We ended up having quite a Labor Day weekend.

baby feetOur healthy little guy decided to arrive 3 weeks early, and we couldn’t be happier to meet him!

I plan on sharing my birth story in the future, and have a number of tasty recipes lined up for the next 6 weeks, but please excuse my absence while I go smother him with love…

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Katie @ Produce on Parade

Oh Megan! What adorable little feet! Congratulations. All the happiness to you and your lovely family 🙂 Cheers!


What an appropriate time to go into labor!! Congratulations on your new baby. Glad to hear he’s healthy.


Congratulations Megan!
Hope baby and you are well and healthy being he was early.


Mazel tov!

Kim P.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy your smothering time!


I wish you and your family all the best! Thank you for all the joy you have brought to my husband and I through your recipes!


Congratulations Megan and blessings to you and your family!


Many, many congratulations!

Chef Amber Shea

!!! CONGRATULATIONS, you two! So thrilled for you.


Welcome to motherhood, Megan. The greatest gift of love.
Congratulations !


Blessings, blessing and more blessing! 🙂


Yay! So happy to see this! Enjoy your time with your babe!


What a great post!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Tasha L.

Congratulations! Enjoy every minute!


Congratulations Megan!! So happy for you on your bundle of love!! Thinking of you. Time is going to fly by so fast, so enjoy every moment that you can. most of all take lots of pictures and journal everything. he will definitely appreciate that you did this for him. 🙂 So very happy for you!!


Congratulations! I love how you ended that post “smother with him with live.” That’s what I feel like everyday with mine and they are 1 and 2. I had my daughter 3 weeks early too.



Una Heron (Ireland)

Congratulations and enjoy him 🙂


YAAAYY!! Congratulations!! Those are sweet little feet!

Lyzz Kirk

Awe, congrats! It was fun having a virtual pregnancy buddy that was due so close to me… My little guy seems to be quite comfy so far where he is, I’m guessing he’ll come “late”. Can’t wait to hear your story, but enjoy your time bonding!


Mazel tov!! 🙂 WIshing only the best and lots of health, joy and blessings for all of you!


Wowee How exciting !! Enjoy every minute of motherhood!


Congrats Megan! The recipes can wait, enjoy your little man and sleep when you can! Sending so much love your way.



Congratulations!! Enjoy those beautiful baby snuggles.




Congratulations! Enjoy these beautiful moments with your little guy 🙂


Wow! Congrats I started following you just a few weeks ago and I love it here! Thank you so much for all of the information and congrats on your sweet lil bundle of joy!

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