Food Combining Challenge: Week 1 (What I Ate!)

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In case you missed it, we kicked off a Food Combining challenge this month in our Detoxinista Community on Facebook. Several members wanted to give food combining a shot, and I think a challenge makes it more fun! You can learn more about food combining here, if you’re interested in joining us, too. (Jump in anytime!)

Now that we’re almost a week into the challenge, I thought I’d share a peek at what I’ve been eating so far, and some tips that have helped me along the way. (By the way, the vegan sweet potato nachos pictured above are properly combined, too.)

Keep it Easy & Simple

If you’ve been a reader here for a while, you know that I don’t have a lot of patience for meal prep. I rely on smoothies for a quick and easy breakfast, and my lunches are usually leftovers from the night before or another smoothie when I’m in a hurry.

Since I’m trying to keep my meals properly combined, I’ve found it easiest to stick to the same category for the first part of the day, so I don’t have to worry about the timing of my meals so much. That way I can simply focus on eating when I’m hungry, instead of trying to wait for a certain number of hours to pass before I can eat again.

Why Practice Food Combining?

I’ve found that I have SO MUCH ENERGY eating this way, with no 3pm slump like I was experiencing before. (Working from home with a toddler is exhausting as it is, so I need all the extra energy I can get!)

I’m so happy with how I feel, that I plan to continue eating this way long after the challenge is over, with a few splurges here and there. (Full disclosure: I didn’t food combine for the Super Bowl or the other night when I went out for pizza with my kids, but it was easy to get right back on track for the next meal. No need to a be a perfectionist all week long!)

Here’s What I Ate Yesterday:

food combining meals

Morning: I make a double-batch of my Dragon Fruit Smoothie in the morning so that Austin can take one on his way to work. I put mine in the fridge until I’m ready to drink it, then I made my Instant Vegan Latte to kick off my morning. I’m drinking half-caf coffee right now, weaning myself down to no caffeine so that I don’t “need” it in the mornings. I love the taste of coffee, but I don’t want to be hooked on caffeine or get a headache if I miss a cup of coffee one morning.

Snack: I tend to drink my smoothie from the morning around 10am, when I’m feeling hungry after my latte. My coffee does have a small amount of almond butter in it, but since I’m drinking it in liquid form, I’ve found that it doesn’t impact my digestion much. This means I’ve been mostly in the Fresh Fruit category for the morning, thanks to the dates in my coffee and the smoothie.

Lunch: I’m testing a chocolate avocado smoothie recipe right now, so I enjoyed that for lunch. (I split it into two glasses for a photo, but I drank both of them by myself.) I also wanted something warm, so I roasted an entire head of cauliflower with olive oil and sea salt. (Using the same method I use for roasted broccoli, but without garlic.) Since the cauliflower is a “neutral” veggie, I’d consider this lunch to still be in the Fresh Fruit category.

Dinner: Austin and I have been happy having big salads with a side of roasted veggies for dinner lately. I use the same lettuce and dressing for both of our salads, but he usually likes different toppings than I do. I topped mine Trader Joe’s steamed beets, green onions, and soft goat cheese, and Austin’s was topped with chicken, pears, and dried cranberries. We both used my Everyday Basil Vinaigrette (from Everyday Detox) which is a neutral dressing that goes well with almost any toppings. Austin’s salad wasn’t properly combined, but my meal falls into the Animal Protein category, thanks to the cheese. We also split a pan of roasted brussels sprouts (neutral), but we were so full that we couldn’t finish them.

For dessert lately, I’ve been having a few squares of dark chocolate (which are neutral) with a mug of hot decaf tea. If I have a nut-based meal, like my Vegan Kale Caesar Salad (skip the chickpeas), I’ll have a couple raw brownie bites for dessert instead. They are so good!

Overall, I’ve been feeling great during this first week of the food combining challenge, and that’s what this is all about– feeling better! I have more energy in the afternoons, and I love not feeling bloated or tired after a meal. I hope you’re feeling great so far, too!

Reader Feedback: Have you tried Food Combining yet? Let me know how it goes for you in the comments below.

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Apryl Handy

Hi there! I have a couple questions! You mentioned coffee with almond butter- do you make coffee and add a teaspoon of almond butter, just stirring it in? And do you find you also need something to sweeten it, such as using local honey? I am starting to think agave is not as beneficial as I thought before- yet I’m also not a big fan of stevia- so I’m feeling local honey is my best bet. I wonder what yours is.

Also I’m almost not sure what to do with avocados- in terms of using the ingredient in such a way to where it doesn’t overwhelm my tummy and cause a reaction. I haven’t seemed to have bloating with that ingredient if I’m not blending it. If I’m blending it, like you did in the recipe shown here to make a sweet smoothie, I feel like it overwhelms my system. Do you think it’s just a matter of making sure I don’t consume too much of just avocados in one sitting, or could it be combining it with sweet, or could it be that it’s too much fat in general in one sitting? Personally I’ve had great success using plan based fats in almost excess prior to an ultra type race but I’m not doing that right now and my focus now is trying to find the right foods that don’t cause my body to bloat- eliminate those that maybe I’m not realizing are the culprits. Do you have any tips for me? I could really use more guidance apart from what I’m reading in the elimination diet book. Ty!!

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