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Years ago, when I first embarked on my detox journey, my focus was solely on food. I started buying organic, fresh produce, became conscious of my food combinations, and eliminated nearly all processed foods. In fact, almost everything that went into my mouth had to meet my high standards– but for some reason, I didn’t hold my skin care products to the same standard. This was partially due to the terrible acne I experienced in my teens. Though I finally got it under control (thanks to a serious round of Accutane and years of birth control– yikes), it left me scared to try anything new on my skin!

If you really think about it, though, whatever goes on our skin SHOULD be held to the same standard as our food! After all, our skin is our LARGEST organ, and easily “drinks” up whatever we put on it! (hence, why the Birth Control Patch is as effective as the Pill.) Would you drink your body lotion?

I doubt the lotion from Bath & Body Works tastes as good as it smells.

Many of you have asked me which products I use lately, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites.


Olive oil makes a cheap and effective facial cleanser. It sometimes doubles as my moisturizer, too, though I’ve been using a homemade lotion lately that I love even more. (Get the recipe for my favorite homemade lotion here.)

Update: I’m currently loving the facial cleanser and moisturizers from Tata Harper, which are all non-toxic and smell good!

Another favorite discovery is Schmidt’s deodorant.


I found this deodorant while visiting Portland, OR, and it’s one of the most effective all-natural deodorants I’ve tried to date. The Bergamot + Lime scent is my favorite!

(Crystal Ally Deodorant is another brand that has worked well for me.)

My next favorite product does it ALL:dr bronners

Dr. Bronner’s “Magic” soap! I use the cleansing bars in the shower, and thanks to a tip from my brilliant sister-in-law–> it’s also my toothpaste! She recommended that I try the peppermint flavor, and I simply squirt it onto my toothbrush. It doesn’t taste great, but it’s not bad… and you quickly get used to it. This soap foams up like crazy (thanks to my electric toothbrush) and leaves my teeth feeling squeaky-clean. Seriously, my mouth has NEVER felt so clean. I think it’s even improved my morning breath!

Update: I’ve been using Weleda’s Salt Toothpaste for the past 3 years and love it!

I tried RMS Beauty’s un-cover up, and have been really happy with it so far:cover up

This cover up is moisturizing, and provides light coverage for daily use. I still use my Bobbi Brown foundation (with no SPF) for big events, because I love the way it looks in photos– but the RMS stuff works for me the rest of the time. I also love their lip shine!

Update: You can see a complete list of natural make-up products I love here.

For full-body moisturizing, I keep it simple.


I use coconut oil for everything. I keep a container of it in my bathroom to use as lotion when I step out of the shower, and keep another container in my kitchen for cooking.

Update: I currently use this DIY cream for pregnancy, and it has gotten rid of all the little bumps that used to show up on the back of my arms as an added bonus!

Other honorable mentions include:

No Miss Vegan Nail Polish

Reader Feedback: What’s your favorite natural beauty product? Any good hair care products I should try? I haven’t found a favorite in that department yet… though my favorite shower filter has definitely improved the texture and shine of my hair!

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I love tropical traditions coconut oil I use it every day and my skin feels incredible!!


How do you use the coconut oil as body moisturizer if it is in its solid state? Do you warm it up a bit? I would love to try that! And I love Bee Yummy Skin Food for my facial moisture as well as their eye and lip cream. Have you tried it? It lasts forever too!


    Yes, I love Bee Yummy! Unfortunately, Austin HATES the smell… dang it. They sent me another sample recently, and I’ve actually been using it to heal wounds on my body! I had a bad fall on one of my hikes, and my scars are disappearing quickly!


      Oh, and when the coconut oil is solid, I simply scoop out a bit and rub it between my palms. It warms up almost instantly!


I really like makeup by a French company called Repechage. They use minerals from seaweed, it wont clog pores – very breathable.


This is for the curly girls like myself…
I have been using Devacurl for the past 4 onths on my hair and it is nothing short of AMAZING!!!
Check our their website @
I personally use their No Poo, One Conditioner, Heaven in hair (which is absolutely amazing!!!)
I am trying 2 new styling products at the moment…will report back when I make a decisionon them.


    I use Devacurl too. I have fine, medium length wavy hair and I love it. It smells amazing and because it doesn’t strip my hair/scalp of moisture I find I have to wash my hair less.


Hi Megan, I have a question about what you use or recommend for SPF products on skin. Having read and still re-reading some parts of The Raw Food Detox Diet, I know Natalia Rose recommends getting some sun, which I agree, but I can’t help but feel you do need some coverage, especially in the summer in NYC. What are your thoughts?


I use coconut oil as my facial moisturizer. Love it!


    I love it too! I use coconut oil and baking soda as a face scrub. Then I just rinse off the baking soda and then I have the perfect amount of oil left on my face as a moisturizer.


Hmm. I would like to try using coconut oil as a regular moisturizer but I am worried about it making oil stains on my clothes. Has this been an issue for anyone?



    It hasn’t been an issue for me, but I usually put it on 10-15 minutes before getting dressed. It seems to soak right into my skin!


Thank you Detoxinista! I’ve been using olive oil on my face as you suggest and am thrilled. I have very dry skin and it really helps. We’ve been eating all your food and feel great! Wow, I am not even craving grains. Thank you, thank you!


Hi Megan!
I love your blog and inspiration, I have been following you through Natalia Rose’s community. However, I was just searching holistic detoxing from accutane and this blog came up after a few google pages and I immediately clicked it because I think your information and knowledge is whole. I did not know you were on Accutane before, I was wondering if you might be able to offer insight or advice on detoxing from accutane. I was on it 3 years ago for 5 months at the highest dosage (if only I knew then what I know now:() and I am recently experiencing all tr symptoms again. I think Natalia rose or Kimberly snyder would call this hitting a detox wall or getting to another layer. But the symptoms of accutane as you probably are aware of are severe and I am dealing with them a lot now. Hair falling out, IBS, depression, cold hands and feet, no period for 3 years, and pain in my left chest. It’s quite scary and I have seeked a lot of advice, but without getting to the root to eliminate these issues. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!


    Hi Alexandra! It’s been nearly 14 years since I was on Accutane, so I never did any sort of special “detox” for that specifically– as I understand it, we can’t necessarily choose what we are detoxing, but instead must gradually detox the body as a whole. If you’re experiencing strong detox symptoms, I’d recommend taking a step back in the detox protocol that you’re following, to slow the detox process and ease your symptoms.

    Also, you may want to visit your doctor, just to make sure these symptoms aren’t attributed to something else, like a thyroid issue. Good luck!


    I too was on Accutane, years of birth control pills, and years of antibiotics as a teenager. 20 years later I nearly died of chronic vitamin A poisoning after having my first child. According to a Harvard Medical School professor in a private conversation about my case, Accutane permanently changes the way your liver processes vitamin A. I have not found this information in writing anywhere. Alexandra, it doesn’t sound like you are detoxing, it sounds like hypervitaminosis A. God is finally blessing me with health after learning to avoid multivitamins, bone marrow, dairy, eggs, carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, etc. A vegan Daniel fast for a month without any orange vegetables triggered a heavy detox and set me on the road to recovery. Now I minimize dairy and watch how many eggs I eat. Please contact me on FaceBook if you need more info.

      Rebecca Prout

      Rebecca Prout of Round Rock, Texas on FaceBook


        Facinating! It’s so interesting that a fast with no Vt. A containing veggies or fruits helped you to detox after being poisoned. Thanks for sharing that.

        Cari B. Sisney

        cannot seem to find you on FB. could you provide an email or exact address please.


I have used coconut oil for almost a year, and love it. It absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave your clothes or face feeling greasy.


For my hair and scalp, I use a shampoo bar and it’s amazing! For years I suffered with super dry, itchy scalp (which I incorrectly thought was dandruff – those Head & Shoulders commercials are so misleading!) that was lacking moisture. I always used commercial shampoo but after a ton of research, I started to use shampoo bars from Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve. The flakes are gone and all of the chemicals are out of my hair and scalp! For a conditioner I use a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar diluted with water. After my shower, I don’t need to put any product in my hair. It’s fantastic and all natural too!


Hi! Does olive oil help with discoloration of the skin or just as a moisturizer? I was going to order the Juice Moisturizer you recommended in the post above and try using olive oil as a cleanser. Thanks!


    I forgot to add, do you mean the Juice Beauty company or Juice Organics company products? Thanks!


I’m not here to schlep my products, but I own a company called KIND soap company. We make and sell all natural bath and body care products. Whole Foods carries us here in the midwest, and we have our own store in addition to selling at other stores and outlets as well ( yada yada yada…

Our sulfate free Citrine Shampoo & Conditioner is a cult favorite, and I have used it exclusively for 8 years. I’d be happy to send you some samples to try if you’d like!


Do you use the coconut oil on your face as well?

Maja hranilovic

I havent seen that you answer about covarage during the summer. I think thats so sunny in that period and that is that too much for the skin. What about protacion of skin? Nothing?


Try Red Apple Lipstick at Gluten free paraben free, great colors. They also have a full line of eyeshadows, a basic black eyeliner. Made my once flaky, skin that would breakout with makeup whole again. LOVE the stuff.


If you’re looking for hair stuff, your coconut oil is a great smoothing serum or moisturizing treatment, also vinegar rinses. Wash your hair as normal and then pour vinegar over it, rinse with cold water and it’ll feel so smooth and silky! (vinegar smell goes away as soon as it’s dry!)

Also, you can make your own lipstick from coconut oil and coloured wax (cosmetic grade or crayola works!)


Natural beauty care has also helped tremendously in the management of my acne, as well as eating clean and steering clear of foods that give me an inflammatory response.

My FAVORITE beauty care product is Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Royal Jelly with bee pollen and propolis packed in raw honey. The benefits of royal jelly and propolis are too numerous to count here, but readily available on the web. In short, this product reduces inflammation, kills bacteria, draws moisture to your skin, and feeds your skin very deeply.

In the morning I wash my face with the royal jelly (RJ), about a quarter of a teaspoon, mixed with a toner made of rosewater and lemon juice and massage it in, re-moisturizing as needed because it will get very sticky very fast. I do this for as long as I have; 5 mins, 10 mins, whatever (you can leave the bathroom and eat b-fast or throw those clothes in the dryer during the process). Then, I grab a washcloth, quickly steam what is left into my face, and gently take off the excess, but am careful to leave a trace on. I finish with lots more of the toner and massage that in until it is absorbed.

I use a light dusting of mineral make-up during the day and DO NOT wash my face at night. If I have a large pimple, which is now a rare occurrence, I mix a little toner and RJ and spot treat overnight. Repeat routine the next day.

My skin is very oily, and I do need to blot during the day, but I have accepted that oil on my skin is my friend and will help keep me moisturized and youthful. I just use paper towel, toilet paper, or a napkin to blot as the powdered blotting papers break me out and are too expensive.

I just ordered some raw, organic whipped shea butter for winter. I’ve never tried it before, but after a lot of research I discovered that is the only oil that does not clog pores and is not considered an irritant. And its cheap (another requirement of mine).


ALSO! “toothpaste” made from bentonite clay, coconut oil, baking soda and a nice minty essential oil. A major trigger for acne in my case was regular toothpaste, loaded with sodium laurel sulfated and/or sodium laureth sulfate. Nasty stuff, very irritating.


Hi, does anyone have any advice on facial care for sensitive skin with eczema? Thanks! !


    Jojoba oil worked for me with dry skin and eczema. Also helpful was applying vaseline at night and rinsing with cool water in the morning.


I found a wonderful homemade shampoo recipe at She has other great recipes for lip balm, homemade deoderant, toothpaste, make up products, even hair dye. She is my go-to source, check out her blog!


These are all such great comments. I think a 2016 trends in going to be sippable cosmetics and beauty. If i can eat it then its alright to our on my skin.

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