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As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been on a mission to “clean up” the cleaning products we use in our home. Most popular cleaning products are loaded with chemicals, dyes, and perfumes that I don’t want my family or pets exposed to.

I’ve experimented with making my own cleaning products at home, but I realize that’s not an appealing option for everyone, which is why I love finding some ready-made options–> like these Earth Friendly Products!

earth friendly cleaning products

The folks from Earth Friendly Products were kind enough to send me a box of their non-toxic cleaning products to sample, and I’m happy to say that I’ve found a few new favorites!

Here are a few things about the EFP company that make me a fan:

  • All EFP products are made from patented non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based formulas and are free of any petrochemicals, dyes, ammonia, bleach, dioxane or other harmful substances.
  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency has awarded them its Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative Champion level recognition, as well as a 100% Green Power User distinction for their use of clean, renewable energy from solar, wind and low-impact hydropower.
  • They are committed to supporting local economies and creating jobs in the USA. They source the raw materials for their cleaners locally and all of their products, even those sold overseas, are produced in their American factories.
  • Many “green” companies outsource the production of their products, driving up their cost. Because EFP owns their production facilities, they are able to offer over 150 of the most effective green cleaners on the market at lower prices than their competitors. Their signature laundry detergent, ECOS®, is the #1 selling green laundry detergent in the world because it works better, costs less and is safer for your family and the environment.

I’ve been using the Parsley Plus All-Purpose Cleaner to clean the granite counter tops in my kitchen, and I love the way it cleans and smells! The smell reminds me of making fresh green juice. It’s light and refreshing, without being overwhelming. I’m also excited about their laundry and dishwasher detergents, as I’ve been on the lookout for some healthier options in our home.

The best part?

To celebrate Earth Day, the folks from Earth Friendly Products have offered to send FIVE of my readers a “Safeguard Your Home” box, which includes all of the non-toxic products I’ve pictured above.


To enter the giveaway:

Leave a comment on this post, letting me know something eco-friendly you do, or would like to try, in your own home.

For an additional entry:

Share this post on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, then leave a separate comment on this post, letting me know you have done so. (Please leave a separate comment for each action, so I can be sure to count the extra entries!)

*Note: This giveaway is open to US readers only, and will be open until Friday, April 26th at 11:59pm.

***THE WINNERS ARE: (selected via

  1. Kristina
  2. Michelle
  3. Sara
  4. Lisa
  5. Tracy

The winners have each been emailed and have 72 hours to respond. If no response is received, a new winner will be selected.

Good luck to you all, and happy Earth Day!

Disclosure: The folks at Earth Friendly Products sent me a complimentary box of their non-toxic cleaning products, but I am under no obligation to post a positive review or host this giveaway. As always, I will only mention products on this website that I would use in my own home.

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I would love to win this!! I’ve been trying to be extremely conscious of my cleaning products but finding good substitues for what I used to buy can be challenging (like a disinfecting spray). This would be perfect!


I would like to overhaul my make-up to weed out the products with not good for you ingredients.

Lisa Chenevert

My go to cleaning products now are 1) water & vinegar and 2) baking soda.

I would LOVE to find something ecofriendly to use in the laundry!

just found your website this weekend. Love it! Thanks


Composting in the freezer


These look so great! I always try to recycle everything that I can, but I would definitely like to be more eco-friendly. I sometimes forget to turn lights off when I leave the apartment, but I’m trying to be more aware of the amount of unnecessary energy that I use.

Thanks 🙂


I would love a chance to try these!! I’m working on getting rid of our plastic containers and switching over to all glass ones. 🙂


I dry my clothes outside and use environmentally friendly cleaners from ECOS, Melaleuca, and Mrs. Meyers.


What a great giveaway! 🙂 Recycling, 90% cleaning solutions are natural ones-I actually recently tried this dish soap, aware of turning lights off and I can’t wait to switch over to all glassware + natural made pots/pans=I have your post on this saved! 🙂


I tweeted 🙂


I always love using effective but environmentally friendly cleaning products. Whenever cleaning pots and pans with lots of gunk, I use baking soda and lots of friction with the rubbing action. Also, when cooking with lemons and am done with them, I put the halves down the disposal to make the kitchen smell nice. I think it would be great to try a natural dishwasher detergent.


I love trying out new products. I make sure to recycle as much as I can and leave the sink off while I brush my teeth–hey, its the little things that count! 🙂


I’ve been trying to use up our harsh chemical-based cleaners as we move to more eco-friendly ways… our first go go was glass cleaner – we now use white vinegar (diluted). We also use Seventh Generation for our clothing and dishes (both hand and dishwasher). I’m always looking for new products that are eco-friendly. What a kind Earth Day move!!! Thanks for doing this!


I left a comment on FB 🙂


I am so excited to see this giveaway! In the past 2 years I have focused on cleaning up my food choices, and now I’m switching to all natural skin care and makeup products. Next, I’d like to tackle household cleaning products. I don’t think I can pick just one product, but I am really interested in the eco-friendly laundry detergent.


In our household, we have a rule: if you can’t pronounce it, don’t use it! If our cleaning supplies (or our food) has any kind of strange, difficult-to-pronounce chemical on the label then it doesn’t belong in our home or anywhere near our bodies.


    Neat – I like that rule!


I also shared this giveaway on my facebook page…Happy Earth Day!


I use baking soda quite a bit for all different things! These would be great to try!


Ever since detoxing came into my life, I’ve been cleaning up from the inside out. After cleaning my insides, I became very sensitive to every thing on the “outside” such as soaps and products. Not only for how these harsh ingredients were drying out my skin and hands, but how their odor was affecting my lungs. If I am reacting to all these unnatural additives, imagine how it is affecting our mother earth!
I’ve seen this brand in the stores, but have not yet tried them! Currently I am trying a different natural brand for dishwashers, and I must say I’m not too thrilled because I don’t see the super-clean look as the dishes come out of the dishwasher. I am also using a natural laundry detergent, but after trying out am wishing I could still maintain some sort of fresh scent that I was getting with unnatural brands. Not to mention I checked out the label after the fact and found undesirable a brand that claims to be natural! Didn’t think I would have to look before purchasing! I’m glad you made this post, I’ve been looking for the right products! 🙂


natural cleaners, recycling, real food…..anything i learn about to help bring my family and i closer to a non-toxic and earth friendy existence.


Good to know! I am interested in alternatives to Tide!!


I have been trying to make my own cleaning solutions with vinegar, but can’t always take the scent of vinegar! I’d love to try these out!!


This is so great! I’ve always been good about turning lights and electronics off, taking quick showers and using all natural cleaning products. 🙂


I don’t know if it’s just me, but ‘Eco-friendly’ products always seem to smell WAY better, which for me is a good enough reason to switch over!


I’ve really considered investing in an eco-friendly dishwasher. I was making my own dishwasher detergent out of borax and baking soda, but then found out about the potential dangers of borax, yikes!


I have recently switched from plastic to glass containers, and I also have begun using vinegar/baking soda shampoo (and to clean out my shower!).


I just moved into a new apartment and have been looking for some better cleaning products! I would also like to try using cloth towels in place of paper towels, as you suggested in a previous post.

Sarah S

I recycle as much as I can.
I am also trying to use cloth towels instead of paper towels.


I have not been using the dryer and, instead, hang my clothes to dry. Thanks for the giveaway!


We use cloth diapers to help the environment(and to help our wee little barren) but of course you just can’t beat having non-toxic stuff in your home in every direction. would love to try these cleaners!


I try to make my own cleaners whenever possible, but with a fiance who can’t let go of store bought cleaners it can be hard. These cleaners would be perfect to prove to him that they work! I also try to compost and use it on my garden beds.


Hi and congrats on your baby blessing! In our home we make sure all our cleaning products are eco and family friendly. One thing I really like using is vinegar. It has so many uses and smells fresh and clean.


I want to start composting in my small apartment kitchen!


i recently switched *everything* under my sink, in my cabinets, and in my fridge to green, organic, and natural! this includes all hand soap, dish soap, cleaners, laundry care, etc. got rid of all of my plastic containers and switched to glass. only buy organic fruit, veg,dairy, and snacks. and have gotten my kids involved too! now, they always look for the “all natural” or “organic” or “green” labels on household products!

of course, this drastic lifestyle change is *not* cheap…a few free products would really help me out :):):)

thanks Megan, for being such an inspiration!!!

Sarah C.

These products look amazing!

I stopped using plastic containers. Not only do I feel better about heating up food (BPAAAAA), glass lasts much longer and I am throwing out less 🙂

Martina Longobardi

I’ve been making my own environmentally friendly cleaning products for almost a year now. It can be a bit time consuming with my busy schedule working 3 jobs in healthcare. Alternatively, though, I would love to try commercial products that would keep my conscious clean as well as my home. Thanks, Megan! Your site is wonderful!


These products look wonderful! I recently purchased the bamboo cooking utensils you recommended as well as bamboo cutting boards. Thanks for the giveaway and all of the great information/tips you provide…it is very much appreciated! 🙂


Megan- I just want to say that I love your blogs and posts and have been sharing them with my friends and family. I recently finished my 2nd Cleanse and stumbled upon your blogs and the recipes helped me stay the course! I’ve also been changing the eating habits of my family and making healthier choices for them. Recently I’ve been looking into “green” alternatives and making small changes and cleaning products was next on my list! Would love to try these products out! Thanks for your blogs!


I recycle an I am slowly phasing out (using until finished and not replacing) chemical laden cleansers in favor of non-toxic cleansers.

Meg Ryan

Thank you for all you do for Mother earth!Two of my favorite cleaners are baking soda, apple cider vinegar and Dr. Bronner’s. Wait.. that’s 3 :)Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!


I recycle and I am switching over to glass containers instead of the plastic ones we have used for years.

Jennifer Jackson

This year my little girls are wearing dresses made from Daddy’s old dress shirts! They are so cute!!

Jennifer Jackson

Posted to facebook.

Jennifer Jackson

Pinned to pinterest.


this is great! i try to use all natural cleaning products but haven’t found “the ones” yet and would love to try some of these out. one little thing i have started doing over the past few years is always to wash my clothes in cold water, rather than warm or hot, using natural detergent – they get perfectly clean and it saves energy.


We are in the process of trying to make our own cleaner with vinegar and left over orange peels.

Elizabeth Horton

We try to recycle as much as possible & we have a reverse osmosis water system so we have eliminated bottled water

Jennifer Jackson


Pam Tyles

I’m always trying to slowly do away with chemicals in our home. I have started to by more eco-friendly products and just use plain vinegar more often while cleaning and disinfecting.


I make my own laundry soap and window cleaner. Going to try making homemade dish soap and handsoap.

Alexandra Fisenko

My favorite eco-friendly thing to do is use a food-grade hydrogen peroxide/vinegar mix with water to clean all my countertops, vegetables, fruits, and sprouts!!

I would love to try some other eco-friendly cleaning products out though, especially the counter top sprays and laundry detergent!

Also, love your blog and recipes!!!!

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