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As I wrap up the last week of editing my book (there are three rounds of editing– this is the last one!), I’m feeling a little burned-out on recipes at the moment. The editing of the manuscript has actually been pretty minor, so most of this work is self-imposed. I’m doing a final round of recipe-testing, to make sure that every single recipe is PERFECT before it goes to print! This means I’ve been testing ridiculously minor things, like if my brownie recipe is better with one or two less tablespoons of oil, or if a salad needs 1/2 teaspoon more lemon juice to brighten up the flavor. Hopefully this perfectionism will pay off in the form of a cookbook that is full of easy recipes that are guaranteed to turn out deliciously every time!

(The photo shoot for my book is also happening this week, so I’ll be sharing some sneak peeks on Instagram if you care to take a look.)

For a change of pace, I thought take a moment to share some of our favorite baby feeding essentials up to this point. There was a time when I didn’t think my son would ever eat real food, but I’m happy to say that he’s finally becoming quite the eater!

I’ve been lucky to benefit from the experience of my friends and family members’ recommendations when it comes to all things baby, so I thought I’d pass along the tools we’ve had success using so far.

1. Glass storage jars.

homemade baby puree in a small glass jar

These glass mason jars are nothing fancy, but I love this 4-ounce size for storing homemade purees. Since the metal lids can rust quickly, I’ve started using these plastic lids, instead. (These lids are BPA-free, but I do try to make sure the plastic doesn’t come into contact with the food, just to be on the safe side.)

2. OXO Tot Feeding Spoons

oxo baby spoon

I received a set of these spoons as a gift from a fellow mom friend at my baby shower, and they’re our favorites! They are BPA-, phthalate-, and pvc-free, and the shape of the spoon seems to make feeding a fidgety baby easier. In a pinch, we’ll also use our small metal spoons from Crate & Barrel, similar to this one. Since spoons also double as “toys” in this house, we go through a lot of them in a day!

3. Silicone straws.

baby using a silicone straw

Our boy bites and chews on everything these days, so I’m not quite comfortable with him using our glass straws yet. My sister-in-law told me about these silicone straws, and they work great! They made the process of teaching him how to drink from a straw easy, and just like the spoons, they are also one of his favorite toys!

4. Thermos Funtainer Straw Bottle

baby using thermos funtainer straw bottle

We skipped sippy cups entirely and jumped straight into using straw cups, as this is what some speech pathologists recommend to avoid potential toddler speech problems.

This Thermos bottle is my favorite straw cup that we’ve found! The bottle is stainless steel with a silicone straw, and when the lid is on, it’s completely leak-proof! Much better than this OXO cup we tried first… which leaked everywhere.

5. Blenders

baby blenderI’ve tried two different blenders for making baby food so far. For a while, I was using the Tribest Mason Jar Blender, which conveniently blends the food directly in a glass storage container of your choice! Sadly, after washing the blade attachment in the dishwasher too often, the rubber ring in the blade lid broke, and now it leaks all over the place when I try to use it. Major bummer. I’m going to contact the company to see if they’ll replace that attachment for me, but in the meantime I’ve been using the Vitamix for our baby food making needs.

Not surprisingly, the Vitamix makes smoother baby food– the only difference is that I have to make larger batches than I did using the mason jar blender. Now that our son is eating more, that’s actually a good idea, anyway!

Other than that, we don’t use many other bells and whistles when it comes to feeding time. We tried using bibs, but they are too distracting for our son and he pretty much refuses to eat while wearing one. So, he eats shirtless instead, which makes for easier cleanup. We don’t use any dishes or trays, either. He either eats directly off our counter when sitting in my favorite table chair, or he eats off the tray attached to his high chair.

Reader Feedback: I’d love to hear about your feeding favorites! Let me know if I’m missing out on anything good!

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Well, I really like all the Tommee Tippee products, pricey but nice. I also really appreciate plastic bibs, not the cloth ones because they only get one use before they have to be washed! The plastic ones can be quickly washed in the sink and dried by the stove.

I tried so hard to get my daughters to eat homemade food and they would not touch the blended pureed food. Always a disappointment! I lovingly made organic homemade food for my girls that they just spit out so I did end up buying Earths Best products which they loved. Was sugar added to these products? I tasted my homemade variety and it tasted fine to me but the girls wouldn’t have it. Occasionally, they would eat avocado and banana mashes but that was about it.

Now they love homemade guacamole which is still good for you.


I am going to check out that thermos. My kids water bottles always leak all over the place! Thanks for the tip! I have to make my son where a rubber bib that catches all the food. even with that he still manages to get food all over himself and the floor, walls, maybe even the ceiling!


I love your posts about baby food/products. I have a 7 months old baby girl and she is just starting to eat solids. I wanted to ask you when did you give your baby solids: in between feeds, before feeding or after?


Hi Megan! I really love your blog, you do such a wonderful job, thank you? When is your book coming out?


Hey Megan! I love all your recipes. I’m starting to make my son’s baby food, and I have a vitamix, but I’m a little concerned with cross contamination because when I use it for my husband and me I put things in it that baby can’t have , like honey and peanut butter. I clean it as well as I can, but you know vitamix….it doesn’t come apart to be able to really get into all of the components to clean, and I don’t feel like running it with soapy water always gets all the sticky peanut butter, oil, or honey. But I hate to spend the money on another blender type machine when I already have such a good one. Do you think that’s an issue with vitamix? Thanks!!!

    Megan Gilmore

    I’d had the same concerns! We actually stopped using peanut butter in our smoothies for a while, but when we did, we usually threw the container in our dishwasher so it would get extra clean. (I’ve never had an issue putting the container in the dishwasher, even though I don’t think it’s recommended…)

    Overall, I don’t think it’s a serious concern, especially if peanut allergies don’t run in your family, but I definitely had the same thoughts!

Gma Judy

I’m really happy to see you leave your baby’s shirt on when he eats. I’m guessing when he feeds himself, he’ll have a bib on to help with the mess a bit. It really bothers me to see the shirtless toddlers on facebook–I’m not sure when it becomes inappropriate, but I do know that it’s just bad manners to eat at the table with no shirt. They may as well get used to it. Is this a sensitivve subject with young moms?


Perhaps you never used formula, but I’m wondering of you came across a good glass airtight storage container for baby formula?

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