1. Karine says

    Dear Megan,
    just a post to warmly thank you for your reading recommendations. I just bought “Ultra metabolism” and received it yesterday… I can’t stop reading it!
    I have some troubles about digestion and very painful bloated belly and I am sure I will find some very clever and useful advices on it. And above all it does make me felling no more guilty about fat (good one)!
    I still have so many to learn and train to forget all our bab habits and myths!
    Thank you again

  2. mandy says

    I’m a newcome to your site and love it! I would definitely check out The Better Baby Book for those looking for healthier options for fertility related issues. It is a must read!

    I’m so excited to try your recipes. Mmmmm!

  3. Michele says

    I love your website! I have 3 kids, so I am very busy and your recipes are simple and look delicious. Made the Paleo Banana Pancakes this morning and they were a big hit!!! The reason I was searching the web for new and healthy alternatives is because my son suffers for moderate to severe acne. Do you have any further suggestions to help clear his skin or good books to read.
    Thank you, Michele

  4. B says

    Somewhere on your website you mention a book about what to eat while pregnant, I can’t seem to find it now. Can you please let me know what. It is?


  5. Barbara Aderson says

    Megan – I love the “One-Stop Guide to Food Combining.” What is the name of the person and/or book that goes with the chart,so I can read more? I would love to see sample recipes/meal plans for each categoy.

  6. joanna says

    hey megan. have you heard of the body ecology diet? I am reading it now and am so overwhelmed!

    I’ve been following the specific carb diet for almost 1 year now and still have a lot of digestive symptoms. I figured food combining is the main thing missing in the SCD book. you can eat anything with anything!

    in the BED, if I were to start it, do I have to start it from the beginning? it’s been so hard eating no starches/grains/legumes on the SCD and now these are allowed on BED. i’m so confused on which one to follow.

    is food combining really that important?

  7. SF says

    Hi Megan,
    Do you have any pregnancy books you could recommend? I’m newly pregnant for the first time. I love everything you post so I figured you’d be a good person to ask for a book recommendation!


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