Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drink + Giveaway

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I’ve got a fun new drink to share at holiday parties this year. It’s a different kind of “bubbly”– a sparkling probiotic drink!

hand holding kevita probiotic drink

If you’re not familiar with KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drinks, they are sparkling beverages made from a water kefir culture. Each bottle of naturally fermented Kevita contains 4 strains of live probiotics and 4 billion CFUs that help support your digestive and immune health. They won’t replace your usual probiotic, but they’re a nice addition to help boost your digestion during this busy time of year.

In case you’re wondering, these drinks taste way better than any other kefir drink I’ve tried. (If you’ve been a long-time reader, you might recall that I once tried making my own water kefir a few years ago… and these bottles are much more tasty and convenient). They’re light and fruity (not quite as sweet as straight fruit juice) with a nice, bubbly finish. I think they’d make an awesome replacement if you’re trying to kick a soda habit!

What I love about KeVita is that their products are all certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, non-dairy, vegan and kosher to accommodate nearly any special dietary need. Many of them are sweetened with stevia, keeping these drinks low in calories and sugar. But, if you’re like me, and would prefer to avoid stevia, their Lemon Ginger flavor is naturally sweetened with just a touch of organic pure cane sugar. It tastes like a gourmet lemonade! I’m also eyeing their new “Roots Beer” flavor, which is also sweetened with cane sugar, but I haven’t spotted it at my local Whole Foods yet…

kevita sparkling probiotic drink with holiday desserts

Speaking of the holidays, we served these drinks at our “Friendsgiving” celebration last month. They were a nice way to help everyone boost their digestion while indulging in all of the holiday treats!


four different kevita bottles

My friends at KeVita want to help you “revitalize from the inside” this holiday season, so to help they’re giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card + a case of KeVita to TWO of my readers.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Click here to visit the KeVita website
  • Leave a comment below with a favorite flavor that you’d love to try

Giveaway is open to U.S. readers only. Entries will be accepted until December 14th at 11:59 PM PST. Winners will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is selected. 

You can find KeVita beverages near you using this store locator.

Good luck!

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I too try to stay away from the Stevia flavored drinks….they are just too sweet! I’d love to try the lemon ginger….going to look for this today!


I’m obsessed with the lemon cayenne flavor! I really want to try all of the new sparkling probiotics, but that lemon cayenne gets me everytime!


I’ve tried most of the sparkling probiotic drinks and am a huge fan of the lemon cayenne. I’d love to try some of the apple cider vinegar drinks. Ginsing mandarin sounds really delicious. Thanks for the giveaway!


I’d love to try the Pineapple Coconut!

Meg T

The Lime Mint Coconut sounds amazing!!


The pineapple coconut looks so yummy!


Mmm, the Mojita Lime sounds fantastic!


The apple cider vinegar drinks sound interesting


The lemon ginger sounds really good!

Janell Garwood

I’d love to try the Tangerine!

Carmen Roa

Oh how I love Booch!
It has been an instrumental part of my healing from Adrenal Fatigue, Fibro, and damage from pharmaceuticals, along with your wonderful tips and recipes.
Would love the Ginger Lemon…well, actually all of them look luscious.


I would love to try the Lemon Cayenne and to be able to kick my pop habit.


I love anything citrus. The Lemon Ginger and Mojita Lime Mint Coconut both sound delicious and refreshing. Can’t wait to try them!


I’d love to try the roots beer!

Deana Kerns

I love Kevita! Would love to try Blueberry Cherry. I haven’t seen that flavor in stores.


I drink KeVita all the time!! I love the Mojita flavor 🙂 the tangerine one sounds so good too!

Jane Zimmerman

I love the lemon ginger!


Strawberry acai! I do make my own water kefir, but it’s super hard to keep up with.


Lemon ginger sounds great to me! (I also prefer no stevia).

Ruth Rhodes

My daughter loves this stuff! I think I’d choose the Mango Coconut.

Melissa wilson

Rootbeer! I haven’t seen that one either.

Summer English

Lemon ginger sounds delicious. I would love to try it!!

Jen m

Blueberry Cherry is on my wish list


They all sound good but I think I would have to choose Hibiscus Berry!


I’d love to try BluberryCherry flavor!!!




I would love to try the lemon ginger!


They all sound great. The Lemon Ginger is the one I’d most like to try!


Lime mine – oh my yes.

Danielle Kennedy

The Roots Beer one is want I want to try!


I would love to try the Strawberry Acai Coconut!

Sarah W

I’d love to try the strawberry acai coconut!


Lemon ginger! I drink their Kombucha all the time but haven’t tried their probiotic drink.


I haven’t drank soda in ages, and I sometimes miss root beer. I’d love to try Roots Beer!

Kelly DeMent

Would love to try the lemon ginger and the lime mint coconut!! They both sound delish!!!


The Mojito Lime Mint Coconut! I see these at Whole Foods all the time and have yet to try them.

Liz Schenck

Lime mint coconut! Yummm

Daphne Hernandez

Mojita Lime Mint Coconut!!!!!!!


I buy the Mango Coconut quite frequently and love it. I have never had the Pineapple Coconut or Tangerine, but they sound amazing!


Would love to try the lemon ginger and lime mint coconut. They both sound delish!!


I have been drinking these for a couple months already and I love the strawberry acai coconut….


I would love to try the new roots beer flavor as well! Also the lemon cayenne and hibiscus berry 🙂 Awesome giveaway!


Lemon Ginger sounds perfect for staying healthy this winter! Fingers crossed to be a winner 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity – love your site!


Blueberry Cherry all the way! Yay for probiotic drinks! I’ve tried Kevita’s kombucha (yum), I’ll definitely have to keep my eyes open for this!

Julie Rings

Strawberry Acai, hands down!


I love Kevita! I’ve never tried the pineapple coconut! I would love to try it!

Sarah Soria

I. Would love to to try the mojito coconut lime one!


My favorite is mojito lime mint coconut! I’d love to try roots beer!


I love these! I can’t wait to try the Mojito.


Lemon ginger sounds good to me! I don’t enjoy the taste of stevia.

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