Tuesday Things

1. I’m in love with this new milk jug.

glass jug with milk

You may recall that I was previously using a cute glass milk pitcher for my almond milk, but it was completely unpractical when it came down to cleaning it. I couldn’t find a bottle brush that would reach the bottom, and the top of the bottle was too narrow to receive a thorough cleaning in my dishwasher. Over time, a film had developed near the bottom of the bottle that I couldn’t get rid of, no matter how much I soaked it in vinegar, baking soda or hot water, so it became clear that I needed a better solution for almond milk storage.

This new pitcher is the perfect solution! It has a wide mouth, so I can easily scrub the bottom, and comes with an air-tight lid that keeps my homemade almond milk from spoiling in the fridge. Plus, it’s the perfect size to store in my fridge door, just like a traditional gallon of milk.

2. This is what my new home exercise set-up looks like.

throw pillows on the floor

I’ve still been attending some Physique 57 classes regularly, which seems to be a fantastic option during pregnancy. The only modifications needed are during the floor work section, where the instructors provide a “pregnancy wedge” to keep my back supported and my heart above the baby at all times.

Since I can’t attend the studio as often as I’d like, these pillows pictured above are what I use when I do the DVD workouts at home! I have to admit, it’s feeling a little weird to do ab work lately… my abs are getting a little tight on space!

3. Shopping for baby stuff is exhausting.

crib mattresses

There are way too many options, and the prices vary widely! Since our future baby could potentially be spending a lot of time in his or her crib, a quality crib mattress is one of the highest priority purchases for us when it comes to being as non-toxic as possible.

I’ve heard amazing reviews about the Nook Organic Pebble Mattress, which is popular for its breathable structure (even if the baby rolls over!), but it’s quite pricey. Other organic options include Naturepedic and LA Baby mattresses, which are more definitely more affordable, but will require the additional purchase of mattress pad covers for leak prevention. Luckily, we still have plenty of time to make our decision, but I’m glad I started researching early!

4. Other baby decisions are easier for us, like cloth diapering.

cloth diapersI’ve always wanted to use cloth diapers, but I’ll admit, I was pretty clueless about actually using them until recently. Luckily, my sister-in-law gave me a lesson in cloth diapers last week, and I now know the difference between pre-folds, pockets and all-in-ones.

I feel much more confident on that front now, and am actually excited to start changing diapers. (I say that now… ha ha.)

5. Other than all the baby stuff on my brain, I’m feeling more like myself these days.

glass of green juice

Surprisingly, I’ve been craving green juice all week and have been happily chugging it down each morning. I feel addicted all over again! Which is a relief, because for a while there, I was afraid vegetables would never sound appealing again. There must be something about reaching the half-way point in pregnancy that changes things!

It also probably helps that it’s been 100 degrees outside lately, so hydrating foods are the only ones that sound appealing now…

Reader Feedback: What are YOU up to this week? Have you tried anything new?

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Yay for picking out baby stuff!

I started to use cloth diapers late in the game, when my son was almost two, but I love them! I think it’s all about trying different brands and figuring out what works best for you and your baby.

In reference to the crib mattress, we have two children….our first co-slept for 3 months then slowly transitioned in to her bed like a champ. She took a pacifier, was able to self-soothe, and was sleeping through the night in her bed not long after. My son, however, is almost 2 and sleeps very little in his own bed. He still needs to co-sleep with me as I’m his only way of soothing. He falls asleep in his room with us by his side but inevitably every night he wakes up and comes in to our room (most nights like a little ninja because I don’t even notice until morning when I wake up! lol). Every baby is different so you’ll never know until they’re here 🙂

Enjoy – there are so many fun gadgets and accessories out there!


It’s SOO funny that you shared this today. I’ve been looking for a good jar for my almond milk and homemade iced tea, and have been eyeing the one you bought on Amazon for a while, a bit worried about if it’s good or if the jar will work or not. And here you are sharing that you love it! Too funny. I love TJs too 🙂 It’s my favorite store and I get lots of kitchen stuff there. I’ll have to look next time I’m there. But I don’t live as close as I’d like, which might be a good thing 😉


Congrats! I think we’re about the same way through our baby baking – I’m 21 weeks now, and TOTALLY feel you on feeling like veggies were a thing of the past! We went with the Lullaby Earth 2-in-1 mattress – please let me know if you didn’t list this for a reason! I’ve read great things, but always great to hear from another mom-to-be that’s doing research, too!

Also…we used babyli.st (LOVE) for our registry and just linked all of our other registries to it, including our cloth diapering one from http://www.greendiaperstore.com. The owner is SO knowledgeable and helpful, so if you’re still deciding, she’s an excellent source (and doesn’t mind multiple phone calls – trust me on this one 😉 )! She even let us come to her home one evening for a private “lesson” after being confused as to what to decide on, and try all types of styles/brands on a baby doll.

Best of luck and have been enjoying hearing how things are progressing for you!


Megan have you seen the co sleeper bed? My BFF son is now 6 months old and they use this to keep the baby out of their bed, while still being at arms reach to the baby. In fact that’s the name of the company who makes the bed Arms Reach Co Sleeper. Love that milk pitcher will have to get myself one.


do you know or do you know where i could find the nutritional information for homemade (strained) almond milk?

do you think (if you don’t know) it’s very similar to that of conventional (Almond Breeze – Unsweetened – for example) in terms of calories?

thanks 😉


I have that same glass pitcher and absolutely love it!!

Andrea. Mccoy

Cloth diapers are so much fun. If your in it for the health of your baby nothing beats them. There are so many choices that they really become part of your baby’s outfit. I have used them for three babies now and I am a big fan of bum genius flip. They are also so nice fresh out of the dryer. You will be so happy using them knowing they are the softest and safest things to use on your baby.


Ah! I bought the same pitcher some time ago when I started making almond milk. It’s great! Every now again I need to take apart the lid and scrub all those parts, as almond milk will settle itself in the innards (probably from shaking the pitcher). So excited about your upcoming bundle of joy. Keep us posted! 🙂

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