Tuesday Things

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1. It’s amazing how helpful a little wall hook can be.

towl hanging on a hook

Thanks to our small kitchen, I have to hang a lot of my kitchen supplies on the wall to create enough storage space. Recently, I added another hook to wall, in the area where our roll of paper towels used to be. Almost instantly, we were able to stop using paper towels completely! Having a clean hand towel right next to the soap dispenser was all it took for us to permanently make the switch.

Isn’t it cool how something so small can make such a difference?

2. On our recent trip to Portland, I discovered a new natural deodorant.

schmidt's bergamot and lime deodorant

Schmidt’s deodorant is made with all-natural ingredients and is handcrafted locally in Portland, OR. (I found it on Amazon, too!)

You may remember that I’ve been using a quick homemade remedy up to this point, but I have to admit, sometimes I miss “girly-smelling” products! This deodorant smells fantastic, contains ingredients I can recognize, and is perfect for traveling.

3. Another product I fell in love with?

bottle of olive oilRosemary-infused olive oil. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how delicious this stuff is.

While staying near Cannon Beach, we stumbled into The Oil & Vinegar Bar and proceeded to taste-test a variety of delicious infused oils! When I tasted this rosemary-infused olive oil, I was in love. It makes everything taste better! I’ve been enjoying it drizzled over my steamed vegetables and salads since we returned home, and am going to have a serious problem when it runs out.

Perhaps I’ll try making my own in the future?

4. I pretty much stopped caring about all pregnancy-related books by my 12-week mark.


Since my body seems to be taking care of that aspect on its own, I feel like it’s more important that I start learning about what to do with a baby when he or she arrives! I’ve got a long ways to go, but so far I’m really enjoying The Baby Book by Dr. Bill and Martha Sears. It’s massive, but covers everything from birth through the first two years.

With only 16 weeks to go, I’m starting to feel like a bit of a procrastinator. We’ve received a number of hand-me-down baby books, so I have a LOT of reading left to do!

5. I was recently reminded of a delicious treat.

hand holding three frozen grapes

Frozen grapes! Organic grapes have been popping up in our local grocery stores, so I’m excited to keep a stash of these in the freezer all summer long.

They’re like having an instant sorbet, in bite-sized form!

Reader Feedback: What are YOU up to this week? Anything new you’ve tried lately?

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I wanna see some belly shots! ๐Ÿ™‚


I live in Portland, OR and wonder where you found the Schmidt’s deodorant? It is very hard to find a natural deodorant that actually works! I’d like to try this one!


    I found it in a cute store called “Social Studies” on Alberta.


Rosemary Infused Olive Oil! That just sounds delicious! I bet its delicious with bread! I love to sprinkle rosemary on my bread and bake it tills its crispy!


Frozen grapes are delicious! I can never find them organic, unless I go to whole foods and want to pay and arm and a leg per pound for them. There are cherries coming out here in WA, but not at the farmers market yet. I just picked up a melon and it was the most exciting thing of the day yesterday, lol.

Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl

I really need to try the frozen grape trick! I see lots of people doing it, but always forget to try it.


I have The Pregancy Book by Dr Sears and can’t say enough about it. It’s very in depth and also includes the emotional aspects of being pregnant which is helpful. I’ll have to check out the Baby Book as well. Have you thought about taking any prenatal classes yet? I’m a few months behind you so I have long way to go. Thx!


My husband and I just made some rosemary-infused olive oil a couple weeks ago! It was SUPER easy. We filled a bottle with olive oil (probably about 12oz) and threw in several sprigs of rosemary. Then we stuck in in the fridge (we weren’t sure if the fresh rosemary would stay fresher that way) and a week later we had a delicious new oil! So fun. After it was done infusing, we tossed the rosemary and kept the oil. Yum!

Lyzz Kirk

We must have practically the same due date… You aren’t the only one procrastinating! ๐Ÿ™‚ My education if further complicated by being in Mexico where Amazon shipments get complicated, ha! But, I probably need to get moving on the reading, too. Yikes!


I wish you the very best with your pregnancy!
I feel it as my duty to just tell you, to inform you very good about vaccination and all aspects of this matter. I really don’t mean to intrude…
Good luck

samantha lambert

just thought Megan you might want to try this tea its called the kumbucha kemp tea man oh man is a bit strange but woe it dose it just you can look it up and find all the info on it


Does the deodorant actually work for stinkies? I don’t sweat that much, but I do tend to build up a stink at the end of the day. My dad used to call me chicken noodle soup armpits! haha! I’ve tried SOOO many natural deodorants, none really seem to cover the stench. Is this one for sweaters or stinkers? Does it really work?!


Frozen organic berries from Sprouts were my obsession while pregnant. I can’t tell you how much joy they brought me. During my labor, all they would give me was ice chips. The ice chips reminded me of the frozen berries and really helped get me through labor. During the hight of pushing, I would push then eat an ice chip then push. I had an easy labor because my body wouldn’t allow me to eat anything unhealthy during my pregnancy. I am sure since you are so healthy that you will have an easy labor as well. My daughter is 1 month old now and I am still munching on those frozen berries.
Happy Pushing!


O! Cannon Beach! We used to vacation there when I was a kid. I miss it. Sounds like you had a really nice trip. I’ll be trying the rosemary infused oil and maybe the deodorant, too.



In case you DO think you need another book-it’s an easy read! I give it to all my expecting friends: Building Babies Better. It was written by a physical therapist and breaks down important areas of development into practical suggestions and WHY it’s important to carry your baby, avoid containers (baby walkers, bumbo seats, etc…).

jodye @ chocolate and chou fleur

Frozen grapes! I actually just remembered how great they are yesterday, too! What a perfect warm weather treat – it’s like a self contained popsicle!


I just bought organic grapes the other day with the sweet, sweet memory of frozen grapes! Best summer treat ๐Ÿ™‚



We are actually moving from our 5 years of L.A. to Portland in just a couple of weeks!

Fortunately, I have never really needed deodorant! So I don’t wear any….yes, I know this sounds hygienically negligent, but I’m just not a sweater and even my husband vouches for my non-stinkiness. Lucky me, I guess.

Also, I read maybe 2 or 3 baby books and that was it. Talk about info overload! Each baby is different, so you’ll learn what works for best for your baby and your family. Good luck!


Once you’ve tried frozen grapes, they are the only way to go! Thanks for the info on the deodorant – I’m always looking for a good natural deodorant that works, and I’m really pleased to see that it comes in fragrance free form. Some of the scents on personal products are really hard on my asthma.

Sherry Dunegan

Any other suggestions for places to visit in Portland OR? Heading there end of July.


    I definitely recommend checking out the huge Powell’s bookstore! We also enjoyed the Kennedy School, which is an old school building that has been revamped to include bars & restaurants, plus an amazing movie theater with couches for seats! If you want a non-detox breakfast place, Pine State Biscuits is also pretty amazing. (But the line can be really long!) Hope you have a fun trip!

Aurora@Fitness is Sweet

I seriously need to try freezing grapes. I’ve heard from so many people who love them!

Crystal D.

I loved the Dr. Sears book and found it incredibly helpful! It made me freak out a bit less about the whole baby experience. I am glad that you are enjoying it. Another great one is The Happiest Baby on the Block which was a lifesaver in learning how to calm my son in his first few months.

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