Super Bowl Party Snacks

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Who’s looking forward to watching the Super Bowl this weekend?

2011 superbowl XLV promo [source]

Honestly, I could really care less about the actual game. But I love any excuse to get together with friends and make fun party snacks!

The beauty of all the snacks I’m about to show you, is they can be made ahead of time–> leaving you stress-free on game day! We are going over to a friend’s house on Sunday, so I figured this type of finger-food would be generally appealing for everyone. Plus, it all fits into a properly-combined, nut-based meal! Paired with some green juice or a leafy green salad, I’m going to be one happy camper!!!

Here’s what I’m making for the big game:

Detox Macaroons

detox macaroons topped with chocolate Drizzled with dark chocolate, these macaroons are sure to please even the pickiest palates!

Raw Hummus with veggies

raw hummus with veggies [source]

My recipe is properly combined and bean-free, but just as easy and delicious as the traditional version! Serve it with raw crudites, like baby carrots, sliced red bell peppers and broccoli for a nice crunchy snack.

Cheezy Kale Chips

cheezy kale chips Okay, so these may look a little “out there” for the average football fan– but that just means more for me!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

There are a million recipes out there for kale chips, but mine features almonds instead of cashews because they are an alkaline nut! (you can read my post here on the importance of alkalinity)

“Cheezy” Kale Chips


One large bunch of curly green kale (preferably organic)
3/4 cup raw almonds, soaked for 2 hours
1/4 cup water
2 T. fresh lemon juice
2 T. nutritional yeast
1 tsp. chili powder
1/4 tsp. turmeric
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. sea salt


Wash and dry the kale well, then remove the stems and tear the leaves into bite-sized pieces.

washed kale In a blender, combine the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth:

"cheeze" ingredients blended Now it’s time to get your hands dirty! Plop the “cheeze” onto your kale bites, and use your hands to gently massage it into every nook and cranny:

"cheeze" sauce with kale Then arrange on a lined dehydrator sheet (or baking sheet if you’re using your oven) and let them crisp away!

kale lined up on dehydrator rack

For those of you with a dehydrator, I let mine sit overnight (8-10 hours) at 118 degrees. I like my chips REALLY crispy, but if you prefer them chewier, you should probably check on them after 4-6 hours.

If you’re using an oven, simply heat it to 375 degrees and let them bake for about 15 minutes. Be sure to check on them so they don’t burn!

bowl of kale chips

You can serve immediately, or store them in an airtight container for the big game! I’m trying really hard to keep my hands off these until Sunday…

If you’re not feeling the nut-based theme, other (properly combined) game days snack include:


  • Guacamole, served with baked chips and raw veggies for dipping
  • Baked chips and Salsa
  • Garlic toast, made with sprouted grain bread and organic butter
  • Baked new potatoes, seasoned with organic butter, garlic and sea salt
  • Cherry-Chocolate Bomb pudding


  • Baked goat cheese with raw carrots, peppers and broccoli for dipping
  • Sliced goat cheese on raw cucumber discs, topped with sun-dried tomatoes
  • (this would pair well with any meat course you desire, as well– but keep away from the starches if you’d like to stay properly combined!)


  • Raw, non-starchy veggies (baby carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, etc.)
  • 70% dark chocolate
  • Detox Limeade (recipe follows)–> perfect for a soda craving!!

sparkling water with lime Detox Limeade
serves 1


juice of 1/2 a lime
1 cup sparkling water
a few drops of liquid stevia (to taste)


In a glass, combine the lime juice, sparkling water, and stevia to taste. Stir well and serve over ice.

So now you have no excuse to not eat healthy while enjoying all the Superbowl fun! (unless, of course, you don’t care– we all have room for those days, too!)

I’ll be back later with a new recipe that I’m really excited about, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Reader Feedback: Are you planning on watching the Super Bowl? What are your favorite snacks?

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Kris |

I love your snacks girl!!! These macaroons are my favourite I think. I could eat them all right now!!

Thank you for reminding me to make a batch of kale chips for tonight. I die for them ๐Ÿ™‚


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn

Ahh I love this!! I cannot wait to make the macaroons, I love macaroons and have not had one in ages! Plus, I have never tried kale chips before – tomorrow may be the day!:)


Love your new header! And the recipes! Yum!


ok those macaroons have won my heart! When are you sending some over, you said you have to make a trip to the midwest, you can drop them off ! lol! I want to say thanks for stopping by my blog and also LOVE your profile pic! U seem like such a cool and fun girl and I am loving your eats ! I dont care for the superbowl either, but my hometown team the steelers are in it, so it makes it fun!

I am sooooo getting ready to pop a bottle of wine ; ) it will be enjoyed! Have a great night! xo


I need to make a Whole Foods run tomorrow for supplies. Thanks for the great ideas. I am going to finally try to make the detox macaroons, the dark chocolate drizzle sounds heavenly! I may try the Kale Chips, I have been “afraid” to try them, they look kinda weird…there are so many foods I love now that I had to get over how they looked.

Baking 'n' Books

I should try those macaroons.

Your way of eating seems too complicated to me…I prefer to let it go and just eat at some point ๐Ÿ˜‰ – but everything looks fabulous!

At what point will you stop calling your food “detox” though? Because you eat it everyday and they are foods that should be eaten everyday (healthy and tasty!!) – so really it’s just healthy food right?

Enjoy your Superbowl! Wish you were bringing those treats for me!


    Contrary to many common “detox plans” I actually consider my detox a way of life! I believe it takes YEARS, not days or weeks, to clean out our systems– at least mine, which has been bombarded with fast food and binges for many, many years before I stumbled upon this lifestyle. It took me a long time to get to this place, and I assume it will take a while for my body to fully recover from it! And that’s not even mentioning all the toxins we are constantly coming into contact with in daily life! (pollution, chemical cleaners, pesticides, etc.)

    So, yes, it is a lifestyle of eating healthy foods– but with all that healthy food comes a lot of detoxing! To help the process along, I also employ the use of daily dry brushing, sweating and the occasional colonic sessions. It may sound complicated, but it works well for me!

    Hope you enjoy the Superbowl, too!!


What a great collection of your recipes! I want to try ALL of them… starting with that limeade.

Mandy (theamazonprincess)

That all looks incredible girly! Have fun watching the Super Bowl! ๐Ÿ˜€


The limeade is delicious!!!


What brand of liquid stevia do you use?


Hi! Thank you for always giving option for those who don’t have a dehidrator, I enjoy all your recipes, you have been my inspiration to cook and eat super clean and healthy, I used to not cook at all. Thank you so much for your hard work, keep it up! And good luck on your pregnancy hope everything goes right. You even make me feel more comfortable thinking about having a baby, I’m 28 and think I’m not ready ready, but at least now I think about the possibility.

Living Outside of the Box

I just made up your cheesy kale chips this past week…and YUM! I am now craving them again! Thanks!!

susanna faygenbaum

I made these today and they were crispy, but as soon as i put them in a container they became soft:(
any idea what went wrong?


We’ve got a pretty big garden this year and have been experimenting with a lot of secondary edible parts of different plants. Did you know you can make chips with cauliflower and broccoli leaves?! And they come out AWESOME. They aren’t as finicky as kale either, no bitter taste if you don’t time it perfectly. We’ve done some in sesame oil that are the kids’ favorite. Toss in oil, 325, 15 min, salt and perfect.

Robert @ Empire

The cheezy kale chips was a big success. Thanks for sharing. #SuperBowlLIV

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