Pick Your Poison

I’m still going strong on my Candida Cleanse. In fact, it’s been surprisingly easy for me to stick to my program so far. I attribute my success so far to the two “vices” on this program– raw goat cheese and dark chocolate. Since I can look forward to eating goat cheese and dark chocolate every single day, why would I want to eat anything else??

Now, a few of you have asked, and others are probably wondering, too– why can I still have dark chocolate on my plan, when I’m cutting out all other sugars?

And, it’s a great question!

Obviously, dark chocolate DOES have sugar in it. And yes, all sugar feeds yeast.

The thing is, there are various approaches to a Candida Cleanse, and they vary depending on how serious your candida issues are, what kind of background you’re coming from, and how far you’re willing to go with the cleanse. For me, the issues I have that I think are Candida-related (spurts of anxiety and depression, plus excess weight) aren’t immediate problems that need to be addressed with a super-strict cleanse. In fact, I think a super-strict cleanse would be a BAD idea for me, for the following reasons:

1. I already am suffering from slight yeast die-off symptoms (headaches, sore throat, fatigue)

2. I have a history of restrictive eating and binging

3. I don’t have access to professional colonics more than once a week

If I were to cut out ALL sugar right away, it would be quite a shock to my body! It’s the same reasoning that I’d never recommend a person dive head-first into an all-raw diet– it’s just too much, too fast! So even though I’m only cutting out 90% of the sugar from my diet, I’m still making some serious progress! That’s 90% less sugar that the yeast can feed from!

If I’m only killing off 90% of the yeast in my body, that’s still quite a victory to me!

But why specifically include dark chocolate?

Why not grain? Or low-sugar fruit, instead?

I think that honestly comes down to personal preference and convenience. So, pick your poison. I personally prefer dark chocolate, because I don’t have to worry about how it combines with my meal, it’s portable, and it truly satisfies my sweet tooth. Sure, I could eat a banana instead. But a half bar of 72% dark chocolate (my favorite kind) has slightly less sugar than a banana, and makes me happier! Half the battle is staying consistent on this plan– so you better be happy while you do it! Many cases of candida take 3 months to clear up, if not more!

If I had cut out ALL sugar on this plan, I would have already dove head-first into a chocolate cake. No joke.

But since I am so happy with my dark chocolate, even Austin is allowed to have sugar in the house again:

Those cookies are sitting in plain sight on top of our fridge, and I have no desire for them whatsoever. That would have NEVER happened if I was missing sugar! In fact, that wouldn’t have happened if I weren’t on this cleanse, either. I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and no cookie is safe around me! (sugar-cravings are another sign of Candida, FYI)

Obviously, something must be working on this cleanse, so I’m sticking to it.

Dark chocolate and all.

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Red Deception

Wow – you are doing great on the candida cleanse! I just met some women that are doing the same thing, and they are also successful! I think my vices would be fruit, because I can’t live without my daily watermelon, strawberries, and raspberries.


I LOVE dark chocolate and even better dipped in almond butter!!!!!
P.S. Those cookies wouldn’t last here….lol


    Oh, dark chocolate dipped in almond butter sounds DIVINE right now…


Great job on your cleanse! At the health center where I work, a lot of test results come back positive for Candida. Most of the time, people are clueless on how to rid their body of this yeast. Have you considered specializing in leading people through Candida cleanses? It might attract a lot of clients?

Keep up the clean eating!


    That sounds like a great idea! I know I was clueless about yeast and Candida until recently, so I’d love to help others through it!


I’m really interested in starting this cleanse. I don’t plan on diving all the way in, I don’t have any need to be cleansed RIGHT away. However, I saw you were eating no grains at all. Meanwhile, in other places I’ve read that quinoa and millet, buckwheat and sometimes brown rice are allowed. Is it better to cut all grains out or are those okay to do? And I know this is all anti-fungal, so I was wondering-are mushrooms really that bad? I’ve always loved mushrooms and thought they were healthy. Never gave a thought that they could be doing something bad.


    Candida cleansing widely varies, so it’s all about assessing your current lifestyle and going from there. Cutting out grains can be beneficial for people who need stricter, quicker cleansing, but they can be beneficial for vegan clients who wouldn’t have many options without them! It really just depends on the individual.

    Mushrooms are generally considered a no-no for Candida cleansing, too, since they are fungi. ๐Ÿ™

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