No Excuses Detox Preorder Bonus (Free Meal Plans + Workouts!)

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After such a long wait, it’s hard to believe that my second cookbook will be out in just 8 short weeks. February will be here before we know it!

no excuses detox cookbook

I’m so excited to share my next book, No Excuses Detox, with you. As the title suggests, this book aims to give you “no excuse” to not eat well on a regular basis. It’s packed with whole-food recipes that are budget-friendly, family-friendly, and can be made ahead of time, or in just 30 minutes. Due to popular demand, I’ve included two chapters dedicated to main entrees this time– one chapter that features casseroles and comfort foods, and another one with quick skillet meals that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.

Since preparation tends to be the key to success, I’ve also made meal planning easier for you by including 3 complete meal plans, along with shopping lists, in this cookbook. If you need fast meals for the week, you’ll love my Speedy Meal Plan, with every meal ready in just 30 minutes or less, and if you need to stick to a tight budget, check out my Budget-Friendly Meal Plan, which will keep you well fed for under $6 each day.

I know how far away February can feel (believe me, I know!!!) so I’ve created a special gift as an early THANK YOU for preordering my book. Preorders are a big deal in the publishing world, so your support means a lot!

Here’s what you’ll receive if you PREORDER NOW:

  • 3-week Detox Meal Plan, complete with shopping lists
  • 7 exclusive recipes, plus early access to a few recipes from the new book
  • 3 weeks of FREE Physique 57 on-demand workouts
  • $10 off your healthy snack purchase from Made In Nature
  • 15% off my favorite organic ingredients from Healthworks
  • 15% off my favorite non-toxic skincare line Tata Harper (January only!)

pictures of three recipes from the no excuses detox cookbook

The meal plan and exclusive bonus recipes are all gluten-free and vegan, with several Paleo options for those of you who need to avoid grains, legumes, and dairy. The recipes included in the bonus PDF are:

  • Slow Cooker Vegan Tacos
  • Slow Cooker Minestrone
  • Mongolian “Noodle” Stir-Fry
  • Winter Berry Smoothie
  • Curried Vegetable “Fried Rice”
  • Almond Joy Energy Bites
  • Stacked Vegetable Sandwich
  • Chinese Cabbage Salad (from Everyday Detox)
  • Rainbow Lo Mein (from No Excuses Detox)
  • Speedy Black Bean Burgers (from No Excuses Detox)
  • Southwest Lettuce Wraps with Cilantro Dressing (from No Excuses Detox)
  • Creamy Kale Salad (from No Excuses Detox)

recipes from the no excuses detox cookbook

This bonus gift is the perfect way to help you all kick-off a healthy new year.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I fell in love with Physique 57 back in 2009, when they released their workout DVDs right before my wedding. I’ve tried a LOT of different workouts, but this high-intensity, low-impact method changed my legs like no other could. I even did them throughout pregnancy, up to 35 weeks along! (My son was born at 37 weeks.) I’m so happy that they’ve agreed to partner with me again and are giving each and every one of you who preorders access to their on-demand streaming workouts for a full 3 weeks. That means you can take advantage of them, along with my digital meal plan and recipes, regardless of where you live in the world.

Get these BONUS GIFTS when you pre-order today: 

amazon barnes-noble book-depository ibooks indie-bound

After you have preordered, copy and paste your transaction/order number and fill out the form in the link below:

(After you submit your contact information with a valid transaction code, a download link will appear on the following page so you can instantly download your bonus.)

Thank you so much for your support. I hope you’ll love this new collection of recipes!

Reader Feedback: What recipes would you like to see in the New Year? 

Get more recipes + meal plans in my books:

detox book and meal plan

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Hi There –
I already pre-ordered your book a loooong time ago when you also posted about a promo for pre-ordering it. I copied/pasted my order info, sent it and then received nothing further. Was there every a follow up for those who already purchased it? I honestly forgot all about it until I just saw this post. I never received any bonus for pre-ordering. Could you let me know how to go forward?

    Megan Gilmore

    Hi Jen,

    Are you talking about my first book, Everyday Detox? When you fill out the form, the “Thank You” page has a link you click on for immediate download, so nothing is emailed to you, but it sounds like you might have missed seeing the link. If you can email me a copy of your purchase receipt to I’ll see what I can do. Thanks!


No – it definitely wasn’t for the first book. Months ago, you sent out an announcement when your new book was finished with a promo for pre-ordering it (otherwise I wouldn’t have pre-ordered so early.) I don’t recall seeing a link or anything come back to me. I’ll have to dig around now and try to find order info since it was so long ago.

    Megan Gilmore

    Okay, you’re probably thinking of the cover reveal post that I did in September: In that post, I mention saving your receipt for the preorder promotion that I was working on– and this is it! (Now that it’s finally ready!)


      Yes that’s probably it – thank you!


        Well, not sure what’s happening but I can’t find my pre-order info on Amazon. I’ve absolutely ordered it since I’ve seen it come up before in my list/cart … but I can’t find anything on pre-orders in general. It’s a bit frustrating. Guess if I didn’t save the order # months ago then I’m out of luck.
        Look forward to the book anyway.

          Megan Gilmore

          Hi Jen! I just checked this out for myself to see if I could find my own pre-order info. Go into your Amazon account and click on the “Your Orders” section. There, you’ll find a search bar at the top and you can just search for “No Excuses Detox.” If you’ve already preordered it, it will show up and you can click on the “view your order” option to see the transaction number. If you don’t see it, you might have ordered it with a different account, or maybe never finished checking out? It definitely should be in your order history.


Megan, your new ebook is fantastic, I especially love that you offer cooking times for an electric pressure cooker (my Black Friday instant pot is getting a lot of use). I’m really looking forward to your new cookbook, so often I just don’t know what to cook so your passion and love for healthy and delicious food is much appreciated!

    Megan Gilmore

    Oh, I’m so glad to hear that! I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the e-book until the new one arrives in February. 🙂


HI will I be eligible if I order from as I’m in Canada? Loved your first book can’t wait for the second one



Will this preorder bonus be available if I order from chapters/indigo in Canada? Your new book is on their website. Can’t wait to receive it!! I loved your first book and have been following your blog for years. I just had a baby boy so im looking forward to the quick recipes.

Lisa OHagan

I’ve tried clicking on the link to snap app that you provided, but it takes me to the home page for snapapp~ not specific to detoxinista. I have my order number but not sure what to do when it takes me there…?


Hi Megan,
I did my pre order for your new book. I copied and pasted to your link to get the freebies. So far have not received them.
Did you get it from me?
Aleta Jacobson

    Megan Gilmore

    Hi Aleta! The bonus is not emailed to you– you can download it immediately after submitting your information. There is a link that says “Download your bonus” (or something like that) on the following page. Since you haven’t downloaded it yet, try re-entering your info– your transaction number should still be valid!


Thank you Megan. I got it.


Megan, I pre-ordered the new Cookbook and am so excited! I easily downloaded the bonus pack and it was like Christmas again. I have a question that may be silly…I got order confirmation from Amazon immediately but there’s no pending transaction on my bank account. Do you know if Amazon waits to charge for the book until the release date? I’very never not been charged immediately. Thanks!

    Megan Gilmore

    Thanks for your support, Milissa! I believe that Amazon won’t charge you until the book ships, because they have a preorder price guarantee– so if the book goes down in price anytime between now and the release date, they will charge you for the lower price!


HI Megan,
I loved your first book and just preordered your new book. Thank for you for the download. The recipes look delicious and I can’t wait to try them. I am looking for quick, healthy, lunches I can take to work. The make ahead bowls and cabbage salad look like possibilities. Happy New Year!


Hi Megan,

Happy new year and best wishes!

I just wanted to double check with you if I am the only one who had a problem using the discount on Tata Harper ?
I tried to place an order using the code you provided and it didn’t work; saying it is not valid.
Tata Harper emailed back saying it has not been valid for a while.

Is something wrong ?

Thanks and best,

    Megan Gilmore

    Hi Delphine– Try the code again; it should be working now! I just confirmed it with their team. 🙂

Erin L

Hi Megan!
I loved your first book; it is heavily used in our home. Super excited for this one! I pre-ordered on iBooks- there is no transaction number yet… how do I get the bonus preorder items? Thank you so much.

    Megan Gilmore

    I remember iBooks being weird last time! I believe you can take a screen shot of your screen on iBooks (it will display your “preordered” status) and email it to me at Then I can take care of it!

Charlene Carr

I’m almost done the second week of the Physique 57 Trial. During the workouts my legs hurt in places I’ve never felt before. It’s intense! And I’m rarely even doing the advanced modifications! I think I’m already seeing less of that ‘c’ word no one likes. 😉


If the Mongolian stir-fry is a peek at what is to come, this second book might be better than the first! That is hard to believe because I use your first book weekly. The stir-fry had the right amount of flavor, so tasty. I also made your winter berry smoothie for my husband today. It seems so luxurious like something you would have on exotic vacation. I cannot wait to try the curried vegetable stir-fry. It will be nice to have a vegetable stir-fry made with butternut squash instead of cauliflower since some family members have sensitive stomachs. These recipes will be a great way to get people who do not care for salads to eat their vegetables!

    Megan Gilmore

    Thank you, I’m so glad to hear that! It’s always a relief to hear that people are enjoying the new recipes. 😉


Hey Megan! I was just wondering how long we have till the pre order bonus ends?

    Lindsay Humes

    The book is released on February 21st, so that’s when preorders will be over and the bonus offer will end.

Delia Alston

Where do you preorder the book?

Jen Buehring

Hi – I’m Jen and i Love Love Love your site. I reference your recipes weekly! I am on Whole30 for the 2nd time and use a lot of your recipes (and swap out grains if need be). I made your vegan mac n cheese sauce last night and added it over spaghetti squash noodles – YUM! I felt like i had too many calories though with all of the cashews. Is there a non-grain or non-nut substitute i could use to make this sauce that would result in a lower calorie count? I was thinking of trying steamed cauliflower as a sub but worry the sauce will be too ‘mashed potato like’ Curious to hear your thoughts!


Jen Buehring

sorry my email address had a dot where there shouldn’t be one!


Hi Does this apply too with Google Play Books app? If I prefer ordered?


I mean if I I pre-ordered? In Google play books


Is there any way that I could preorder No Excuses Detox for someone and then have the gift recipient receive the preorder bonus?


I got the link for bonus. How do I save it to my computer? This happened last time with first book. I ended up taking pics of it on my phone cause o couldn’t figure out how to save it in a hard format. I just don’t get it….


Hi Megan. Out of the DVD’s they have published, which is the one that you use and find the best?

Thanks, Tracey


Just ordered my copy. Sad I missed the date for the give away by 2 days ?. Excited to try some of your new recipes though! I cook from Everyday Detox almost weekly.

    Megan Gilmore

    You’re still eligible when you order this week! Just fill out your receipt info using the link above in this post. 🙂 Make sure you do it by Friday– it goes away at midnight!


      Awesome! Thanks!

Melanie Kulig

What percent of the book No Excuses is dairy free? Thank you!

    Megan Gilmore

    I believe there are quite a few dairy-free recipes in that book! I don’t have it in front of me, but there are more vegan recipes in that book than ones that call for dairy, for sure.

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