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guide to food combining with plate of detox spaghetti

Did you know that digesting food requires more energy than any other function in the human body? It’s no wonder we’re exhausted after a big lunch! It stands to reason, then, that the best way to free up some extra energy is to make our digestion as quick and efficient as possible.

Food combining is one of my favorite tricks to streamline the digestive process. Though food combining principles can get very complicated, depending on which expert you ask, I prefer to keep them simple. Simply pick just one dense food at each meal, whatever you’re craving most at that moment, and then fill the rest of your plate with raw and cooked non-starchy vegetables. Easy! By simplifying your meals, the digestive system doesn’t have to tackle too much in one sitting, helping you to avoid that bloated, sluggish feeling that can put a damper on the rest of your day.

Studies have shown that humans have a tendency to overeat when we are offered a wide variety of foods during a meal. (source) So, by simplifying our meals, we will naturally eat less, without counting calories or worrying about portion sizes.

Best of all, you don’t have to give up any food groups that you love– you just may not want to eat them all at the same time. The following guide should help!

food combining chart showing you how to properly combine foods(click on chart above to enlarge or print)

As you can see in the chart above, the foods have been divided into four general categories:


Note: Look for these food combining labels clearly marked in my cookbooks, and here on the blog. All of the recipes in my cookbooks are properly combined, and both cookbooks include properly combined meal plans to help you easily get started. 

For a properly combined meal, simply choose ONE category and only eat foods out of that category for that particular meal. The foods listed within the same category combine well with each other, and you may also include anything from the “Neutral” column to fill out your plate.

Wait 3-4 hours between each meal, before switching categories.

Properly Combined Sample Meal Ideas

A properly-combined STARCH meal might look something like this:

A sandwich on whole-grain bread, filled with avocado, mustard, lettuce, tomato and sprouts. Served with a leafy side salad and a baked sweet potato topped with butter. You could follow this meal with some dark chocolate for dessert!

A properly-combined ANIMAL PROTEIN meal might look something like this:

A leafy green salad topped with cherry tomatoes and goat cheese, followed by a piece of baked fish served with a side of roasted broccoli and cauliflower. You could follow this meal with some dark chocolate or goat’s milk ice cream for dessert!

A properly-combined NUT/SEED/DRIED FRUIT meal might look something like this:

A leafy green salad topped with dried cranberries and raw walnuts, followed by a platter of raw hummus served with raw crudités. Dessert could be a slice of raw cheesecake, a few raw macaroons, or a couple raw almond butter cups!

FRESH FRUIT is best eaten in the mornings, on an empty stomach.

This is because fruit digests so quickly, typically within 30 minutes of eating. (However, fruit can be combined with leafy green vegetables in a green smoothie, if you like!) Fruit is not recommended as a dessert after a meal, as it could potentially cause fermentation, gas and bloating, and promote bacterial overgrowth in the body. You can eat fruit as an afternoon snack or post-workout, as long as it’s been 3-4 hours since your last properly-combined meal.

Note: There is a lot of debate over the science behind food combining, without much evidence to back it up. (There is little money to be made in this field, which probably accounts for the lack of funded studies.) Personally, I think why food combining works for me, and for many others, is that it encourages you to make better choices, without feeling restricted. When you’re choosing just ONE food category at a time, then filling the rest of your plate with raw and cooked vegetables, you’re bound to be making healthier choices! So, food combining may just work because it encourages the consumption of more whole foods and simpler meals.

I think it’s also important to note that there’s no need to be “perfect” with food combining rules all the time. I like to follow the 80/20 rule, because life’s too short to stress about what you’re eating.

For properly combined meal plans and entertaining menus, be sure to pick up a copy of my first cookbook, Everyday Detox.

My second cookbook, No Excuses Detox, has 3 more meal plans, including a Budget-Friendly properly combined meal plan that feeds you for less than $6 each day, and a Speedy Meal plan that has everything ready in 30 minutes or less. Both of my cookbooks are loaded with properly combined recipes to help make things easier for you.

Get more recipes + meal plans in my books:

detox book and meal plan

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Megan – Thanks so much for the food combining chart! I am wondering where my protein powder would fit into the categories? I use “RAW PROTEIN” which is derived from organic sprouts including sprouted brown rice protein. I am not clear if the protein powder would be a starch (since its from rice)? But since it’s from sprouted rice does it change that? Previously I have combined the protein powder with Almond Milk, ground Flax Seed, and usually a cup of Blueberries. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Very much looking forward to your BOOK!!! Thanks, Pat.


    Did you ever get a response to this question?



      I also follow kimberly snyder and she classifies protein powders eg. From rice along with nuts and seeds as she has recipes that combine the two.


    I’ve read on multiple sites it’s not a good idea to mix fats with sugars- ie. Blueberries flax seeds. As I’ve just recently gotten into this subject I use to combine tons of seeds nuts fruits and fats into smoothies and thought I was being super healthy but wondered why I was so bloated and felt tired afterwards. Learn the guidelines, but always know each of our bodies are different and experiment on yourself to see what works best for you. Goodluck!


    Since that protein powder has been processed to isolate the protein and remove the carbs, i would say it is more like nut or a seed (but not animal protein). Sprouting doesn’t change it from being a starch, but the enzyme processing that removes the starch probably does. Hope this helps!


    You’re right, that would be a starch since its base is rice… My name is Cyndi. I’m a nurse and have practicing food combining for over 10 years and have lost over 80 pounds (but I also do several forms of detoxing). I’m in my late 50’s and still enjoy weight loss while in menopause because of food combining. I had steak and cauliflower pizza with roasted brussel sprouts for breakfast & lunch then waited 4 hours to have a couple pieces of fruit. In 2 hours I’m having 4 small baked potatoes with carmelized onions and green bell pepper on top with some more roasted brussel sprouts for dinner.


Thank you for this chart! I appreciate how clear and easy to use it is. Fantastic free resource. Today, I food combined and felt great afterwards. I intend to test it for the month.

PS – I would love to see your recipes and knowledge on YouTube! Will you be creating a channel?


hey! Wow what an amazing article! I have one question..I had a salad today with greens and chicken as well as chopped up strawberries grapes mango and dried figs. It was so delicious but I have the worst cramps and bloat now as well as terrible gas. I guess it wasn’t a good food combination but some people mix fruit with salad so I’m not sure. Anyway thanks in advance love your site!


    Its not the greens and fruit that causes the bloating/cramping…it’s the fruits with the chicken.


    Hi I’m not 100% but I think because you mixed a protein with the fruit, just the salad alone with the fruits minus the chicken should be fine.


    To go into further detail from what micheline stated, chicken requires an acidic state in your stomach, yet the fruit requires an alkaline state. When both combined the stomach cannot fully digest these items to the fullest extent so they end up sitting for a while in a confused state and end up getting pushed into your digestive tract where it starts to ferment and create harmful gases which is why you were bloated and got cramps. For future reference if you were to get the same salad, ask for the fruit on the side and enjoy them first, give yourself 20-30 minutes and then enjoy the rest of the meal. Assuming your not in a rush (:


    there is food combining within fruits them selves i.e. acidic fruits vs sweet fruits (strawberry vs date). together they cause bloat and gas.


When and with what combo do we ear fermented foods such as sauerkraut?

Thank you for all the wonderful info.

Btw: Choosing a real light grey font colour in this reply box as well as a tiny font size is really hard on the eyes.
It’s definitely NOT reader friendly! I can barely see what I have typed. 🙁


Is it ok to combine dates and fresh almonds?

    Megan Gilmore



    Keep in mind almonds, and almost all seeds and nuts that have not been soaked and slowly dried in temperatures around 130-150f max will not be fully utilized in digestion and you will only be getting about 15-20% of the nutrients. Please correct me if I’m wrong, we are all here to learn and I’m just giving my 2 cents(:


      Keep in mind that most almonds are pasteurized. That is to say, soaking them does not release enzyme inhibitors due to a sprouting process. The almond is already “dead” in that it doesn’t have the potential to grow and become a tree anymore.

      Rather, soaking for 40 hours in an acidic solution along with something that has the phytase enzyme (unheated rye seeds/flour) will show a visible reaction (minor bubbling) as the enzyme inhibitors (so-called anti-nutrients) are broken down.

      Afterwards, the almonds don’t necessarily have to be dried (unless you prefer them that way for storage or convenience). Also, removing the skins via blanching also removes the anti-nutrients, as they are conveniently located in the protective seed coat, similar to most seeds.

Angle Iron Bracket

I don’t know whether it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing problems with your website.
It appears as though some of the written text on your posts are running
off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and
let me know if this is happening to them as well?
This could be a issue with my browser because I’ve had this
happen previously. Thank you

    Julie E

    No issues like that on mine. Maybe check your computer settings?



One thing I’m confused about, you said to pick One main item, whether it be Starch, Animal Protein etc and then combine that with a Leafy Veg. When you gave us an example of the sandwich option you said we could take a potato and put Butter on top of it, along with the Bread which is the starch . I thought we are only suppose to select 1 Item to pair with the Leafy Green. This is a little unclear to me.. please advise?

Thank you!

A. Corona

Thanks for answering questions. I use carob powder as a substitute for chocolate because I am allergic. What type of food is carob considered and how should it be combined?

    Megan Gilmore

    Carob and cocoa are neutral, since they’re usually used in small quantities.


      What if they are not used in small quantities? I mean that doesn’t seem like a good reason for including a food in the “neutrals” list.

Julie E

Hey Megan! I bought the cookbook and love it. Thanks for making so many easy and fun recipes in the book and on your site.

I’m giving food combining a try and really like it so far! Any thoughts on where kombucha would fall?

    Megan Gilmore

    Since it’s a probiotic drink, I’d drink it on an empty stomach for best benefit. You can eat anything 20-30 minutes after that!

      Julie E

      Perfect. Thanks for the quick response!


      Megan I thought fats like butter are not supposed to be eaten with starches . Now I’m confused as to which way to go . Could you explain it more thoroughly to me ?

        Megan Gilmore

        There are FAR more strict food combining rules out there, I just found that stressing about stricter rules didn’t serve me well– physically or emotionally. The simpler, the better, if you ask me, so that people can actually eat without questioning what they eat all the time. If you find that you physically don’t feel well without following stricter rules, that’s when I would get into nuances of mixing certain classes of fruits, fats, etc.


Hello, I have been following this diet for the last week and feel great! I also just purchased your book to help me along. One question I haven’t seen asked and it may be because its so obvious but I was wondering about meat broth or stocks. Are those considered Protein? I was thinking that it was maybe mainly the flesh that is digested as protein and the broth/stocks would just be neutral.


    Megan Gilmore

    I’d personally consider bone broth or stock as neutral.

Kelley Chambers

Hey Megan, just found your website from Pinterest via a web search on Google. Just saved your chart and realized I’ve seen something very like this before. While you have hundreds of comments, I simply couldn’t be bothered to read them all. This looks VERY, VERY similar to the Somersizing program which started in the 90s and was based on the French way of living. (I mean, really, how many native French citizens have you seen who are obese?) So… my question is this… do your recipes and inspiration for this lifestyle come from Suzanne’s book?

    Megan Gilmore

    No, I’ve actually never read Suzanne’s book, but now I’m going to check it out! I was first introduced to food combining by Natalia Rose’s books, but I believe that food combining was first made popular by the book “Fit for Life” which was published in the 80s.

      Kelley Chambers

      Suzanne has a series of books with “Eat Great, Lose Weight” gives offers previously unreleased photographs of her and her family doing the food combining lifestyle as well as an in-depth detail of how she came to know about food combining. I think you’ll really like it. That said, I’m now going to check out Natalia Rose’s “Fit for Life” as it seems we have the same appreciation for this topic.

      I’ve promoted your website to my friends on Facebook and hope you gain a deeper fanbase as a result. Just LOVE what you’ve done! Cheers, Megan!

      Susan F

      Principles of Combining Foods Properly was made popular by Dr Herbert M Shelton in Dr Shelton’s Hygienic Review decades before Fit for Life. And there was another researcher before Dr Shelton. There are many other charts which are more restrictive than yours!

      N M

      I read the Fit for Life books and they talked a lot about Herbert Shelton and his facility in San Antonio. I ended up buying his books (he had many of them) that focused on fasting and food combining, which I actually liked reading his conservative material, but he passed away and the facility was eventually closed.. There were a few before him too. I followed the combining food plan for many years back when it was called ‘Natural Hygiene. Life got in the way and I moved away from it. Now being farther from health than I’ve ever been, I’ve decided to return to food combining focus. I think the Fit for Life got a lot of bad rap later down the road because of how some of the principles were followed, such as eating all the fruit you want. Too much fructose doesn’t work for some people, and also being only vegetarian aspect. Then when Marilyn Diamond came out with another book and perspective, saying how that eating style almost killed her, and now she is all about meat, etc, also put a shadow on it. My opinion is there were a lot of good principles behind it, it just needed tweaking. I’m glad to find this website, and a different perspective on it, which is breaking down the sweet and acidic fruits, and adding more protein. Thanks for your website. There is so much information out there about which foods are better for you that it can be confusing; so many are giving information to sell their products, and also the way food in our country is handled also affects how our bodies benefit. I say find something that appeals to you, then tweak it to fit you tastes and lifestyle. Wishing all good health.

      Cindy T.

      I followed the Somersizing Food Combining diet several years ago and dropped 26 lbs. Food combining is the easiest and most successful way I have found to lose and maintain weight. I just bought your book and look forward to the recipes!


Where does mayo fall in these categories?

    Megan Gilmore

    Since it’s used in such small amounts, I’d consider it neutral.

Deborah Miller


Hi; I’m totally, Totally ‘new’ to this thing..

I now want to loose 50lbs, and being despondent on the Metro North, started telling a co-passenger about it..
She immead told me to GooG Food Combine and Natural Hygiene (and I ended up here (smile))..

The ‘Logics’ sound reasonable (pertaining to the digestion process and how each category of food operate); I’m only hoping I will really loose the weight, and keep it all off (most important)..

I’m short (5′ – 5′ 2″ (maybe (smile)); and I’m now almost hitting 180lbs (definitely not good); all my clothes can’t fit, and most important, I feel horrid; if I try running to try get the Train, I find myself out of breath for hrs (I’ve never been like this before..

So, I’m gonna try this thing, and see what happens; But, please tell me this??

My Background is one of Caribbean heritage, and we eat our Oxtail, Curry Chicken/Goat and Stew Peas; from this ‘FC’ concept, are yu therefore saying; for example:

1. For the Oxtail and Rice & Beans; I now can’t have this as a meal (it now has to be the Rice & Bean ALONE with the Vegetables Listed (from your ‘Step 2’ chart)???

2. And this may be a ‘stupid’ follow up question, but does that mean, even the ‘gravy’ also (I can’t have) with the Rice???

3. If Yes (for the above question/s), So are yu then saying I would have to either have the Oxtail and gravy with the List (from your ‘Step 2’ chart), OR, the Rice/Rice & Bean with the List (from your ‘Step 2’ chart); and of course, Avocado (my favourite), with either, because it’s Neutral???


1. My ‘Steamy Hot’ Ginger Tea with original Dark Sugar – Is this still okay???

2. My Oatmeal with Nuts and some dried fruits (cranzins); with Two Boild Eggs – This is now NOT okay???

From the Questions above, is this what the ‘concept is’???

Thanks Much for your Answers; and Blog..

I’m abit not sure about something though; is it that when I chose one of the four main categories, I can actually eat everything in the category at once


Hi Megan! Thanks so much for your website and cookbook. I want to give food combining a try, but I’m concerned abou glycemic index. If I eat fruit by itself or oats by themselves, wouldn’t that create a big blood sugar spike and then fall? I feel that I’m prone to that, which is why I usually eat oats with eggs and fruit with nuts.


What about white rice with raw coconut oil? I know it may slow digestion but is it harmful having these two together? Rice is so bland to me without any fat, especially because I’m on a bland type of diet while I’m dealing with gastritis (for who knows how long).


I don’t agree that your meals will digest easy, it could be much easier, it still makes me feel bloated and uncomfortable

    Susan F

    You may benefit from further research. There are more restrictive charts on the Internet and you may want to read Dr Herbert Shelton’s original work.


Hi Meghan,

I’m just curious, but why would bananas be the only fresh fruit allowed with nuts, seeds and dried fruits?

    Megan Gilmore

    I believe it’s because bananas have a much lower water content when compared to other fresh fruits, so they have a slower digestion time that is similar to dried fruits.


      Ah yes, that would make sense! And they’re pretty dense fruit (somewhat like a dried fruit)
      Thank you for the link Megan – I’ve already read the entire food combining page. Love your website 🙂


what category is eggplant part of?


Hi. Every morning I drink kumbucha first thing. Then I make myself a matcha green tea latte with about 1/4c u sweet almond milk, tbsp coconut oil, tbsp grass feed butter and stevia. Would all this be considered neutral if I ate a fruit breakfast with my latte? Also, I’m considering adding maca to the latte. Not sure if that would matter with food combining. Lastly, I was looking at the 21 day detox plan. Are the optional snacks ok to eat if 3-4 hrs haven’t passed? For example, can I have my fruit breakfast at 8 am and then my snack at 10pm? Thanks.


Can you cobine bananas with egg? I mean eat a banana and then have eggs (with anything else)


Hi there,
Which category does pumpkin come in under?
Thank you.


Is there a problem with eating fruit after starches? Some people say it causes bloating if we eat fruit after starches.
Are oats and muesli also seen as starches? Because most people combine these foods.

Currently i’m doubting between eating more starch solution or raw till 4, but I’m afraid im not getting as slim when I follow starch solution

Gary Brown

Hi, can you give a little background where this chart came from? Your own personal trials? Or other books you’ve read? This looks like great information, but how can I trust it?

    Megan Gilmore

    I don’t think you should trust anything without trying it for yourself to see how it makes you feel, regardless of where the information comes from. Food combining has been discussed in “Fit for Life,” which became popular in the 80s, and I first read about it in Natalia Rose’s book, The Raw Food Detox Diet. I’ve also been told that it’s a part of Suzanne Sommer’s plan, but I haven’t read her books myself. The principles were logical enough to me to give it a try. Proteins digest in an acidic medium and starches are digested with an alkaline medium, so it makes sense to me that eating them together might neutralize those acids and make the whole digestive process take longer. It also makes sense to me that you would feel “fuller longer” since technically the digestive process IS taking longer… it’s just a matter of whether that is a good thing or not. I feel like it’s one of those things that can’t hurt, since you’re not technically giving up any food groups, cutting calories, or avoiding macronutrients– you’re just being mindful of how you eat at each meal.

      N M

      Thanks for the info, and I appreciate that you comment with other books, it gives resources for other ideas. I will add, that I read Natalia Rose’s book you mentioned above, and I was disappointed to read where, after being asked what she ate all day, she said she had eaten only a watermelon for the day’s meals. This might work for some people, or if someone was doing a semi-fast; but I wouldn’t want my kids to see me only eating one thing for the whole day; that doesn’t teach them anything about healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. Food combining does offer healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime if one is willing to put a little effort into it. 🙂 Thanks again for the website.


Hi Megan,
i have a question. I assume not all your recipies follow the food combining? I was looking at the recipe of yours that is like mac and cheese. i have made cashew cheese and love it!! but once you mix it with any type of pasta it no longer fallows the food combining right??
thanks for your help. LOVE the recipies. just ordered your book

    Megan Gilmore

    Hi Sue! All of the recipes on my site aren’t necessarily properly combined because my all of my family members don’t follow those rules– so I share a lot of the whole food recipes I make for them, too. For recipes like the mac n’ cheese, you can serve it over veggie noodles for a properly combined meal, and ALL of the recipes in my cookbook are properly combined and clearly labeled by category. I’ve even included Entertaining Menus so you can serve several properly combined dishes together!


      awesome, i was thinking I was going nuts! LOL
      can’t wait to get your book!


I lost a lot of weight and never felt better than when I was on Fit for Life back in the day so I know this works. Just a quick question; I still enjoy a few cups of coffee in the morning but can’t stand black. Almond milk? I had read full cream but that seems like a protein with my morning fruit ritual which doesn’t combine.

    N M

    Great question. The Fit for Life said not to drink coffee because it took 24 hours to digest one cup of coffee. I’m not saying that is wrong, but I’ve never seen that information anywhere else. I now drink coffee and wonder where it falls in the food combining, but haven’t been able to find the answer.


You have hummus alongside the nut & seed meal, above. Since hummus is made from garbanzo beans, wouldn’t that be a contradiction? Thanks so much for this page, it helps simplify a frustratingly complex situation



Just started reading you book Megan and I love it. Where would Yucca fall on the charts, starches or veggies?


Is there any measuring? Also, if I wanted to eat everything in a specific category, can I do that?



Which group does vinegar/hot sauce fall into? I tend to put vinegar on salad or vinegar or hot sauce on baked chicken.


Crystal L

Can coconut oil be combined well with acid fruits, like pinapple? Or is it really just protien fats that combine with them?


Thanks so much for this simplified chart! A big help along with the digestion time lines.


Can I eat more than one variety of nuts at a time?

    Megan Gilmore



I am just starting the program. Are sugar substitutes such as splenda allowed?

    Megan Gilmore

    I would not recommend using any zero-calorie sweeteners. I prefer natural sweeteners that contain calories and nutrients, such as raw honey, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, and fresh fruit.


      What about agave

        Megan Gilmore

        I consider most sweeteners to be “neutral” but most health experts I know don’t recommend using agave because of its high fructose content. It has a similar content to high fructose corn syrup.


Beans are listed under starch items. Does that include all beans, even refried?


so it’s ok to combine foods from one category? steaks with eggs and a glass of milk for example, or do i pick just one?


Thanks, for all the great info. How about almonds and figs mixed milk, sesame and fresh dates milk. I drink these one after another. Is it a good combination ?


What about the use of gelatin, collagen and bone broth? Should they be considered neutral or flesh proteins? I’ve always cooked my grains in broth – what are your thoughts?

    Megan Gilmore

    Since they don’t have fiber, I’d consider them pretty neutral.


      That certainly helps simply things. Works for me! Thank you.

Keyser Soze

I followed the fit for life model for about 8 months. I lost 35 pounds and got down to 6% body fat. However, when I was operated for an appendicitis, I was told I could not eat fruits or vegetables afterwords because it would hurt my digestive tract. I therefore, over the years got older and lazier in my food combinations and consequently gained the weight back. But, once you learn how to food combine, you never forget. It is like riding a bike.


Hi Megan
I love your page and have bookmarked it!
I couldn’t find black coffee on your list. What is optimal to combine with it please?


Great article! Completely agree – just wrote my take on food combining here 🙂


Can banana combine with dates, some almond butter, spinach and almond milk?

    Megan Gilmore



Hmm… you should really add other proteins to the proteins list. I like to eat bean noodles, which have more protein than carbs (not all of them are high-protein/low-carb, but some brands are), and then there are things like tofu, seitan, tempeh, TVP, etc., which wouldn’t really fall under the “starch” category (I once compared 100 calories of each of those to different kinds of cottage cheese, and actually many of them were higher-protein / lower-carb than cottage cheese!).

I haven’t read your blog, so maybe there is some mystical magical reason why you treat animal protein as special (sorry to assume, but a lot of people do based on nothing). I just wanted to point out that many veg sources of protein are actually higher-protein / lower-carb than the options you have under “animal protein”.

    Megan Gilmore

    When I was first taught about food combining, I was advised to avoid soy completely as it can cause excess mucous in the body and can be an issue for people with a history of thyroid issues. (Thyroid issues run in my family, so I strictly avoid it.) That’s why it was left off of my chart. However, I should modify it for people who can tolerate soy. I would recommend sticking to fermented soy products (like tempeh) and then combining them as simply as possible in a meal– eating them over a leafy green salad, or in a stir fry with non-starchy veggies and cauliflower “rice.”


My digestion is off. Will all of your recipes fall into the food combing rules. I’m not seeing much in food combing but a lot on gluten free. Still trying to figure this out.

    Megan Gilmore

    Not all of my recipes on the website are properly combined, but all 200 recipes in my two cookbooks are clearly labeled for food combining. They also contain several weeks of properly combined meal plans to help you get the hang of it. Hope that helps!


      Thank you.

sue o

I have a question regarding food combining. Do you use the categories of fruit, protein, nuts, and starch only for one meal and then the remaining categories for your other meals? Ia m using the food combining to relieve gi issues. I have ordered your books through bn and want to make sure that I am doing this correctly. Thanks Sue

    Megan Gilmore

    Hi Sue! Yes, you can do it that way if you would like to. Have a fresh fruit meal for breakfast, a starch meal for lunch, and then an animal protein meal for dinner. But, you don’t have to do it that way! I know some people prefer to stick to just one category for the whole day so that they don’t have to worry about the timing of their meals at all– they can eat whatever they want from the same category all day long, and then they switch categories the next day. (This is particularly easy for vegans and vegetarians who don’t consume anything from the animal protein category.) As long as you’re getting plenty of your variety in your diet to keep nourished and emotionally satisfied, you can choose to plan your meals however works best for your lifestyle.


Is it ok to combine a plant based protein and a carbohydrate? For example, beans + bread.

Supriya Kutty

Indeed it is an incredible article that you have shared with us, thank you so much for guiding us through this, this will surely be of great help for healthy life and cooking cannot wait to make this.


I take it I can have a banana with spreaded peanut butter.


Hi. 😊 thanks for the information. I have a question. I’m doing the seed cycle treatment for hormones (2 weeks of flax seeds and pumpkin and 2 weeks of sesame seeds and sunflower) those seeds are considered neutral ? Can I add them to the green juice Add fruit in the morning ? Please let me know. Thanks.

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