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2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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Thanksgiving is over, which means holiday shopping season has arrived!

I’ll be avoiding the Black Friday madness today, but thought I’d share some of my favorite gifts ideas below. I’ve tried to include something for everyone!

healthy holiday gift ideas

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1. Camelbak Glass Water Bottle. We all know the importance of drinking water, and these glass water bottles help you tote it around with you everywhere, without the use of harmful plastics. I love that you don’t have to tip this bottle back to drink from it– making it perfect for road trips or late-night nursing sessions.

2. Paderno Spiral Slicer. This unique slicer is a great way to introduce your friends and family to the world of vegetable-based noodles. You could attach an easy recipe for sweet potato or zucchini noodles, too!

3. Glass Straws. I’ve given these straws to everyone in my family– they’re always a hit! There’s something about using a glass straw that makes any drink taste better, and as a bonus, you’re reducing waste at the same time.

4. Joco Glass Coffee Cup. I prefer glass for my beverage containers, as it doesn’t add a metallic taste to my drinks the way stainless steel sometimes can. These glass cups look perfect for enjoying a warm cup of tea or coffee.

5. Healthy Cookbooks:

  • The Oh She Glows Cookbook. A go-to resource for those looking to add more plant-based and vegan recipes to their repertoire. Angela’s recipes are always delicious and crowd-pleasing!
  • The Blender Girl. Loaded with gluten-free and vegan recipes that can be whipped together in no time with a blender, including smoothies, soups, dips, sauces, and desserts!
  • Choosing Raw. Gena’s book is loaded with healthy eating tips and plant-based recipes that will make adding raw foods to your diet easy and enjoyable, without any diet dogma.
  • Raw Food Detox Diet. This book changed my outlook on healthy living, and it’s still my first recommendation for anyone who wants a good place to start for embarking on a healthier diet.

holiday gift ideas6. Tata Harper Skincare Products. I was introduced to Tata Harper’s 100% natural and non-toxic skincare line this year and am already loving their products. I especially love that they are scented with essential oils, so I can smell good, without the use of chemicals or artificial fragrances.

7. RMS Beauty Products. I’ve been using this brand of all-natural cosmetics for the last few years, and I love them! Made with a coconut oil base, the Lip 2 Cheek color and Living Luminizer have become favorites in my non-toxic makeup bag.

8. Morrocco Method. These haircare and skincare products are about as natural as it gets, with an earthy scent and texture. Perfect for those looking for a hair “detox.”

9. Ballet Beautiful. I discovered Ballet Beautiful workouts this year and now I’m hooked! Perfect for all fitness levels, as it’s low-impact and broken into 15-minute segments for a quick (but challenging!) workout anytime.

10. FitBit. I love this little pedometer. It syncs automatically to your computer or smartphone, tracking your movement throughout the day, and you can even keep up with your friends in their interactive community!

11. Blanket On The Go. I received this blanket as a shower gift, and I use it daily on our chilly morning stroller walks. I love how it snaps securely to our stroller, so my son can’t kick it off. Perfect for moms who want to stay active! (It also makes an easy nursing cover.)

12. Squeasy Snacker Reusable Bottle. This bottle is perfect for parents who want to give their kids smoothies on the go. My son uses this “squeasy” bottle daily– it’s my guaranteed way of sneaking plenty of healthy foods into his diet.

If you’d prefer a homemade approach, here are a few of my favorite DIY gift ideas:

DIY gift ideas13. Two-Ingredient Lotion. This rich and creamy lotion is easy to make and rivals the expensive store-bought brands. (I store it in these 4 oz. glass jars.)

14. Pumpkin Seed Granola. This granola is always a crowd-pleaser, and looks great in a glass Weck jar with a ribbon tied around it. (I like to use these chalkboard labels for labeling the jars, too.)

15. Homemade Cookies. You can’t go wrong with a batch of cookies. These grain-free Ginger Cookies are my favorite around the holidays, but you can find more healthy cookie recipes here.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and happy holiday shopping!

Reader Feedback: Any more gift ideas you’d like to share? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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Candace M

I can’t wait for your cookbook to be available…THAT wold be the best holiday gift!


    I very much agree…


    Thanks, ladies! I can’t wait for it to be out next year!!


Another great gift guide!! I may have to give that Squeasy Snacker a try with my little girl! Thanks!


Hi there, just had a quick question. I thought you can not eat sweet potato raw as it is very hard to digest. Do you ever eat raw sweet potato noodles? Did you have problems with it? I would like to try but not sure if it is really healthy…?


    I spiralize the sweet potato raw, but then I cook the “noodles” until they’re tender. I know some people eat raw sweet potatoes, but I don’t care for that taste or texture.


I love my glass Camelbak but didn’t like the silicone inner straw and mouthpiece – and, guess what? – Glass Dharma makes glass inserts especially for the Camelbak. Both a large glass straw for inside the bottle and a little glass straw that you insert in the mouthpiece. Now I’m drinking all glass and loving the taste!
Check it out:


These are all GREAT ideas!! I love them! I’m going to have to do some looking into several of these!

jill conyers

I love OSG cookbook! Vegan or not everyone should have it.


When does your cook book come out?!

Kezia @ Super Naturally Healthy

I love making body scrubs for gifts as they are so easy – but love the look of the glass water and hot drink carriers!


Great list!! One question, I had to toss my Shea butter because the smell was just too overpowering. I smelled like playdough and dirt. Does the kind you use have an odor. i want to try your recipe!


Great ideas
Has anyone tried this product called the Wonderbag, it’s a slow cooker no electricity. Thought it was a neat gift eco friendly


This is a clay pot you can cook your food in one pot and put into a Cold oven. Anyone tried it?


Hi Megan!

Just wondering what products in particular you recommend from Morocco method? I’ve been wanting to try their products- wondering which you’ve liked!
Also, which color lip2cheek do you use? I’ve got some RMS products on my list too! Thanks so much 🙂


    I don’t have the products in front of me right now, but I like the Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo from Morocco Method and I LOVE their facial scrub! Since their shampoos are very natural (almost like mud!) you might be best off gifting the facial scrub and their leave-in conditioner to a newbie, since they are more like “traditional” beauty products. The shampoo takes some getting used to! I also love everything from RMS– I think I have the Smile and Modest colors in Lip2Cheek. They’re awesome!

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