Fitness DVDs & Equipment

An array of my favorites, sure to keep your body moving!

Fitness DVDs

Physique 57 Vol. 1


Physique 57 Vol. 2

Jackie Warner: Xtreme Timesaver Training

30 Day Shred

No More Trouble Zones

Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

Jackie Warner: One-on-One Training

41-KgZ6ALiL._SY450_Cardio Sculpt



Needak Rebounder

Folding TreadmillGymboss Interval Timer

Body Composition Scale

9 comments to Fitness DVDs & Equipment

  • liv marie

    hi! i was wondering what kind of workouts you do? i dont really see anything about exercise or W.O.D do you go to a gym or do home videos or what? thanks!

    • I tend to keep this blog more food-oriented than exercise-oriented– since abs are made in the kitchen!– but I tend to mostly do home workouts during the weekday, and I’ll visit a Physique 57 studio over the weekend, or hike with friends.

  • Natalia

    hi! have you done the p90x or insanity? I am a mellow physique 57 kinda girl….but looking to loose 10…. are these crazy?

    • Kiran

      I’ve tried both – I did p90x first, then insanity. P90x is good to start off with, but it requires equipment (weights/bands, pull-up bar). Insanity was tough and I had better results with it. It is based on interval training, which i loved.

      • Amber

        I loved both of them but I like Insanity because there no equipment. My all time favorite is TurboFire! Have you heard of it before? Its kickboxing and dance really fun!!!

  • mandy

    Do you know much about the T-Tapp method? I just ordered it but was curious if you had any experience with it.

  • Absolutely LOVE your site… and have been following you for a year or so… Thank you for bringing healthier living to more folks. Keep up the great work!! LP

  • Kimberly

    I really love the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels. Happy to see you recommend it as well. Instant results and energy. Only about 25 mins and your daily workout is done. Love the site, going to try a few recipes now.

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