7 Things You’ll Need to Write A Cookbook

Before going through the entire process of getting a cookbook published, I had no idea what was I was getting myself into. I know many of my readers are fellow bloggers and home cooks, so I thought I’d share a brief overview of how my book deal came about, along with some behind-the-scenes looks at the work involved to put it all together.


If you’re interested in someday writing a cookbook of your own, here are 7 things you might want to know before getting started:

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Vegan Cookie Dough Ice Cream

When it comes to recipes, I like them to be quick and easy. So, when I was craving some cookie dough ice cream last weekend, I came up with this quick solution. Using banana soft serve as the base, which doesn’t require an ice cream maker, it’s practically instant! The vegan cookie dough chunks are also easy to…

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What I Ate: Vegan Eats

After years of struggling with yo-yo dieting and body image issues, I’ve found that I feel best when I’m free of labels and strict dietary guidelines. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my fair share of plant-based and vegan meals! I realized that I ate almost entirely vegan options on Monday, so I thought I’d share a…

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Make-Ahead Summer Salad Bar + Giveaway!

Summer is arguably the easiest time of the year to eat well. Fresh produce is in its prime, and the warm weather makes refreshing salads sound oh-so-appealing! You can make eating salads even easier by preparing the ingredients ahead of time, and I’ve teamed up with Mighty Nest to show you how. Be sure to check out the…

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Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Shake

As you may know, I’ve been drinking quite a few chocolate shakes lately. So much so that I’ve been going through my ingredients fast! This shake is the happy result of me running out of my usual ingredients. On the weekend I’ll usually make a double-batch of smoothie for Austin and I to share, but I didn’t have enough ingredients…

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What I Ate: My Go-To Favorites

Do you ever find yourself in a food rut? I feel like I’m in one right now. Though it’s not a rut that I’m looking to get out of anytime soon– I’m loving each and every bite! I have a tendency to go through phases with what I eat, craving the same few things over…

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Preorder BONUS!

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you all today. As you know, my cookbook is coming out very soon, and in addition to the easy whole food recipes, meal plan, shopping list, entertaining menus, and healthy eating guide that it includes, I want to thank you all for preordering with an extra bonus gift. This…

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Gluten-Free Recipes for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just two days away, I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes that might make your mom’s day a little brighter. The following options are all naturally gluten-free, but most importantly… they’re easy and delicious. Hope you enjoy one of them with your mom this weekend!


What I Ate: Avoiding Perfectionism

I feel like a common struggle among those who embark on a new healthy eating journey is dealing with a perfectionist or “all or nothing” mentality. You’re either eating healthy or you’re not, with no middle ground. I admit, I fell into this category for years. If I slipped-up during the day and had a cookie or a…

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Paleo Cinnamon Crunch “Cereal”

Growing up, we never had sweet cereals in our house. Our breakfast options were usually plain Cheerios or plain Rice Krispies. I only enjoyed cereals, like “Cinnamon Toast Crunch,” when I slept over at a friend’s house. It was like having dessert for breakfast! And that’s actually how this cereal recipe came about– it was the solution to a…

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What I Ate: Dairy-Free Meal Ideas

While gathering pictures of my meals yesterday, I realized that I had an entirely dairy-free day. I have a mild obsession with goat cheese, so this is pretty impressive for me. And I didn’t even miss it! The key to my dairy-free enjoyment yesterday was this creamy tahini dressing. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t wait…

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Paleo Banana Snack Cake

This cake is my new go-to recipe for satisfying my family’s sweet tooth. It’s naturally sweetened with only banana, but tastes decadent enough to be served as a birthday cake. (In fact, I think I will be serving it at my son’s next birthday party with some sort of chocolate frosting.) It’s quick and easy to make, too– all…

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Easy Homemade Deodorant

I smell really good today. And that’s a relief, because through pregnancy, and now nursing, my hormones have been all over the place– making my body odor more, um, pungent than it used to be. I feel like I’m reapplying deodorant all the time! I stopped using antiperspirants a long time ago, but I’ll admit that it’s…

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Gluten-Free Crustless Quiche

Growing up, my family enjoyed a lot of crustless recipes, like pumpkin pie and quiche. This is probably because my mom didn’t like the effort involved in making a crust. (I get my kitchen laziness from her– if it’s not quick and easy, I’m not doing it!) Why make a crust for pumpkin pie after making an entire Thanksgiving…

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Creamy Lemon & Asparagus Pasta

This vegan pasta makes a light and refreshing Spring meal. Unlike its cream-based counterparts, this sauce gets its creaminess from pureed cauliflower, along with a boost of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, and vitamin B6. Paired with a touch of tart lemon juice, freshly ground black pepper, and tender asparagus, I can’t get enough of this refreshing combination….

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Chewy Vegan & Paleo Brownies

If you love brownies, you’re in luck, because these are amazingly decadent. When it comes to brownies, mine have to have a chewy and fudgy texture. That’s pretty difficult to achieve without a large quantity of eggs, butter, and sugar, but after numerous attempts, I think I came up with a pretty delicious solution.


What I Ate: Fruit Sweetened Treats

As part of the 8-week challenge, one of my goals is to satisfy my sweet tooth with fruit-sweetened desserts. I’m hoping this will re-set my taste buds after testing 20+ pans of vegan brownies over the past month! (Luckily, that recipe finally turned out perfectly, so I’ll be sharing it by the end of the week, once I get all of the photos…

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