Mini Trampoline Interval Workout

I have a confession to make.

I purchased this GymBoss interval timer almost 3 months ago– thinking it would motivate me to do some BodyRock workouts– and never even opened it.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time I purchased some new fitness gadget, hoping for some magical burst of motivation, only to let it sit and collect dust.

But today, I finally decided to break-in my new interval timer!

And, boy, am I glad I did.

The GymBoss is incredibly easy to use– you can set it to practically any interval timing you’d like with the press of a button or two. To get acclimated to my new gadget, I set it to two intervals of one minute each, and had it repeat 10 times for a total of 20 minutes.

Then I jumped onto my rebounder and got to work!


Mini Trampoline Interval Workout:

1st minute: Steady bouncing
2nd minute: Running in place, with high knees facing forward
3rd minute: Steady bouncing
4th minute: Running in place, with high knees turned out

Repeat the whole set 5 times for a total of 20 minutes

The GymBoss made my workout fly by– I was able to watch my morning TV shows without watching the clock! (the timer beeps every time it’s time to change intervals, so you don’t have to think about it) Before I knew it, I was sweating up a storm! I’ve never had such an effective workout on my rebounder. (Typically, I’d just bounce around on it with no rhyme or reason.)

In fact, I can already feel my leg muscles getting stronger, and find myself looking forward to doing it again tomorrow!

The best part of this workout?

The sore throat I’ve been suffering from since last Monday (a side effect of my Candida cleanse) disappeared immediately after my interval session! Rebounding is supposed to be an effective way to release toxins through lymph fluid, so something must have been shaken loose this morning!

Whatever it was, I’m grateful it’s gone.

I was really starting to fear I’d have a sore throat for the rest of my life! Or at least for the remainder of my cleanse. Symptoms like that are EXACTLY the reason why I’m including a bit of sugar– like my beloved dark chocolate— into my program. I can’t even imagine the extent of my detox symptoms if I had eliminated any more sugar! Eek!

It’s also nice to feel like I’ve been making some progress in even the short time I’ve been following this program. The fact that I experienced detox symptoms proves that I do, in fact, have some Candida overgrowth– and the fact that I’ve stuck-it-out and seen improvement is just the burst of motivation I need to keep going.

All I know is, I’ve found my new favorite workout.

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what an awesome at home workout I just got a rebounder but I need to invest in a gymboss!


    Yay for getting a rebounder!! I hope you LOVE it! ๐Ÿ˜€


The Gymboss is great — I have 3: I use them almost every day — I have had trouble with the buttons on the silver one sticking and had to get it replaced and ordered another since I could not live without it, and now they have the Max for fancy splits.

I understand the allure of BodyRock, but I have found her exercises to be very bad on knees and she does not show the progression for some of the tough exercises like pistols — which are an incredibly difficult exercise BTW. There are a bunch of bodyweight exercise routines available on youtube, many produced by people who have technical training (so there is more attention to form and injury prevention), and as long as you do a series of short work/rest intervals, you will get a great cardiovascular workout, so 15/15 seconds work/rest, or 30/10 work/rest, or whatever you want. If you focus on getting into shape, you do not need to focus on weight loss per se, though I would always focus on having a clean diet.

Some of the paid workout routines are good — with Tacfit and Bodyweight Coach being some of the best — these tend to have big promos when they release new routines. But for the absolutely best overall conditioning and strengthening exercises on the planet… try kettlebells! They are round weights with handles that you swing around and they are the most efficient way to transform your body, bar none. There are so many ways to put together routines that it does not get boring, which is essential to sticking with exercise. Check out youtube and you will find lots of ideas!


    I definitely agree that BodyRock looks like it could be hard on the knees… it actually reminded me of Insanity, which hurt my husband’s knees within the first three days!

    I’ll have to check out your other suggestions. Thanks for all the ideas!

Holly @ The Runny Egg

I have wanted to get one of those timers — not for bodyrock but just to do circuit workouts at home. For now I use a timer I bought at Target, but I have to keep resetting it each round which is kind of a pain!


omg – this is exactly what I need and didn’t know existed! My Doctor wants me to follow Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy (lol) which does have a great interval training program with short quick bursts of full out exercise. And I was thinking – how on earth do you keep track of the clock and concentrate if you’re not on the elliptical?

But like you, I believe in the power of the rebounder and have also just been doing it willy nilly til I ran out of breath or got bored (5 mins tops… sigh…) I was going to post this on Natalia’s site – you might find this really interesting. I picked up a copy of a friend’s Needak booklet and they recommend this sequence as being very powerful and all you need to do. 7 minutes a day!

Health bounce 30 sec (just bounce without feet coming off the tramp)
Strength jump 1 min (feet off tramp)
Fast sprint 1 min (full out)
Health bounce 1 min

Do it 2 x day.

You constantly inspire me Megan! made the choco-cado milk yesterday – yummo!


    Seriously, this little GymBoss timer is the best thing that ever happened to rebounding. I did the same workout again this morning, and it just flew by while I brainlessly watched my morning television. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll have to try that sequence you suggested tomorrow!

    So glad you enjoyed the choco-cado milk, too. I can’t get enough of it.

Pure2raw twins

love our gymboss

still hope to get a rebounder


I am glad you mention Natalia Rose I like her books, but after reading them I am confused. She wrote dried fruits are ok with nuts and then I have read Dr Shelton where he explain it should be mix together becasue of fermetation. He suggest to use acid fruit with nuts. So what do you think about it?


    I think it’s easy to drive yourself crazy if you get into the teeny-tiny details of food combining. There are TONS of complicated charts and books out there, if you really want to go there. There are purists out there who only believe in eating mono-meals– which is where you might end up if you keep stressing over sub-acid fruits, acid fruits, acid-starch, etc.

    I prefer Natalia’s approach because it’s simplified. Her approach is to gently transition people into food combining, without confusing them to pieces!

    Eventually, you should be able to listen to your body and FEEL what works best for you. Do you feel bloated or gassy when eating dried fruit and nuts together? If so, then that combo may not work for you. If you feel fine, though, then enjoy the dried fruit and nuts together!


Thanks a lot you have written this. I wanted to try food combo for detox purpose,I did not have any digestion problem and I do not want to loose any weight I only want to clean my body little bit. I think the same as you write it, it will be much more stressfull to go that way. Even natalia eat fruit veggies and coconnut together at dinner time she does not stress about it in the evening time. So thanks for this help


I love my rebounder (and so do my kids when I’m not using it), but I’ve never heard of GymBoss! I’ll have to check it out ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the article!

Larry Dunn

Great work out. I’ve not done any exercise in years. I’m now over 40 and I’ve worked through one 30 minute session yesterday it maybe just in the mind but I think I can see the results already. I managed to sneak in a 15 minute session today and another half session in tonight. Will this cut down on the results?

Yuval Ayalon

I wish I’d discovered how good of a workout rebounding was sooner! I always wished I could do cardio indoors but didn’t want to shell out the money for a treadmill or exercise bike (plus I don’t have the space anyway). Never would’ve thought I could just get what’s basically a tiny trampoline! It’s so much fun, too.

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