My Weekly Meal Plan

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weekly meal plan

I know I’ve said it before, but one of the keys to eating well on a regular basis is being prepared ahead of time with healthy snacks and meal ideas. Whether you’re new to healthier eating or you’ve been eating whole foods for years, most of us can still use some fresh meal ideas every now and then.

So, today I thought I’d share my meal plan for the week, in the hopes that it might offer some inspiration. Below are seven healthy dinner ideas, along with the snacks and salad dressings I’m preparing ahead of time.

I usually have a big smoothie for breakfast most days, and a salad or leftovers from the night before for lunch, so dinner is the only meal that needs to be “planned” in our home. I also like to have a veggie dip or creamy dressing on hand for snacks, and a double-batch of vinaigrette prepared to make quick salads. And there’s always a stash of treats in our freezer!

Chinese cabbage salad, date energy balls, quinoa and vegetable teriyaki bowl, cauliflower fried rice, and cauliflower pizza

Here’s my plan for the week:

Snacks, Dressings & Treats:

If you’d like a more detailed meal plan, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas, be sure to check out the meal plan in Everyday Detox and sign up for my weekly email newsletter to receive your free 21-day Kick Start plan. 

Reader Feedback: Let me know if sharing weekly meal plans is something you’d like me to do more often!

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Thank you for sharing your meal plan! I love reading “What I Ate Wed.” This would be a great addition! I would enjoy reading your meal plans in the future. Please keep sharing! Thank you for all you do. I love the cookbook!


Yes, please continue sharing your weekly meal plans. That would be so helpful, as I just finished the 21 day detox.

Catherine Moeller

Thank you! Your meal plans are truly helpful! I love your cookbook too! ?


Love this!! Great to see how you plan — inspires me! Keep ’em coming!


Yes, I love this! I find we eat healthier and have an easier time with meals when we plan ahead. Thanks!


Yes please keep sharing….I get overwhelmed trying to plan meals….this is a great help. Thanks for inspiring me to eat better…..I’m spreading the word! 🙂 Love your cookbook also!


Yes, planning is the key! My husband and I eat our “big” meal at lunch time, so I typically cook 3 – 5 meals on Sunday to have for our lunches during the work week. It makes our lives much simpler during the week and I’m always shocked at how many meals I can cook in one hour! Your recipes, whether from your cookbook or your blog, are beautiful and delicious! Many thanks Megan!

Samantha @ThePlantedVegan

Love this idea of making a weekly meal plan! Thanks for sharing yours! That cauliflower pizza looks so amazing!

Hannah Stoffel

Thanks for sharing! I would love to see this more often. Meal planning eludes me. For the vegetarian/vegan meals I can easily add a side of meat for my husband.


This would be a wonderful thing to see on a somewhat regular basis. I am a creative cook who loves to be in the kitchen but I think even the most creative cooks need inspiration sometimes. We have been a largely whole -foods based family for awhile now and decided to embark on a mostly plant-based diet about a year ago. In addition I decided that gluten-free was something I wanted to make the norm in our house about a year and a half ago. All this has meant learning a completely new way of cooking and meal planning. The idea of doing a lot of prep work over a day or two for the week is so helpful. I just started a new job, my first outside the home in over three years, and while it’s only three hours each afternoon, it means adjustment. This post inspired me to make some pasta sauce to stick in the freezer for later in the week, a double batch of your creamy roasted red pepper sauce and a batch of my own favorite vinaigrette. I also cut a head of broccoli and cauliflower into florets for quick snacks, lunch box sides for my daughter and husband and for quick roasting or additions to salads. I, too, keep lots of snacks in the freezer! I defrosted some cookies I made a couple of weeks ago and threw together your healthier Klondike bars yesterday. I have a few other bite-sized freezer snacks for post-workout, quick snack and lunch box options! My husband and I, sometimes my kids, also have smoothies most days for breakfast. Since I make them and breakfast is usually at different times for each of us, I blend them up the night before and stick them in the fridge. In the morning, they go back into the blender with a few ice cubes for a quick whirl. Saves a lot of time on busy school mornings!


I would love to see more weekly meal plans from you.It’s a good way to get new dinner or lunch ideas rather than eating the same thing all the time.


I love this! I need this. thank you for sharing.


I made your meal plan last week and had the yummiest and healthiest week. Everything was planned, even my snacks! I really loved it. Thanks a lot for sharing, this is exactly what I need! I hope you will do it again soon.

Jennifer Gonzalez

I absolutely love everyday detox. My husband loves everything I have made from this book and believe it or not he is actually telling his friends they must get this book! We have been using the recipes for over a month now and he has lost 8 lbs and he has dropped his triglycerides and cholesterol practically in half(he is on low dose cholesterol med but his doctor was very impressed and I believe the diet made a big difference she asked what he was doing and he started telling her about this book). His favorite is the no fail kale salad but he also loved the quinoa mushroom burgers but truly everything is very tasty. Thank you Megan for your recipes, nutritional expertise and for teaching us how we can eat healthier and not feel deprived. I love your weekly meal plan too.

Stacey Broomall

What’s your opinion on the Whole 30’s recommendation to not eat legumes or lentils due to the possible allergic reaction to their protein and their contribution to leaky gut syndrome?


This is the first time I’ve been to your site in quite a while. I have to say I’m a little disappointed by all the pop up ads. It makes the user experience a little more than frustrating 🙁 Everytime I load a new page my screen is almost covered by your request for email address and the ad on the bottom of the screen (on my iPhone anyway).

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