Tuesday Things

1. Apparently the peanut shortage is only affecting certain brands. While the usual 365 brand wasn’t available at Whole Foods, I found another organic brand that will definitely do the trick.

upsidedown jar of natural creamy organic peanut butter

A tip I picked up from an employee at Whole Foods–> if you store your natural peanut butter upside down, the oils are easier to stir back in when you flip it over and open it up! In fact, I hardly had to stir it at all this way.

You learn something new everyday, right?

2. After baking a double-batch of Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies, I’ll usually let Yasha lick the jar clean for me. 

dog licking a jar of peanut butter

She walks around with the peanut butter jar all day long, like it’s the most precious toy I’ve ever given her.

Too cute.

3. Freeze-dried strawberries make for some pretty good “sprinkles.”

freezed dried strawberries on top of frosted cupcakes

Simply crush them between your fingers into a dry dust–> perfect for decorating Olympic-themed strawberry cupcakes!

4. These strawberries would also make a great “transition treat” for anyone addicted to fruity candy.

bag of freeze dried strawberriesThey are so sweet!

While I’d prefer these freeze-dried strawberries to be organic, I think they’re still a step in the right direction if you’re choosing them over a package of Starbursts or Skittles!

5. Another great snack option?

These seasoned raw almonds by Living Nutz.

two packages of living nutz poured into bowls

The company was kind enough to send me a few sample bags, so I brought them to our Olympic watching-party the other night, to let everyone try them. I think the Zesty Almond Bliss was the crowd favorite, but the Far East Curry Almonds had disappeared by the end of the evening, as well! I love that all of the products by Living Nuts are raw and organic–> and they’re sprouted, for even easier digestion!

I’ve also managed to polish off a sample bag of Banana Bread Walnuts for breakfast this morning. They really do taste like banana bread!

Reader Feedback: What are you up to this week? Do you like snacking on seasoned nuts as a snack? I used to love my Grandma’s homemade candied walnuts that she made each winter! I’m pretty sure they’re just coated in butter, sugar and cinnamon. Which, of course, is why they taste amazing.

*Disclosure: While Living Nutz offered to send me samples of their products, I was under no obligation to give them a positive review. As always, all thoughts and opinions on this blog are my own.

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That is so clever to turn the peanut butter upside down! Who knew.

Danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness

Love the little tips! I love the PB trick! I learned that one awhile ago and am amazed at how well it works! I love the idea of using freeze dried fruit for sprinkles! Definitely going to have to try that one!


Funny, I always did that with my peanut butter, but thought maybe I was just hoping it did something. Validation!

Gotta get my hands on banana bread walnuts! OMG!

This week I am busy trying to use up the overabundance of zucchini my husband planted. I have given some to everyone I know and I’m STILL eating it every day. I can’t wait for the eggplant to be ready. I need a change.

Sprinkles, AWESOME idea! Gotta do that soon.


    I wish I could take some of those zucchini off your hands! And, I’m so glad to validate the peanut butter storage– it totally works! 🙂

Giselle Schroer

I wanted to let you know that I found Santa Cruz Organic Natural Peanut Butter on closeout at Bel Air/Raleys for $4.50(or something around that) the other day. Not sure if you have one of those stores close to you but thought I’d pass it along 🙂 Have a great day!

Alex H

Curried Almonds? Why have I not tried this? I’ve always been a fan (understatement) of cocoa-dusted almonds…and I’ve always wondered if and how I might be able to make them at home. Cocoa + Almonds + ??? + Oven = Success?


    I bet if you added some coconut oil and/or sweetener to help the cocoa stick, those would be divine! I might have to experiment with that when I’m done traveling. 🙂


Banana bread walnuts? I have to get those, thanks!

I’m glad you posted that about the peanut butter, what a cool trick! Fearing a peanut butter shortage I’ve been eating a ton of PB this week mostly poorly combined with fruit and oats but my latest weird creation is peanut butter salad! Mix shredded carrots, cabbage and lettuce with steamed kale, asparagus and broccoli, squeeze lime all over, salt and then glob on a giant scoop of peanut butter and mix…it’s amazing, peanut butter salad! It’s like the nut based dressing without another dirty dish 🙂


    That salad sounds AMAZING. I love nut-butter based salad dressings!


I love your flourless peanut butter chip cookies! I’ve already made them four times this year, including as a welcome gift for new neighbors and at my work’s pot luck today. Yum!


    I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed them! I think I make them twice a month!! LOL 😉


Yasha is one of the most precious dogs I have ever laid eyes on!


    Aww, thank you. I’m kinda crazy about her. 🙂

Penny O

I’ve been getting bulk organic peanut butter at my local health food store. Its only ingredients are roasted peanuts and salt. I’ve been getting my tahini for the creamy tahini salad dressing bulk also. Today I’ll go get some bulk maple syrup. Reusing my jars!!

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