Pregnancy Things: 30-35 weeks

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1. I’ve officially discovered my limit when it comes to exercising.

painting of the outdoorsAt my 34-week mark, I embarked on a moderately-intense 5 mile hike with one of my girlfriends–> a hike we’ve done many, many times already. (The photo above is our view from the top of the hike. Worth it, right?)

Everything was fine until about the halfway point, when I started to feel pressure and some mild cramping in my back and stomach. Ouch! If I could have stopped at that point, I probably would have. However, since we were in the middle of no where– practically on top of a mountain– we had no choice but to continue our hike, but at a much slower pace, and with more stops so that I could stretch my back and hips. By the time we got back to my car, my feet and hands were surprisingly swollen, and my back muscles were exhausted! I spent the rest of the day on my couch with my feet up. Looks like a 5-mile hike is officially “too much” at this point in my pregnancy. Live and learn!

Austin and I have both agreed that I should probably keep my exercises closer to home at this point, just in case.

2. Speaking of swelling, it looks like that may become a regular thing for the rest of my pregnancy.

It’s not too drastic, but each evening I’ve noticed that my feet and hands are slightly swollen after my evening walks with my dog. I thought a healthy diet might help me avoid this side-effect of pregnancy, but apparently, it’s not avoidable in my case. At least my shoes still fit!

3. I bought this balloon back in April.

ballon that says it's a boy

Austin wasn’t able to attend our anatomy ultrasound to reveal the sex of our baby, so I got to surprise him when he got home with a bunch of boy-related things to share the news. This balloon has been floating on our dining room table ever since!

It’s only recently begun to start sinking, and I keep joking with Austin that when it finally drops to the ground that I’ll go into labor. Boy, I hope it keeps floating for another 4 weeks…

4. At 30 weeks, my “nesting mode” kicked-in.

preparing a nursery room

I wasn’t really sure what “nesting” urges to expect, but it’s no joke! All of the sudden, I had a serious burst of energy–> but only when it came to cleaning and organizing my house. I became a cleaning machine, and felt the need to air-out all of our baby items, even though we tried to choose as many organic and non-toxic items as possible. (At least, as much as our budget or options would allow.) We have been fortunate enough to receive lots of hand me downs, so luckily, off-gassing shouldn’t be too much of an issue in our home, but I still have all of our baby items sitting out, with the windows wide-open and oscillating fans on to help circulate the air as much as possible.

Luckily, around the 34-week mark the nesting urge calmed down a bit. It pretty much feels like everything is ready “enough” if the baby decides to show up early, and if our hospital bag isn’t ready on time, it’ll be an activity that keeps me occupied while I try to labor at home as long as possible.

5. After our most recent meeting with our doula, Austin and I have started to practice rebozo sifting each night. 

If you’re not familiar with this technique, it’s thought to help encourage the baby into a better position for delivery. It’s feels pretty funny to me, and is a serious arm workout for him! After we’re done, the baby wiggles around like crazy, so I think he likes it. Or, maybe he’s trying to tell me to leave him alone. Who knows.

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Feeling great and waiting for glucose test next week. How much have you gain already? You have to looks great with this healthy diet


    I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss my weight gain, as it may negatively influence other women. We may all gain pregnancy weight differently, depending on our individual bodies.

    Good luck with the glucose test!


Thanks a lot you are right it is my second pregnancy and little different from the first one. I hope glucose will be ok, cause I am eating very balance blood sugar diet


I am a second time nursing mom who loves to exercise. Do you find exercise interferes with your milk production?


Thanks for sharing this info with us. It is really very help full for me. Because I m also a would be mother. This is my first time. I try to follow this advise.

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