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Tuesday Things

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1. I turned in the full manuscript for my book last week, which means things should be getting back to normal over here.

binder with a manuscript

It felt like writing the biggest term paper of my life, but I can’t wait to share it with you all!

(Of course, that’s exactly what I’m going to have to do… wait! The publishing process takes a while.)

2. To celebrate being done, I made cookies on my brand-new stoneware baking sheet.

cookie sheet with cookies

I have been dragging my feet when it comes to replacing my old aluminum baking sheets, so I am thankful for this new stoneware baking sheet. It was actually a Christmas gift, but I’m just now getting around to trying it this week. So far, I’ve used it to make Almond Flour Cookies and a Cauliflower Pizza Crust— both with great results!

The only thing to keep in mind when baking with stoneware is that the results are better if you let the pan heat up in the oven first, so that the surface is already hot when you place the food in the oven. (Otherwise the cool surface takes a little longer to cook the bottom of your baked goods.)

3. We replaced our plastic storage containers with glass ones years ago, but the downside is that sometimes accidents happen.

glass broken on the floor

I’d say at least once every 6 months I have one break on me. It’s annoying when it happens, but it won’t stop me from continuing to use glass. (And luckily, many of them are re-purposed nut butter jars… so they were basically free, anyway!)

4. When I run out of my storage containers, I get creative with other non-plastic storage ideas.

bowl with a plate over it in the fridge

The other day I used one of my salad plates to act as a “lid” over my bowl of leftovers, and held it in place with a couple of rubber bands. No need for plastic wrap! (Which is especially nice since some plastic packages are unavoidable at the supermarket… as you can also see in my fridge.)

5. This tip has changed my life when it comes to blending hot liquids.


Remove the cap from the lid of your blender (and don’t use the tamper if you have a Vitamix), and cover the hole at the top with a dishtowel to avoid a mess. The vent allows steam to escape without blowing the lid off your blender! This makes blending hot soups SO MUCH EASIER.

Perhaps this is something I should have known already, but I’m glad I finally learned about it now!

Reader Feedback: Have you tried anything new this week?

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Regarding the Vitamix….you just put a dish towel over the hole when blending hot liquids? It won’t explode all over?


    Hi Kim,
    Yes, I do this all the time! I gently press the towel down on the main cover just in case. Because the vent is open, there’s no explosion. Usually, the heat builds up causing pressure, which then blows the cover off the blender cup. Removing the cover cap and placing a towel over the hole prevents this and splashes from occurring. Happy Blending!


Hi! I’m curious about your baking stoneYou say you can make cauliflower crust on it? You didn’t use parchment paper at all? It turned out crispy and didn’t stick? What


Oh – sorry! iPhone malfunction- want able to complete my question… Anyway – were the results with the stone baking sheet just as good as with parchment paper? Would you still prefer the parchment paper? I’m imagining how nice this baking stone might be and tempted to get one if your cauliflower pizza crust results were just as good.



I’ve often wanted to re-use nut butter or coconut oil jars but find the labels so hard to remove! Any tips?!


    A couple options I’ve used to remove labels from glass jars so I can use them for storage.

    #1-Boil them as if you were trying to sterilize jars for canning the labels at some point either fall off on their own or they peel off easy. Just be careful not to burn yourself getting them out. Also beware of putting cold jars into boiling water they will break. I like to put them in when the water is still cold then bring them up to temp with the water in the pot. No breakage for me yet with this method.

    #2-Let them soak in a hot water bath over night and then if needed use some goof off to get the remaining glue off. If the label is still tough use a butter knife to scrap it off then the goof off.

    Hope this helps!



      if you have any residue left on the glass and no goop off, lemon essential oil (or any citrus oil) should do the trick as well.


        Thanks Carrie! I didn’t know that, and like the idea of using essential oil MUCH better than Goof Off! Who knows what is in that stuff! I will be using the oils in the future. Thanks again!


Congratulations on getting your cookbook onto the next step! It will be great! You’ve poured yourself into it, & I hope that you’re able to enjoy some sort of a break (though being a busy mom!) & not have too much stress as you wait! Also as a ceramic artist, I can tell you of another important reason why you want to preheat your ceramic bakingware in the oven, instead of putting it right in an already hot oven! – The more gradual the change from heat to cool and vice versa the less wear will be put on your ceramics, & they will then last longer & stay in better shape. That’s also one of the reasons why it’s good to preheat a ceramic teapot & mug with hot but not boiling water before you put the teabag(s) and boiling water in them (the other reason is it will steep better :0).) Thank you for all your wonderful recipes & tips! Wishing you all the best!

Maria C

Congratulations on finishing your book!!!! I can’t wait to buy it!!!!


Thanks! We had a soup explosion and now we know why!


Congratulations!! I can’t wait to buy it. And I still can’t believe you did that with a new baby! 🙂


LOL, that is too funny the bowl with the plate as a container with rubber bands. What an idea. I made this Raw Kale Salad with a Honey Dijon Dressing and I didn’t have a bowl big enough to store the salad since it’s 6 servings and it’s only my daughter and I. I just left the salad in a colander and covered it with plastic bags. LOL I definitely need a bigger storage bowl so I can do the same.

About the Vitamix I know what you mean great idea I’ll definitely use a towel to cover the hole.

Katie @ Produce on Parade

Ah! I dropped a massive pyrex glass bowl the other day. It shattered everywhere, it was awful. So, I can sympathize! I just hold the little clear lid bit of the lid on the vitamix at an angle so steam can escape! 🙂 I can’t believe people have actually had explosions! Eeek!


Great news! I have yet to transition to glass storage wear for that very reason. I am super clumsy and figure it could be an expensive way to store food….


The bowl with a plate for a lid is totally something I would do, I had to laugh when I saw it. I keep a bunch of elastics in my kitchen just for such McGyver inspired moments. One tip I’ve found is to use pot lids (domed glass type) on top of bowls and plates to cover food. No plastic wrap here either! Love your blog and can’t wait for your book!


Turn the plate right side up to cover bowl. It will fit better and you can stack another bowl on top with another plate as lid – and just keep going. Can put the whole thing in microwave for reheating.

Allison @ Clean Wellness

Congrats! Looking forward to seeing your book in print! I think I need to look into those stoneware baking sheets, they look super sturdy 🙂

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