Rose Cleanse Day 1

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One day down, 29 more to go!

pressed juice in a bottleWhile Austin and I both intended to start our 30-day challenges together on Monday, we didn’t actually get around to starting them until yesterday. We both had Monday off, so we figured starting on the first day of our work week was more appropriate. We also just REALLY wanted to go out for breakfast one last time. πŸ˜‰

And now, with only ONE full day under our belts, both of us are already feeling a little detox-y. I’ve been feeling a little tired, with a slight headache, and he’s had a headache as well. Hopefully those symptoms will pass quickly as our bodies adapt!

Other than the slight adjustment symptoms, my first day of the Rose Cleanse went really well! I was afraid I was going to be hungry all day, after coming off a week of stimulating holiday food, but I told myself that I could drink AS MUCH juice as I needed to get through the day. After all, it’s just waiting for me in the fridge! I ended up drinking two 16 oz. juices before noon, but oddly, I didn’t feel the need for anymore juice in the afternoon, and didn’t eat again until dinner. Funny how that works, huh?

For dinner, the pressure was on–> I needed to please not only myself, but also Austin!! While Austin’s doing the Paleo-thing, we both don’t want it to turn into some sort of Atkins-esque diet, with too many meat-centered meals. He’ll be enjoying more of my vegetable-centric recipes instead!

Which also means I’m buying WAY more groceries than I’m used to.

fresh vegetables and eggs Our grocery bills are going to hurt this month. Grains are so cheap! (<–Austin’s previous dinner staple)


For dinner, we both started off with leafy green salads, then shared a HUGE pot of my favorite Vegetable Fried “Rice.”

Vegetable Fried "Rice."Last night’s batch included broccoli, yellow onion, carrots, mushrooms, and green onion. I also added extra eggs to “bulk it up” for Austin, and I think it worked! He asked me if we were eating quinoa, and was surprised to hear that the “rice” was simply raw cauliflower!

We both went back for second helpings <–always a good sign. πŸ˜‰

For dessert, Austin enjoyed a couple Grain-free Peanut Butter Blondies (chocolate-free this time), and I enjoyed a warm mug of homemade Brazil Nut milk, flavored with vanilla and stevia.

Brazil Nut milkThis was my first time making milk from Brazil nuts, and I didn’t care for the flavor on its own. However, adding vanilla and stevia makes EVERYTHING taste better!

I might try a chocolate version tonight!

All in all, I think we’re off to a great start. I’m excited to see how the next 30 days go!

Reader Feedback: How’s your New Year going so far? How are my fellow Rose Cleansers doing?

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Rande @ The Vegetable Centric Kitchen

I love your ever changing blog look πŸ™‚ Rose Cleanse is going well on this end, a little more tired and hungry today than the first few days. Your veggie fried rice looks amazing, I’ll totally try it, keep posting, it’s great to read your experiences!

Red Deception

Good luck on the cleanse! I want to do a juice cleanse once I have more time, my body needs a good cleansing!


I’ve felt HANGRY/depressed/lethargic! I am actually really surprised by the number and severity of symptoms I’m feeling. This isn’t terribly far from what I had been doing…but…I guess I’ve hit another stinkin’ layer πŸ˜‰ I love love love that you’ll be sharing your experience and your recipes on the blog. It helps me a great deal…keeps me motivated.

Kris |

YAY! Congrats on day one down. I love that you and Austin are doing a 30 dayer together, that makes it easier, huh?? I’m making this rice! HECK YA, Grain Free Rice! Come to me and in my mouth!!



Hello from another Rose Cleanser!
Your vegetable fried rice looks and sounds incredible! YUM! I am going to bookmark it for trying this month πŸ™‚ Of course, now it’s only 1pm and I am eyes-lit-up thinking about eating dinner… Off to tame myself with some cucumber juice instead πŸ˜‰


Sounds like everything is going super well…I am excited to see what creative dinner recipes you come up with!! I agree, vanilla and stevia makes everything better!! πŸ™‚

Kim Augsburger

Rose Cleansers UNITE! πŸ™‚

I’ve been following the cleanse since January 1 and am feeling fantastic. Yesterday, I had more energy than I knew what to do with, after a few days of feeling so-so. Really focusing on the awaken + release principle and incorporating those enemas to keep things cleared out.

Like Rande and others, I am SO trying the vegetable “fried rice” recipe you’ve shared!!! Can’t wait!

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