Pregnancy Things: 23 Weeks

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1. My dog has always been a bit clingy, but recently, she’s taken it to a whole new level.

dog laying downShe used to simply lay under my work desk during the day, but now she places herself directly under my chair, wrapped around my chair legs. I practically trip over her anytime I have to move! She definitely knows something is up.

Austin and I consider Yasha to be our “first child,” so we’re already preparing for how to introduce her to the new baby– we hope they will become best friends!

2. With my third trimester just around the corner, my flying days are numbered. Austin and I decided to take advantage of this time, and took a long weekend vacation to Oregon with a few friends. We started off in Portland, which is bursting with an insane amount of delicious restaurant options, so it was quite the food fest!

car packed with suitcases

In fact, we were nervous to leave Portland without a ridiculous supply of Voodoo Donuts on hand, to keep in our beach house. You think 3 dozen is enough for 5 people? Ha!

It’s a miracle I didn’t gain 10 lbs during this particular month of pregnancy… we must have really made up for it with all the sight-seeing!

3. Pregnancy adds a bit of stress to vacations–> I ALWAYS needed a bathroom nearby! I found myself with my antenna constantly up, looking for any bathroom options wherever we went. I think my friends started to keep a lookout for me, too.

I actually think my urge to pee has gone down a bit lately– I’m only getting up once during the middle of the night, instead of twice like I did towards the end of my first trimester– but the pressure in my stomach is really starting to build, so I have a feeling the third trimester will be even more challenging.

4. I miss sleeping on my back. I’ve always been a back-sleeper, and I’ve held out as long as I possibly could on that front, since that’s how I get my best nights of rest. However, now that the baby is larger, I can definitely feel the pressure on my spine if I lay on my back for long! Since there is a major vein back there that returns blood from your lower body to your heart, you don’t want to cut off that circulation by lying on your back after your first trimester.

Luckily, I’ve managed to make due so far by sleeping on my left side (the recommended position for pregnancy) or wedging a pillow under one of my hips so I can kind-of lay on my back, without any compression of major veins.

5. I feel like I “popped” overnight! I really didn’t have much of a baby bump to speak of, until we noticed it in Portland around the 23-week mark. Austin literally looked at me and said, “Where did that come from?” (Referring to my new little bump.) Up until that point, I felt like my midsection had gotten thicker, without making me look discernibly pregnant.

I’m not one to track my pregnancy progress with pictures, but I will definitely be taking one before I pop!

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Congratulation to your boy:-)

You look so great so radiant, how much have you gain already, cause you really look great.We are going to have boy in december…


Yasha is being completely normal. In my experience my dog has always known when I was pregnant before I even did! The vet told me that while we don’t notice a change in our scent, they do, and they know what it means. My dog has always become more clingy-ridiculous levels, and much more protective. I’m in early pregnancy with #4 now, and my dog feels he needs to wrap his body around me, or be as close to me as possible at all times. If I push him away he comes right back repeatedly. He has even started having trouble sleeping in his kennel on the other side of the house because he can’t stand to be that far from me. He is almost 11 yrs old and has slept in that kennel every night for his whole life since we’ve had him. Usually he is happy to do so, it’s only when I’m pregnant that he has issues with it. The biggest problem that I have with his protective instincts though are that he has been trying to protect me from my husband and 3 kids too. If any of them try to climb on me or remove him from me he will growl and occasionally give a warning snip without actually contacting skin. Tickling from hubs is a big no-no too, that may end up in an actual warning bite as it has with past pregnancies. He has been really butting heads with the hubby at night too because the dog (Zeke)will not relinquish his spot next to me so hubby can sit there. It’s the funniest thing ever to me, because hubs physically pushes him off the couch, but he fights it sooo hard and then jumps back up immediately to do it all over again. Luckily hubby is getting faster at planting his butt as he pushes a growling snarling Zeke away. One thing I had worried about with Zeke and earlier pregnancies if he would continue this behavior after the baby arrives. From my experience it is still there after the baby comes home, however it transfers over to protecting the family and baby. With our second Zeke actually bit hubby’s sister because she entered a room I was nursing in too quickly. Luckily it was just a warning bite and he did not break the skin, but be aware and careful with visitors just in case. Course my dog has proven over the years to be baby crazy. Despite all the abuse the kids dole out on this poor old dog via them playing he puts up with all of it and still watches them like a hawk all day every day.


Ok, he watches them all day every day…when I’m not pregnant….LOL

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