What I Ate: Detoxinista Challenge Week 2

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I am having the BEST time seeing you all post your favorite recipes for the Detoxinista Challenge this week. It’s been a nice reminder to make some recipes that I haven’t used in a while! (If you need some healthy eating inspiration, be sure to join our free Facebook Support Group— our private community is so motivating.)

instant pot steel cut oats

I’ve been playing around with my Instant Pot more this week, and I have to say, it’s quickly becoming my favorite kitchen appliance. (Maybe second only to my blender, since I use that daily and often more than once.)

When I spend the week recipe testing, I don’t always sit down to formal meals, so the past few days I’ve been grazing as I taste-test my recipe experiments. It’s probably not how I would eat if I didn’t spend my spare time developing recipes, so don’t necessarily take this post as a “here’s how you should eat” sort of thing. I think I’d honestly rather sit down to three solid meals a day instead of snacking so much, but the fact that I’m still breastfeeding affects that, too.

Regardless, I hope you’ll find these meal ideas inspiring if you need to break out of a food rut. It can be challenging to come up with healthy meal ideas when it’s chilly outside! Here is a peek at what I’ve been making this week.

what i ate meal ideas

Breakfast: My son requests his smoothies by color, so yesterday we had an “orange” one. It was a combination of banana, mango, pineapple, avocado, and water, and it was pretty delicious!  However, it didn’t keep me full as long as my favorite chocolate shake filled with chia seeds and hemp hearts, so I needed a snack about 2 hours later.

Mid-Morning Snack: I treated myself to an almond butter brownie that I had made in the Instant Pot the night before, with a little bit of decaf coffee. (I love drinking coffee with my sweet treats, but I try to stick with decaf to avoid the caffeine while breastfeeding. My baby is sleeping GREAT right now, so I don’t want to risk rocking the boat.)

Lunch: I reheated some Wild Rice & Mushroom soup that I’ve been testing, because my 16-month old is OBSESSED with it. It tastes like the stuffing I make for Thanksgiving. I also tried cooking some wild-caught salmon in the Instant Pot, which wasn’t a huge success flavor-wise, but the texture was good, so I had that for lunch, too.

Early Evening Snack: I snacked on some leftover quinoa salad while preparing dinner. This one is another experiment, but it was inspired by my other popular Quinoa Salad recipe here.

Dinner: I was inspired by one of our community members to try a pot-in-pot recipe in my Instant Pot, so I made my Kung Pao Chickpeas with a bowl of rice ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It took 10 minutes to cook together! You have to factor in another 10 minutes for the pressure to release, but it’s still totally hands off and dinner is ready in 20 minutes. So easy!

Also, don’t forget to participate in the Detoxinista Challenge this week– you could win your own Instant Pot! Join in by using the hashtag #detoxinistachallenge in your blog comments or in your social media posts so I can find you.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week? Any recipes you’d like to see me make in the Instant Pot next? 

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I was totally inspired to add frozen mango to my smoothie today thanks to your post earlier about low sugar smoothies. I’ve slowly removed stevia from my life and the sweeter mango helped ease my palate without impacting the sugar content too much. Thank you!
Now I’m going to need a photo of play by play for the bowl within a bowl in the IP. Was the rice up on the rack in a separate bowl and the chickpeas just in the IP pot? Very intrigued…I kinda find that my IP is becoming my favorite too, despite my resistance at first. Now I want a bunch to use at once!!
Loving the #detoxinistachallenge

Wendy burns

Thanks for providing the motivation to try more of your recipes. Over the last year, I have used a lot of your dessert recipes. This Challenge has pushed me to try some of your other dishes and they have all been so good! Today I had the Sweet Potatoes in Pumpkin Cream sauce for lunch. Yummy! #detoxinistachallenge

Melissa bailey rodriguez

I can’t wait to try more recipes! Your posts really make me want to get an instant pot. It seems like a huge time saver! #detoxinistachallenge


That brownie and the pot-in-Pot cooking in the IP have me intrigued!! I’ve been wanting to know more about cooking two items (like yours rice/grain and Kung Pao chickpeas). I even think someone asked that question on our Facebook group today wondering about it. I’m so ready for more IP recipes, or variations for it since I’ve been loving the hands off from cooking. So ready for this upcoming week’s meals.


Hi Megan. Thank you for your challenge. I am loving your recipes especially the ones with the instant pot. Today, I made a pot of the steel cut oats and it was a success. Can you post how you converted the almond butter brownies for the instant pot?

Karey MacDonald

This week I made your Healthy Cauliflower Rice Jambalaya. It was so delicious! I normally add too much salt for my own good to my meals just to get the flavour I desire. I didn’t have to with this recipe because it is so packed with flavour. My very picky meat-eating husband even loved and wants it added to our list of favourite meals. Everything I’ve made from your site has been amazing! Thank you!

Brenda Atwater

HI Megan,

Thank you for all of your inspiring, delicious recipes. This past year of health issues have me on track to trying your recipes. I plan to get the Instant Pot as soon as possible. Here is to a healthy 2018,

Julie Zurolo

I love chicken pot pie but would love a healthier version to try. I often just make the filling, thinning it out with broth and calling it pot pie soup. I’ve made it vegetarian/vegan as well, even tried a coconut oil crust. This seems like a perfect recipe to try in an instant pot!!


I have an instant pot. But I find it clunky with extra parts and I have to look everything up to make something. I prefer slow cooker cause it’s dummy proof. I just figured out how to make caramalized onions in slow cooker. Easiest way ever. Just onions and a drizzle of oil and put on low all day. Make a big batch and freeze.


Hi Megan

Could you please let me know IP settings you used for making the almond butter brownies?


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