Thursday Things

1. I’ve officially found the best vegetable peeler on the market.

vegetable peeler

It’s by Precision Kitchenware. On one side, it’s a julienne peeler to make quick veggie noodles, and on the other side it features a traditional peeler– with amazingly sharp and sturdy blades! My old vegetable peeler broke while peeling the skin of a butternut squash, and that doesn’t even seem possible with this sturdier version. It’s the best $10 I’ve spent in a while.

2. I tend to drag my feet when it comes to trying new foods.

packages from

The kind folks over at sent me this sampler pack months ago, and I still have yet to try the moringa powder that they included. (Their trail mix and chia seeds, however, were devoured quickly. They were delicious!) Part of the reason for the delay is that I’m always hesitant to try anything new while breastfeeding, but the other part is that I’m just a creature of habit. Once I get into a routine, it’s hard for me to change anything!

This also explains why I’ve had a package of sardines sitting in my pantry for over 6 months… one day I will be brave enough to try them.

3. One new thing I have tried– and loved– is Ellovi butter.

ellovi butter

It’s rare for me to use anything other than pure coconut oil on my skin, but the founder of Ellovi body butter sent me a complimentary sample of this all-natural cream a few months ago, and I’m pretty impressed with it. It’s made with just six ingredients (all edible!) right here in California, and is much thicker and creamier on my skin than my usual coconut oil routine. Since I tend to get dry skin during the winter months, it’s been the perfect moisturizer for both my face and hands, without any artificial fragrances or fillers.

4. I bought a “cheap” blender this week.

hamilton beach power elite blender

I’ve been on a mission to make my cookbook recipes as accessible as possible for as many people as possible, so I wanted to see how my recipes would fare in a non-Vitamix blender. I know the results won’t be the same, but hopefully I can figure out some tips and tricks to get the best results possible with a more affordable kitchen gadget. (This one was just $25!)

5. The funny thing about living in LA, is that I get talked into doing dumb stuff like this.

dumb starbucks coffee cup

When “Dumb” Starbucks briefly opened, my husband convinced me to wait in line for nearly an hour just to experience the parody coffee shop– with a baby strapped to my chest! We felt pretty dumb ourselves for waiting so long for a coffee that could have been purchased anywhere else (especially since I didn’t even get a coffee myself!), but it was a beautiful day to be outside, and at least we now have a souvenir cup to commemorate the prank. Ha!

Reader Feedback: What have you tried this week? Done anything dumb that you want to share?

*Disclosure: and Ellovi sent me complimentary samples of their products, but I am under no obligation to post a positive review and have no incentive for you to make a purchase from either of these companies.

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Alia Vo

Thanks for tthe heads up on the vegetable peeler! I love your website and recipes! xx


I added goji berries to my Overnight Oats and it was delicious. I’ve never tried Moringa Powder but I think I will have to soon. Love superfoods!


I have been eating zucchini noodles for the past three nights since recently purchasing the Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer from Amazon. It’s so fun and easy to use!


I will check out that peeler! And I appreciate you trying your recipes on a “cheap” blender. I don’t have a nice blender, but you’re the first food blogger turned cookbook writer that I’ve heard of actually trying out your recipes for how they’d work for all of us without a nice blender! Cheers!

Katie A

As a poor colllege kid, I as well appreciate that you are trying out your recipies with a cheap blender! I don’t know if this helps, but whenever you or another food bloggers recipie requires the use of a blender or food processor I use my “ninja food chopper”. Sounds silly but it really works, and it’s only about 20-$25 at target or Walmart. Only down part is that in certain recipies that are high volume I have to divide up the ingredients, otherwise it will overflow, but this is rarely an issue. Trust me I now own 3 of them! Also thanks for the awesome recipies! I have been following your blog for about a year now and your food never disappoints ๐Ÿ™‚

Ceara @ Ceara's Kitchen

Haha the dumb starbucks shop made me laugh so hard – what a funny concept! Can’t wait for your cookbook!


I’ve been wanting to try just coconut oil on my skin for awhile now. This may sound like a silly question but how do you apply? I am assuming it is sparingly but I have super dry skin and I’m constantly reapplying lotion.


    you might want to try something more nourishing like avocado or sweet almond oil. Coconut oil can be drying for some people.

    yes, just apply a few drops to your hands, rub them together a bit to spread the oil, then massage the area you want to moisturize.


What dumb thing have I done this week? Well, today I burned another batch of nuts. I buy bulk raw nuts and season and roast them myself. Well, I burned the third batch today. I just can’t seem to get them out of the oven fast enough. But today I forgot to set the timer and they burned…again…so that’s my dumb thing. LOVE LOVE LOVE this site though. I am attending IIN next year. I can’t wait. I have to pay some things off before I can enroll. Check out my blog and give me some feed back. Thanks!


Great idea of cook book and using normal blender – i am still saving for my vitamix but could take some time and you can get a lot done with the cheap ones it your happy with a few lumps…


really cool veggie peeler. price point is awesome.
theSkimm had a funny story on dumb Starbucks last week. ๐Ÿ™‚

bought my Paderno Spirooli veggie slicer on Amazon after
having the. best. veggie pad thai noodle dish in Toronto and the
tiny vegetarian restaurant told me they use multiple Padernos for slicing! it’s terrific. cleanup is a breeze. baked a small batch
of blueberry muffins using millet FLOUR which I purchased from have never tried millet flour before but love millet as a hot cereal. LOOOOVE all of their products. you’d enjoy their pre-natal trail mix (preggers or afterwards!) a huuuuge fan of ๐Ÿ™‚
good weekend!


Thank you for the peeler info. I have been wanting to julienne zucchini – just bought it from Amazon!
Love your site!
PS made the banana peanut butter ice cream omg delicious!


Hi Megan! Thanks for the info on Ellovi Butter! I too get dry skin during winter months and I was looking for a healthy moisturizer to apply on my face after oil cleansing, so this is perfect timing! It also seems like it could be used on a baby’s skin right? What do you think?


I’ve had that same Hamilton Beach blender for 14 months now! We make green smoothies with it several times a week and I also use it for prep of other recipes (though I do have a separate food processor as well). I love how the bottom of the blender is constructed, it is easy to disassemble for cleaning and there are no rubber gaskets break! I really appreciate that you are taking the time to try your recipes in regular household blender! Nothing against a Vitamix, we just don’t have one, yet ๐Ÿ™‚


I have the same peeler and you are absolutely right, it is the best. I love being about to peel butternut squash with it.
Sardines. I made fish tacos last week with sardines in tomato sauce. I added some mexican spices, garlic and onion to the sardines and cooked it up. I used the typical vegetables for tacos in my organic corn tortillas (which I fried in coconut oil first), of course putting the sardines in first. They were wonderful.

Heather Kinnowr

Thanks for the ‘heads-up’ on the peeler! Gonna get one! My husband and I have been taking the moringa and have noticed a big difference in our energy! We add it to our ‘green’ shake in the morning. I just love your blog! It helped me so very much in getting going with detoxing! I love all your yummy recipes! Bless you Megan! And thanks for telling us about the ‘skin butter’, I’m gonna try that too cause I have such dry skin up here in cold dry Alaska!


I love that you’re testing your cookbook recipes with a regular blender!

Kristy @ Southern In Law

That packaging is so cute – but I am totally like you. I tend to buy things or get things and then put off trying them for AGEEEEES. Usually, I’ll get around to trying them because I look in the pantry and see that they’re just about ready to expire haha.


Oh cool new veg peeler. I’ve been thinking about trying one of those julienne peelers.

As for something new I tried this week – that would be Prairie Naturals sprouted ancient grains vanilla protein powder. Ah, yum! And it didn’t turn my smoothie green, which although a lovely colour I sometimes just want a creamy coloured smoothie. You know? I mixed it with some espresso, a frozen banana, coconut oil, a few dates, and almond milk.

As for something dumb – far too many things to mention.


Did you purchase your peeler through Amazon or other. We found one at BB&Beyond but it doesn’t look the quality to the one you have. Can I purchase it locally? I’m a fan of great kitchen utensils. Thank you. You have a terrific site.


HAHA! I so have two packages of sardines that I’ve had in my pantry for over a year and a half! I’ll write you how it went when I finally get to them. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Yay! I am so happy that you will be experimenting with a “cheap” blender. I have an Oster one and I always have a hard time blending dates. As for trying something new, my friend made me plantains fried in coconut oil and topped with sea salt and red chili peppers, and WOW it was amazing. As for doing something dumb, I tried to wear heels on my college campus, which is in the red woods….. It didn’t go well.

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