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Hello from New Jersey! I had a ridiculous travel day yesterday, starting with an upgraded seat on my flight (thanks to a total stranger!), and ending with an evening of being lost all over the New Jersey highway system in a rental car. Quite the whirlwind!

Fortunately, after a good night’s rest, I was ready to get cooking with one of my very favorite chefs– Doris Choi! For those of you who don’t know, Doris is the brilliant chef behind Detox Delivers and the Rose Program Culinary Institute, and I feel extremely lucky to be here training with her first-hand!

Over the next few days, I will be learning (and more importantly, tasting!) some of Doris’s delicious recipes, as well as gaining the culinary knowledge to go off and create more of my own delicious meals long after I’m finished here!

Here’s a peek at what our first day looked like, which focused on mostly raw dishes:

Raw Veggie "Spring Rolls."Raw Veggie “Spring Rolls.”

Raw KimchiRaw Kimchi. (this will be fermenting over the next few days)

Raw cucumber & avocado rolls.Raw cucumber & avocado rolls.

spicy "tuna" rolls.Spicy “tuna” rolls. (my favorite dish of the day–> I will be making this ALL the time now!)

Collard wraps, with a carrot-miso dipping sauce.Collard wraps, with a carrot-miso dipping sauce.

Cauliflower CouscousCauliflower Couscous.

Shaved fennel salad, with raw sheep pecorinoShaved fennel salad, with raw sheep pecorino.

Beet and zucchini carpaccio, with fresh herbs and seedsBeet and zucchini carpaccio, with fresh herbs and seeds. (the beet version is addictive!)

Carrot "BBQ" chipsCarrot “BBQ” chips. 😉

Mushrooms cut to look like scallops Scallops! (Only, they’re not really scallops… they’re mushrooms! And they’re the best “scallops” I’ve ever tasted.)

Vegetable Fried RiceVegetable Fried Rice. (Very similar to the fried rice I usually make, but Doris taught me some amazing techniques to make it even better!)

Needless to say, everything we made today tasted delicious! It’s unbelievable how simple, clean food can taste so amazing. I feel like I need to throw a dinner party when I get home, to share all this tasty, healthy food with my friends!

**If you’re interested in Doris’s recipes, you can get them all in The Fresh Energy Cookbook.

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Red Deception

Oooh, you will have to share some of the recipes (especially the wraps and beets!). They look wonderful.


And how did u make such scallopy mushrooms? They look awesome!!


All looks so delicious! I can’t wait for her cookbook later this year.


    Me, too! She let us have a sneak-peek, and it looks AMAZING. 😀


Wow that all looks so amazing, thanks for sharing this is definitely on my goal list to get up there and train with her too!!! 🙂


Wow, everything looks SO good!! Excited to see your recipes when you throw the dinner party! Happy travels!

Sara Maples

wow! It all looks so good! I can’t wait until you start making some. I tried your sweet potato sauce last night and it was a total hit!! One of my new favorite dishes for sure!!

Pure2raw twins

how fun! everything looks amazing. hope you share that kimchi recipe, we want to mix up what fermented foods we make. always kraut over here haha

Tamara Lukie

wow am I ever drooling right now. It’s just that it looks so SO delish! Please say you’re sharing the recipes soon? Please?

Linda Wagner - Nutrition to Invigorate Mind, Body & Spirit

Mmmmmm, can’t wait to see how your fried veggie rice turns out! That looks delish!! xo


Comment number ten. Take that KATH!


Hi Megan,
Are all these recipes in Doris Choi’s cookbook? If so, which one? I’ve never heard of her. My husband loves raw collard greens so we’ve experimented a bit. Those collard wraps with the carrot dipping sauce look awesome. Were all these recipes fairly easy to make or time consuming? And are all these recipes in the same book?



    I would also like to know which cookbook these recipes might be in. Thanks!

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