My Top 5 Nursing Tips for New Moms

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mom and babyBreastfeeding is one of the best ways to nourish and bond with your new baby, but as a new mom, it can also be quite challenging. It’s surprising that something so natural doesn’t always come naturally — there’s definitely a learning curve!

Because new moms can use all the support we can get, the following tips should help you tackle this challenge and develop a rewarding nursing relationship with your newest addition.

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Any recipes for lactation cookies or smoothies? Ways to increase lactation? Future blog post.


What are your thoughts on being grain-free, dairy-free, or both during pregnancy?


    I think it’s fine to omit both of those things during pregnancy– as they don’t offer any nutrients that can’t be found through other foods. Just make sure you’re eating a varied, well-balanced diet!


My husband and I have been toiling with starting to eat Paleo, but much of what I have read says that in the first month as your body adjusts it sheds toxins, and these toxins can end up in breastmilk. In your opinion, is it safe to START a paleo diet while breastfeeding? (My son is about to turn 1 and we plan on extended breastfeeding.)


    I personally wouldn’t start anything drastic while breastfeeding, but making gradual changes toward a healthier diet (like eliminating processed foods) and making sure to eat enough nutrient-rich whole foods should help you clean up your diet without too many side effects, as long as you take it slow.

Jackie Mac

Hi! I had a double mastectomy so I am not able to breast feed (no milk ducts)
Do you have a recommendation for a good clean baby formula? Im expecting in October and really dont trust my OB as im not sure she cares about GMO, organic, natural and such. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

jakilyn agramonte

I was hoping to find the recipe for the vegan lactation cookies but when i click on them it doesn’t come up, maybe I’m missing something? thxs!

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