Healthier Makeup Options

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Even with everything I do to eliminate my exposure to toxins, one of the things I’ve been hesitant to upgrade is my makeup bag. When you find something that works, you want to stick with it!


Luckily, this pregnancy has encouraged me to look for some better options. I’m not one to wear makeup daily, but when I do, I want to make sure I’m not adding anything too toxic to my skin. After all, the skin is our body’s largest organ, and it will absorb anything and everything we put on it! A good rule of thumb for skin care is that if you can’t eat it, you probably shouldn’t be wearing it.

(Of course, I’m not recommending you try to eat your eye liner, either.)

The above photo shows the products that are currently in my makeup bag–> and I’m happy to say, I’m loving each and every one of them!

Here’s what I’m enjoying lately:

1. RMS Beauty. I actually use three products from RMS Beauty at the moment, all of which are formulated with raw, food grade, organic ingredients and are packaged in environmentally-friendly small glass jars. Talk about beauty products you can eat!

  • “Un” Cover-Up. I’ve owned the same jar of this concealer for nearly 3 years, which either goes to show how long it lasts… or how little I use makeup. Either way, it’s still going strong! It evens out skin tone and moisturizes at the same time! I feel like it leaves my skin with a healthy, dewy glow every time I use it.
  • Lip2Cheek. I don’t wear lipstick or blush often, which is why this two-in-one product is especially efficient for my needs. It can be subtle, when applied with a light touch, or more dramatic, for an evening out.
  • Living Luminizer. I’ve also owned this little jar for nearly 3 years, and I love how it adds a subtle shine and healthy glow to my cheekbones!

2. Josie Maran Eye Shadow. It’s been a challenge for me to find a more natural eye shadow that doesn’t crease or smudge, and still creates a similar “smoky eye” look like the products I used to use. I had previously tried some organic eye shadow sticks, but I found them to be too sheer and a bit greasy on my eyelids. This eye shadow palette has been working fantastic for me so far, and is much more like traditional eye shadows I’ve enjoyed using in the past.

3. Vapour Organics Beauty Bronzer. I used to love using a powdered bronzer as a subtle blush, so this bronzing stick is a great alternative! Vapour Beauty’s Solar Translucent Bronzer is made with 70% organic ingredients and 30% natural pigments and vitamins. It applies easily, using my fingers to blend, and leaves no unnatural streaks or fake orange-y color.

4. Tarte Amazonian Clay Liner. Eye liner has been the most challenging product for me to replace. I love using a small brush to apply my eye liner, for the most accurate results, and this particular brand works like a charm! Unlike other eye liners I’ve tried (even the traditional ones), this eyeliner doesn’t smudge and stays put all day long. As an added bonus, this eye liner pot comes with it’s own eye liner brush, which makes it an even better value. Eye liner brushes can be expensive on their own!

5. Korres Volcanic Minerals Mascara. To be honest, mascara has been the lowest item on my priority list, since it has such little contact with my skin. This Korres mascara is the first more natural mascara I’ve tried, and it seems to work just as well as the “volumizing” drugstore brands I used to use regularly.

That’s it! My makeup routine tends to take about 5 minutes or less, so these products definitely make my life quick and easy.

Reader Feedback: Any healthier makeup products or brands that you love? Please do share!

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You should check out the All Natural Face
Their products are vegan, organic and completely chemical and toxin-free..and they’re super cheap!


    I just looked up The All Natural Face website and YouTube reviews for their products, and it all looks pretty fantastic not to mention super reasonable price-wise! When I get close to running out of my current stuff, I will be ordering their starter sample pack with pretty much everything for $23. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the link!


Oh great post! I’m a huge sucker for any sort of makeup so I love the healthier options.
Sometimes they don’t work as well as the alternative, but obviously that’s because of the chemicals.
I definitely love using the natural mascaras, bronzers, shampoos and conditioners – but haven’t ventured out elsewhere yet.

Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat

Awesome post! I love make-up and I’m always look for healthier options. This is perfect!

this is a local canadian brand that i really love.

“Made in Canada, Pure Anada is a beautiful line of natural cosmetics created for all women!
Our goal is to produce a healthier alternative to traditional cosmetics by eliminating unnecessary, harmful ingredients.
We use certified organic oils and waxes which offer many benefits, along with purified mineral pigments to achieve brilliant colors and natural sun protection.”


I love Alima Pure make up also eye shadow holds all day. I did not like RMS cause I have little oily skin so it did not work for me.Also I have found when I eat healthy and using eminence organics and arman prana skin care I do not need any make up at all.


I love Ava Anderson, not only for their makeup but every single product is awesome, all natural and organic. They rate 0 on EWG cosmetics database. They even have a baby line 😉


Great post! Could you please share what you use on your hair as well? I’m struggling to find a natural option in that area.


    I’m a big fan of Acure Organics and Dessert Essences for shampoo and conditioner.


    I use a lot of Ava products. Their conditioner took a while for my hair to get used to, but now it is great! Very sfot and silky. Their shampoo doesn’t really sud but my hair feels clean. I used to have exema on the back of my head and had to use Scalpacin to keep it from being too itchy and now it is all cleared up.

    (On another note I use their diaper cream for wounds and scar removal)


    100% Pure brand has awesome shampoo and conditioner. I’ve tried so many that just didn’t work for my hair and hard water. I like the coconut flavor.


100% pure cosmetics. They are all organic line.

Sara Maples

Awesome post! I’m gradually switching over to more natural products. So far RMS is my favorite.

Jessica O.

I really love Cowgirl dirt makeup.


Thanks for this info! I will have to try the RMS Beauty products. Glam Natural is a great line. I love their blushes — Barely There and Ashley Ashley are perfect. Just a little color.


If you need it, here’s their link:

Andrea Gray

Hi Megan!

For a mascara, maybe someday try the new one from Kjaer Weis. It has even the Korres brand beat in terms of clean ingredients. I have used it and it doesn’t run, flake, or clump. For eyeshadow, an above reader mentioned Alima Pure which I also love, no creasing at all. Another good one (especially if you prefer solid shadows as opposed to the loose powders is again from Kjaer Weis, This product too has Josie Maran’s ingredient cleanliness beat. RMS is spectacular all the way around. And another great line for foundation that is a bit less emollient but clean as can be and high performing is W3ll People

Good luck on your search Megan!


My solution to the makeup issue is to just not use it at all. I think that when you reach a certain age, you get to do stuff like that… 🙂


    I agree Susan, although once in a while I do decide to add a bit of blush. 🙂


I use Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara. It inexpensive and you can purchase it at your local drug store.

Louise Maine

I also try to wear as little as possible. Basically just mascara and eyeliner. Now that I have a plugged tear duct in one eye (A duct that drains, not produces) I have to find something super waterproof and has been a problem. I think I have read before of all the makeup we can use, the stuff we use on our eyes is very important because of the very watery medium and easily conducted elsewhere (nose, lymph system, etc.)

Sarah Burns

Aveda makes great make-up as well. Eco friendly and they are an American company.


Bellaphoria is one…. if not the only purest cosmetics on the planet.
Take a look … I love it .. helped many with allergies to their makeup !


Love Devita products!! ( They are pure, vegan, loaded with antioxidants. I also love their 30spf sunscreen for face. It rubs in clear and is just like putting a moisturizer on and provides great protection from sun (w/ zinc oxide)

Also love Acure Organics for shampoo/conditioner.

Lorraine Raymond

100% natural, chemical-free, mineral-based pigment powders, free of talc, oils, preservatives, perfumes, synthetic dyes, and parabens. The 3D lashes are AMAZING. Everyone should try this line. It’s safe and affordable!!


Great post. I think most of us have a hard time giving up our more familiar brands for stuff that’s less toxic. I love Korres, unfortunately they’re out of stock on a lot of their product quite frequently. I also love Concealer has been the most challenging thing for me to find and I really like pure’s. It is nice to see I have at least one other option now. 🙂


I have been using Ava Anderson and love it:-) The whole line is great. I really like the anit anging serum:-)
I use not only there skincare line but the sunscreen and cleaning products:-)


What do you suggest for eye makeup remover?


    Just plain olive oil or jojoba oil are AMAZING at removing eye makeup!

    Oil dissolves oil, so it’s more effective than other products I’ve tried. (And it doesn’t make your skin oily– I actually only wash my face with pure oils, and it’s never been better!)


    Living Libations has the best skin care products made with essential oils. The Best Skin Ever blend is great for getting make-up off and is what I use for cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Nadine has some great products.


Thank you!!


I was just wishing for more information on healthy makeup; thank you for providing what you’ve found so far, and thanks to all the other folks for posting what your faves are. Can’t wait to take this next step!


I really like RMS beauty too. I use their concealer but find it a little too thick for my entire face, do they have something that is more like a light foundation? I’ve been using Zuzu Luxe pressed powder but the color isn’t quite right and I want to find something more moisturizing. Thanks for the ideas!


    I don’t use any other type of foundation, but if you want to thin-out the RMS concealer, I’d recommend moisturizing your face with an oil first (like coconut oil), then using your fingers to blend the concealer evenly. It works really well, and leaves a lighter coating. I usually just use it as a spot corrector, though, and skip foundation all together.


I love Jane Iredale make-up. They have a consistent low rating for toxic ingredients in most of their products on skin deep or cosmetic database. They work really well too. I use their mascara, eye shadow, concealer, mineral powder, and blush.

Teri Gomez

We offer the best pure mineral makeup available – at an affordable price. You can look beautiful and not go broke doing it!

Elegant Minerals Makeup is 100% pure crushed loose minerals. It’s weightless and considerably long-wearing. The pure mineral pigments reflect light, imparting an amazing finish. Don’t want to look glittery or sparkly? Then you’ll love our semi-matte foundations.

Our SPF 15 Mineral Makeup is excellent for sensitive, damaged, or acne prone skin. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of the minerals


I really like the shade of the #1 product, it looks like a coral color am I right? Could you tell me the name of the shade?? Thanks!! I love this post 🙂 Also another question, does the Tarte liner go on like liquid eyeliner (sharp and precise) or is it more of a smoky soft look? I have a fair/warm autumn complexion and like the softer look for my coloring. Thanks again for giving us a peek into your makeup bag *wink*


    I believe that’s the “modest” color in the photo above. They have another color called “smile” that looks like it might be more of a coral shade!

Barbie Horn

What a Blessing you are! As a 55 yr old RN, this old dog is learning new ‘Tricks’ everyday!
I’ve already incorporated a lot of what you “are a preaching!”
The 2 Best changes for 2014 we’ve made have been using Young Living Essential Oils.
….and the “Livio” skin care system. I’m naturally skeptic with my career in medicine. But after doing my own research…
& actually meeting Dr.Irvin (an internationally known researcher in Parkinson’s & other debilitating diseases), well I’m a believer after seeing
The independent clinical results …..All plant based! love love it!
Keep writing…. I’m sharing the info with friends & coworkers!


Mascara has been the lowest item on your priority list?? Hell0o00ooo– mucous membranes anyone? That should be the first thing you replace (not just my opinion).

Love your blog. Read the Autoimmune Epidemic… it’ll make you paranoid about EVERYTHING. Or don’t and be happy. haha

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