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Random Wednesday Things

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1. My dad’s dinner last night was entirely vegetable-based.

sauteed vegetables in a pan and steamed broccoliMy mom sauteed a “kitchen sink” of vegetables for him, and he actually liked it!

If you know my dad, you know that pigs are flying somewhere.

2. Later that night, after tasting the Cauliflower Fried Rice that I prepared for my mom and myself, he proclaimed,

“Why did I just eat vegetables, when YOU GUYS are eating fried rice?”

two bowls of cauliflower fried riceHe hardly believed me when I told him it actually wasn’t rice. It was like a scenario straight out of a Fiber One commercial. 😉

If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is.

3. Apparently, an iPhone was all I needed to make myself stick to a running routine.

exercise app

Those satisfying little check marks have gotten me through the first month of my 10K running program! I love the walk/run interval approach, and could see myself repeating some of these workouts, even after I’ve reached my goal.

It also helps that I only have to run 3 days a week– it’s not overwhelming!

4. I’m having way too much fun taste-testing all of these dark chocolates.

chocolate pieces on a plateI recently tried a side-by-side comparison of Endangered Species 72% Supreme vs. Divine 70% dark chocolate.

two bars of dark chocolateOddly enough, the Divine brand has less sugar per serving than the Endangered Species bar–> even though it supposedly has a lower percentage of cocoa. Both were delicious, but I think I actually preferred the Divine bar when directly comparing the two. The bar is divided into smaller pieces, which I always appreciate, and the chocolate flavor was a bit richer.

Of course, I had no problem eventually finishing the Endangered Species chocolate, too.

5. Flax eggs make AMAZING grain-free cookies.

cinnamon raisin cookies on a baking panI made a sample batch of vegan Grain-Free Cinnamon Raisin Cookies for my family’s big Sunday night dinner, and they were a huge hit! You couldn’t even tell that I had subbed-out the eggs–> the taste and texture were still perfect.

Now we can eat our cookies, and have them properly combined, too!

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I love when properly combining is made simple! I have found that when ingredients get too complex, it’s a good sign to take a step back…less is more! I love all the simple recipes that you leave you feeling amazing with properly combined ingredients!!

Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat

Congrats on your running progress Megan! My mum recently discovered kale chips when a lady at work brought them in for her to try. When she told me about them she went, ‘you’ll have to come make them for me next time, I don’t know where I’d find that stuff!’ She had no idea what kale was – and if I’d known this I would have educated her long ago!


I also just tried that Divine brand dark chocolate. I was impressed by how smooth it was, though that may be because my last few bars were the 85% varietal, which were a bit “gritty”.
As for sharing anything something new, I explained to my sister last night how to sprout quinoa, though I’m not sure she’ll be trying it anytime soon 😉 I think maybe I’ll have to make it a component of dinner next time she visits and convince her that way!

Linda Wagner - Nutrition to Invigorate Mind, Body & Spirit

I Looooooooooove Divine dark chocolate. It is my go-to! I always have some on hand! You know us detoxers, always have to have some dark chocolate around!!

Pure2raw twins

love Divine chocolate bars as well!!! love that comment by your dad!!! too cute, we have had a few of those moments as well with our family 😉 always a great time and laugh haha

Rande McDaniel @ The Vegetable Centric Kitchen

I’ve been wanting to try your cookies with flax eggs, good to know it works out well!

Vicky (Sweet and Healthy Living)

I love the cauliflower fried rice idea! Good luck with your 10k running program!

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