Pregnancy Things: Second Trimester

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1. I feel like I’m sneezing all the time. I have no idea what causes all these extra sneezes, but it feels like I’m “allergic” to being pregnant. Ha! These sneezes also seem to be extra-powerful, so I imagine our little baby being violently thrown against the wall of my stomach each time. It’s a good thing babies are so durable!

2. The baby is kicking a lot! I’m pretty sure I felt the first “flutters” at exactly 16 weeks– when I was laying down in bed. They feel like gas bubbles in your stomach at first, so the only way to tell the difference is by their location.

Now that I’m 21 weeks along, they’re definitely becoming more distinct! However, they are still very low and pretty difficult for anyone else to feel from the outside yet.

3. Anything I craved at the beginning of my pregnancy, sounds terrible now. I guess I should be happy I didn’t crave vegetables at the beginning, huh? Even things I’ve loved for years, like dishes at a few of our favorite local restaurants, aren’t appealing to me now. Poor Austin hasn’t been able to take me to any of our favorite restaurants for the last 2 months!

4. Fortunately, vegetables do sound appealing again. I’m in love with green juices lately, having them for breakfast or a mid-day snack, and find myself craving salads over the heavier fare I was eating in my first trimester. I’m not quite back to eating as vegetable-centric as I used to, but I’m glad that I listened to my body and followed my cravings. I’m glad that my affinity for vegetables naturally came back on its own!

5. Oddly enough, soda and coffee also sound very appealing. I can’t even believe how much I want a soda or coffee drink! I know that some doctors approve up to 200mg of caffeine for pregnant women daily, but I personally don’t feel comfortable taking any extra chances, so I have avoided all caffeinated beverages up to this point. I also don’t feel comfortable drinking decaf coffee drinks, since certain decaffeination processes can include chemicals. Plus, I’m afraid the taste might just make me crave more coffee!

pieces of chocolate

I’ve noticed that this reduction in caffeine has made me ultra-sensitive to the caffeine found in chocolate. I’ll include some raw cacao powder in my morning or afternoon green smoothies, but I have to avoid all chocolate at night– or I’ll be up forever!

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I have been pregnant three times and craved sparkling drinks all three times. I got away from ever having soda by just having sparkling water with freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice with stevia as a sweetener. It tasted great and was super refreshing during the summertime.
I also had a hard time with certain foods throughout the pregnancies. Taste buds do seem to return to normal once you have the baby, so that is reassuring. Best wishes as your pregnancy progresses. It’s a super exciting time!


    Just made this same homemade “lemon lime soda” yesterday when we had guests, and it was a big hit! Used San Pellegrino water (non-flavored), and added some liquid stevia to sweeten and lemon juice to flavor. Would be awesome with lime too, but I didn’t have any. I happen to be pregnant, so was glad I could enjoy the beverage along with everyone else.


I’m the same way with chocolate at night- or anytime after 12pm or so really! Carob just has to step up at times I really want something chocolatey, although not as tasty 😛


Hi there!
Thanks again for sharing all those info, it is very helpful!
I was wondering if you had any thought or advices to give abut vaccination and stuff? Did you have any special vaccine done or do you think it wasn’t necessary?
I appreciate your help and always look forward to reading your new posts.
Have a lovely day


    Are you referring to vaccinations while pregnant? I personally didn’t feel comfortable getting any vaccinations while pregnant, so I have avoided that myself, but it would obviously depend on each individual and their own situation.

      Kellie B

      Hi Megan – I know it depends on each individual and there situation but was hoping you could tell me why you personally did not get any vaccines while pregnant. I am currently pregnant and due in September. I have decided not to get vaccinated as well, but am worried about my baby getting whooping cough/ flu when born. Did you vaccinate your son at 2 months? Would really appreciate a reply to this.


        Megan Gilmore

        I got vaccinated with the Tdap about a year before I wanted to get pregnant, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting the vaccine while pregnant. It’s supposed to be effective for 10 years, so I figured that would cover a second pregnancy, too. My husband also got the Tdap about 2 months before I had my baby, so that we both would be protected from passing Whooping Cough on to him. Honestly, I didn’t do that much in-depth research regarding vaccines until my baby was born. Once he was here, I read every research paper I could get my hands on, and I did decide to do delayed vaccinations for my son, so he didn’t get any vaccinations at his 2-month visit. Clearly, I’m not recommending that for others it’s just what I felt comfortable with myself. I exclusively nursed him for 10 months (and I still do currently nurse him) which has also helped pass on my immunity to him until he is fully vaccinated.

          Kellie B

          Did you or your husband get the flu shot while you were pregnant?

          Megan Gilmore

          No, but we never get the flu shot regardless.


          Thanks for the reply – totally understand. Now that my son is born I have to make up my mind about his vaccine schedule. My gut tells me that I would love to delay them as I think he gets too many shots too young, but then again I rather him not get sick. So tough! What delayed vaccine schedule did you follow for your son?? Also, I am interested in your winter detox plan. Can you send me more information?

          Megan Gilmore

          I read TONS of research during our all-night nursing sessions, so that ultimately guided my gut decision. I worked with my doctor to create a schedule that I was comfortable with, but I did read The Vaccine Book for some guidance:

          And you can see all the details for the winter detox program here:


Thanks for your reply.
I was referring to vaccinations before you get pregnant…Have you had any done?
Do you have any opinion when it comes to the baby’s vaccines?
Thank you very much


Hi Megan I have answer in your what I ate post about eating meat during pregnancy. Do you eat any? Do you drink bone broth? I ask because I have hard time myself to consume any meat in my pregnancy right know. I was not big meat eater before either I have only eaten lamb and drink bone broth, but now I can not taste it at all. Only fish once a week. I start to crave carbs like rice quinoa oats, lentils….I think it is better to listen to my body that to eat meat and not feel good about it.

Thanks a lot

Kellie b

Megan- I know you decided to delay vaccines for your son. I am looking to do same as I am a stay at home mom and breast feed my son. What age did you decide to start vaccinations? And, which vaccines did you decide to start with? I read Dr. Sears book like you suggested (very helpful). Wondering what schedule you came up with. I followed all of your pregnancy suggestions via your blog and was very happy.

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