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1. You may have seen the latest study, stating that egg yolks are almost as bad for the arteries as smoking.

wo fried eggs[source]

Um, I don’t think so.

While this may have been the interpretations of these three particular researchers (two of which have ties to the statin industry), another look at the exact same study might draw a very different conclusion.

Like this one, from Bill Barrington:

“The authors promote the idea that egg yolks are bad because they are high in cholesterol and eating foods high in cholesterol supposedly increases serum cholesterol in the blood. However, as stated earlier, the group that ate the most eggs actually had the lowest total cholesterol, lowest LDL cholesterol, and highest HDL cholesterol. ย According to their data, it seems that eating lots of eggs actually promotes a healthier cholesterol profile and lower body mass index.

The data shows the individuals who ate the most eggs were the oldest and had the most plaque after their stroke. Perhaps the eggs actually had a protective effect allowing those who ate the most eggs to withstand more plaque buildup and live the longer before having a stroke. Those individuals who ate the fewest eggs had a stroke an average of 14 years earlier than those who ate the most eggs. Perhaps if they would have been eating more eggs, they would have lived longer without a stroke.” [source]

When you look at it from a different perspective, I’m more encouraged than ever to keep eating eggs! (You can read here why I recommend eating the whole egg, including the yolks. )

2. I’m also encouraged to start running again.

I don’t know about you, but I go through phases with exercise. Hence, why I have a large collection of exercise DVDs, to prevent burnout or boredom! But sometimes, I just want to get outside for a run.

gymboss interval timer

That’s when my little Gymboss interval timer comes in handy. Since I’m not exactly in ideal running-shape, I set this timer for intervals of 60 seconds of running, and 90 seconds of walking– repeat 10 times, plus 5 minutes for warm up and cool down, for a perfect 30 minute workout. At least, perfect for me.

Perhaps I’ll build up my endurance when fall weather is officially here to stay.

3. Another thing I love about running?

legs in a run stance[source]

I can feel it improving my circulation.

Have you ever felt an “itchy” sensation when embarking on a new running routine? If you haven’t exercised in a while (say, while traveling for the past month…), your body may not be used to it and may struggle to pump blood to your extremities because your capillaries have collapsed slightly. The process of expanding these capillaries can give the sensation of tingling or itching in your legs. Just a few sessions of regular exercise should put a stop to the itching. [source]

Pretty cool, huh? While I’ve only felt the “itching” sensation from running, I would assume similar benefits could also be achieved by walking, dancing or any other form of cardio that you aren’t doing regularly. A good reason to change things up, to keep your body guessing!

If you’re new to running, I highly recommend the run/walk method endorsed by experts like Jeff Galloway. You can read more about his method in this book, or find a plan online (like Couch to 5K) and use an interval timer to keep yourself accountable!

Reader Feedback: Did the new study impact your opinion on eating egg yolks? Are you a fan of running, or have you ever felt “itching” after starting a new running routine? In my experience, the itching does go away after a couple runs, but sometimes it will occur again when increasing my time or distance. Knowing that it’s most likely just my circulation improving, I’ll happily embrace that feeling!


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Michele Sparrow

I actually don’t eat eggs at all, mainly because my diet is raw food, but with my nutrition clients, I always tell them to eat the whole egg, rather than just the white. You are absolutely right in stating that the person who pays for the study and its interpretation makes a huge difference: “Don’t change your diet to be better, but keep taking all these prescription drugs.” We live in a backward world.

I wish I loved to run. I just don’t. I have tried so hard, but like you, I know the benefits of it. I have taken some personal training classes with a pilates trainer and am enjoying it but I also bought a rebounder because I know I need to move my lymph regularly. I just need to get bitten by the hard core exercise bug every now and again, too, I think! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Yay, for the rebounder!! When I get bored with my rebounding workouts, I do this little routine to change things up:

    There’s nothing better for getting that lymph flowing! Except maybe a massage, too… ๐Ÿ˜‰


I’ve always taken the stance that unless you have a major cholesterol problem, the egg yolk is very healthy! Although sometimes I do opt for just one yolk with a few whites for an omelette as to not overdo it.


I do love eggs and will continue to eat the organic, pastured ones I get from the farmer’s market. Yes yes I will.

It’s interesting that you wrote about the tingling sensation after running. I’ve always gotten that after walking and never knew what it was. So yes, it does happen with walking!

Danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness

Thank you for proving that eggs yolks aren’t bad! I think this is absolutely ridiculous and can’t believe that we are still in the age that Nutrition researchers can’t realize the benefits of eggs!


Ewww! Cartoid plaque…I don’t eat many eggs anyway but that is disgusting and I want nothing to do with that in my body!

PS: on that guy’s citation, data show NOT data shows…the word data is plural (sorry, huge pet peeve).


    I wonder if there’s a difference between consuming raw or cooked eggs, as well? I notice that cooked eggs are always difficult to clean off my dirty dishes, but raw eggs rinse right off… I wonder if that’s the case in our bodies, as well? If only I had a science lab to test my theories. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And you just taught me something new! I had no idea that the word data was always considered plural. Thanks!


My grandma lives in the country side (Europe) and she is 92; she ate and still eats eggs (with yolks) almost every day of ther life…..she is healthy and fit and beautiful…so nothing can convince me that yolks are not good for you. I think it is more a matter of where the eggs came from, were the hens raised on pasture, without antibiotics and hormones…right?
As for running, I used to be an avid runner…until I discovered yoga…now I am 10lbs lighter and enjoying my relaxing routine….
Would love to connect with you when in KC (I am traveling all the time as well…)


    One of my grandma’s friends was the exact same way– he ate a raw egg every morning, and lived a very long and healthy life, never even getting a cold! I do agree that the source is important, though!

    It’s funny you should mention that about running! When I met the co-founder of Physique 57 last month, she, too, mentioned how she lost 2 dress sizes when she stopped running, and simply committed to her Physique 57 practice. With all the stretching and ballet-like moves, I think it’s similar to yoga! (Though, definitely not as relaxing… LOL)

    My KC trips have been jam-packed lately, but I’d love to connect in the future!


      Yeah, I hear ya…busy life keeps you young though :-)…that’s what I keep telling myself…for motivation bahaha


The study does not impact my eating of eggs. I’ve cut out almost all meat (except fish) and dairy from my diet, but I still enjoy eggs and buy them locally from a neighbor who has backyard chickens. I know they’re humanely raised, and I enjoy the taste and health benefits.


I took eggs out of diet for quite some time – before that I was gag…using stuff like Egg Beaters. I know, I know – pure nasty. But while we eat a mostly vegan diet I have slowly added back in eggs. The key though is I only use locally grown eggs. The lady I buy mine from are certified organic, she raises both chicken and turkey (turkey eggs are beyond awesome). The yolks are huge and so richly colored. Her chickens live full lives outside doing what chickens do best – not inside a massive production warehouse.
If you can get the good eggs that are raised ethically go for it!
At $5 a dozen we enjoy them sparingly and none goes to waste!

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