. Jessica says

    Have not tried this brand and have (like you) thought that they pretty much all taste the same. But now I am intrigued. Would love to try this!

  188. kat says

    I love coconut oil! I use it for so many things! A great moisturizer, cooking, I’ve just discovered this and I’m learning more and more things to use this in! A true miracle of nature!

  189. Megan says

    This new product sounds amazing!!! I love to use coconut oil for my hair, as a face wash, and in my baking. It’s also great to sautee vegetables (namely butternut squash)!

  190. Marcia says

    Coconut oil is a staple in our home – after shower moisturizer, baking, roasting, to emulsify fresh almond milk, sauté veggies and chicken, and some for our dogs too!

  191. Julie says

    I use coconut oil for cooking – sautéing veggies, greasing my baking pans, adding to smoothies, popping popcorn, making raw pumpkin pie or other yummy desserts. I also use it as a body moisturizer.

  192. nancy_p says

    I use coconut oil every day in my breakfast smoothies. Also use it in a killer Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse Pie. Looking forward to trying out this new brand, I hope it’s available in north TX.

  193. Wendy says

    Oh my goodness, what don’t I use it for?? We do all of our cooking in it, put it in coffee and tea, eat it plain (my husband!) and I love to add cinnamon, stevia and pure vanilla and cream it together for a yummy and energetic snack! I can honestly say its the best afternoon pick up for me.

  194. marilyn says

    I use it for oil pulling in the morning, in my hair, on my face and body, in my smoothies, on my eyelashes at night, on my toenails to get rid of dry toes after all summer with nail polish on, my dogs love to eat a spoonful as a treat (great for them as well, kills parasites, keeps the coat shiny,etc), cooking of any kind, if Im feeling like Im having sugar cravings (im insulin resistant and avoid sugar) I pop a spoonful in my mouth, I love to make sweet potato chips with coconut oil, its also a great after workout pickmeup, and can be used as personal lubricant! Ive nevwr heard of this brand, would love to try it!

  195. Liz says

    Coconut oil is the only oil I cook with! Plus, I use it to make a quickie, makeshift chocolate. I also use it as a butter substitute in some of my baking recipes. I find that when mixed with deodorized coconut oil or when combined with certain ingredients, it creates a buttery flavor.

  196. Erin W. says

    My favorite uses for coconut oil? Oh the list is so long. I use it as a face and body moisturizer and for removing eye makeup. I love it in my oatmeal, smoothies…and my all time favorite: melted and poured over air popped popcorn. Yum!!

  197. Jessica says

    Actually, my favorite way to use coconut oil is as a moisturizer. It’s what I put on immediately after getting out of the shower, and it’s the only thing I can use right after shaving that doesn’t burn my skin.

  198. Cristina Velez says

    I looooovvvveee coconut oil for so many things! If i had to pick, I guess my top way or ways is for moisturizer on my skin and just eating it by the spoonful in the morning!!!

  199. says

    I love it as a perfect, natural lotion…
    However, as far as recipes go, my favorite one is my creamy cocoa-coconut frosting! Seriously the best stuff ever, with only a few simple ingredients: coconut oil, cocoa powder, non-dairy milk, sweetener of choice. I will share my official recipe if given the opportunity to win the contest!

  200. Penni says

    I keep one jar in the kitchen and one jar in the bathroom. I use it as my make-up remover, all over body moisturizer, to soften my feet before bed. I could go on forever with how to use this stuff, but my hands are cold and dry. I need to put coconut oil on my hands immediately!!! XOXO

  201. Pam says

    I love the smell of coconut oil when it’s heating up. Excited to read it’s a great moisturizer. I’m going to add some to my hot tea in the morning; interesting idea. Thanks!

  202. Angie J. says

    I am new to the Coconut Oil rave but have tried it in my morning coffee and on was fantastic! I can’t wait to try all these new ideas : )

  203. CZ says

    Coconut oil has become my favorite cooking and baking oil but more recently, it cleared my dog’s rash on her tummy. =)

  204. Amber says

    I use coconut oil in my recipes as a substitute for oil or butter! I also used it in your healthy peanut butter cups recipe on Halloween to create the chocolate coating.

  205. cheri duzanica says

    I use it for all my baking needs, replacing butter plus on my skin, especially the dry patches, for a hair moisturizer, lip balm, I could go on and on. Whenever I have oatmeal, a tablespoon goes into my bowl.

  206. Suzy Choi says

    I love everything about coconut oil! I use it in my smoothies and in baking! My favorite way to use it is to lather my skin with it. I keep a separate jar in my bathroom and often use it while in the shower to lather my whole body and gently wash it off. I use it on dry skin too but in smaller amounts than i would in the shower. It is better than any moisturizer out there! I love my coconut oils, I can talk about it for days. :)

  207. Bad Kitten On A Rampage says

    I like to use coconut oil for oil pulling (healthy) AND for a spread on a toasty english muffin (tasty)!!!

    Thanks for the great blog!


  208. Hollis says

    I have used virgin organic coconut oil regularly for years — well before it hit the big time in popularity — for pretty much everything: skin moisturizer, cooking, baking, oil pulling, wood conditioning…. I love it!

  209. says

    I use coconut oil in all my cooking on veggies, baked goods, salad dressings… Just about anywhere. I also use it after I shower as an oil. My skin loves it and the slight fragrance is perfect.

  210. Elizabeth says

    Cooking is the most useful for me, but I love it for chapped lips, cuts, face moisturizer and hair conditioner. I especially LOVE your sweet treats that include coconut oil. They are the quick fix to my sweet tooth! 😉

  211. anne says

    I’m not getting it. I love coconut oil, but it is such a pain to use. Label says to refrigerate. Comes out of refrigerator hard as rock. Need a chisel to get some out to use! And I don’t have time to wait for it to melt by putting jar in warm water. Especially in morning trying to get everyone off to work and school on time. So I only use it when making chocolate or baked goods. Do you ladies know some secret that I don’t? Does
    it really need to be refrigerated?

    • Missy says

      Hi Anne, It does not need to be refrigerated. I usually keep some in my kitchen cabinet, and some in a smaller container in my bedroom for use as lotions, etc.

  212. Kara S says

    Roasting sweet potatoes and butternut squash in coconut oil adds a great sweetness that my family loves. Perfect for this time of year! And of course, also helps my winter hands recover.

  213. MT says

    I love coconut oil for my paleo banana muffins, but most of all for helping to heal hot spots on my beloved doggie’s paws!

  214. Kim says

    Since I am a nurse, my hands get super dry, especially in the winter. I make a sugar and coconut oil hand scrub and leave it next to the kitchen sink. It really helps keep my hands smooth and soft.

  215. Makayla says

    I love using coconut oil for your almond butter fudge and I also love drizzling it over sweet potatoes….coconut oil is magic!

  216. Gogo says

    I use it to wash my face every morning and also to make your nutella bars or fudge! The jar is always hopping from kitchen to bathroom, hahaha!

  217. Holly says

    I love to use coconut oil in my smoothies every morning!! After Im done, I let my puppy lick the spoon as it has great benefits for dogs as well!! :$

  218. Alex S says

    I use coconut oil for EVERYTHING! As my nightly moisturizer for my face and body, in my now famous vegan chocolate chip cookies, for cooking and baking and I even mix in the occasional teaspoon into my dog’s food. It’s also good for his skin!! I heart coconut oil!

  219. ckDesigner says

    Coconut oil is my favorite multi-purpose miracle in a jar! It is a superstar in the kitchen and a beautiful soulmate to sensitive or dry skin. We use it multiple times a day while cooking and over Thanksgiving I introduced visiting family members to several recipes that featured coconut oil. The added bonus to my kitchen demonstrations was they all had very soft hands as they ate delicious, healthy desserts! My sister-in-law actually said, “You should start selling coconut oil because I’ve never seen anybody so in love with an ingredient that they would find a way to use it for everything in their life.” She may have been referring to my admission that I had used it, (out of desperation), to save an expensive art brush that I thought was a goner and it worked! My love for coconut oil knows no bounds. xoxoxo

  220. ckDesigner says

    Just added a pin to my Healthy Food board on Pinterest:

    “Skinny Coconut Oil Giveaway at! Check out her amazing site while you’re there too. I cannot say enough good things about the recipes here. Delicious, healthy and easy to follow instructions. Our new family activity is choosing a fun recipe and making it together. It’s not easy pulling any of us off the electronics at our house, but Detoxinista inspired our creativity in the kitchen in a very big way. Thank you!”

  221. Jennifer May says

    I use coconut oil for: removing eye make-up, greasing pans, getting rid of red bumps on the back of my arms, make-up brush cleaner, cuticle softener, raw chocolate, and smoothing back strayed eyebrows. I’m going to test it as an overall cleaner for pots and pans. I’m also going to try it out as a leather conditioner for my shoes…

  222. Shelby says

    My favorite way to use coconut oil is to make roasted broccoli with garlic! (Also, I am at an APO address, not sure if I am still eligible)

  223. Leanne says

    I keep a jar in the cupboard and one in the fridge. I use it almost daily as a hand and lip moisturizer and recently substituted coconut oil instead of crisco into my Tollhouse cookies….DELICIOUS!!

  224. Ritchie says

    I use coconut oil for just about everything! As a lotion, for oil pulling, for cooking, as a makeup remover…you name it!

  225. Katie says

    I love to use the coconut oil in your Almond Freezer Fudge. I always have some on hand. Lately I have been feeding tiny pieces of Almond Fudge to my 1 year old babies. They love it! Thanks!

  226. Stacy says

    I love to use coconut oil in my morning dandy blend “coffee” and also on my face as a moisturizer! Both of these are daily :)

  227. says

    I LOVE the passion for health that you share with such generosity! Your website has inspired my 15 yr old daughter to DIVE into healthy eating and cooking along with me! I love it!! We’d be giddy to be chosen to recieve this gift… :)

  228. p. Jean says

    I love to add melted coconut oil to my popped popcorn! Gives it a rich buttery flavor, but so much better for you!!!

  229. Laura says

    I’m still new to the uses of coconut oil but have used in place of olive oil for cooking pancakes, eggs, roasted sweet potatoes and wheat free desserts like snicker doodles (with almond flour).

  230. says

    I love using Coconut oil for oil pulling! Coconut Oil pulling is the best not only for my skin but my teeth!
    I also use Coconut oil as a makeup remover and I use it to pop popcorn and make a thai veggie stiry fry!

    Love Skinny Coconut Oil!

  231. Suz says

    I just eat coconut oil straight from the jar sometimes! Apart from when I consume it in your recipes meagan, I just LOVE all things coconut, whether its food, soap, shampoo, everything!!

  232. julia june says

    I’ve begun oil pulling with coconut oil every morning. Been doing it for a month now- and I’m loving this act of self care. Thanks!

  233. Patti says

    Love coconut oil ~ start my day by oil pulling with coconut oil…use it to cook eggs and on my toast/lavash…put it in smoothies…even use it in my hair and on my skin. Interested in learning more about this brand ~ I work at a natural foods market in NJ and never heard of this particular brand.

  234. Jacqui Pappas says

    I’m still new to cooking with coconut oil. So far, my favorite way to use it is baking, but I would love to try more!

  235. Katie says

    I love coconut oil! I use it either for my hair, or I like to toss up this delicious mix with kale, sweet onions, and garlic that tastes oh-so-delicious and nutty with the coconut oil.

  236. Julie says

    Besides using it for baking and frying, I have been using it as the base for my homemade toothpaste. My teeth have never felt better! I’m thinking of trying out a homemade coconut oil deodorant as well.

  237. Lindsey Watson says

    Love love your site and coconut oil! I love it drizzled on air popped popcorn, with cocoa powder and PB2! Thanks for always having such innovative and delicious recipes :), so grateful for your site!

  238. marlies says

    i love coconut oil for everything! it makes baked goods taste amazing, and it does so well with roasting and sauteeing too! i tried it on my hair once but it made such a mess i am not sure i’ll try it again haha

  239. Nikki says

    I have actually never used it, thus I REALLY would love to win some as it is just sooooo expensive. I think it might be great mixed into oatmeal…

  240. Amanda says

    I use coconut oil for everything…cooking, face wash, mouthwash, total body moisturizer, leather conditioner, wood polisher….EVERYTHING! I would love to try a new coconut oil that tastes great raw for use in desserts, etc.

  241. DonnaMarie says

    Coconut oil is wonderful to fry eggs and I use it to bake tortilla chips. I also keep some in my bathroom for skin and hair treatments.

  242. Rev Kathryn Ernst-Carmichael says

    I love using coconut oil in fruit and veggie smoothies, to fry chicken to replace butter in baking and also as a moisturizer after bathing.

  243. Nicole I. says

    I use coconut oil in my baking but the jar lid definitely gets a workout because my husband and I use it in our daily mug of Golden Milk, a beverage we drink to help primary with inflammation. Coconut milk is hands down my favorite healthy fat. Thanks for the awesome opportunity to win some of this! I am always looking for new and different brands to try that fit within my criteria for raw and clean.

  244. MissChris says

    Self professed coconut oil queen here! I use it to condition and moisturize my natural hair, and use it a TON in baking. I love it especially when roasting sweet potatoes and sweet plantains.

  245. D'Aundra says

    I use coconut oil for everything…I cook with it, and moisturize my hair and skin with it. It is an essential in my home!

  246. Felicia says

    My favorite way to use coconut oil is to use it in my homemade granola bars and other bakes goods for my son. It always adds a luxurious taste to these treats and I can omit other unhealthy fats.

  247. felisha says

    I love to use this for a cooking oil, as well as a fur conditioner on my cat’s skin since he has bad dandruff problems… he just loves licking it off too!

  248. Yazberry says

    My husband has recently turned me on to The Bulletproof Executive. I have tried the Bulletproof coffee concoction as well as green tea. Both use either high quality green tea or coffee and coconut oil as one healthy fat. I noticed it keeps me full right until before lunch and I’ve felt more energy in the mornings. I love using coconut oil in cooking as well. There’s just too many awesome ways to use coconut oil!!

  249. Teresa says

    I use it for baking. Used it in Megan’s vegan pumpkin bread and paleo chocolate chip cookie recipes last night!

  250. Liz Lamontagne says

    One of my new favorite ways to use coconut oil is as a salad dressing! Mix with a little lemon or lime juice and salt! Yum!

  251. Denise says

    I love it for everything!! I love to roast my veggies in it and also to use it on the end of my hair and entire body as a moisturizer.

  252. Julie says

    I use it in popcorn and granola, but after reading a lot of the above posts, I’m going to buy (or win, I hope!) some to keep in my bathroom to use on my skin. May be it will help my eczema?

  253. Beth says

    So many great uses but my favourite is still as a replacement for butter on my toast…with peanut butter it’s even better!

  254. Majawithaj75 says

    I use coconut oil as my daily makeup remover – I just rub it all over my face and neck, then wipe off with a hot facetowel, melting the makeup away!se cocon

  255. Cel says

    Sooooo if glucose(aka sugar) is the brains main fuel source, why would u feed your body more fat? The reason your cells became insulin resistant is because fat blocks the sugar from getting into our cells imparting our brain function!

    I would only use this on my body….For health reasoning would never injest!