NatureBox Giveaway

No matter how old I get, I am always excited to go to Disneyland. Especially this year, since we got to bring our little guy for his first visit!


Since theme park visits tend to be all-day events, we came prepared with plenty of snacks, courtesy of NatureBox– a subscription service that delivers healthy snacks to your doorstep each month.


What I love about this particular service is that each box includes full-size snacks (about 3-5 servings per bag), and you can choose which snacks go in your box, so you’ll never wind up paying for a snack you don’t love. Also, all of the offerings from NatureBox adhere to strict quality standards: No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Partially Hydrogenated Oils, No Trans Fats, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Colors.SONY DSCWe managed to polish off three full-size bags among our group of friends before noon– so, I’d say they were a hit! We particularly loved the Dried California Peaches (the only ingredient: Peaches!) and the Taj Mahal Snack Mix, which was an assortment of curry-flavored nuts, seeds and dried fruit.SONY DSC

NatureBox is available in 3 sizes, at 3 different price points: Deluxe Snacker (5 bags for $19.95), Happy Snacker (10 bags for $29.95) and Smart Snacker (20 bags for $49.95), and the box always ships free (with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska – shipping is $1.97).


The folks at NatureBox were kind enough to send us a sample of their Deluxe Snacker box, and now they’re offering TWO of my readers a free 6-month subscription to NatureBox (the Deluxe Snacker subscription).

To enter:

Giveaway is open to US residents only and entries will be accepted until Sunday, January 26th at 11:59pm PST.

Congratulations Sara M. & Karen M.!  You have both been emailed with more details.

NatureBox is also offering an exclusive discount to my readers! Receive 50% off your first box of any size (only $9.95!). Discount is valid on the first month’s box for new customers only, using code DETOXINISTA.
*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by NatureBox, but as always, all opinions are my own and I have no incentive for you to make a purchase from this company. Thanks for your support!

455 comments to NatureBox Giveaway

  • Ann M.

    My family would love to try this! Praline pumpkin seeds look yummy!

  • Melinda

    I’m interested in the Blueberry Nom Noms and the Flax Fortune Coins. Apparently I am more of a sweet person than a savory person.

  • Jennifer

    Baked sweet potato fries sound amazing!

  • Jessica T.

    I have been wanting to try one of these box deliveries. There are just so many to choose from now! I would definitely add Pistachio Power Clusters to my box. They look so good!

  • Um all of it!! I love granola and the cranberry macaroon granola looks insanely yummy!

  • Ellen

    I’d love to try both the peaches, and the curry snack mix!

  • Samantha Borlaug

    I am a sucker for the sweet and salty, the salted caramel pretzel pops sounds spectacular along with the granola pistachio crunch and the fancy dried figs!

  • Angela

    I would love to try the Taj Mahal mix, I love curry and spices. The baked sweet potato fries look delish. Hmmm let’s see…Guacamole bites,dried california peaches and the peanut butter nom noms look amazing. Funny I was just asking my boyfriend how come there aren’t more healthy treats to give people as gifts, rather than chocolate etc. This looks perfect. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Dania

    Hi! We’d love to try any of the dried fruit, nuts, and/or seeds without added sugar. Many thanks!

  • Amy

    Oh my goodness how do you even decide? They all look delicious! I’d love to try the cranberry almond bites and the peppery pistachios. I bet my kids would love them too! BTW you and your family look adorable. I hope you had fun at Disney. We are taking our kids in April, and cannot wait :))

  • julie bell

    i think that this is great – appealing to both kiddos and adults! my kids would like the dried peaches and apricots, and i think they would like those pretzel ball sweets! i would like to try the peppery chickpeas and the lemon pucker pistachios. thank you!

  • Kortney

    They all look awesome! Would love to try anything from the gluten free selections–love that there is so much to choose from even for gluten free people, which is not always so likely in the stores!

  • charj

    So many wonderful choices…this time, I would try the Umami Roasted Nuts

  • Anne

    These snacks look amazing and are so much better for you than the food typically sold at amusement parks, movie theaters, etc. I would love to try the Fancy Dried Figs and Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas, and I think the my husband (who doesn’t appreciate healthy snacks) would actually enjoy the Whole Wheat Apple Pie Figgy Bars. And I can’t wait to take our two year old son to Disney one day. I think my hubby and I are more excited about it than even he will be :)

  • Shea

    I have wanted to try nature box for months…..I am due any day with baby number two so six months of healthy snacks sound amazing. I think my 15 month old would love it too!!! I love all the granolas- particularly cranberry macaroon;) yum!

  • I would love to try the citrus chipotle chickpeas or any of the whole wheat figgy bars!

  • the pear praline crunch, so many others sound good too!

  • Pumpkin seeds or chickpeas!

  • Kellie

    Yummy peaches or the kettle corn kernels. Do you know if any of the snacks are gluten free? I couldn’t find allergy info on their website.

  • im not able to pick certain ones to go in the box :/

  • Michelle Audisio

    Salted caramel pretzel pops! Yum!

  • Emily B

    Citrus Chiptole Chickpeas sound delicious!

  • I would love to try the sun-dried California peaches, praline pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate berry trail mix :)

  • Amy Ray

    Peanut butter nomnoms! Or Country Ranch Peas! Or Cherry Crumble Granola! Or California Apricots… I cannot decide!

  • ANY of the nom nom’s look great, and the Cranberry Jubilee!!!

  • Kate

    I’m liking the looks of the praline pumpkin seeds, french toast granola, and the sea salt pumpkin seeds. I like that search parameters include being able to search for products without gluten, dairy, soy, etc.

  • Kelsey Fourroux

    The sour cream and onion almonds sound delicious!

  • Anna

    I was very excited to see this until I dug a little deeper into their website. I have coeliacs and find the “gluten conscious” search option to be extremely misleading. Several of the snacks list barley, malt or non-gluten free oats in the ingredients!!

    Luckily, I make a habit of checking ingredients on everything that does not say “certified gluten free” and did not order something that could cause me serious harm. That being said I find it upsetting when a company attempts to join in on the gluten free craze without taking into consideration that it is not a trend for hundreds of thousands of people. Further, wheat gluten is not the only form of gluten that coeliacs must avoid. Ingesting barley, malt, and non gluten free oats have serious health consequences for people like myself. (Not to mention the fact that “dextrin” and “natural flavor” often are made from gluten containing sources).

    I will be writing the company personally but thought the readers here should be warned since many have serious allergens and other dietary concerns.

    • Amanda

      Great catch Anna, thanks for pointing that out. I noticed that too, they are NOT gluten free, since their foods are made in the same warehouse and wheat products :(

  • shondra

    They all look delicious!! I would love to try the Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas, and the Cranberry Almond Bites.

  • Laura

    The sriracha roasted almonds look delicious!

  • Krissa

    I have been wanting to try Naturebox so winning a chance to try for free would be amazing! I would love to try the Peanut Butter Nom noms and the Cranberry Macaroon Granola. Yummy

  • Mary Beth

    Oh my goodness! So many delicious choices! I think my top 5 are:
    Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops, Dark Cocoa Almonds, Cranberry Almond Bites, Peanut Butter Nom Noms and Sourdough Cheddar Pretzels

  • Elizabeth Horton

    Wow! So many choices. Smoky Pumpkin Seeds, Postacio Power Clusters and Harvest Nut Mix look really good.

  • Samantha

    I would love to try the acai berry crunch! I think it would taste so good with yogurt, or on top smoothies!

  • lisa gallagher

    pistachio power clusters…salty and sweet…what a perfect pair

  • Jessica

    I don’t think there is a snack that I wouldn’t enjoy. I would love 6 months free of this service.

  • Nicole

    Yum, it’s hard to decide! I would love to try the Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas, the Sweet Blueberry Almonds, the Antioxidant Boost, the Golden Apple Tea Biscuits, and the Sun-Dried California Peaches.

  • Alex

    Your little guy is so cute!!

    I would love to try the peppery chickpeas and the dark chocolate berry trail mix.

  • sasha

    Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas sound really good!

  • Renee Z

    Pistachio Power Clusters!!

  • Heidi

    Pistachio clusters sound amazing. Not sure if it is gluten free. Like the previous comment stated. Gluten Free is NOT a trend for some of us and for the company to state gluten conscious is very misleading People do get very sick with just a trace of gluten or even cross contamination. Every thing look delicious but unfortunately can’t eat most of it. Thank you Detoxinista for all you do.

  • Jessica Burkholder

    Blueberry almonds sound great!

  • Erin Crompton

    The salted caramel pretzel pops sound delicious!

  • salted caramel pretzel pops that are healthy? yuuum.

  • Julie

    The pistachio power clusters look delicious, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen pistachios used for that kind of snack.

    Yay for Disneyland and nice weather to go with it!

  • Mandy

    Yum! It all looks so good. The cranberry almond looks delish!

  • Meg

    So many things look delicious, peanut butter nom noms, seaweed rice pops, pistachio power crunch…

  • Marion

    I would love to try the French Toast Granola and the dried peaches and apricots! Yum!

  • The Chili Lime Pistachios and the Citrus Chipotle chickpeas look really yummy to me!

  • Kay

    So many choices. I’d like to try the tajmahal mix and the pistachios power clusters

  • Monica

    The Blueberry Almond Bites look delicious! So do all the granolas and chick pea snacks.

  • Mimi

    I want to try the salted caramel pretzel pops!

  • Nancy Paruch

    I would love to try the Cherry Berry Bonanza. So nice to have healthy options, especially without wheat.

  • Nicole

    They all look so good! The 5 I really would enjoy trying are Acai Berry Crunch, Roasted Kettle Kernels, Roasted garlic pumpkin seeds, Blueberry Almond bites, and Far East Rice crackers.

  • Heather

    Pistachio Power Clusters – yum!

  • Leti

    Loving the crandberry almonds!!!

  • I’d like to try the figgy bars and the guac bites!

  • KMM

    I’d love to try the Pistachio Power Clusters and the Country Ranch Peas!

  • Julie

    Yum! Everything looks good! I want to try that banana bread granola :)

  • maria

    drooling for garden tomato crunchies!

  • Maegen

    These look great! There are so many to like :) I would like the Fuji Apples, Granny Smith Apples, Sun-Dried California Peaches, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Pumpkin Seeds, Peppery Chickpeas, Francy Dried Figs, Sun-Dried California Apricots, Mexicana Mango, Dried Cranberries, Dried Pears, Big Island Pineapple, Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Seeds, Mandarin Garlic Peas, Gaucomole Bites or South Pacific Plaintains.

  • Tiffany

    I would love to try the salted caramel pretzel pops!

  • Lynn

    I’d love to try the chipotle maple almonds or the peppery chickpeas and there’s so much more that sounds wonderful, too.

  • Courtney

    The Acai Berry Crunch, the Country Ranch Peas, any (or all) of the dried fruits! I love that they can meet dietary needs as well – it’s so hard to find both gluten free and dairy free snacks that are tasty! I’d love to try them!

  • Kelly

    They all look amazing! The peaches, apples, and honey crisps!

  • I would love to try the fancy dried figs.

  • Caroline c

    They all sound fantastic but because I can’t have gluten or dairy the chickpeas all look awesome!

  • Katie

    I get so excited about NatureBox! It keeps popping up on my sidebar, and I’ve been meaning to try it! I would definitely go with anything “nutty” on Nature Box. I’m not choosy!

  • Shaeleen

    Pistachio power clusters!!

  • Anna

    All of these snack options look great! The Chili Lime Pistachios, Sun-dried California Peaches, and Mighty Mix caught my eye. =] Really though, I’d be willing to try just about anything here that is gluten free.

  • Alexys

    I’m totally taking advantage of this offer! I’ve always wanted to try Naturebox, and now it looks like Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops are within reach. I dont think I’ll be able to stop!

  • Amy

    Those peanut butter nom noms look so good!! The homestyle cheddar mix does too! Thanks for doing this!

  • Tracy

    Yum they all look so great! I would love to try the Pistachio Power Clusters and the sour cream and onion almonds!

  • Alicia D

    So many items sound yummy, it’s hard to pick one! Let’s see….the pear praline crunch sounds delish!!

  • Megan C

    Pistachio power clusters

  • The Taj Mahal snack mix sounds amazing! The pistachio power clusters also look great!

  • the french toast granola sounds so delicious :) i have wanted to try naturebox for a while!

  • Caitlin

    I would love to try the Chili Lime Pistachios!

  • Isabel

    Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas sound amazing!

  • Tiffany V

    I would love to try the Praline Pumpkin Seeds. Yum!

  • Carly

    Cherry Berry Granola! It was hard to pick just one snack with dried cherries. Literally one of my favorite ‘treats’ in the world! I would almost take dried cherries over chocolate-woah!

  • Karianne

    Mmmm the Praline pumpkin seeds, siracha roasted cashews, and those California peaches sound yummy too!

  • Jenn

    Mexicana Mango!! Yum!

  • Sam

    They all sound so delish but the whole wheat apple pie figgy bars sound soooo yummy! And cinnamon spiced and chipotle maple almonds… DELICIOUS.

  • Kerry

    I am not sure how to just pick 3. There are so many that look fabulous!!!! The Chia crackers look great, my kids would love the popcorn balls and the cherry granola. Look like a easy thing to take on a trip which we will be on soon. Thanks for all the great ideas!!!

  • Donna F.

    acai berry crunch, cherry crumble granola and sun-dried california peaches

  • Adele

    I would love to try the yogurt dipped pretzels and the South Pacific plantains!

  • Jessica

    Oh man, every snack looks so good! I’d like to try the praline pumpkin seeds, big island pineapple, and the sriracha roasted cashews!

  • Looks so yummy-love this idea! Roasted kettle kernals, far east rice crackers, yogurt dipped pretzels…they actually all look delicious, is there a way to get that in a box LOL

  • sue

    so many yums to choose from! i would really like to try the praline pumpkin seeds and the curry snack mix!

  • carley

    I would love to try the cherry berry granola and the yogurt dipped pretzels!

  • Jen

    they all look delicious! I couldn’t decide between the citrus chipotle chickpeas and the dark cocoa almonds!

  • Ashley P

    Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix!

  • Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas and Pistachio Power Clusters!

  • shaena

    Ooh definitely dark cocoa almonds and raspberry figy bars, yum!

  • The raspberry fig bars, granny smith apples and dried peaches.

  • Jen F

    Wow! I would love to try so many, but specifically the baked sweet potato fries, country ranch peas, and the lemon pucker pistachios.

  • Sadie B.

    The sunshine chips look awesome and the fuji apples would be great!

  • maria f

    Any of the dried fruit looks delish, but I can’t stop thinking about how yummy the salted caramel pretzels pops must be!

  • Erica V

    I would love to try the sundried California peaches, cranberry almond bites and the sour cream and onion almonds. They all look so yummy!

  • Mary

    I was looking through and they all sounded so yummy! I was getting so excited! I then got curious and I clicked “non gmo” under dietary needs. The selections went from over a hundred options of snacks, to 27. So disappointing! That means that approximately 75 of their yummy sounding treats have GMOs! I would think that any company with the word nature in the name would be 100% GMO free since GMOs are not of nature. The treats really did sound great though.

  • Kerry

    I would love to try the cranberry almond bites and the chili lime pistachios! YUM!

  • Payal

    Dark cocoa almonds!

  • dana

    praline pumpkin seeds oh my yum!

  • Sandi Mc

    Honey mesquite almonds!

  • Brittany Shook

    I’d try fancy dried figs, Granny smith apples, and Sun dried California peaches!!! Although, every single one of their products look delicious!!

  • Megan

    I would like to try the cherry crumble granola! Yum Yum! It is so hard to find dried fruit without added sugar

  • Liz

    I’d love to try the cherry crumble granola, peppery chickpeas, and the citrus chipotle chickpeas!

  • I have been wanting to try NatureBox – I would love the lemon pucker pistachios or the caramel pretzels balls. Healthy snacks -for the win!

  • Emily S.

    Yum! I’d love to try those one ingredient dried peaches, the corn kernels, sweet potato fries, peanut nom noms….almost everything :)

  • Cindi

    There are so many good ones to choose from! We would try the Taj Mahal Snack Mix and the Lemon Meringue Waffles!

  • Lisa Kohlmaier

    There are so many to choose from! I’m thinking the pistacio or cashew clusters, maybe the figgy bars, those blueberry nom noms looked good too!

  • The praline pumpkin seeds look delicious!! I have been looking at this box for a while so I would LOVE to give it a try! xx

  • Katie

    I’ve been thinking about trying NatureBox for a while now and the selections look amazing! The guacamole bites and the citrus chipotle chickpeas have to be my favorites though. :)
    I love that they make it easy to search by specific dietary needs.

  • Boo to only US residents!! It looks tasty!

  • Maria C

    I love how easy and friendly is their website!
    I would love to try:
    Peppery chickpeas, Mexicana mango, Taj Mahal Snack Mix, Flax crostini bites, South oacific plantains & sunshine chips

  • p. Jean

    yummy!! i would go for cranberry almond bites and the rice sticks looked great too!

  • Corinne

    Omg how gorgeous is your family?

  • Raquel

    Dried peaches!

  • Jackie Leung

    Pistachio Power Clusters & Cranberry Jubilee sound sooo good! Thanks for letting us know about these goodies!

  • Ellen S

    Peanut butter nom noms for sure!

  • Kim


    But for starters: Praline Pumpkin seeds, sourdough cheddar pretzels, and Lemon tea biscuits.

  • Beth

    Wow he salted Carmel pretzel pops sound so good,

  • Peanut Butter is tough to beat, but since peaches suck around Boston I would definitely go for those!

  • Margaret

    They all look fantastic but the FRENCH TOAST GRANOLA would be a must for my box! Yum!!

  • Katie

    Wow, so many good things to choose from. Hmmmm…….the peanut butter Nom noms stood out to me for right now. Yum!

  • Sarah

    I like both savory and sweet so the chipolte maple almonds sound delicious!! Thanks for the giveaway (:

  • Jeannine

    I would love to try the peanut butter nom noms, whole wheat raspberry figgy bars, cherry ganache granola, and mango almond bites!

  • Gretchen W

    I would love to try the Sunshine Chips!

  • Stephanie

    They all look amazing! The dried peaches would probably be my first pick!

  • Chatelaine

    I’ve gifted this to friends in the past but never got one for myself :) I’m always gifting things I want to others LOL
    I would love to try the honey mesquite almond mix!

  • Courtney

    I’m pregnant right now and have been craving salty and sweet. I would love to try the salted caramel pretzel pops! Yummy!

  • Isabel

    oh my gosh, all of them look amazing!

  • Bethany

    I would love to try:
    Pistachio Power Clusters
    Honey Mesquite Almonds
    Sun Dried Peaches
    Cranberry Jubilee
    This is such a great giveaway! Hope I win!

  • The Cherry Crumble Granola sounds really yummy.

  • Lindsay

    Sunshine chips and dried peaches look really good to me!

  • Michelle

    Everything looks amazing. But I love pistachios so I would have to go with the pistachio power clusters.

  • Miranda

    Megan, I would LOVE to try Cranberry Almond Bites, PEANUT BUTTER NOM NOMS (OMG those look amazing, haha), French Toast granola (wow, is that even real?? I could see that going great with yogurt), Blueberry Nom Noms, Agave Citrus Granola, and the Guacamole Bites!

  • Hila

    The salted caramel pretzel pops sound tempting!

  • Nicole

    The french toast granola sounds divine!

  • eileen

    Lemon Pucker Pistachios & Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas look interesting! Yum!

  • Gaby

    The blueberry nom noma look like a great healthy cookie substitute! Yum

  • Sarah

    Yum! I want to try the acai berry crunch!

  • Susan Reynolds

    I would love to try the dark chocolate berry trail mix!

  • Shannon

    I would love to try the French toast granola!

  • Carolyn

    I’ve heard so much about Nature Box that I’ll have to try it!! I think the California Peaches would be my first choice!

  • annie

    I couldn’t decide,there are soooooo many delicious options! Salted Carmel pretzel sounds wonderful.

  • Jordan

    I love love love you sure and am always on board with your food philosophies….that being said I am VERY surprised to see you endorse Nature Box. I recently tried them out when they were running a special….I received my first five snacks and was appalled at many of the ingredients. They use canola oil – ?!?? Any company that still uses canola oil makes me immediately suspicious of their nutritional practices. I’m also seeing lots of cornstarch and soy lecithin in their products. These are really unfortunate because their products are NOT organic, which means that there is a very very good chance that these are GMO ingredients. I’m also seeing “natural flavors” listed on most of them – which makes me uneasy because any number of (gross/unhealthy) things can fall under the natural flavors category. It only took me a few seconds to glance at their ingredient lists and realize it’s just another (slightly-better) junk food company, but they’re using some clever marketing to make it all sound healthy. I’m very surprised you haven’t discovered this for yourself. :(

  • Allison

    Chickpeas to the face!! These look great.

  • Kristina

    The figgy bars look so good, especially the blueberry ones!

  • Shannon

    The pretzels or the roasted kettle corns look great. Or the fruit…or anything :)

  • Courtney Grace

    Sweet blueberry almonds sound interesting!

  • jordan

    The chia seed crackers and sriracha almonds look fantastic!



  • maria f

    My initial comment didn’t post unfortunately, not sure why…I would love to try the salted caramel pretzel pops!

  • Sophia

    Any of the dried fruit or nuts. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Shelly

    So many to choose! Peppery pistachios, macaroon granola, chipotle chickpeas….I would love to try so many! Those were my too 3 ;) I was just checking this company out b/c they have a Groupon right now too

  • Heather

    It looks like I am too late. :( I would have like to try any of them. They look so yummy.

  • holli

    YUM! Ranch sunflower kernels, garden tomato crunchies, CA peaches, vanilla almond granola, toasted sesame sticks… I should probably sign up for a box : )

  • Tonya

    Do we only get to chose one? I think the Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops sound wonderful – and better yet they are vegan! Then there are also the Sweet Blueberry Almonds that really hit my interest button.

  • Jeanne

    Anything with almonds sounds good to me!

  • Jhanelle

    I would love to trythe Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars

  • You are too cute with your fam! The peppery pistachios sound delicious :)

  • Celina Tovar

    I would love to try the Whole Wheat Apple Pie Figgy Bars!!

  • Aubrey

    Oh my gosh! Those peaches sounded to die for, but then I saw the Pistachio Power Clusters and the Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops…Gah!

  • Amber

    Love your recipes. Loved to be entered into the drawing!!! Any kind would be great

  • Lori

    I would love to try the sun-dried California peaches and dark chocolate berry trail mix.

  • Sabrina L.

    They all sound SO delicious! I would especially love to try the Cranberry Almond Bites and Vanilla Macaroon Granola…or anything with pistachios haha. I hope your family had a blast at Disneyland!

  • Linda

    What I would not like to try would probably yield less results!
    Praline pumpkin seeds, blueberry almonds, peanut butter nom noms, whole wheat figgy bars, Fuji or Granny Smith apples, peaches! All sound delicious.

    Speaking of delicious, I have tried many of your recipes and I look forward to the cookbook! Thanks for the inspiration to be healthy!

  • Courtney Scarborough

    I would want to try the country ranch peas or smoky bbq peas!

  • Vicky Hill

    I would love to try this. Any of the gluten free snacks (nuts) would be great.

  • Oh my goodness their are so many delicious sounding options!!! I would have to try the peanut butter nom noms and french toast granola. What a great deal at 50% off. I can’t wait to try!

  • Melissa

    I’ve been wanting to try NatureBox for awhile. I’d love to try the umami roasted nuts and the fancy dried figs, plus a whole bunch of all the other things.

    Thanks for hosting this!

  • Megan

    I would like to try the sunshine chips, fancy dried figs, and the guacamole halves. All vegan and gluten-free : )

  • joanna

    geez. i’ve never seen this site. the plantain chips and bbq kernels look really good.

  • Danielle

    I would love to try the Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas. Looks like a great snack

  • Kara

    Would love to try a box! The figgy bars and all of the dried fruit options look delish!

  • Sarah S

    I am fascinated by the salted caramel pretzel crunch! what the what!!

  • Heidi

    Wow! Endless, delicious choices! What a splendid idea! I’d love to try the sea salted pretzel pops and of course the california peaches! (Love seeing pictures of your adorable family!)

  • I want to try them ALL! They would be at hit at our dance studio!

  • Laura Arrington

    Lemon Pucker Pistachios!

  • Lorelei C.L. Aboytes

    The Cranberry Almond Bites and the chickpeas sound especially delicious, but most of the snacks on there sound very appetizing as well! :)

  • Diane Munson

    Toasted sesame stix and pb nom noms.

  • Lulu

    I would love to try the dried pears, peaches, mangoes, and some of those citrus chipotle chickpeas and guacamole bites for my friend :D

  • Anna

    The “Mexicana Mango” one sounds intriguing! So many to choose from!

  • Imogen

    definitely anything with pretzels

  • Emily

    I would be so stoked for some citrus Chipotle Chickpeas. This is coming from The Hummus Queen! Also, the Almond Mango Bites and Mighty Mix look FABULOUS!

  • Chelseabelle

    I was actually looking at NatureBox on Facebook the other day, sounds like a great deal and I love that you can pick snacks to try which I did not realize until your post. Since I am lactose intolerant it can be difficult to find dairy free snacks. The rice and bagel sticks, pistachio power chews, and dried fruits sound delicious.

  • Brandi

    So many yummy looking choices! I’m thinking my kids & hubby might enjoy some of these too. I would love to try the Taj Majal & Golden Apple Tea Biscuits! I wouldn’t mind freeing up a little time instead of making our healthy snacks- tonight I just finished making a batch of Date Balls.

  • deb

    they all look ah-mazing! i would love to try any flavor of the pistachios or the green apple rings (but would love to know if they are organic)

  • So many wonderful things to choose! I’d love to try the tart and tangy fruit medley! Yum! Thanks!

  • Emma

    Peanut Butter Nom Nom or pretzel balls both sound delicious! PS love your blog. We enjoy your almond butter applesauce pancakes regularly around here. My hubby is a celiac and I thought pancakes were lost to us until discovering your recipe. :)

  • Melissa

    Oh wow, these sound yummy! I’d love to try the California peaches and the smoky pumpkin seeds. The vanilla granola looks good too. I like how you can narrow it down to exclude gmo’s if you want.

  • lisa

    Thank you for the opportunity! I’d love Sun-dried California apricots… any of the dried fruits… yum! Pistachio clusters sound great too!

    Thank you!

  • Jess

    They all sound good, but especially the dried peaches and the everything bagel sticks!

  • Julie

    They all sound good…I would love to try the cranberry almond bites, dried figs apricots, and roasted garlic pumpkin seeds!

  • eiren

    All of it looks delic! i saw blueberry nom noms! :P

  • Ali

    The Pistachio Power Bites and the Guacamole Bites look delicious!

  • Nancy A.

    Well, everything looks good and it would be hard to choose. But, I would first try the honey crunch crisps, peanut butter nom noms, cranberry almond bites, cocoa waffle wafers, toasted cheddar stix, chia seed crackers and just about all of them sound so delicious! Healthy is a reak plus and I really these to get my snacking under control!

  • Nancy A.

    I made a few mistakes in my spelling,I meant—- Being healthy is a real plus and I really need these to get my snacking under control! Thank you!

  • Sarah

    Hi! If I won, I would like try the salted caramel pretzel pops, dark cocoa almonds, sweet blueberry almonds, honey mustard dippin’ sticks, and the sunshine chips. Any of them would be nice to have, though!
    Thanks a bunch for the chance!

  • Holly Ellerton

    I would love to try these healthy snacks. It is not easy to find plain dried fruit anywhere. What a generous offer.
    Thank you!

  • aubrey f.

    The cranberry almond bites and pistachio balls look yum!

  • Sheena J.

    Yum!!!! I want to try all of them!! If I must name a few, though, I want to try the honey crunch chips, apple pie figgy bars, any if the non noms and the sweet potato fries! I love your blog by the way:)

  • Kayt

    Wow, they all look delicious! I had to select lactose free and gmo free and the apple fig bars looked Devine as well as all the dried fruit! It would be so cool to win this because healthy snacking is so important and this looks like it would make it more fun and enjoyable!

  • We are traveling to California in May with our 3 kids – they will be 5,3 1/2 and 2 at the time, for a family wedding. My brother has lived there since 2010 but we’ve held off on the long flight (from PA) because we always had a baby to travel with. This is the big year for our trip! I would love to have these snacks in my bag for myself and the kids! The sea salt and cracked pepper pumpkin seeds sound amazing, and I think my kids would love the raspberry fig bars. There are so many amazing choices! It would be hard to decide.

  • Janelle

    Oh my goodness, how can you choose! I think the Apple Orchard Granola sounds amazing. It all sounds amazing!

  • Alicia H

    How exciting! Love trying new companies I can fall in love with :) Would love to try the peaches, the cherry granola, pistachios, blueberry figgy bars, and the Taj Mahal mix! Yummy!

  • Cathy V

    The pistachio power clusters and sweet potato fries looks yummy!

  • Ashley

    Peaches!! We are going to Disney world in a few months and will need lots of snacks

  • Sandy

    Peaches! French Toast granola!

  • Elisa

    Firecrackers, Mandarin Garlic Peas and Flax Crostini Bites look UH-mazing! Everything looks so good!

  • shawna

    I would love to try the Blueberry Nom Nom’s. They look yum yum!

  • Danielle

    Wow! They all look sooooo good! My first choice would probably be citrus chipotle chickpeas.

  • Joan

    I would love to try the baked sweet potato fried. Never seen these before.

  • Fit n Fifty

    of course I’d like to try them all! OMG – how can you decide? Sweet, savory, the fruit, the spices…….this morning I’d have to say the pineapple. Thank you!!!

  • suman

    wow! naturebox is amazing, and i love all the choices of snacks, ESPECIALLY the savory items, since i’m not a huge sweet fan! i think i would definitely inhale the chili lime pistachios and the crispy spiced chickpeas. what a great alternative to chips and goldfish crackers on road trips!!!!

  • Sarah

    The blueberry nom noms and Taj Mahal mix would be on my list! They all look great!

  • Katie

    Everything looks so good it’s hard to decide! I would love to try the Honey Crunch crisps and blueberry nom noms!

  • Wow, everything looks yummy! I love granola so I would choose from the granola…but those Nom Mom’s look pretty mommy! ;) Thanks for the chance.

  • I would love to try the sun dried apricots or the cranberry almond clusters.

  • Hillary

    Yummo! These look fabulous! Would love to try the Granny Smith apples, California peaches or fancy figs!…And the Taj Mahal mix for something savory. Thanks!!

  • Berneda Rivard

    I wouldn’t hestitate to try the everything bagel stix, toasted sesame stix and the pistachio power clusters. A lot of flavors!!!

  • I just recently received this as a gift but now my BF wants his own! I don’t blame him. The fiesta mix..YUM!

  • Cynthia

    If I really have to choose, Tuscan summer mix! I’ve been wanting to subscribe but I had to choose so I subscribed to BarkBox for my furry baby! :-)

  • Julie

    So many delicious options! They all look good. I’d probably go for the various almond treats.

  • Juliet

    I can never seem to find good dried fruit (without additives and stuff) so I would go for those!

  • Cindy O.

    I think the Oat Bran Dippin’ Stix look awesome!

  • Pistachio power clusters and french toast granola.. although they all look so delicious!

  • Kristin

    The dried California peaches sound amazing! I would love to try this out!

  • Yum! The Pistachio Power snacks look delicious and my all time favorite is curry so I would really enjoy the curry nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tracy

    There isn’t much on their site I wouldn’t try. All of the figgy bars look good to me as well as the sriracha cashews.

  • Tanya

    Dark cocoa almonds would definitely be at the top of my list! I’d also love to try any of the rice crackers, the fancy dried figs, and the Mexicana mango.

  • Jenna

    What don’t I want to try!? The Taj Mahal snack mix and dark cocoa almonds sound amazing, my 2 year old would love all the snacks with blueberries!

  • twinmama

    The Cherry Berry Bonanza looks simply divine! My crew would would happily share “mommy’s healthy snacks”.

  • Kathleen Schell

    Tuscan Summer Mix and Pistachio Power. All of the snacks would be wonderful to try.

  • I want to try the Guacamole bites! And of course, the dark cocoa almonds.

  • these all look great-
    my family would love to try this- vegan/non soy choices would be best- they look yummy

  • Lisa S.

    The Chia Seed Crackers & Granny Smith Apples would be my first choice! Yum!

  • Alison Mossbarger

    It would probably be easier to pick out the things I don’t want to try! The Sriracha cashews sound amazing, as do the peanut butter nom noms. Fancy dried figs, any dried fruit for that matter, citrus chipotle chickpeas,and vanilla macaroon granola probably round out my top five!

  • Erin

    I would love to try chickpeas, and dried fruit and the nom noms!
    Thank you!

  • Jenny

    anything without pumpkin looks really good. I love gronla!

  • heather elizabeth

    The Dried California Peaches and the Taj Mahal Snack Mix look great. Also anything gluten free rocks!

  • Jaclyn

    I would like to try the antioxidant boost snacks, plus they are non-GMO! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Melissa

    They all sound amazing but I wish I had the cranberry almond & lemon pistachios right now!

  • laur

    Look delish! Taj mahal fits the bill for me!

  • The Acai Berry Crunch!

  • Michelle B.

    I’m having a hard time just picking one snack but the French toast granola and pear praline crunch sound amazing!! Making me hungry…

  • I would LOVE this!! I’m always looking for new healthy treats! Being a peanut butter nut (no pun intended) the peanut butter nom noms look amazing. There are so many I’d love to try!

  • Ingrid

    honestly, I’d eat any of them!

  • colleen

    the blueberry nom noms and the guacamole bites sound to die for!!

  • Wow! How fun! Thanks for this post! The Nature box snacks look amazing and we would love to try the Sunshine chips, Pistachio Power clusters, caramel pretzel pops…..:) P.S. I made your raw cheesecake for my sons 9th birthday at his request!! (yay!) HUGE hit!

  • Angie J.

    How do you even choose?! The pb nom noms, dark chocolate berry trail mix and the banana bread/french toast granola all look amazing!!!

  • Heather

    i keep seeing posts about naturebox but i had NO idea how many snack choices they had! i’d love to try the guacamole bites or the roasted kettle kernels! thanks for the giveaway!

  • Stacy

    Pistachio Power Clusters, Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas, Cranberry Jubilee, Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix…everything looks yummy, I am drawn more to the nuts/seed/dried fruit, or spicy yumminess :)

  • Kate

    Would love to try the peaches you mentioned and the PB Nom Noms!

  • Allison

    After looking at that website, my list is super long! And, I did not even add everything that I wanted to try. I love food…what can I say? WW figgy bars, blueberry nom noms, Tuscan summer mix, sriracha roasted cashews, sweet blueberry almonds…All of them sound delicious!

  • Tiffany

    Okay, the most interesting to me that I would enjoy trying are the Yellow Curry Peas, Pistachio Power Clusters, and Praline Pumpkin Seeds. Although, there were many more that sounded like they would be delicious!

  • maggi

    The pistachio!

  • Stephanie

    wow they all look so good! the dried peaches and the salt caramel pretzel pops look awesome!!!

  • Trinity

    It all looks so good, would love to try this company out! I would really like to try the cranberry macaroon granola :)

  • Nicole

    Sweet potato fries! Blueberry nomnoms! Peanut butter nomnoms! Pistachio power bites! (How long can my list be???)

  • Angie

    Would love to try either the Acai berry crunch or the blueberry Nom noms…but seriously anything with berries or fruit is awesome and I love all nuts except peanuts!!! Great giveaway, sounds like an ingenious company, what a great idea!!!

  • Leah

    Cranberry Almond Bites and Everything Bagel Sticks sound delicious! Everything looks amazing though

  • Sara

    Sweet blueberry almonds sounds unique and delicious, and anything chickpeas! I like that they have so many vegan gluten free options too.

  • Pamela

    Oh Golly, if I had to pick 6, I would start with: Cranberry Almond Bites, Pistachio Power Clusters, Sundried California Peaches, Taj Mahal Snack Mix (My son is on his way to Inda, kinda lets me expereince it even tho I am stateside), Sriracha Roasted Cashews, (he’ll be there too) and Whole Wheat Apple Pie Figgy Bars. But what an amazing selection of snacks. They have it going on!

  • Gwyn

    Wowza what DON’T I want to try??? Particularly intrigued by the smoky pumpkin seeds. And baked sweet potato fries. And garden tomato crunchies. And BBQ kettle kernels. And citrus chipotle chickpeas. And Sriracha cashews. Ok I’m hungry….

  • Lindsey

    Would love to try the Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Pumpkin Seeds & the Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix! Yum! Thanks for the opportunity! =)

  • Stacey

    I’ve never had any of these products but they look amazing! Any of their dried fruit, Sunshine Chips, or Tropical Trail Mix would be incredible to try! Yummy!

  • Laura

    sweet potato fries or the salted caramel things. Wow, that sounds so good!

  • Andria

    All of them!! I am having such a hard time finding good, healthy snacks for my kids and would love to try these!!!

  • Sunny

    The lemon pistachios , and the dried peaches and apricots. I have so many food limitations that these products would provide a perfect snack when I crave a little snack!!! I’m new to your blog & loving the recipes!

  • cheri duzanica

    So many good things, but I think the pumpkin seeds and chick peas would be wonderful to have.

  • Mikaela

    Yum! The dried peaches and pistachio power clusters look amazing.

  • Dee W

    Oooh! The Peanut Butter Nom Noms sound divine!

  • Liz

    Everything looks absolutely delicious! I’d be most excited to try any of the Figgy Bars or the PB Nom Noms, which are my favorite snack items!! I’d love to try the healthy versions, since I haven’t eaten any in so long.

  • Jenny

    Salted caramel pretzel pops anyone?

  • Baked Sweet Potato Fries and French Toast Granola sound so yummy! I would LOVE to try NatureBox!

  • Kim Bender

    Would love to try the Cranberry Almond Bites as I think this would satisfy my sweet tooth without sending my glucose over the top. Also the California Peaches look delicious. Thank You. By the way, I love your blogging.

  • Tracy Turner

    Many l@@k wonderful! Pistachio Power clusters, Cherry Berry Bonanza,Sea Salt and cracked pepper pumpkin seeds, any without grains would be great! Thanks for sharing

  • Tammy C

    I would LOVE to win a Nature Box subscription!! Everything sounds so good!! I would like to try the Bombay Curried Cashews, Honey Nut Medley, Cherry Berry Bonanza, etc…..yummy!!

  • Lindsay

    The chili lime pistachios and country ranch peas sound delicious!

  • Kathryn

    I love that you can make dietary choices and not have to scroll through the entire list. :-) The Cranberry almond looks delish!

  • jen

    I would LOVE to try the Taj Mahal mix!

  • saniel

    Pistachio power cluster sound wonderful

  • J

    OOO French toast granola or the blueberry almonds

  • Yoann

    Fancy Dried Figs sounds yummy!

  • Kat

    sweet potato fries, veggies chips and the nomnoms… blueberry or pb!

  • Jessica

    It all sounds great but the dried peaches and chipotle chickpeas would be my first pick!

  • Oh man, the sunshine chips and the salted caramel pretzel balls look crazy good!

  • Tracy Davis

    Everything Bagel Stix, Toasted Sesame Stix, Roasted Kettle Kernels, Banana Bread Granola, GUACAMOLE BITES, Italian Bistro Pretzels, Dark Cocoa Almonds, I didn’t see any I wouldn’t like to try. All of them look delicious!

  • Gaby

    Too many choices! I would need gluten free too, but the peanut butter non moms, pistachio clusters, almonds, anything with nuts!

  • sara

    peanut butter nom noms and oat bran dippin sticks, along with pretty much everything else! looks great!

  • julianne

    i could seriously use this giveaway– i’m so broke right now! please please please! there are too many goodies to choose from, but all those figgy bars especially are calling my name.

    *crossing fingers and toes*

  • Grace

    Definitely the dried peaches! I have an obsession with all things peach!

  • Kat

    Anything with pistachio and lime or anything with nuts is awesome

  • Kate

    I have been hearing about this company everywhere lately! The lemon tea biscuits sound delightful (I might have to try to make something similar right now…) and I’d love to try any of the figgy bars because they don’t have the nut cautions that so many other brands do!

  • I’d love to try the chipotle maple almonds, yellow curry peas and citrus chipotle chickpeas!! yummmm!!

  • Jason

    I’d love to try the peanut butter nom noms and the acai berry crunch!

  • michella

    the figgy bars sound so good! would love to try them.

  • Sunshine snack and potato and sweet potato fries look yummy

  • It is a tough choice! The two that stood out the most for me are Mexicana Mango and the Sunshine chips.

  • April

    Baked peppery potato fries sound amazing! Thanks!

  • There are so many good options, but I’m thinking the blueberry nom noms!

  • Chris

    Is like to try the sunshine chips. Yum!

  • Kate

    The all look so good! I would like to try the salted caramel pretzel pops!

  • Acmommy3

    What a neat service, I have been looking into monthly subscription boxes and this one definitely catches my interest. The Whole Wheat Apple Pie Figgy Bars, Dark cocoa almonds, pistachio clusters, and peanut butter nomnoms sound good. :)

  • Brandy

    Wow! They look so yummy. I think my top 3 would be the Praline Pumpkin Seeds, Vanilla Macaroon Granola, and the Sour Cream and Onion Almonds. Nom nom nom.

  • Edie

    Chipotle maple almonds and antioxidant boost sound wonderful!

  • Shannon L.

    The Sun Dried California Peaches look awesome! So do the salted caramel pretzel bites.

  • Elizabeth

    I would love to try the baked sweet potato fries!

  • Jenna Maryon

    Taj Mahal and Whole Wheat Berry Figgy!

  • Ilea

    Those guacamole bites :)

  • Sara

    Everything gluten free looks amazing to me! Any of the dried fruit, nuts, and/or seeds without added sugar also! :-)

  • Shelly Marlott

    Pistachios, chickpeas and peaches! Thanks so much!

  • Kathy

    I would love to try the siracha almonds!

  • Leila

    Oohh, anything dried fruit – the apples, peaches, cranberries, ect. The acai crunch, the chickpea snacks. Everything sounds so delicious!

  • Nicole

    I’d love to try the Guacamole Bites and Baked Sweet Potato Fries!

  • Val

    Teh Chipotle Lone Star Snack sounds like a great way to get my hubby and his friends to eat healthy instead of Doritos!

  • Jill

    Acai Berry Crunch looks awesome!

  • Nancy

    What a selection! I’d like to try peanut butter nom noms and salted pretzel pops!

  • Kathryn Ernst-Carmichael

    I would like to try any of the Gluten free items

  • kathi

    Wow..they all look delicious. I’d love to try the Cherry Berry Bonanza or any of the Figgy Bars!

  • Christa H

    The Taj Mahal snack mix sounds amazing!

  • Laura

    I would love to try the praline pumpkin seeds! Everything sounds so good though!!

  • Bailey Slocum

    Being a college student who loves eating healthy it would be AMAZING to have a NatureBox subscription! I would absolutely love to try the acai berry crunch and the citrus chipotle chickpeas!

  • Deborah

    Peanut butter num nums and pistachio power clusters for sure!! Yummy!!

  • Lu

    I would like to try the dried pears

  • Michelle

    I would love to try the blueberry nom noms! They look delicious!

  • Linda Bo

    Honey Mesquite Almonds & the Peaches get my vote! Yummy!
    You & your family are gorgeous! Congratulations on your precious little one!

  • Elizabeth

    The Sriracha Roasted Cashews look insanely delicious!

  • Lesley Glenn

    Saracha Almonds please.

  • Lori

    Sweet potato fries and masa chips sound delicioso, love to try the CA peaches too with no extra sweeteners!

  • Judy

    Mmm, I’d go for anything involving sweet potatoes!

  • Leslie

    the guacamole bites sound awesome! i am a sucker for anything peanut butter, though (nom noms would satisfy that)!

  • Susan Flynn

    I’d like to try the dried apples and the sesame sticks.

  • the dried mango and the plantain chips sound delicious!

  • Megan

    The country ranch peas caught my attention ;)

  • I love dried peaches so I would be most excited to try those!

  • Joy Dauble

    So many sound good! I think i’d try the cocoa waffle wafers, pistachio power clusters & the sun-dried California peaches.

  • Robin F.

    Would love to try homestyle cheddar mix, everything bagel stix, sea salt/pepper pumpkin seeds. They all look yummy!

  • Cheryl Pinder

    The Peanut butter nomnoms and the dark cocoa almonds look delish!

  • Laura Wright

    The Whole Wheat Blueberry Figgy Bars sound delicious!!

  • Deanna

    Blueberry almonds, california peaches, and fuji apples!!!

  • I would like to try the “peanut butter nom noms”

  • Amy Rock

    The sweet potato fries sound delish! But there are so many things I’d love to try too!

  • Stacy

    First off, thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I’d love to try the sriracha cashews and the peanut butter nom noms. With names that include sriracha and peanut butter, I’m not sure how you could go wrong!

  • Courtney

    I would love to try the antioxidant boost, sun dried california peaches( or any of the dried fruit), and the oat bran dippin’ stix… in that order :)

  • Jacqui

    As I am intolerant to gluten, dairy and eggs I normally steer clear of these sorts of things. However, I took a look at their website and was pleasantly surprised to see how many gluten free, vegan options they have! I would love to try the citrus chipotle chickpeas, sea salt & cracked pepper pumpkin seeds and the pistachio power clusters!

  • Sara L

    Oh my goodness! I would be totally delighted to try any of the choices! Okay, except for the figs. Not a big fig fan. But other than that – wow! Everything looks delicious!

  • Kathy

    They all look good. I would like to try the pistachio power clusters, sesame sticks and peanut butter nom noms.

  • Diana

    So many look delicious! My top picks……..dried peaches, dried pears, Yellow Curry Peas, Chili Lime Pistachios & Far East Rice Crackers. Thank you.

  • Mary B.

    Get in my belly!! :)
    I’d really like to try the chipotle-maple almonds!

  • Kim

    The lemon pistachio sounds delicious! Actually they all do!! :-) *slurp *drool

  • All the snacks look so good! The top 3 I’d love to try would be the praline pumpkin seeds, peanut butter nom noms and the baked peppery potato fries!

  • Cindy

    Sun dried peaches and Granny Smith apples. Thank you.

  • Alyssa

    Wow! Definitely umami almonds….and just about every other thing! Thanks for sharing!

  • allison

    definitely the citrus chipotle chickpeas… although they all look awesome!

  • Jen W.

    Tart and Tangy Fruit Medley and the Cranberry Almond bites sound yummy.

  • OMG! Praline Pumpkin Seeds? Sign me up!

  • Alicia

    I would lve totry almost any. As a personal trainer, my clients always ask about these products. I would lve to actually give samples of some.

  • Sarah n Erich

    My family and I have enjoyed learning new recipes and new vendors to share with each other from your site! Everything looks yummy! Esp the nuts and dried fruits :)

  • Kasey

    Dried pineapple! Yum

  • LS

    All of the dried fruit and nuts look amazing! So many choices!

  • Rebecca

    As someone with food allergies, I love that they have a place to mark dietary needs! My top three I want to try are Chipotle Maple Almonds, Honey Mustard Dippin’ Stix, and Blueberry Almond Bites.

  • Emily

    Lemon Pucker Pistachios sound amazing!!!

  • karen

    I’d like to try the dried figs, cherry berry bonanza, and dried peaches.

  • Amy

    Wow – there are so many delicious looking treats here. I keep looking at the peanut butter nom noms, the sesame sticks, the harvest blend nuts, and the citrus chipotle chickpeas.

  • Twila

    I’d like to try the cranberry almond bites!

  • Genny

    They all sound absolutely delicious! Hard to pick which ones to start with. Would go with the blueberry almond bites, cashew clusters and sea salt/peppery pumpkin seeds. Thanks for this new website. Will definitely be trying their items :).

  • Kristin

    Oh my goodness! Pretty sure I absolutely need to try the citrus chipotle chickpeas ASAP!

  • Debbie

    Wow! I would love some healthy snacks options for my little ones to enjoy! Wild blueberry flax granola, guacamole bites, and sticks ‘n stones would surely be a hit!

  • I would love to try the peaches, since they don’t contain sulfites, and ANY of the varieties of those figgy bars, oh my gosh they all sound good. Oh, and the plaintain chips look amazing, too (um, I’m pregnant, I want EVERYTHING!)

  • Merinda

    Oh any of the non-GMO!! They Cranberry Almond Bites look fabulous! NatureBox is going on my list for sure!

  • Sarah

    I would love to have the opportunity to try the dried peaches, dried pears and cranberry almond bites! Thanks so much!

  • Sarah

    I want to try masa chips and dried pears!

  • Sara

    The peaches you mention sound good, I don’t know if I’ve had dried peaches before, also, the lemon pucker pistachios are interesting.

  • Eileen

    I’m always looking for healthy snacks that are easy to grab on the go. I’ve also got quite the sweet tooth, so the Salted Caramel Pretzel and Blueberry Almond Bites look like a perfect fit.

  • Suzie

    Lemon Pucker Pistachios sound delicious!

  • Emily

    Oh, I’ve been drooling over Nature Box! Umami almonds, citrus chipotle chickpeas, sun dried peaches, it all looks amazing!

  • Laura C.

    The Lemon Pucker Pistachios look amazing! I love tart things and pistachios so I think this would be a win :-)

  • Sarah

    They all look so delicious! My top choices are lemon pucker pistacios, sun-dried california peaches, antioxidant boost and cranberry almond bites. :)

  • Kristy

    Citrus chipotle chickpeas!

  • chia seeds have become signature with me since no one at my work had heard of eating them! so,I would want to try (and share) the chia seed crackers for sure. really nice choices here. thanks

  • Imgene

    salted caramel pretzel anyone?!

  • Lisa

    I would love to try to Mexicana Mango, dark cocoa almonds, sundered California peaches, and peanut butter nom noms!

  • sara

    What a generous giveaway! I’d love to try the seaweed rice pops, masa crisps, blueberry nom noms (ha!), and the citrus kick almonds!

  • Jessica

    The peanut butter nom noms look amazing!

  • I’d like to try the dried apple rings or the dark chocolate berry trail mix.

  • Laura Johnson

    Yum! Seaweed rice pops!

  • Calli

    Sun dried peaches sound great!

  • It’s a toss up between the dried mango and fig bars, but I know my husband would want to try thr sriracha almonds.

  • Sarah

    The blueberry almond bites look delicious! !

  • I would love to try the seaweed rice crisps! so unusual sounding!

  • rebekah

    Blueberry nom noms! Hope I win!

  • Jennifer

    Wow, so many good choices!Here are a few yummy snacks I’d like to try: pistachio power clusters, sun-dried California peaches, wild blueberry almond bites, blueberry nom noms, and everything bagel stix.

  • Clementine

    It being winter, there’s no good fruit anywhere (at least where I live), so it would be great to have some quality dried fruit!

  • Jill

    Wow! I can’t believe how many there are to choose from! My husband would love the honey mesquite almonds. I on the other hand would just have to start at the beginning because they all look so good! But the dark chocolate berry trail mix looks fabulous, as do the pistachio power clusters!

  • Yum, The dark chocolate cherry trail mix and cashew clusters look awesome! My husband does no dairy, which means I also do very little. We are always looking for new snacks. We also live in Tahoe which is really lacking in the grocery store department. Sounds like a great option.

  • That list is unbelievable…I think I’d like all of them! But maybe I’d start wih yellow curry chickpeas and the dried California peaches!! Yummmm!!

  • I would love to Nom Nom on the Nature Box Peanutbutter Nom Noms! Ooooh and the blue berry ones too!

  • Bethany

    These snacks look so good! I’d like to try the Sunshine Chips, Cherry Crumble Granola, Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas, Pear Praline Crunch, Blueberry Nom Noms, South Pacific Plantains…pretty much everything looks delicious!

  • Jeannie

    Wow! They all look great. I’m on a very restricted diet so these would be wonderful. The ones that really caught my attention were guacamole bites, country ranch peas, and south pacific plantains. They sound so good!

  • Ashley

    The pistachio power clusters look so good and filling!

  • Nancy

    I would love to try the dried peaches! Such an awesome service!

  • Vicki Bellamy

    All my kids have wanted to try the Peanut Butter nom noms. My husband loves nuts especially ones like the cinnamon spiced almonds or citrus kick almonds. One of my kids loves fig bars.. so any of those choices:) I tend to have a sweet tooth so anything from sweet blueberry almonds to praline pumpkin seeds to the california peaches! So many choices!! YUM!

  • Beth Townsend

    So many amazing choices!! I’d love to try the Aztec Chia Seed Trail Mix, the yellow curry peas and the citrus chipotle chickpeas. Yum!

  • Yummmm! All the snacks look fantastic! I just made my first order and can’t wait to get my Nature Box! I’d have to say I’m most excited about the sweets – french toast granola and yogurt dipped pretzels. Yummy! Thanks for introducing me to Nature Box!


  • chelsea

    chipotle maple almonds = yes please! Sounds so tasty! What an awesome giveaway.

  • Nancy L

    Mmmm, they all look good, but the Tuscon Summer Mix and the Taj Mahal mix looks really good.

  • Sandra

    Peanut butter nomnoms and everything bagel sticks. They all sound divine!

  • Niki P

    There are so many that look good but the few that stick out are the Antioxident Boost, Far East Rice Crackers, and the Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Jennifer

    The Seaweed Rice Pops, the Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas, and the Fancy Dried Figs all look delicious!

  • Ginny

    All look delicious, but I would choose harvest nut mix, roasted kettle kernels, antioxidant boost and sunshine chips. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Cassie

    Healthy snacks are a must have in my house – these all sound so good!! I’d love to try the peppery chickpeas, cherry crumble granola, sriracha roasted cashews, praline pumpkin seeds, and the list could go on!

  • It is so hard to just pick one., they all look amazing., it is amazing how many options they have! I want to try them all! My 1st choice would be Salted Pretzel Caramel Pops. :)

  • Amy

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  • Deidre Mills

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  • Katie

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  • Vanessa

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  • Mary

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  • Andrea P

    So many look so good! I’d go with the Sriracha cashews for savory and the dark cocoa almonds for sweet.

  • Janet T

    I would like to try the peppery chickpeas.

  • Roxanne

    Pear Prailine Crunch, Blueberry Nom Noms and Apple Orchard Granola. But honestly, everything they have sounds delicious. Their variety is incredible.

  • Britt

    Chili Lime Pistachios! YUM <3

  • I’d love to try the pears, apples, peaches, figs, pineapple, and lemon pucker pistachios. Yum!

  • Lauren

    It’s so awesome they’re offering 50% off for our first purchase!
    I think the Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Pepitas (Pumpkin Seeds) sound fantastic, as well as the Southern BBQ Sunflower Kernels! Yum! I also LOVE dried fruit, and those peaches sound so delicious!

  • maureen

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  • Gina Pittman

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    On another note, I am loving your sight. I have tried the spaghetti squash casserole and eggplant lasagna. Both were just delicious. I will be making the cauliflower crust pizza today. I am so happy I found your sight because when my doctor said I needed to cut out carbs and processed foods I freaked. This was an answer to a prayer. I lost 6 pounds in one week. I am on my way to healthy and feeling good. Thanks for the assist.

  • Jillian

    It’s so hard to choose!! We use your site every week to make healthy meals, we both live a very hectic life and are always looking for snacks on the go, these look perfect. I think Taj Mahal Snack Mix, pistachio power cluster and the sirachi cashews look amazing! Thanks for all your posts!

  • Cassondra

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  • Nicole Bridgen

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  • Leann Nowak

    Chili Lime Pistachios…HELLO!

  • Mahri Rivera

    peppery chickpeas, sriracha roasted cashews,Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas, Blueberry Nom Noms,guacamole bites, country ranch peas, Garden tomato crunchies

  • Lori

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  • Kathy Navilio

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    Sun dried California peaches, Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix, Dark Cocoa Almonds, Cherry Crumble Granola and Peanut Butter Nom Nom.

  • Helen

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  • Jenny

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  • Jodi

    Although I’ve been eating home-cooked and organic for awhile, I kicked off 2014 with my first-ever foray into TRULY clean/detox eating… Trying to eliminate gluten, dairy and animal products, having lots of raw and plant-based meals, juicing, etc, instead… and it’s been SUCH an eye-opener… buuuuuut, I still miss my snacks! And now you show me these guacamole bites and peanut butter nom noms and French toast granola and I see that healthy doesn’t mean I never get to eat a crunchy treat again! Money is tight these days (for everyone, I know), so I very much Hope I can win one of the giveaways.. But I think even if don’t win, I might just have to buy a box as a treat for myself! Thanks for letting me know this company was out there!

  • Cel

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  • Christina Nielsen

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    So I would love to try cherry crumble gronola, sweet blueberry almond, salted caramel pretzel,
    Baked sweet potatoes, mexicana mangoes… Ahh too many to choose from

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  • Richele

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