An Easy Way to Upgrade Your Feminine Care Products

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When it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes, I think most people start with changing their diet or exercise habits. (I know I did!) It wasn’t until years later that I thought about switching to safer skincare products, and I only started using all-natural feminine care products after having my first baby.

mom and baby on bed

After having my babies, let’s just say I have a MUCH greater appreciation for what’s going on down there, and I don’t want to use a tampon that has been treated with harsh chemical cleansing agents, fragrances, or dyes. (Remember, things that touch our skin can be absorbed as if we ate them– that’s why nicotine and birth control patches are so effective.)

Did you know that the FDA doesn’t require brands to disclose a comprehensive list of ingredients in their feminine care products? As a result, most brands don’t.

That’s why I’m happy to have found LOLA, a company whose products are made with 100% organic cotton.

organic maxi pads

LOLA is a subscription service that makes your month a little easier. Every month they’ll send you exactly what you need, whether that’s one or two boxes of tampons, plus a box of panty liners, or just a box of pads. (So if you’re like me, and don’t use tampons, they won’t send you any.)

I love how you can get a single box of pads with both day and night options included! They offer tampons with BPA-free applicators, biodegradable cardboard applicators, or even tampons with no applicator, if that’s what you prefer.

day and night pads

I made the switch to using a silicone cup after having my son, but I’ve been sticking to these organic pads since having my daughter. With two kids to juggle, it’s nice not having to run to the grocery store when I run out of pads! (I avoid shopping with two kids whenever possible.)

If you don’t need a delivery every month, or want to stock up all at once to limit the number of shipments you receive, that’s flexible, too. You can change, skip, or cancel anytime. No long term commitment!

The folks at LOLA also sent me their new essential oil blend, which is made up of 17 pure essential oils that are thought to help improve blood flow and relieve premenstrual tension. I love the scent!

essential oils for cramps

If you want to try LOLA’s 100% organic cotton products, you can get a box of tampons for $10 (which includes free shipping), or you can get two boxes for $18.

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(Please note: This offer is for new customers only and LOLA is only available in the continental US at this time. They do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska.)

organic panty liners

I hope this post will inspire you to make an upgrade soon, if you haven’t already. When you make small changes like this, it can really add up over time!

Reader Feedback: Have you upgraded your feminine care products yet?

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Leslie de Meulles

Hi Megan,
I love your blog and recipes! I live in Yukon Territory in Canada and LOLA doesn’t ship there. But I discovered “easy” which is basically the same concept, but Canadian. Thanks for inspiring me to go natural with feminine products – I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but it is difficult to find natural, affordable products in Yukon 🙂


Thanks for this post. It is so important that women use healthier products than the drugstore variety. Those scented tampons are scary!!! I wonder how much of the serious menstrual discomfort that many women experience is because of all the toxins in their pads and tampons.
I started using organic cotton tampons 10 years ago, but Thinx (unbelievably, they really do work) and the Luna cup are my preference these days. I bought a set of Thinx after my second child was born and it changed my life. It was an investment up front. I spent about $120 on the Thinx and the Luna cup combined, but I haven’t had to buy anything else since. Long term it definitely saves money and so much waste. It might sound odd, but these products changed the way I feel about my period. It doesn’t seem inconvenient or disruptive the way it used to.

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