The Physique 57 Challenge

I’m not exactly the type of person who loves to workout, but I do love how exercise makes me feel.

(…especially when it’s over!)

Running on the treadmill, pedaling away at the elliptical machine, attending spinning and group aerobics classes, at-home workout DVDs… I’ve tried a bunch of things to keep things interesting over the past few years.

But I never really fell in love with any particular workout until I tried Physique 57’s DVD collection.

While there are quite a few barre-inspired workouts available at the moment, nothing I’ve tried has ever been as effective as Physique 57. It covers cardio, strength and stretching all in just 57-minutes! 

It’s so fun and effective, you’ll definitely want to come back for more.

As soon as you can walk again.

Because I’m already such a fan, you can imagine how excited I am that the people at Physique 57 have invited me to celebrate the 2nd birthday of the Beverly Hills studio–> by participating in a little 2-week challenge.

Last night, I attended a kick-off class with a lovely group of health and fitness writers, and our thighs were shaking in no time. Since the Beverly Hills studio isn’t exactly a convenient drive for me, I hadn’t attended a class since Thanksgiving. I thought I had been “keeping up” my barre workouts by attending various Bar Method studios around town, but I quickly realized that I had been kidding myself–> Physique 57 is much more fast-paced and challenging! Within minutes of starting class, I was sweating, shaking, and loving it.

Afterward, I had the pleasure of meeting the co-founder of Physique 57, Jennifer Maanavi. We discussed the foundation of Physique 57, and among other things, the amazing results that this workout provides.

In fact, in February 2010, Physique 57 conducted a training study administered by the Human Performance Laboratory of Adelphi University in New York. 38 women completed 4 classes a week for 4 weeks, while following general nutrition guidelines. The results will obviously vary based on the individual, but some participants lost anywhere from 8 to 13 inches off their body!

Not bad for one month, huh?

This is where the challenge comes in.

Physique 57 has challenged me to see how I feel after 2 weeks of classes. Ideally, 4 classes each week over the next two weeks–> because they claim you can see visible results after just 8 workouts! They were also kind enough to send me home with their new book, The Physique 57 Solution, which includes a 2-week workout and meal plan.

I’m always up for a good challenge, and I can’t wait to see the results! I’ll be doing the majority of my workouts at home, with my DVD set, so if any of you readers want to join me, please do! You definitely don’t need to live in NYC or LA to take advantage of this effective workout method. We can keep each other motivated and celebrate the results!

Though the studio challenge has already started, I’ll be “officially” starting my challenge on Monday–> when I’m back from vacation. 😀

Until then, if you’d like to get started, you can print off this 30-day goal calendar to track your progress. After you’ve reached 2 weeks, you may just be motivated enough to keep going for the rest of the month!

Reader Feedback: Have you ever tried a Physique 57 workout– at home or in the studio? Are you willing to give it a shot with me?

*Disclosure statement: Physique 57 has offered me 2 weeks of free classes at the Beverly Hills studio, and did give me a copy of their new book, but I am under no obligation to write a positive review. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own!

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Sounds interesting. Any idea if it’s ok to do with a shoulder injury? I haven’t researched it yet. Will dig into that shortly. I have 2 partial tears in my rotator cuff that I’ve been rehabbing for about 6 months. Just curious if it seems like it might be an option. Thoughts?


    Sorry to hear about the shoulder injury! That’s definitely not my area of expertise, but I would think you could do a majority of the workout– the leg work and ab sections– but maybe you’d have to skip over the push-ups and planks, depending on how your shoulder feels.

    If you’re in the LA or NYC area, going to a class would be helpful, as the instructors are trained in modifications to deal with injuries.


Hi Megan,
Still going! I have a question, what software did you use to create the schedule you did as well as the P57 one you did for them?


    I used Photoshop!


      Thanks. Can I ask how long it took? I am thinking of buying photoshop, handy to have.


        Have you ever worked with Photoshop before? If not, there’s definitely a learning curve. I’ve been working as a professional designer for over 6 years, and I’m still learning new tricks! With my experience, it only took me a couple hours to design a calendar like that.

        Hope that helps! 🙂


I’ve just learned about this and am hoping to dive into the challenge too! One question though–do you know if the two-week meal plan in their book is vegetarian-friendly?


    There are lots of vegetarian-friendly options in the book! Many of the recipes are naturally vegetarian, and the recipes that do feature meat have vegetarian-options noted on the side.

    Hope you’ll join us!! 🙂


Well, I just got the DVDs today so I am officially starting the challenge tomorrow!


Hi. I am doing the second week of the continuity program with tracy anderson. This is $30.00 per month. Xan you explain the cardio portion of physique 57?


    I’ve done the Tracy Anderson program, and the Physique 57 workout is different in the fact that there is no cardio “portion” of the workout– the whole workout is fast-paced, keeping your heart rate in the cardio zone while strength training at the same time. It’s very efficient!

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