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Living in L.A. isn’t nearly as “glamorous” as it sounds.

Usually, it just means that we get to pay ridiculously high rent to live in a crowded, polluted city. However, there are a few moments when it is pretty exciting.

the emmy awardsLike this weekend. If you follow me on Facebook, you probably already saw that we attended the Emmy Awards on Sunday!

(Thanks to Austin’s work on Hatfields & McCoys <–which was nominated for 16 awards! Woo-hoo!)

1. This being our first time at the Emmys, I assumed that the celebrities would be in some sort of “VIP section” away from the rest of us.

You can imagine my surprise when we were suddenly rubbing elbows with the casts of Breaking Bad and Mad Men as soon as we entered the theater. (Literally, rubbing elbows– it’s crowded!)

megan and husband at the emmy awardsI even ran into Nicole Kidman while walking out of the restroom. Crazy!

2. Of all the celebrities in attendance, I think I was the most star-struck by the British actors.

audience of the emmy awards

While walking into the Governors Ball, we were surrounded by the cast of Downton Abbey, which is perhaps one of my favorite shows EVER. We walked directly behind the actor who plays John Bates <– you can see the back of his head in the photo above! (He’s on the left.)

I could happily listen to their accents all night.

3. Austin’s most exciting celebrity encounter?

Austin and Idris Elba at the emmy awardsMeeting Idris Elba, who plays “Luther” on the BBC series. (If you haven’t seen Luther, check it out on Netflix streaming! It’s addictive.)

In addition to being insanely talented, he’s also incredibly nice.

4. Austin was joking that I should have worn my FitBit to the festivities.

the red carpet at the emmy awards

I can only imagine how many steps I took after 12+ hours! (In heels, no less!)

5. The food served at the Governors Ball was as impressive as the scenery.

a table at the governor's ball

While I was too excited to sit for long, I did enjoy a few bites of everything– including an Avocado & Smoked Salmon “sphere” and Roast Tenderloin with Parsnip-Creamed Spinach. (<– I’ll be trying to recreate this later!) At events like this, any sort of food-combining rules fly out the window for me… I want to try everything!

We didn’t wait around for dessert– so much to see, so little time!– but we did enjoy a couple signature “Emmy” cocktails later, which more than satisfied my sweet tooth.

Overall, it was a surreal experience. So excited for everyone who won, too!

(Hatfields & McCoys ended up with 5 wins, including Kevin Costner for lead actor in a TV movie/mini-series! Yay!)

Reader Feedback: Did you watch the Emmys this weekend? If so, did you have any favorite dresses? I thought Lucy Liu’s metallic dress was stunning, as well as Zooey Deschanel’s powder blue gown!

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Heather S

You look stunning!!! Thanks for posting these pictures! Congrats to Austin!


How neat! Love your dress. I’m not sure how it would have looked with the FitBit. Haha!


I love watching awards shows! There’s such a happy feeling that accompanies them. Unfortunately, I missed this year’s Emmys, but how exciting for you and your husband! Is he an actor? My husband actually loves that show, so we were trying to figure out who your husband plays…. Have a great Tuesday, Megan!


Parsnip creamed spinach sounds very good! Nice mix…. (Now sitting here imagining how it would have been created…).
The awards sound great. I wonder if Downton Abbey is more popular there than here? I’ve never even seen it and first heard of it after it made it to the US!

raechel @the rebel grrl kitchen

How exciting!!!! I am such an awards-show nerd (and a pop culture nerd, in general), so this would have been a dream to me!

I loooove Idris Elba! I haven’t seen Luther, but he was amazing on The Wire (did you watch that show?). Talented, nice, and did you mention attractive? 😉

And thanks for noting that you sometimes let rules go at special events. I think it’s important for health bloggers to show people that they are human about things too, and that sometimes it’s worth it to break the rules! : )


how exciting

Sara Maples

I liked your dress! And, second runner up was Nicole Kidmans. I really liked it for some reason. It’s not like any dress I have seen before.


Very exciting! And even more exciting to me, is that your husband worked on Hatfield’s and McCoy’s?! What did he do, or does he do? That was a GREAT mini-series. Very cool! Congrats Austin! And, you looked great!

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