Tuesday Things

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1. If you enjoy an occasional cup of coffee with cream, you should really try adding coconut oil to your homemade almond milk.

It’s best “creamer” I’ve ever tried in my life.

pouring creamer in a cup of coffeeUnless, of course, you’re trying to cut back on coffee.

If that’s the case, don’t add coconut oil to your almond milk–> because once you try it, there’s no going back.

2. Despite my new favorite coffee addition, I’d still like to cut back on my daily consumption.

It’s gotten a little out-of-hand with my hectic work schedule.

package of vanilla tea

Since I also love the ritual of brewing loose leaf teas in my Bodum french press, I’m hoping this new tea will help “crowd out” a few cups of coffee each morning.

3. Ever since buying this adorable stainless steel container, I’d really like more excuses to pack myself a meal.

lunch bots

It worked perfectly for taking a picnic dinner to an outdoor movie at the Hollywood Cemetery this weekend.


(In case you’re wondering, the cemetery has plenty of non-occupied ground for audience seating.)

Otherwise, it would be pretty disturbing.

4. Romaine leaves are seriously underrated as “dipping devices.”

dipping a romaine leaf into goat ranch dressing

A contestant on Top Chef would probably call this a “deconstructed” salad.

Whatever you call it, it’s my new favorite lunch. Served with plenty of yogurt Ranch dressing!

5. Turns out, there’s a good reason to save dessert until the end of your meal.

slice of flourless chocolate cake on a plate

Because if you start snacking on flour-less chocolate cake during a photo shoot before dinner, you may end up only eating chocolate cake for dinner.

Not that I would know anything about that…

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I am going to have to try that coffee creamer for my boyfriend-he has cut down to 1 cup of coffee a day, and is looking for an alternative to the cream he adds. It’s a great idea!!


I might have to try that creamer- I have tried store bought vegan creamers- not impressed. But I love both almond milk and coconut oil!


    I haven’t been impressed with the store-bought versions, either. Of course, after tasting homemade almond milk I don’t think I could ever enjoy the boxed versions again!

    I’m amazed at how the coconut oil makes it so much creamier!

Claire @ Live and Love to Eat

The store-bought almond milk I buy seems to curdle easily in my coffee – maybe homemade would work better!


    The store-bought almond milk never worked for me in coffee, either. The homemade version, especially with the coconut oil, works great!

Sara Maples

I just bought some lunchSkins and love them! I use them all the time – not just for lunches. I tried giving up plastic baggies this year and was not doing too well until I bought these.


    I’m trying to avoid baggies, too! I think I may need to pick up a couple more of these containers for the same purpose!


I seriously can’t wait to try that dressing..I haven’t been buying goats yogurt but I think I’m going to have to give this one a try for sure!! Oh geez, you just had to make a flour less chocolate cake…hehe..can’t wait to see the recipe…looks delish…p.s. I would have done the same thing!


    My pregnant sister-in-law was craving flourless chocolate cake… so I couldn’t think of a better excuse to make a healthy version! Or a better excuse to eat it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I love munching on romaine. Best vehicle and afternoon belly filler ever. Can a person overdose on Romaine?

Tea will never replace coffee for me but I love it too. Have you tried the lemon ginger tea by the Village Tea Co? It’s so luscious and amazing. Lovely for cool, rainy spring days.


    Ooh, I haven’t tried that tea. Thanks for the recommendation!


I will have to try your coconut oil almond milk trick. I am *always* trying to give up my beloved non-dairy creamer. I’ve actually gone without cream in my coffee for two weeks. I can handle it, but it’s just not as good!

I always love your recipes and tips ๐Ÿ™‚


    I used to drink my coffee black all the time, but once I tried it with cream, it just wasn’t as good without it! Thank goodness for almond milk creamer. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I gave up coffee completely in grad school…basically was on an herbal tea farce for 5 years. I just recently started drinking it again and I have to say, nothing but benefit and joy! I was not happier, healthier, skinnier, detoxier, glowier or anything without my coffee….I was a girl who deep deep down really wanted a cup of coffee. Today I see no problem with enjoying a cup or two, it brings me pleasure and satisfies that earthy bitter dark craving I love. I’m going to try that creamer as a treat, yummy!

Pure2raw twins

we enjoy our large cup of coffee every morning, love it. it is the best part of the morning, well one good part haha
we also have been obsessed with Romain lately, not really sure why but we are loving it more.


My husband has been adding a heaping TB. of coconut oil to his OG. coffee every morning for months in addition to whatever milk I make (lately it has been vanilla hemp milk). He loves it! I add coconut oil to my Cococeps drink and it is AMAZING! About to go fix a cup of it right now. Thanks!


I want to try the creamer. What is the ratio of coconut oil to almond milk?


    I think I added about 2 Tablespoons to my whole batch of almond milk, which usually makes 4 cups worth. I’m going to make it again tonight, so I may post a more specific “recipe” tomorrow!

Amy C

What’s the ratio for the almond milk and coconut oil? ๐Ÿ™‚
I’m Vitamixing up a batch as we speak and have coconut oil on hand!

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