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1. My new workout DVD finally came in the mail!

tracy anderson's dvdThe weather has been too nice to stay indoors lately, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a perfect “rainy day workout” option.

A good thing, since it’s looking rather damp in our future.

dog sleeping under a small trampolineEven if it does mean jumping on Yasha’s favorite “fort.”

(She finds the best sleeping spots.)

2. I am loving my new Kindle Touch. Thank you to everyone who recommended it to me!

the girl with the dragon tattoo on a kindleI opted for the discounted version— with the “Special Offers” displayed on the screensaver– and the ads don’t bother me at all. Actually, most of the time they look really nice! Who cares what it looks like when I’m not reading, anyway?

I was afraid I wouldn’t enjoy reading from a screen, or that the “E Ink display” would take some getting used to… but I’m already hooked on reading this way. It’s so much easier than holding a book open, or using bookmarks!

3. One of the first books I downloaded? Sarah Wilson’s e-book:

I quit sugar book[source]

Sarah is a fellow IIN grad, and her book was a quick and informative read, with lots of useful tips for cutting-back on the sweet stuff, without taking crazy, drastic measures.ย  After reading her book, I also listened to this 90-minute lecture on YouTube, which offers a rather grim (but, perhaps, true) perspective on sugar-intake.

Sounds like a fun night, right?

4. What did I do AFTER reading, and listening to, all this information on the dangers of consuming too much sugar?

stack of frosted almond flour sugar cookiesI created a batch of grain-free, frosted sugar cookies! And enjoyed a few samples… both in batter and cookie form.

I’m so rebellious. (And will be sharing the recipe soon!)

5. Finally, after much anticipation, I got to see The Hunger Games movie!

the hunger games movie poster[source]

And, like most books-turned-movies, it was fine… but a little disappointing. I felt like I was watching a Cliffs Notes version of the story– lacking in the character development and relationship-building aspects of the book that I loved so much!! Maybe the next two movies will make up for that, though.

Books always trump movies, I guess.

Reader Feedback: How are YOU spending your weekend?

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Hi. Can you post your thoughts on that DVD? THX


I love your taste! I’m a huge Tracy fan and am looking to ramp up my mini tramp workouts (I actually do some of her cardio just bouncing on mine because I find it hard on your knees)! And I want that book too!!


    I did a lot of her cardio on my trampoline, too! Way easier on my joints. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll let you know how the new DVD goes!


Sounds like a great weekend! Excited to see the recipe for the sugar cookies! Yesterday was apartment hunting and we found one we fell in love with! It sits right next to 250+miles of trails, gorgeous views of the mountains, and natural sunlight…I even have windows in my kitchen!! So excited…today, plans to clean the apartment and take a nice bike ride!

Happy Sunday!


I am soooo happy to see you made sugar cookies after reading “I quit sugar” haha! I am intrigued and want to check out the book.

I only within the last year have really “allowed” our version of sugar into my life after reading Natalia Rose…I don’t binge or get weird guilt anymore about eating chocoate candy bars, honey sweetened treats, or too much fruit! I’ve tried to quit sugar before and always end up on a binge…maybe not that day/week/month but eventually I break down and gorge and it is not pretty or make me “clean, well or a nicer person”…quite frankly it is obsessive and embarrassing!

I love this lifestyle of adding in little sweets to the day and properly combining..a few dates or raisins in a salad, chocolate for dessert, some honey in goat yogurt, etc and I really want to stick with it! It’s really sort of “freed” me from the thinking that sugar is so horrible. Keeping in that chocolate and honey has truly been a life saver and restored my sanity around food. Not to mention, there is something inherently sexy and pleasurable about having a huge goat cheese salad for dinner and a big ole dark chocolate bar for dessert…or maybe I’m a weirdo, hahaha!


Oooh I’m interested in that book! I may download it…does she talk about all sugars like even fruit sugars or just the added processed sugars? I do love my e-reader, but I actually miss the books maybe I’m just weird because everyone tells me they love the e-readers more. And I’m so jealous you saw Hunger Games, but I too thought it may turn out disappointing because NO movie can ever match the book in my eyes.


    She does talk about all sugars, especially in terms of fructose– so that definitely includes fruits. I was disappointed that it wasn’t available in print, too… but, I got used to the e-format pretty quickly!


Darn, that book is only available in an e-version… guess I need to get with the times sooner than I was hoping. I KNOW I have a sugar addiction and try to stick with fruit, DARK chocolate, and agave or honey if it needs to be added, but I’m sure my body would appreciate if I cut out even more. Know any non-e-books addressing the sugar issue? Also… know any workout DVDs that aren’t awful on the knees? I’d be curious to try the trampoline…


    The only book I can think of off the top of my head is called Sweet Poison, by David Gillespie, but it’s a little pricey, because of international shipping rates. I’ll let you know if I think of any others! If you download the “I Quit Sugar” book from Sarah Wilson’s website, you get a PDF version, which has a better designed layout than the Kindle version… if that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As far as workout DVD’s that are easy on the knees, I highly recommend the Physique 57 series. They use interval training to get your heart rate up, while using only your own body weight to tone. It’s so effective, and has completely eliminated the lower back pain I used to suffer from! No jumping or high-impact movements are involved, making it safe on all your joints.

Pure2raw twins

sarah’s book sounds awesome! and glad to see you still like Tracy’s workouts, we still do some of our favorite moves from her!!

Jaclyn T

MMMM…I can’t wait for that recipe! I have to say, that I found “The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo” to be better in movie form (Daniel Craig version). It left out extra facts and information that I felt bogged down the trilogy. Have you read the book and/or seen the film? Thoughts?

–Jaclyn T
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    I really loved that movie! I didn’t read the books, though. I may still, but it’s hard for me to read a book once I already know the plot…


Love to here about the Tracy DVD as well! I have heard jumping on the Trampoline is a great workout! Works on the lymphnatic system. I will try the cookies too! Yum! Thanks! I have’nt read Hunger Games yet, do you recommend it?


    I absolutely recommend reading The Hunger Games!! It’s probably the best book series I’ve read since Harry Potter, and just as addictive!

    I’ll be sure to let you know what I think of the new DVD! ๐Ÿ™‚


I have read that book aready it is like paleo book, well most approach primal body primal mind. It is very different to food combining, but I think it is more healthy. You know Natalia suggest to eat 2-3 sweet potato is better then to mix them with something. Here it is best to mix only little starch with fat and protein to not spike insulin. Also food combining advice to eat as much fruit as you like on empty stomach, here is fruit avoiding or Primal body primal mind limit fruit consumption to only pre post workout fuel. She explain why to avoid sugar very well. I have tried both food combining and paleo too and have to say that when I limit my fruit and eat only sweet potato and only as post workout I do the best with my craving. When I start to eat fruit as much as I want I crave them more and more and more and never have enough. I also agree with vitamins she explains, that on food combining and lets say very “clean eating” you do not get Vitamin A K2 D. I realy like Megan that you have read that book I like your blogs and food journal too, keep it please. What I just wnt to say that we all different yes, but at least we should try new things. I have to admit that it was huge relieve for me to stop food combining( I have not know it until I tried it)


Hey Megan…how is Tracy’s rebounder workout? I am getting tired of my same-old routine! Is the DVD a worth-it purchase?


    To be honest, I’ve only used it once so far. I was hoping the music would be more fun, like it is in her free YouTube workout, but it’s pretty much the same music that she uses in the rest of her Metamorphosis series… which got old fast for me. The workout itself is pretty good, and makes you use a lot of muscles that I don’t normally feel when I’m “free-styling” on my trampoline, so that’s a plus, but I’m obviously not motivated enough to keep using it lately! Perhaps I’ll give it another shot when I’m done traveling for work. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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