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Health Coaching, Round 2!

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With the weather warming up and bikini season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for a little Spring cleaning and a set of fresh, new habits. While I can’t help you clean out your closet, I’d be happy to help you with the latter.

Due to popular demand, I’ll be hosting another 8-week online coaching session of the Easy To Eat Well program!

easy to eat well

This program includes:

An 8-week guidebook (PDF), with easy steps to create lasting lifestyle change.

  • Weekly guide to develop better eating habits
  • Sample meal plans
  • Exclusive & delicious recipes
  • Effective exercises
  • Helpful Supplements
  • Easy Meal Preparation Tips
  • Dining Out Guide
  • Emotional eating strategies
  • Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan and Low-Oxalate options included

PLUS, access to a private online community created exclusively for program participants!

I’m particularly excited about these exclusive online message boards. As a participant, you’ll be able to remain anonymous, while benefiting from the energy and support of a like-minded community, who are all following the same program at the same time. This private community setting will allow me to respond to any and all of your questions, tweaking the program to each individual throughout the 8-week program, as well as allow you to receive support and motivation from fellow participants. In my experience as a health coach, clients often have many of the same questions and issues come up, so this will allow me to offer support to everyone at the same time, as a group!

Another benefit of group coaching? It’s more affordable.

For only $99, you’ll receive all of the materials listed above in the 8-week guidebook, PLUS 8 weeks of access to the virtual coaching community! That’s a 60% discount when compared to my private coaching rates.

Here’s what previous participants had to say about the program:

“I can’t even begin to list what I have learned from this! I just am feeling so good about myself and the direction my body is going – and I honestly can’t say I have had that feeling for so long. Thank you so much Megan for doing this at a rate that I, a poor graduate student, could afford. I have learned a ton, and am so grateful. I always loved your recipes and your posts that featured your eats for the day – but just never really understood how to make it apply to ME. I am learning to pre-make and plan snacks and meals, finding out what things I really enjoy that are new to me, and just loving how happy I am. I remember last year in the fall adding myself to your email list to find out when you would be taking on new clients, and I’m pretty sure I bugged you in the comments too  It was totally worth it! Thank you again for teaching me a new way of living. You were always great at answering my questions so quickly and not making me feel silly for asking any of them. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested!” -Kim

“Even though I knew a lot about eating healthy before I started the program, I didn’t necessarily put it into practice. These 8 weeks helped me to focus and really start doing the right thing. For me the most astonishing thing is that I am not craving anything. I’m not looking to run out tonight and eat a pizza or something. It’s not even in my “stomach thoughts.” Ha! I wasn’t eating a lot of processed foods before, but now I’m not eating any! (except for chocolate, goat cheese and sprouted grain bread). I can’t even imagine eating something made in a factory, or an animal that didn’t get the respect it deserved or the extra sugar in bottled drinks or cleaning with the usual chemicals. I’ve printed out some charts to tell me what is in season and I want to eat based on that as much as I can. Thanks for this Megan. I had fun.” -Heather

“I just wanted to also say that I really loved the program. Having a goal for the week really helped… and I definitely plan on repeating the weeks again to help stay on track and get more benefits. Before the program, I thought I was fairly healthy, but I realized how I was eating a lot of “healthy” packaged foods and not enough veggies, that really  are not that nutritious. The first few weeks my body had a hard time adjusting… that goes to show how much it needed the change! Also, the information about toxins and reducing them in our personal and cleaning products was very interesting! After the program I feel like I have a much better idea on how to feed myself with good nutrients. It was surprising how easy (and quick to prepare) it can be to fill up on meals primarily (or entirely) made of veggies without feeling like I’m just eating raw carrot sticks. (And even those dipped in the tahini dressing are yummy!) I know I still have changes to make…the next one is really looking at sugar, but I feel so much better now and was really glad to be a part of the program!” -Anon

“This program has been a big help to me the last couple months. I feel like I was pretty healthy before I started this program but have still learned SO much about various topics and ways to improve upon what I had already learned. I have picked up some basic guidelines that are practical things which can be easily incorporated into anyone’s lifestyle that will end up being HUGE benefits in the long run. Thanks so much for all your hard work, the PDF, and being willing to answer any and all of our questions. It has been wonderful being able to get advice from someone I trust.” -Alyssa

The next 8-week program will begin on Monday, April 1st, which should leave you prepared and confident just in time for summer weather!

To reserve your spot today, click on the link below:

(Pre-Sale) Easy To Eat Well: 8-Week Online Coaching Program


By purchasing this program, you are agreeing to the terms of service.

I look forward to working with this exclusive group, and seeing you all achieve your goals this Spring!

Get more recipes + meal plans in my books:

detox book and meal plan

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Is this program accredited in any way?


    Holistic approaches to health and nutrition aren’t regulated in the US, so, to my knowledge, it’s not possible to have an “accredited” holistic health program in this country. Registered dieticians would be considered accredited, but they are required to recommend a certain diet protocol that many holistic approaches would disagree with. Clients who want to work with me typically don’t want a registered dietician’s approach, so it’s ultimately up to you to decide which approach resonates with you. I’ll still be providing free healthy recipes on this website, either way. 🙂

Meredith k

I am interested!!


    That’s great Meredith! You can sign up anytime between now and April 1st, using the “add to cart” button in this post.

    Hope you’ll join us!


Hi Megan, I am interested in participating – when does it begin?


    Hi Jennifer! The program will start on Monday, April 1st. You can sign up anytime until then, using the “add to cart” button in this post.

    Hope you’ll join us!


I’m in!!! Love all that you do!


Hi Megan,

I live in the UK. Can I sign up? I stumbled across your site and after 40 years of depression found your recipes have really helped me feel better – would love to learn more. Anna X
PS thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes


    Hi Anna! Yes, as long as you have internet access you’ll be able to fully participate in the program from anywhere. Look forward to having you join us!

Rochelle Anderson

I just signed up. I have to say I am a little bit nervous. Just came off a completely raw diet for two months. I found the food fine but it was very difficult to be social and be around food at the same time. I am looking for something more balanced/normal. I will say that I love your site and have been using your recipes quite frequently. Thanks for the great site and free recipes. I also appreciate your “what I ate on Wednesday” posts. It helps to see what it looks like to eat the way you do.


Megan, I am interested in signing up for the program as I really need to restart my whole approach to food but before I do I have a question for you. Would this program lend itself to my specific food allergies?


    Hi Megan! Food allergies are definitely something that we can address in the online coaching forum– you’ll be able to ask me any questions about tailoring the program to fit your needs.


Hi Megan! I didn’t get to post this earlier so I will now – thank you so much for providing this class. To all of you out there interested in taking it, I highly recommend it (I completed her first session). Even if your a seasoned food combiner and juicer, etc. there are still a ton of learnings. My only question left after taking the course: will you be teaching a “next level” class??


    Thanks, Susan! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed the first session. I will consider adding a “next level” class after this next session! 🙂


Hi Megan, Interested in finding out if your program focuses more on detoxing or can it be considered a weight loss program as well?


    Hi Audrey! Yes, I’d consider this a weight-loss program as well. I’ve included special tips and notes in the program for those needing to lose weight, and for those who are trying to maintain.

Meredith k

I’m thinking I may wait until your next session since I’m still Breastfeeding. I’m planning on wrapping up early may but think it might be better to wait until I’m finished. How often do you do these!? Thanks!


    Hi Meredith! I’m not sure when the next session will be– it depends on if there is enough demand for another session– but it will most likely start a month after this next session ends. So, maybe June or July?


I’m def interested! I think this is JUST what I need to truly understand how this healthy eating can apply to me! I could def use losing those 5 lbs to really push me to get ready for the summer! Have your previous clients that followed this been able to lose some weight? 🙂 BTW- made your grain free pumpkin pancakes for dinner last night…OMG amazing! Even my fiance was oohing and aahhhing!


    Not all of my previous clients were looking to lose weight, but the ones who did and were committed to the full 8 weeks have definitely seen some weight loss as a result. I’m so glad you both enjoyed the pumpkin pancakes! 🙂


Just missed this one! I’m interested in signing up when you do another round! I really want to try lots of your recipes and eat healthier I think this would be a really great way to start and commit 🙂


Jan 2015. Are you having the Easy to Eat Well coaching again this year? I am interested in joining. I look forward to your cookbook & will be preordering soon. Thank you!!!!

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