My Kids’ Natural Bath Routine

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When it comes to my kids, I’m always looking for the most natural products I can find. When my son was born, I dove head-first into cloth diapering, made him lots of healthy smoothies and fun “kid food,” but when it came to bath time, I was hesitant to put many products on his hair or skin. I didn’t feel like there were many truly non-toxic options available at the time.

natural shampoo in hand

In fact, five years ago, we pretty much used only warm water for my son’s baths, and then I’d rub him down with pure coconut oil as a moisturizer. That routine worked well enough, but my husband didn’t care for the fact that all of our towels started to smell like coconut oil. And now that my son is so active, he needs a little more cleaning-power than he used to.

That’s why I’m excited about Morrocco Method’s new baby line!

morrocco method baby products on bath tub

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may remember that I first tried their all-natural shampoos when I was pregnant with my son, and I also tried their henna hair dye last Fall (you can see before & after shots here). They are the most natural hair care company I’ve ever found!

Morrocco Method’s new baby line includes all-natural shampoos (that also double as a body wash), a natural detangler made with essential oils, a baby powder, and a pure body oil that you can use to lock-in moisture. Their products are mild and gentle, and because they do not have a foaming agent, the PH is low and won’t sting eyes like a soap based product would.

Our Natural Bath Routine

Like many parents, we’ve worked a daily bath into our bed time routine to help the kids wind down before they go to sleep. I like to let them soak in the water for a while and play, and then right before we drain the bath I’ll use a gentle body wash on a washcloth. (I like the Heavenly Essence scent the best!) My kids both don’t love getting their hair washed, so we only use it as a shampoo a couple times a week.

(If we’re being honest here, I only wash my own hair a couple times a week, too.)

pure baby oil into hands

How to Use Oil as a Moisturizer

When my kids are done with their bath, it’s time to moisturize. One important thing to keep in mind when using an oil as a moisturizer, is that it doesn’t have the ability to moisturize your skin– it can only lock-in moisture. So, you need to apply it to wet skin for best results.

Before I even dry my kids off with a towel, we rub a pure body oil into their skin to help their skin stay soft and hydrated. It’s like a mini-massage for them! The perfect way to relax before bed, if you ask me.

After the oil has been rubbed in, that’s when we’ll use a towel to remove any excess moisture and then they’re ready for pajamas.

natural detangler and baby head

Now that my baby girl is getting some hair, I’ve started brushing it with Morrocco Method’s natural detangler every night to help keep tangles at bay. (She has the same naturally curly hair that I do, so I know that tangles will be a common issue for us– my mom had to cut them out of my hair when I was little!)

My son likes me to brush his hair now, too, because he wants everything the same as his sister. (And vice versa.) I use a mini bristle brush on him, to help distribute the natural oils from his scalp to keep his hair healthy.

Where to Buy Morrocco Method Products

You can find these new baby products and more at Use the promo code Babynista15 for 15% off your purchase. (Offer is valid from June 21st to July 21st, 2018.)

Reader Feedback: Do you have a natural bath routine for your kids? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Thank you to Morrocco Method for sponsoring this post and giving my readers a discount! As always, I only work with brands and share natural products that I would use in my own home.

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