NASA says so

In case you’re not totally sold on the idea of rebounding, check out a clip I noticed in this month’s issue of Self magazine:

According to NASA:

“Hopping on a mini trampoline, also known as an urban rebounder, is 68 percent more effective than running on a treadmill at a similar heart rate and oxygen intake.” [Self magazine, April 2011]

So I’m off to get bouncing–> NASA says so!

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wow – I wonder if jumping on a large trampoline has the same effect? My neighbor has a huge one in her backyard that I jumped on last week! The weather here in DFW is finally kind of nice, reminds me of California.

Holly @ Couch Potato Athlete

Well I’m glad NASA is taking the time out of their busy Space studies to learn more about rebounders :0

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty

How fun is this!! ๐Ÿ™‚


How awesome I want one of these!


    Thank you so much!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


this looks awesome!!!!


Silly question? How high does your ceiling have to be for a rebounder? I never got to try one and was thinking to purchase one, but I’m afraid to hit my head on the ceiling ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fun blog by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Our current apartment does not have high ceilings by any means… so you should be fine! I never worry about my head bumping the ceiling (and I’m 5’7″)– the only thing that has ever happened is my hands have touched the ceiling when I do jumping jacks, but even then, it’s only when I bounce extra-high! My husband is taller than me, and has had no issue when he bounces either!

    If you have standard ceilings, you should have no problem!


I want a rebounder. Any recco’s on a good brand?


    The Needak rebounder is the BEST!! I actually bought a cheaper ($80) one at first, and had to return it immediately because it felt like such a safety hazard when my husband and I tried to put it together! Eeek!

    The Needak rebounder that I ordered after that was a MILLION times better! It’s foldable, so it hides easily under my bed when I don’t want it out, and is really sturdy and durable! I’ve owned mine for 3 years, and it still feels like new. It looks like Amazon has the best price here: (plus free shipping!)

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