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I’ve been trying a few new things this week!

1. Like these new grain-free ginger cookies.

stack of ginger cookiesI figured I should probably get started on developing some holiday cookie recipes, so I started with one of my very favorites. These cookies are properly combined, and have already surpassed my old favorite recipe for chewy gingerbread cookies!

Now that my favorites are covered, what other cookies do you look forward to over the holidays?

2. I also tried a new grain-free granola recipe.

grain-free granola in a small bowlRather than using added oil or sweeteners, I simply used a mashed banana as a binder! I thought it was brilliant, but the resulting cereal is less crispy and less sweet than my original Pumpkin Seed Granola.

If you never see the recipe for this one, you can blame Austin. He’s requested that I never make any other type of granola again, since he loves the this version so much.

3. I’ve also had my heart set on creating a healthier Butterfinger!

making healthier homemade butterfingers in a panUnfortunately, this experiment isn’t going to cut it. It didn’t get crispy!

I have a pile of Butterfinger-like-caramel sitting in my trash can now. We have way too many delicious treats in our kitchen to waste our time eating the failures.

4. To balance out all these sweet experiments, I’ve been drinking LOTS of green juice!

green juice in a glassI even tried blending in a raw egg yolk for added nutrition. I didn’t care for the white foam that developed on top, but at least there was no gooey texture or flavor from the added egg!

I’m not sure this will become a regular thing, only because the idea of eating raw eggs still freaks me out.

5. I also tried something new for washing my hair.

box of open baking sodaBaking soda! All you do is mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 cup of warm water, and rub it into your hair like you would regular shampoo. It won’t lather, but it will leave your hair feeling nice and clean! For extra cleaning power, follow with a splash of apple cider vinegar in your hair. (And keep your eyes and mouth shut tight while rinsing!)

The result? My hair felt great, and I love how cheap and easy this solution is. I’ve heard that baking soda can help prevent frizz, so I’m looking forward to seeing if I notice a difference in that department.

Reader Feedback: Have you tried anything new this week?

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mego I’m going a month without shampooing my hair right now. i’ll keep you posted. so far, day five and it’s soft and curly with a hint of grease… lol


    I gave up and started using natural shampoo again. I couldn’t deal with the grease!! We’ll have to catch up soon and discuss. ๐Ÿ™‚



^haven’t tried these yet, but her other recipes are usually incredible!!


    Thanks for sharing, Amanda! I saw that recipe, but I’m trying to avoid using cereal or grains, so I’ll have some more experimenting to do!


Ginger cookie recipe?!


I love egg yolk in my juice! To avoid the foam try to just wisk in the yolk instead of blending. And those cookies looks yummy!


Maybe instead of using corn flakes you could use pumpkin seeds finely chopped? Or maybe you could make crisy banana chips that you could make in the oven? Those might give it enough crunch, so you don’t have a “butterfinger-like-caramel”

Brittany tomren

aGHH! I LOVE your blog. Just thought i’d let you know it rocks and that if I don’t read it I feel like something is missing in my day!

Also can you pleaseeeeeee post the ginger cookies recipe. I’ve been attempting the paleo diet for the last 2 months ( about 95% paleo and 5% fun) . Anyways ginger cookies are my favourite and I’d appreciate it so much if you could share!

Lindsay Loves Veggies

I love the idea of using baking soda in place of shampoo! I was using baking soda and apple cider vinegar on my face for quite a while, but have recwntly been trying out the oil cleansing method instead. Arw you using anything as a hair conditioner?

amie sue

ooooh nooo! To bad your threw your butterfinger experiment away… you could have added oats, nuts, buckwheat, etc and created a bar out of it. Or could you have thinned it out making a syrup to put on desserts or ice cream? Just thoughts and ideas. Love you blog!


Can you Please Please Please Post the Grain Free Ginger Cookies Recipe ๐Ÿ™‚ They look so good and i Love ginger and it is really hard to find good healthy recipes:-) thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚


First of all, I adore your website! i have been baking all these wonderful healthy goodies and meals that are so new to me! I did want to mention today on your post with using baking soda to wash your hair; I am a cosmetologist and I have learned from experience that our skin, nails, and hair land on the pH scale from 4.5-5.5, which means our hair and skin are acidic. Baking soda however lands on the scale at 9, which is high in alkiline, alkaline and our hair do not go well together, it is the same pH as BLEACH, so if you are wanting fresh, clean hair with out stripping your hairs natural oils and color, then i would definately prefer using a pH balancing shampoo. You will be so amazed how your hair will feel and thank you for being kind to it! this also appilies to skin, finding skin care with the pH level will greatly help! (most skin cares, i.e. neutrogena, clean&clear have the equivelancy of putting Comet, the household cleaner, on your face)


But also, apple cider vinegar is fine, it is the pH of 4.25 so don’t feel bad using that!


I dropped shampoo years ago for baking soda, and it works for me. A lot depends on the water hardness in your area. In hard water situations you might run into trouble. That’s where vinegar comes in handy. Some people like to rinse with that. Anyway, whatever works. Shampoo just is not necessary.


Holiday Faves: Russian Tea-Cakes, Brownies, Apricot Bars http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2008/05/apricot-bars-are-they-for-breakfastor-dessert/, Lemon Bars, and this one, my very favorite, a bar with chocolate chips, and caramel, and has a salty chewy blondie-like bottom. This is similar:

Fiori Beauty

For those who have really dry hair some people skip shampoo altogether and just let their hair get really wet, then use conditioner and massage through out the scalp and hair shaft. Then use a wide tooth comb (if prone to knots from ends to roots) and rinse clean.

Erica Wollman

I have tried using baking soda instead of shampoo!


Recipe for Grain-Free Ginger Cookies please?


Check out this recipe for the Butterfingers…http://thenerdyfarmwife.com/honey-butter-finger-bites/#comment-1169. I’m dying to make these! Every year for Halloween, all I want is a Butterfinger, but can’t bring myself to do it! I feel like I’m polluting all the work I’ve done health-wise. I’ll definitely have to try the baking soda trick! I like to use it as an exfoliator on my face, and it works great!…and it’s cheap. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Oh my gosh, those sound PERFECT! Thanks for sharing with me! Now, if only I had a candy thermometer…


Looks good. I eat raw eggs but only pastured eggs. I wouldnt eat store bought eggs raw. keep up the good work! All ur treats look delectable!


    Agreed. Only pastured eggs for me, too!

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