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Food For Thought: Why You Should Eat The Whole Egg

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I love eggs.

eggs in an egg carton

And it makes me sad when I see so many people eating only half of them, usually in the form of egg whites.

Yes, the yolks have more calories, cholesterol and fat. (Remember, fat doesn’t make you fat!) But if you skip the yolks, you’ll also be missing out on most of the nutrition, including vitamins B2, B12, D and iron!

In fact, the protein in egg whites are not as nutritious without the yolks. The yolks balance out the amino acid profile, making the protein in the egg whites more easily absorbed by our bodies.

In case you’re weary of the cholesterol, one study by the University of Connecticut found that the human bodies handle the cholesterol from eggs in a way that is least likely to harm the heart. Plus, when we eat foods containing cholesterol, our bodies will balance it out by simply producing less. (If you don’t consume enough cholesterol, your body will produce it anyway, for essential bodily functions.)

When eaten on their own, egg-whites also aren’t as satiating, according to pro-trainer Maik Wiedenbach.

“Since an egg white-only breakfast is nearly fat free, it will cause a significant insulin spike and promote hunger cravings as well as energy swings later in the day.”

hard boil egg cut in half on a plate[source]

An interesting tidbit: Most people who are allergic to eggs are actually allergic to the proteins found in the albumin, or white portion of the egg. [source]

So, next time you opt for eggs, I hope you’ll enjoy the yolks, too!

Reader Feedback: Do you enjoy eggs? If so, what’s your favorite way to prepare them?

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It drives me crazy too when I see people only eating whites, thinking the yolks are bad for them. Fat does not make you fat!

My favorite way is scrambled in coconut oil or leftover bacon fat and served alongside sauteed spinach 🙂 so delicious!


    My great-grandmother always cooked eggs (and everything else, really) in leftover bacon fat. YUM!!

Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat

Very interesting!! I used to be an only egg whites girl, thinking it was more nutritious for me but now that I’m older and wiser (lol) I know that’s not the case! After all, if you’re going to buy a carton of eggs, why would you throw away half?!


    Exactly! And when you’re buying high-quality eggs, it’s pretty expensive to throw away half!! And most restaurants charge you MORE for just eggwhites… what a waste of money!


Whole foods, baby! Whole foods 🙂


I’m right there with ya! I actually did a post similar to this not too long ago. I love eggs…the whole egg. And people are missing out on so much (nutrition and taste!) when they don’t eat the whole thing.

Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

When I do eat eggs, I eat the whole thing – and usually raw. 🙂 Campo Lindo eggs here in KC are the best!


    I love Campo Lindo eggs in KC! I’ve tried eating raw eggs, but I have to hide them in a smoothie or something… and I still “know” they’re in there, which grosses me out a bit. However, I do think they’re healthier that way!

jessica kiehn

THANK YOU!! I whole-heartedly agree. “diet” versions of anything is a no-no in this house. and yes we LOVE eggs. we eat em scrambled, sunny side up, and hard boiled<– aGREAT make ahead snack full of protein!


I always knew that the whole egg is best, but I haven’t eaten eggs much in my life; I am what you call a “picky eater;” with eggs, and a lot of other foods, taste doesn’t bother me, its texture! I did eat a boiled egg this morning; I’m going to have to keep experimenting til I find the right texture in my eggs!


I love eggs…simple scramble are perfect and I have been adding pasta sauce or salsa with greens and other veggies..mmm :)! Happy Saturday!


Mmmm, I always eat the yolks, they’re the best part! I usually have my eggs either scrambled in Kerrygold or over-hard, also cooked in Kerrygold. Once in a while I hard boil them. However, I really do not like runny yolks, they gross me out! I didn’t even like eggs until I was about 28, so maybe someday I’ll like the runny yolks, too.


I love the yolks and always eat the whole egg either hard boiled or scrambled runny. The only exception is post workout…I usually do a post workout meal with no fat because I read somewhere that it’s good to have less fat so you absorb the nutrition right away. I also use raw yolks in home made mayo…I was very skeptical about making this for a long time but as soon as I made it, I was hooked, it’s delicious!


I always buy cartoned egg whites, because I would never waste the whole egg. I like to mix it up, in some things I enjoy egg whites, like oats and protein muffins, but obviously like the whole egg in baked goods and omelettes! I hate when people think eggs are bad for you though, all the nutrition in the yolk is amazing! 🙂

Sara Maples

When I make my eggs, I cook both eggs and pop one yolk out for my puppy! He loves it! I’ll start cooking him a whole egg, so he can have more balanced nutrition. Samson appreciates your post!

Linda Wagner - Nutrition to Invigorate Mind, Body & Spirit

Love this, I ALWAYS eat the whole egg! Especially the gorgeous local eggs, their yolk is bright orange and bursting with nutrition!


I Love eggs! The yolk has always been my favourite, the runnier the better, since I was a little girl with dippy soldiers 🙂


I tend to take egg beaters and mix with whole eggs when doing Omelettes and scrambled eggs – generally a 2:1 ratio of whites (or egg beaters) to whole eggs. In that end, I find it an effective compromise in the overall scheme of things.


Hello, I really like your blog. When eat fried eggs I tend to feel hot afterwards in that i have hot flashes afterwards. Though when i have them in muffins etc i react really well especially the paleo ones. I used to be a vegetarian who didn t eat eggs, a vegetarian leaning more toward veganism. But after hearing the benefits of eggs , maining mainly from your website, and I have tried to have them plan but each time get hot flashes. Btw I am not allergic to eggs i was told. I have just had a coconut oil fried egg with soy sauce and now have hot flashes..

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