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If you’ve been around long, you know that I’m all about making healthy eating as easy as possible. Which is why I’m hoping that my new partnership with Ziplist will make the process of saving recipes and creating shopping lists even easier for you. ziplist

Many of you may already use ZipList on other sites, but for those of you who aren’t familiar, you can now add the ingredients for any recipe from to your shopping list with just one click.

Or, just save recipes that you know you want to make later to the ZipList recipe box.

saving a recipe to ziplist

Now you can keep all your favorite recipes from all your favorite sites in one organized place – on the web or on-the-go with the free ZipList mobile app. You can easily access these saved recipes at any time by just clicking on the Recipe Box tab at the top of my website, too.

how to save recipes on ziplist

You’ll see all of your saved recipes, both from my site and others, in your Ziplist Recipe Box, and can easily add all of the ingredients you’ll need to your shopping list.

saved recipes on ziplist

Here’s a peek at how easy it is to use their shopping list feature:

ziplist shopping listAnd here’s a peek at their mobile app, which helps you keep your recipes and shopping list on hand at anytime.

ziplist mobile app

I hope this new feature will make saving recipes and grocery shopping a little easier for everyone!


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Wow I love this…do you know if it populates all your apple devices?…So if you load it on your Mac it will go on the iPhone and iPads?



I found the answer yes it does…if I save it on the Mac it goes to all my devices…so cool…


Tom @ Raise Your Garden

Wow technology is amazing. This is going to help us!

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